Bullspodcasters merging with ChiCitySports

For those who've been following me prior to this blog, you're likely aware of my podcast website the bullspodcasters.   I'm pleased to announce Bullspodcasters is merging with ChiCitySports

ChiCitySports offers up an excellent community and forum, much larger than what Bullspodcasters was able to do.   They have blogs, contests, our podcasts will be there, and the site has an incredible commitment towards growth in the future, much more so than I was able to offer up for Bullspodcasters while running this blog.

If you previously had an account at bullspodcasters then your posts and post counts will all transfer over to ChiCitySports.   You'll need to reset your password (since they're encrypted we couldn't port them), which you can do with the lost password function or by asking on the contact form to have an admin put one in for you manually.

I'm really excited about the merger, I'm going to do my best to be a part of the community there as well, as we're going to tie my blog into the site as well as my podcast.

Hope to see you all there.


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  • Ha nice..I actually joined CCS a few months ago.

  • That website is very different. The posting part is tough. It's not as user friendly to post directly to the articles...anyone else find that to be true or am I just computer illiterate.

  • I just joined over there and it is fairly easy. Maybe a little bit harder to follow than ChicagoNow, but only a little.

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