Bulls Beat #153 - Bogans in, Rudy out

Bulls Beat #153 - Keith Bogans in, Rudy out

The Bulls are unable to convince Portland to take
their best offer for Fernandez, and the Bulls move on to sign guard
Keith Bogans. I discuss the rotations, possible future trade
discussions with Fernandez and take glee in the fact that Tracy McGrady
landed in the division.

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  • FYI:

    Here's a LIVE (computer) look at Luol Deng's second game in Eurobasket play.


    He's struggling right now with only 2 pts., 2 rebs. and 2 fouls at the Half.


    Did Luol Deng get hurt? I hope not. He's only played 2 minutes in this entire game.

  • Doug-

    Just wondering what the latest is with the Bulls and Delonte West since I didn't hear you mention his name on your podcast. He would seem to be the only other decent shooter available outside of Rudy. I also like the toughness he displays on the defensive end which I know our coach will like. While he brings some baggage with him, the scoring punch that he could provide off the bench would be huge for this team and would help the spacing on the floor. Right now Korver is the only pure shooter we have. I consider Bogans to be more a defensive minded player who can hit the occasional 3 pt shot.

    I agree with you on the two big men (Brown and Amundson) we should target at this point and would have preferred Tolliver for his ability to hit a perimeter shot like Miller used too. Some other guys to look at might include Wilcox, Boone, and Mbenga.

    The bottom line is we have enough money under the cap to add a Fernandez or West as well as a big man. If we add another offensive minded SG, he will get minutes ahead of both Bogans and Johnson. While a young polished big man could get minutes ahead of both Thomas and Asik during the regular season at the very least. The fact that we can still add a couple of more players to our rotation at this late date is a tribute to Bulls management on how careful they have been with contracts this summer. Thomas, Bogans, Johnson, and Asik could be # 11-14 on the roster with these last couple of players to be signed or acquired factoring into the rotation behind Korver, Watson, and Gibson. Just imagine the depth on this Bulls team entering the upcoming season!

  • T-Mac did not officially sign with the pistons yet. dunno why people think its official

  • Doug,

    Are you sure you are watching the right game?

    The game is over already. Check the FIBA website.

  • Doug,

    I'm still waiting for the write-up to come out.

    That website was accurate last time out.

  • Any truth to the rumor the Bulls are interested in Larry Hughes as reported on nba.com


    Originally, I thought only the Celtics and Bobcats were looking at him.

  • MIXED UP #'s?


    Deng is #9, not #11 like he is listed here. Maybe that's the mistake.

    If that is the case, then Deng has a TREMENDOUS game.


    He was DOMINANT once again with 23 points, 11 rebounds and 9 assists.


  • Doug,

    I'm not a huge Deng fan, so I never to excited about his play.

    However, it's nice to see him be the LEADER of the G.B team. Plus, he hit a CLUTCH 3pt. shot off a missed FT to send the game into overtime.

    All and all, he's dominating like he should be doing.

  • Doug
    You don't seem to be too upbeat on both Taj and James Johnson. Although they probably will not be superstars, I think they will both improve upon their rookie seasons. I don't know to what level they will go...but I feel James Johnson especially has been so beaten up in the general media and public opinion that I don't even know what is the truth in his coverage anymore.
    1. You hit the point on his jumper improvement. If Taj puts on some muscle and improves his jumper, he should be pretty decent.
    2. The more Taj improves and plays, he will be a valuable trade piece if anybody in the superstar arena becomes available.

    1. He was messed so much by not getting regular minutes while Vinny was trying to win by playing a tired Deng for 40+ min.
    2. Is he better to be put in a simple role for say 8/10 mins where he will be the defensive stopper or just learn to be provide some offense? Or is he better off by trying to learn how to handle the ball or initiate the offense?
    I think the although he seems comfortable with the ball, it makes him pay less attention to his other tasks and also handling the ball at college level and NBA level is different which he is struggling with..
    What I am trying to ask is what would be a good role for him and is there anything from Thibs on what he will do with him? Or do we have to wait for training camp to get an idea?

  • Doug do you know any good sites that show streams of complete games or good portions such as for the upcoming FIBA/USA games with D-Rose?

    Also, like what the Lakers do(I know different situation), but I hope the Bulls once in a while throw a decent chunk of minutes say 18 or so Bogans way just to keep him involved, and show a little respect for by all accounts a good defender and a real competitor who won't hurt you while he's in the game. I'm not saying his overall minutes average will be above six or seven a game, but like smart teams do with a guy who was a starter last year and a competitor who did shoot 400 threes a couple of years ago at 36% keep his energy and respect fresh/ready.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:


    ESPN and ESPN3 looks to be covering a lot of TEAM USA's games. FIBATV will also have them for a fee. I hope that helps.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:


    Here's the link.


  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Thanks for the info.

    I saw the schedule of exhibition games that ESPN, and ESPN2 have. As for the actual FIBA championship tournament I saw that two, but I doubt I'll pay $30 or more whatever it is to see it. As for ESPN3 my cable doesn't have it.

    What I was hoping for was some streaming site with a fair amount of video from the games like I hear people viewing for Bulls games not shown in their area. But at least I'll/Derrick Rose fans will be able to catch what four or five exhibition games including against Spain so that is something.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I would go after Kwame, Pops Mensu Bonsu or Luis Andmonson for the bigs....there not that bad. Should of signed Morris Almond to a min. deal while you had him.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    i think if we don't get a deal for carmelo we should go after granger he's pretty good and indiana will trade for him!

  • This is the same guy that thinks that championships are decided during Summer League play. He's going to get excited. Then he's going to check the stat sheet and fall in love with the guy who scored the most points.

    A quick look at the aforementioned stat sheet tells me we can now expect to see multiple posts for the rest of the offseason about how the Bulls need to STEP UP and be BOLD and acquire P. Mensah-Bonsu. Wonderful.

  • In reply to KenyattaWright:


    It's funny how you only REACT to my posts, instead of providing your own knowledge to a discussion.

    That just shows EVERYONE on here that you know absolutely NOTHING about the NBA or professional basketball.

    Since you want to act like a CHILD, I suggest you go find a grade school team to root on and cheer for this year.

    Discussing and watching professional basketball is NOT for you.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    My reaction was to Doug's post.

  • In reply to MrHappy:


    President Obama hosted and played basketball with some NBA player to honor the Wounder Warriors.


    Derrick Rose was there as well.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    And based on the photo, so was Joakim Noah.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Wounded Warriors...oops.

  • The flash applet had #11 and #9 mixed up, so all Deng's stats were assigned to the guy who played 2 minutes and vice-versa. Deng put up a near triple double.

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