Bulls preseason schedule released

I feel like this is some kind of bizarro world fat joke, where someone says "Your mama is so fat..... [punchline]". 

The Bulls play so many back to back games, that even half their pre-season games are part of a back to back.  Seriously?   You have to play eight games and you squeeze in two back to backs in there?

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Look if you threw them all on the weekend to get better dates to try and
get people to come out, then I'd understand, but why the hell do you
schedule an Oct 8th game on a Friday after playing on the 7th on a
Thursday?   Saturday's a better day for the fans, and avoids a back to
back to back.

Not that anything in preseason particularly matters, but yes, I'm a big enough Bulls geek that I am actually amped for preseason, and I'd love it if the eight games were spread out a bit more so I could get my fix on a more regular basis than a clumped up one.

Anyway the dates for the games:
Oct 5th @ Milwaukee
Oct 7th @ Dallas
Oct 8th Washington
Oct 12th Toronto
Oct 15th Dallas
Oct 16th @ Orlando
Oct 20th @ Toronto
Oct 22nd Indiana

The Bulls home preseason opener should be quite fun.  I'm not sure if it's John Wall's first preseason game, but a Wall / Rose preseason matchup in your first home pre-season game seems like one you might actually be able to sell a few tickets for.   Outside of that, nothing too exciting, especially in the home games.



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  • Which part of game one is a typo? Are we playing Milwaukee & Jennings or Washington & Wall?

  • In reply to jt563905:

    My typo/misread, my bad.

  • In reply to jt563905:

    I'm more interested in who will be on the pre-season roster.

    When anyone finds out, let us ALL know.

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