Bulls discussing Melo with Nuggets [as are a variety of others]

Per Jon Rothstein (MSG) twitter:

#Nets look like favorites now but are fighting including lopez...Harris, Favors, and picks are package
#Nuggets would prob. want Kaman and Eric Gordon from #Clippers 4 Melo....that deal would make LAC much worse
#Nuggets discussions w Chicago involves a package of Luol Deng and Taj Gibson
#Warriors offer for Melo would be Stephen Curry, Biedrins, and picks...GSW unsure tho about parting w Curry
#Warriors, #Bulls, and #Clippers are also in mix for for Melo...LAC are long shot according to #NBA league source
check #Nets first round picks...its 9 over next several years....I'm told multiple picks would be involved in #Nuggets deal

If #Nuggets were to make deal w #Nets, they would likely move Billups in another deal bc of Harris

Hearing from an #NBA league source that the #Nets are not including Brook Lopez in any trade discussions w #Nuggets 4 Carmelo Anthony

Looking at those packages, the Favors + Harris package is by far the most appealing if Melo would agree to an extension with the Nets.   Sounds kind of like he's just making stuff up that sounds reasonable rather than reporting though.

Only the language about the Bulls sounds like he's saying he's reporting this (by saying discussions include) while the other reoprts say the Nuggets would probably want this or the Warriors would do this.  

Personally, I think the Clippers are way better off with Melo than Gordon + Kaman, but that's just me.  Short term, there may or may not be a drop off, but if he signs an extension it's much easier to build around Melo.

As for the Bulls offer, it's the same thing we've been trotting around forever, if Denver does it then hooray!  Not like there's much to debate about there as the Bulls and everyone else would jump at the deal given a chance (even after kat stacks (is she a porn star? groupie?  no idea) started taunting his wife on twitter causing Melo to put a hit out on her on his twitter account).

If we can believe this guy, and I'm not sure that we can (in fact, I'd bet heavily against it), then I'd say the Nets have Melo locked up if he's willing to sign there.   The next best offer is probably the Warriors, followed by the Clippers, and the Bulls offer is likely the worst one on the plate.

Granted, that's just the players involved.  If the Bulls throw out three first round draft choices and no one else is willing to do that, they may be able to make up the difference.


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  • Do we even believe this? I read Denver wants to deal Melo to Nets, Kings or Wolves. There is no way Melo will probably resign with these teams when these teams already doormats probably lose their best player/most promising young player on their team. He will either go to a team with a lot of assets which will still have a couple of good to great players and was on the verge of or had made the playoffs. I think it will be LBJ lite show...that he goes to a team which he thinks can compete for a championship in the next 3/4 years.


    You really have to love Doug's NEGATIVITY.

    The Bulls can create an offer just as good as any of those teams mentioned.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    What offer? The new signings cant be traded until mid-Dec. Rose & Noah are not being traded. Gibson & Johnson & Asik could - but they make so little that they are a non-factor in a Melo trade. So it needs to involve Deng for salary purposes, which offers Denver no Lux Tax relief.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Its not negativity, its REALITY fella

  • Mappy, reverting to his usual prepubescen form I see...

  • It would be nice to get Melo in Chicago... but what would happen if a hard salary cap came in?

  • Do you think Denver has been paying attention to Deng's performances in international play? LOL

  • If the Bull's trade Deng, Gibson, and 3 draft picks--that means they have paid too much for Anthony. I can see Deng and Korver, but I wouldn't include in the trade Gibson for any amount--and I'd think long and hard about trading Deng who may be just as productive as Anthony this year. People keep forgeting that Basketball is a team sport and one individual trade like this can interfere with the structure the Bulls already have in place. Sure with Anthony the Bulls have major pieces in the starting lineup--but, off the bench they would be very weak and the season is a long one--especially when the best player on the bench is almost 40 years old.

  • In reply to penwit1:

    If we get Anthony, it is probably more to with the next season rather than this coming season. We will be definitely weakened this year and have to load up on the role players next year. But that is much easier than adding a great piece like Melo

  • In reply to penwit1:

    Doug, while I know Deng's current contract doesn't match his production, you seem to constantly write him off as a thorn in the side of any possible trade. Looking forward to the next few free agent seasons its tough to find a player who puts up Dengs numbers. Sure you might be paying too much, but whats the point in saving the money if there's nothing better out there? I'm not saying there aren't any upcoming free agents better than Luol, but can Denver really depend on drawing a top guy to a mediocre market? Yes the Nets package is the best listed, but I don't think the Bulls are as far behind as everyone has lead us to believe. The real problem is that we might not even be on Melo's list of preferred destinations. Thoughts?

  • I think Portland, Houston to be the favorites with the Wizards being a dark horse(because of hometown,assets,was a good team but went bad because of the Arenas incident). I still can't believe he will go to the Nets who were pretty much horrible even with Lopez, Harris and Williams(the main core). Maybe if they do well this year but not before that. There is no way in the NBA a team with the worst record wins the championship in a few years and Melo will be cognisant of that...

  • Doug, here is why I trade for Melo with Deng. Many times the idea is that if you have a star you can get star talent back in that trade. I have seen many trades over the years that have never been equitable for both teams especially when you are trading a disgruntled star.

    I remember when Pippen was traded to Houston, we got Roy Rogers and other fodder for him. At the time, Olajawon, Barkley and anaging Drexler were still there. Pippen didn't last there hardly anytime but the Bulls were eager to move on because when Jordan quit on us again, Pippen wasn't going to stick around.

    This case has some simliarities, but there are other issues. Billups is going into a decline, KMart is never healthy year to year and the health status of George Karl will remain a question mark. Not to mention that there may be a hard cap (I doubt it),or a lockout (possibly).

    Melo has to wonder where will his best opportunity to win come from? He has some leverage to pick which team may appeal to him. If it's money he's concerned about, then his best bet is to stay in Denver. But I have a hunch that he's out of there. If I were him I would want to land where there will be a lot of assets to play with. This is the same scenairo as LeQueen James.

    But if I'm Denver, where can send Melo where he will be happy and get assets back? The Bulls would have to be in the conversation. Gibson, Johnson, Deng, and a set of first round picks would have an appeal.

    The picks are tools that can be tradeable for other assets. All in all deals like these never wind up value for value especially for the team with the disgruntled star.

  • If Carmelo has any type of competitive drive in him, he will not want to be traded to the Clippers, Nets, Warriors, and lets be honest here, no matter how good the Rockets and Blazers may look during the season, they do not win in the playoffs win it counts. I will say again... the best teams for him to be traded to compete for a championship is the Lakers, Bulls, or Magic. All of these other trade proposals are crazy if he really wants to win. If he can't see this for himself then I guess he is trying to do what's best for his wife and not his career.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    And the Lakers and Bulls are the best two out of the three cause I really don't think Orlando has much that would entice Denver seeing that Vinsanity is on the decline and never has to me really had that drive in him to winning a championship.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Forget about melo he does not want to play in chicago and we don't need him i will go after crawford we need a shooting guard that can score.

  • In reply to Richy:

    Do we know for a fact that he doesn't want to be here? All of the info is speculation as to where he wants to go. He hasn't made any statements. No way we go after Crawford if we have a chance to get Melo!

  • In reply to Richy:

    Agreed, the Bulls do need to concentrate on getting a shooting guard, but I don't know if Crawford would be the answer. And I also think Carmelo has N.Y. on the brain so clearly he is not wanting to win a championship.... SAD!!!

  • No way I'm, or Bulls management probably, taking that chance. Straight up I'd rather have Noah than Melo.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    This is a crazy overrating of Noah. Melo is, at worse, a top 10 player in the league. Noah will never be, even in the best case, a top 10 player. If getting Melo means you give up Noah you do it, though it depends on the rest of the deal. Frankly I'd rather have Brook Lopez than Noah, and I bet that Denver does as well. I don't see the Bulls getting seriously involved in this.

  • In reply to WearShades:

    It's not overrating, it is what to look in the long term. Who are going to rely on center not just this season but the next ten years? Center and player like Joakim Noah does not grows trees.

    You can't rely on Omer Asik when we don't even know how good he is, there is always a chance could end up a worse player. There is no guaranteed of replacing a center and player like Joakim Noah.

    Don't get me wrong, I love to have Carmelo Anthony and he does helps. But in a long run, if you trade Noah/Gibson/and say Deng for Melo, playoff teams sure but you will look at a medicory for the next few years.

    I am not saying we win a championship with out Melo just to not trade Noah because we are not there. You can the same thing if you give up Noah for Melo, which is bad for short and long term.

    With Noah/Rose/Boozer/and Melo then that will be to build on in a long run.

    Oh and let me ask you this, who is the top ten player in the center position right now that are currently the league? I do agree with you that Noah will probably and never be in a top ten overall in the league.

    Everyone would have Brook Lopez than Noah, I would take Lopez over Noah too since he is a better overall player than Joakim Noah. But we are not getting Brook Lopez.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    What about taking on a bad contract from Denver in the process like the Birdman as we are under salary cap by a bit. They have a few longer deals it does not have to be birdman just throwing a name out there. With that and 3 draft picks plus Luol and Taj that would be quite a haul as Denver is at 80 plus million as we speak.

  • One thing that I forgot to mention, the Blazers/Rockets are in the west and as long as Kobe is there they will not be getting out of the west period. And I still say Thibs is the wild card to the Bulls success and if he and the Bulls are then they will be better than the Rockets/Blazers.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Kobe and the Lakers are almost done with the coming year probably being their last for contending towards a championship. After that, they are WCF fodder. Melo with the Blazers is with a younger group of players who are entering their prime. Houston is a little iffy with Yao's injuries. Rose has not done anything either that way and Boozer is a good piece if Melo is there.

    Remember the main focus for Melo is winning/contending for a championship in the next 3/4 years.

  • You got to ask yourself this, is trading Noah worth bringing Melo? I am not thinking short term, I am also thinking long term as well, which I do not think trading Noah is worth bringing Melo.

    I am not to crazy about Melo as a person, as a player I will not bringing him in but in what cost? Lot of Bulls fans discuss the past few months if it's worth trading Noah for Chris Bosh in a S&T with Toronto. Some are against it and some are not. I know different positions but I want to mention it.

    Center position is hard to find, same as an elite player. Yes we could use Melo especially in scoring which he is an elite in that category. But trading someone NOah what he brings to the table?

    Unless you promise me that the Bulls can bring Dwight Howard in two years. I will say I probably not willing to trade Noah for Melo but I may willing to trade say Omer Asik.

    I do not think Melo is really worth sacrificing Joakim Noah. There are some players is worth sacrificing Joakim Noah but for someone like Carmelo Anthony it isn't.

  • I disagree, and don't worry too much about public perception when it comes to salary/value.

    Noah has a chance to be a top 3 big man in the NBA, and he improves every year. He is a beast in the playoffs. I want a player who wins, not one who just fills up the stat sheet. Also, its important to have a player you drafted that gets better every season, & that spends a lot of time in the gym improving. It sends a great message to every young player that walks through the door.

    Don't get me wrong, I'd gladly take Melo for any combo of players not named Rose or Noah, but those 2 are untouchable. You can say its of the most difficulty finding star level players, and while I agree, I'd counter by saying center is the hardest position to fill.

    Don't discount leadership. Noah is our vocal leader. He is the Pippen of this team, telling the guys on the court where they need to be & what they need to do. Does everyone forget how bad we were that second stint he was out last year. We lost 10 in a row.

    I don't think his injury problems will persist. That's just my opinion, you can disagree, but to me the only injury concern he has is the plantar fascitis, and they only way to cure that is rest, which he has finally been able to do. Also, if I'm not mistaken, he switched shoe brands and styles after being maybe a little too loyal to that french brand shoe he had been wearing early last year.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    I like Noah too. But looking at the FIBA games, there are a ton of big players who can play i.e. rebound, shoot, defend the paint decently. Will they do it as well as Noah? Not Sure...But I don't think the dropoff is not so much either. If we are getting an elite scorer who has proved in the NBA then we take him. If we get Melo, we have two players who are in the top 10 of the NBA with Boozer probably in the top 20. That's a good bet to win...

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Sorry, you can't say you like Noah too, because I don't like him, I love him. You can say I am in love with him even. I wanna be on him.

    Ok seriously. I think its a myth that guys like Noah are all over & just falling off trees. This is not FIBA. Everyone said Varejao was the same typr of player as Noah, and Noah destroyed him in the playoffs.

    I don't think the dropoff b/t Melo & Deng is greater than the one b/t Noah and whatever center the Bulls can get to replace Jo. Did anyone watch the playoffs?

    Deng is pretty efficient, a better defender than Melo, and arguably is a better fit next to Rose because he will allow Rose to develope into the unquestioned "man" of this team.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    It's Early Sept and nothing else to talk about. I never tried the double parenthesis before, I've thought about it a couple of times (but then thought anyone reading (who actually reads anymore) would be able to follow along). But it actually was easy for me, maybe I'll give it a try next time I'm tempted. Nice breakdown of that "reporting".

  • Totally agree. Taj Gibson is replaceable. He's great for the price, but there are plenty of serviceable PF's to be your 3rd or 4th big man. An upgrade from Deng to Anthony makes us an immediate championship contender this year.

  • More phony "sources" stories about tantalizingly talented scorers we will probably never get. These "reporters" really are just corporate/money ho's.

    Personally, I think Melo(honestly I fell stupid saying that), Carmelo probably wants to imitate the alpha Wade who has set the tone. He'll want to pair up with "friends" guys he likes/gabs/texts with preferably in a media/big city/showtime setting such as New York(could be with a third super and a new/name coach like NJ picking up Avery Johnson).

    Again, I sincerely doubt Anthony wants to come here. Now does that mean Denver doesn't have the upper hand with the CBA expiring/lockout looming with very likely shrinking money/max numbers/deals? Not at all. It's possible he will go where Denver wants to deal with provided there is some give and take.

    So could Denver do a deal with the Bulls? It seems like usually a team's interest lies in a glitzy/new kid in town high draft pick like Favors. Still, if Taj's pedigree was higher I continue to state his all rookie team performance even at 24 would garner serious interest.

    Doug may be right that Taj is "just a roloe player" you can find anywhere. But I wouldn't count on it. He seems too laid back personality wise/affable to be an impact player, but if not for losing his confidence in his shot due to being thrown out of games/picked on by refs with a impotent laughingstock pretend coach who never had his back, I think Taj's shot mid range is legit. I could very possibly see him as a defensive stopper with very good board rates per minutes and putting up 13-14 ppg on 48% and up. That's a guy I think many teams would be interested in.

    So possibly by the break next February Taj stands out(partly subbing for Boozers hopefully minor bumps in the road if at all), and he becomes a real trade piece if he isn't already one. What if Deng shoots 47% or higher again with the three added to his game(three attempts per game at 39-40%)? These could be pieces teams would want.

    Problem is usually as Doug said teams also want cap space in such deals, and we don't have any big expirings.

    So I'd say it's pretty doubtful we get Carmelo. And as for Noah I'm willing to bet he goes up another level this season with 13-14 ppg(49%-50 and up) on 13-14 rebounds pg with two blocks, and second all defensive team if his wieght/mass has reached anchor level against the big/elite centers. If he can reach that level then I think trading him would be a mistake. Let's face it when you have a warrior like Joakim who just has that something that's indescribable it's often a sign that they are meant to be there/for a reason/part of a winning foundation.

    If Joakim still gets bumped off balance by the big/eite centers come late January/can't hold his own, and his other numbers don't come up in boards etc. then maybe you have to consider parting with him for a scoring 'star' like Carmelo. But I think Joakim will reach the next level this year/make that a moot point/exception.

    Really, if Thib's as a head coach with his knowledge can garner the player's respect and commitmment, and he doesn't lose sight of things offesnively like getting 1,350 to 1,400 3-pt attempts min as winning ball clubs do, then he could take these guys to the top three of the Eastern Conference as is as a very dangerous team.

    Of course all this is meaningless if Derrick Rose doesn't take the next step(24-25ppg, increased FTA's/three pointers/PER/efficiency of the big names/scoring stars). I'm counting on Joakim. Derrick and Thib's is a wait and see.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    To add to your point...I feel that after the LBJ/Wade/Bosh FA circus, this is what I think this group/generation of guys want:
    1. They are all good to great basketball players.
    2. They want to win mulitple championships(they all probably grew up adoring MJ)and want to make almost make it highly probable. It's like going to Harvard for a law degree and spend your money rather than go a good college where you are getting a scholarship. This guarantees eliteness according to them.
    3. They also want to party after their games or hobnob with the music stars, go clubbing etc.. This can be done only in Miami, NY, LA(Basically the coasts). Chicago is a little close to them. It also means cities like Milwaukee, Cleveland, Indianapolis have no chance. They don't care about home connections, home town etc..
    4. They are looking for another super player or somebody like that also on that team.
    Fortunately, the availability of these teams with that kind of specifications are very few and that will help the Bulls.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    Just thinking back on the summer, its hard to believe the beginning of the free agency bonanza was kicking off two months ago from tonight. The offseason is 4 months old. Only about 1 more month to training camp, can't wait!

    I live in Florida, but am going to order the League Pass, DVR every game, and enjoy before turning in for the night. So many reasons to get excited about this team that should be the best since Jordan retired, and we could possibly be the 2nd best era in Chicago Bulkls history.

    Here's a list of what the ChiRy is looking forward to seeing this season:
    1)The progression of the young talent.This team is ready to compete at a high level right now make no mistake about it, but the vast majority of this team is still very young, and should improve both this season and into the next several. Adding Boozer(28)Korver(29), Brewer(25), CJ Watson(26), & Asik(24) to an already young core of Rose(21), Noah(25), Gibson(25), & Deng(25) gives your Chicago Bulls arguably to most potent assembling of young talent in all the NBA.
    We know what Boozer is and isn't by now.
    How good can CJ Watson be in a well defined role of backup combo guard to Rose & Brewer? He will be playing in a system that values defense so it might take him a while to adjust, but he looks to be a plus defender. He'll be asked to score while Rose is on the bench, and he adds another player to the roster that can take his defender off the dribble. The Bulls will also ask him to provide some 3pt scoring.
    We know how disruptive the long & athletic Brewer can be on defense:he should become an early favorite of rookie head coach Tom Thibaudeau, not for just his defense & effort, but his ability to read the defense and find the seems to the hole. It will be interesting to see if his jumpshot can improve, and to see if he can score anymore if the coach designs any plays for the heady player.
    Korver adds a demension to the Bulls they would otherwise sorely lack, and for all the attention Boozer get for missing time, Korver is the player who most needs to stay healthy for the Bulls season to be a successful one. The team hopes for some internal improvement from the likes of Rose & Deng in 3pt shooting, but no one on ther team is in the same class as Korver, and could fill his shoes if he misses time. Also from Korver, we want to see if he can be an able defender, or his presence could become a liability on that end.
    When management gushed about Asik 2 years ago when they drafted him, saying he could have been a lottery pick had he been available to the NBA right away, it seems like they raised expectations for the young big man at the same time. He immediately becomes the Bulls biggest player, and insiders who have witnessed his workout at the Berto rave raved about his athleticism & mobility for a man with such a frame. Becomming a poor man's Joakim Noah to provide rebounding & shot blocking should be an honest expectation for the young man immediately.
    Deng is having a great summer in international play, it is easy to see him building upon his solid year. He has developed his confidence in shooting long range, now he needs to increase his attempts. Playing for a coach that he lkikes & respects can only help his game, and he looks to be used in ways that he has not been often in recent history.
    Gibson hopefully added some muscle to his long frame, and has worked on his 15-20 footer.
    Noah's off-season regimen has been well cronicled. If the Bulls have one of the top records in the East come all-star game time, Noah is a good bet to be added by the coaches to play behind Dwight Howard. As long as he is healthy, Jo will have improved. Look for some new moves down low with a better ability to score with his back to the basket, along with an ever improving mid range whirly ball. His increased size will be apparent from day 1 of training camp.
    Derrick Rose, wow, what can we say. The guy is coming off his first all-star appearence, is only 21, lives in the gym, breathes basketball, and is on the verge of helping lead team USA to a World title. Derrick is one of those stars that target 1-2 aspects to add to their game every year. This summer it has been his disruptive attacking defense & his 3 point shooting. He has more weapons than ever around him, a coach that will know how to make them work, and is entering that magical 3rd year. He needs to get to the line more, but look for a huge, huge year.

    2)How quickly can the Bulls new teammates assimilate? The Bulls opening schedule and soon to come circus trip never quite offer them the comfort of getting started builing their confidence against easy opponents. Actually their opening schedule is often brutal. They will be tested early, but that should also strengthen them early allowing them to put some distance on their rivals come late winter. Health is key here, especially in the early going.

    3)How well do we match up with the elite teams? Everyone wants to see the Miami games, just as important a measuring stick will be the contests b/t Orlando, Los Angeles, Boston, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Potland, Oklahoma City, Utah, Dallas & San Antonio.

    4) The trade Deadline. For the first time in 3 years we will be buyers at the swap meet. We will not be looking to shed salaries for the off-season, we will be looking to tweek the roster after 4 months of determining what we need to put us over the top. Hopefully we won't need another star player to come to do that, for we may not likely get another chance at one of those in the next decade.

    5)How good of a coach is Tom Thibaudeau? Management will often preach a learning curve, but his pedigree & 18 years on the bench make him drastically better than Vinny even at this stage. He has the upside of being a game changing coach, and their are only a handful of them in the NBA. Fellow member of the coaching fraternity Jeff Van Gundy believes his friend was a home run hire. At the very least Thibs is a breath of fresh air.

    6)Excitement! This should be one of the fastest, athletic, best passiong teams in the NBA. Tibs will have them playing to their strengths. It will be very entertaining, esp. if they can develope cohession & chemistry. Plus we have one of the NBA's best & brightest young stars. You know he will be fun to watch. Unfortunately his lack of respect has provided an element of frustration to what would otherwise be a great all around viewing pleasure. Will the refs finally treat Derrick as a star?

    7) Can we avoid the injury bug? We have some guys that can be labeled as injury prone, or an injury risk. Boozer will be expected to miss some time. Rose & Noah simply cannot be out for extended periods. Korver needs to be healthy come playoffs.

    So many things to look forward to! The off-season has already moved so fast, another month or so and you Chicago Bulls will be back in what will seem like the blink of an eye folks! I know us die-hards can't wait still.

  • Forgive me if this has been answered somewhere, but why does Melo want to be traded right now when he will be a FA next year? Why would he go to one of the garbage teams mentioned in these proposals unless he specifically names a team and says "this is the only team I will sign an extension with." Is next years's FA market that bleak?

  • In reply to turdburglar:

    Next year, the CBA is up for renegotiation...possibly the cap and salaries will decrease. Carmelo can get a max deal now, he may save himself millions that he might lose by waiting until after the CBA has been agreed upon.

  • You are turning into MrHappy proposing three-way trades:-)
    Deng and Wallace almost have similar strengths i.e. playing of the ball although Wallace is a whole lot quicker.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    if only we could get memphis involved in that 3 way trade. then we could get sam young and have melo come off the bench...

  • Considerable injury risk his whole career, is vastly overstating the situation.

    Plantar faciaitis comes and goes, and often never comes back. Pippens suffered from it once or twice, it didn't affect his whole career.

    Noah may never experience it again, he played full bore in the playoffs and looked fine. Does he have some other injury issue that we are not aware of.

  • Does a team with Kobe really need a guy like Melo.

    The Lakers with a completely healthy Bynum are likely better than a Laker team with Melo but without Bynum.

    The healthy Bynum Lakers will beat Miami in the finals, if Miami makes it.

  • Are you suggesting that this trade is plausible, or are you just creating a trade that makes sense salary wise.

    Obviously the Bulls do this trade.

    Charlotte might, but it would lock them into paying the luxury tax(which JOrdan says he won't do)and Wallace and Deng are both small forwards, it would be too much to ask either to play power forward full time.

    Doesn't Denver have to get more talent back than just Gibson and cap space.

    I thought that you were done trying to dump Deng.

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