Your morning FA update and Radio reminder

First, be sure to tune in to WGN Radio (720am) 9:00am - 9:30am today (Saturday) to listen to me discuss the Bulls.

Podcast is now linked, download it here.

Next, here's the rough FA summary:

1: Amare is leaning towards the Knicks max contract offer.  It doesn't look like anyone else is too interested in him.   The Knicks are one step closer to completing the Joe Johnson/Amare Stoudemire massive overpayment off-season I predicted when they freed up two max contract slots.

2: Joe Johnson is waiting to see what happens before committing to Atlanta and may consider New York or Chicago still.

3: Bulls are going last in the LeBron meetings re-confirmed by Brian Windhurst (the Cavs dude) after he confirmed it originally and rumors then popped up that the order was flipped.

4: The Bulls met with Wade and Bosh yesterday, but they weren't meeting together. Bosh was at the UC, Wade was with his agent.   No one committed to anything, but Wade was intrigued.  

5: Intrigued seems to be the word everyone uses to say I'm not telling you crap.

6: The Bulls had a very favorable meeting with Boozer, I noted a source said we could have him if we want him, KC Johnson noted afterwards that the meeting went very well as well.

Present guesses?

LeBron -> Chicago
Wade -> Miami
Bosh -> Chicago or Miami (definitely Miami if we don't get LeBron probably Chicago if we do)
Boozer -> wherever Bosh doesn't go
Amare -> New York
Joe Johnson -> New York

The LeBron domino is the biggest, and I still think it's about 50/50 whether he comes here and not a lock.   I do think it's down to us or Cleveland though.  If LeBron chooses Cleveland..

LeBron -> Cleveland
Wade -> Miami
Bosh -> Miami
Boozer -> Chicago
Johnson -> Chicago
Amare -> New York

We'll have to wait and see though, so many scenarios that anyone guy's decision causes a chain reaction for other guys


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  • I agree with your forecasts. I still don't trust Wade. The only reason I think he is talking to the Bulls is because LeBron has probably told him he doesn't like Miami. We don't know what kind of a selling job Riley did to LeBron yesterday...LeBron has a chance to win now and probably some more when Wade breaks down/gets older...which will be his championships then..
    We will probably have a better idea by Monday...

  • This has been the best offseason ever in any sport! I don't think the Bulls will get Wade or Lebron it would just be a dream come true to get either of those guys. I expect Boozer and Johnson which would still be the Bulls best offseason ever. If the big 3 go to Miami they have no shot. That team is garbage and the rest of the team would be minimum salary guys, the Nets and the Knicks would be better for the Big 3. Lebron is better off in all other places than Cleveland. How can he seriously go back? Even if he goes to NY with Amare, I'll take Galinari and Wilson Chandler over anyone on that Cavs roster. I just hope the crap organizations of Miami and Cleveland lose out, Miami can't even fill the stands with the 3rd most popular player in the league. Riley is a flake, only wants to coach bomb squads and got lucky when he hired a video intern to coach his team. No wonder Lebron won't go there. Reinsdorf isn't the best but he was the owner when they won 6 straight and brought in Kukoc and Rodman which were both expensive and risky at the time. Go Bulls hope for Wade and Lebron, 8 straight chips!

  • Deng for Joel Pryzbilla & jerryd bayless deal being talked about....

  • Don't understand. I read that Johnson received an offer worth $119 million from the Hawks. How could the Bulls come even come close to matching this? Why would the Bulls even consider matching this?

  • They wouldn't and can't offer that to Johnson, but he hasn't signed with them yet cause he knows they won't win. He would take less money to come to the Bulls

  • In reply to Hendu0520:

    We wouldn't come close to matching that deal. Joe will stay in Atlanta.

  • In reply to Hendu0520:

    doug, do you really think Joe Johnson will leave all that paper on the table?

  • In reply to chibullmarket:

    I don't see JJ leaving all that money either. I can't see LeBron leaving CLE. I could see Bosh and Wade pairing up with the Bulls for some reason. Obviously, I would like Bosh and LeBron but Plan B doesn't sound so bad either.

  • In reply to chibullmarket:

    Nice job on the air, Doug!

  • In reply to chibullmarket:

    I still wonder about Wade. I think he is fooling with us. What do you thing Doug?

    And some reports are saying Lebron has made his decision. Is there any connection to this and the Bulls going last. I doubt it but I hope so.

  • In reply to chibullmarket:

    There is so much misinformation especially from NY media...that it is crazy. No wonder the New Yorkers(Wall Street) drive us into this recession with their greed,lies and fake mortgages.
    Why does the media keep telling LeBron will make that extra year money only in Cleveland..It is true for now but unless he is injured or his game dramatically falls off, he will definitely get a new contract in 3/5 years instead of waiting one more year.
    I am just sick of legit newspapers/news outlets pushing hogwash..

  • In reply to chibullmarket:

    Reporter on twitter (Ira Winderman) just said tuned in agent laughed off Wade departure as "just a smokescreen".

  • In reply to chibullmarket:

    Bulls fans don't get caught up in Wade's B.S. He knows the Bulls have the advantage and he is trying to distract them. Wade and Bosh will be teammates in Miami. This is Pat Riley trying to keep the Bulls from owning the east for a long time.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    I agree. I think Bosh ends up in Miami.. not sure why Bosh is 'faking' his interest in the Bulls so much.. unless he's helping Wade posture to get Lebron to Miami. Seems to me that none of this makes sense still. I don't see the Bulls taking their eye off the ball when they are meeting with Lebron today. He's still the big fish, as far as they are concerned. I think Wade and Bosh are just enjoying their free agency, filming it, and the drama that comes with it.. and the fans overreacting to every rumor and every move they make.

  • In reply to jmwebb:

    IDK I can really see Wade leaving to Chicago if LeBron stays. He can't win anything with just Bosh and him on the team. Wade is just trying to cover his ass cuz he wants to win too.

  • In reply to Vedo:

    This would be my theory also. Even though I have always felt that Bosh wants to be in Miami, I think that if Lebron stays in Cleveland, both Wade and Bosh might go to Chicago, since it is the only/better place to create a super team, as they would instantly have a near perfect starting lineup of Rose, Wade, Deng, Bosh and Noah vs Miami's near empty roster.

    Side note, watch to see if Miami signs Brendan Haywood, this would be a signal that Bosh has agreed to join them, since he has said he will not play center, and currently Miami does not have one.

  • In reply to Vedo:

    IF you have been following Wade it almost seems that he wants to play with Lebron more than he wants to play with Bosh, he and Lebron are good friends, he never says this about Bosh.

    I think that both Wade and Lebron realize that Bosh is just not a difference maker as a player, a championship guy like they are., and thus would rather play with each other than with him.

    They can't play together in Miami for ego reasons(as well as roster reasons), but getting together in Chicago makes the most sense for both of them, ego wise and roster wise.

    The second meeting with Wade seems too Machiavelian to be fake, there has to be substance to it.

    Bulls get Wade and Lebron, or Wade and Bosh, with the least likely outcome Lebron and Bosh. If Bosh doesn't end up with Wade, I see him going West in an S&T to Dallas, HOuston, or the Lakers.

  • In reply to jmwebb:

    Nice job Doug. I agree the hosts were a bit obnoxious, they had a 101.9 type morning thing going on and that's not the type I want to see the Bulls get.

  • In reply to jmwebb:

    I think Doug's synopsis is exactly correct. The more I read about Wade's meetings with the Bulls especially the second meeting, the more I think he's just trying to influence the Miami/Riley's agenda, and the marketplace. He's not really interested in coming to the Bulls. And for his sake hopefully he makes Boozer think he's unwanted by his buddy double meet of himself and Bosh with Chicago.

    I hope we haven't let Wade get away with some sh*t. I hope the Bulls were smart enough to realize the possible alienation of Boozer witht he Wade/Bosh tag team, and make sure he knows that yes we had to try and pursue Wade, but we think your a tremendous PF and absolutely want to sign you/would love having you play with the Bulls.

    Yes, if we don't get LeBron, then a fall back of Boozer and Joe Johnson is way, way the hell better then nothing at all(or Lee). I just hope that scammer Wade, if that's what he was up to, didn't succeed in making Boozer jump ship/cost us Carlos. My instincts tell me Wade really is one sneaky mother. But I'll be glad if I'm wrong.

    Finally, even Sam ementioned this Deng to Portland deal for Pryzbilla and Bayless, but that just seems way, way to good to be true. Although the other vague report of "some center" would then make sense. I'll tell you that thief Pritchard would never make a deal like that that helps Chicago even if they really like Deng who would be the best player in that deal IMO. If they did somehow clear more cap space with a Deng trade, then I think we probably gauruntee LeBron and Bosh(or Wade and Bosh) if I'm wrong about him.

    So either it's a Deng trade shocker and we get LeBron or Wade with Bosh, revelation mother earth we get LeBron and Bosh/Boozer, or things take a turn for the worse but we survive with Boozer and Joe Johnson, or we scramble for crumbs with David Lee, and cry in our beer for a long, long time.

    Again, if it weren't for D-Rose, and to some extent Joakim, I wouldn't be so affected by this. I just hate to see Derrick not get the talent to contend with he deserves, and suffer continually with an offensive starless team. I could see LeBron and Derrick together a lot more then the seemingly cold-hearted Wade.

  • In reply to jmwebb:

    I just wonder if LeBron wants a guarunteed big. If Wade has Bosh, and LeBron thinks this also, and we could committ to Boozer and have him in pocket for this meeting, but are too dumb to realize this..? Then LeBron says do you have a big commmitted? And we say... uh no. If I had to choose between wondering about having a big or having Boozer committed to the Bulls going into that meeting with LBJ I'd take the latter.

  • In reply to jmwebb:

    LeBron has said, according to several reports he likes Boozer, and could be amenable to playing with him.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    You were good on the radio this morning Doug but those hosts were annoying. Surprised you were able to stay focused through their silliness.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    I heard LBJ will address the crowd at 3pm after the Bulls meeting. I wonder what that means??

  • that trade for Bayless and Pryzbilla would be great. That would free up the other 2 or 3 mill the Bulls need to offer another max contract. Would give us a backup PG or SG and give us a backup Center or a starting center if we get Lebron and Wade and we could move Noah to power forward wow! This is getting great, as long as we get 2 guys better than Hinrich and Salmons this offseason was a success.

  • In reply to Hendu0520:

    Kudos to Bulls management. No matter what happens the team will certainly be improved. We can look forward to an exciting season ahead.

  • Aha...don't know how I forgot about that! I guess they are lacking at the SF so they might take Deng. I would rather have Lebron and a PF. But I would take Joe Johnson and a PF as a consolation. Good thing to see Joe taking his time so we can talk to Lebron and see how that goes.

  • Great Job Doug...i agree with those predictions, i also wouldnt count out a possible Bosh an Joe Johnson duo here either. Today we meet the MAN! An if the man is smart (AT ALL) he will know Chicago is the place to be! Make the right choice LeBron. Come to Chicago, bring Bosh or Boozer with you. Forget about Wade.

  • Does anyone think the Bulls would trade Rose to Toronto if they knew for a fact they were getting the Trifecta(Wade, Lebron, Bosh)?? I heard this possibility thrown out there and it's scary! I'm totally against it!! Hope they wouldn't make this type of move

  • In reply to mdot1986:

    no way in hell

  • In reply to Vedo:

    Certainly hope not...that would be a total stab in the back to one of the best "good guys" of the NBA.

  • In reply to mdot1986:

    Not a chance. As good as Bosh is....if you have Wade/LeBron...u can win with Taj/Noah and another mid-level PF...If you look at the draft/available players most of them are 6-7 to 6-9 types with slender bodies and elite PGs are difficult to find. You heard that LeBron wants to play with Chris Paul...well, he has a chance to play with somebody like that right now without any trades..
    I don't think Paxson will do that there is no point speculating..

  • Yeah, they seemed cool but a little obnoxious, as mentioned.. you did a great job though.

  • The Bulls would be stupid not to trade Rose if it meant they get the big three. I do not want this, but from a business and title perspective, how could they not do this. Again, not advocating such a move. Wade, Bron, Bosh, Noah, and ________. You could fill that blank with a scrub like Jannero Pargo and still win titles.

    I don't trust Wade. I hope the Bulls see through this.

  • The more this stuff lingers, the more I feel like Wade is definitely jacking with us.. and I don't like it one bit. It's one thing to be a business man, it's another to be a con-man.

  • Why the heck would he go back to Cleveland? The Bulls,Heat,Celtics and Magic all could be better then the Cavs if he came back. It would be even harder for him to win.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    It isn't even about that anymore...if the guy truly wants to win then he's out. The question now is, can he leave home>

  • In reply to Csharp:

    This is a guy with a huge ego, who has been called "The King" and a savior for years.. he may be a bit delusional about what he's capable of, even after not getting over the hump for years now. Afterall, he took them to the finals, and was pretty close to doing it again until something strange happened, and he shut it down in Game 5.. He may believe that the Cavs can get something done to better themselves, and it definitely would feel better to do it there than anywhere else. I don't think anyone can argue that.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    Hadn't seen this before and no one here has mentioned it so ...;_ylt=Arac.kAg5NaxNNHDl8jwsy28vLYF?urn=nba,253378

    I would have loved to see Bron open this.

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