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I'll be appearing on WGN Radio 720 AM from 9:00 to 9:30 Saturday morning to discuss free agency.   Tune in!

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  • You're making me wake up early on Saturday?

  • YEA!!!!!!!

    Hopefully we have more good news and less bad news by then. And Even though he signed for the Max, I consider losing out on JJ still bad news. Especially if we dont get Lebron.

  • Here is the listen live address http://www.wgnradio.com/about/listen/

  • In reply to senrad:


  • For some reason I still elieve a commit from Bosh outside of miami is super slim. But if the rumors of amare to Miami are true, then the only thing keeping Bosh from chicago is a plane ticket. If need be, ill pick that up myself. :)

  • I don't think Bosh is going to commit until Mon/Tue. If LeBron stays in Cle, he might look at different places. But that said, it will be a great coup if GAR/PAX can get Bosh to commit before tomorrow.

    BTW, if these players fall for the NETS that shows their inexperience. This was a team which had the worst record with the current group. This is not going to be a dynasty by any chance.

  • You mean we get to hear that sultry voice of yours again Doug?!?! Sign me up!

  • The latest I heard was Bosh had dinner with his "pal" Wade. Then he posted a photo on the his website/twitter I guess showing he and Wade with a space between then saying something like, "wouldn't this look good with or waiiting for LeBron."

    I hate to think Riley has Wade as his secret agent having Dwyane reconassaince the Bulls with his meeting their of course Before the Heat meet with LeBron. Either way it sure sounds like he has Bosh in his pocket(i.e his bitch - kidding, sort of).

    Anyway, if we can't secure Bosh tonight(in a sign and trade I guess where we lose Taj), then my guess would be we have to try and sign Boozer before we meet with LeBron on Saturday. As has been said before the Bulls would be in the strongest position to land LeBron with a stud PF/big in the bag. Unless we have any communication with LeBron because he really does want to come here, and he would prefer Amare. But since he's not up until Tuesday doubtful.

  • Also, I didn't think LeBron would stay in Cleveland, but no with the player coach hire in Byron Scott he asked for I'm not so sure. They say James best friend in the league is Chris Paul. And Chris Paul has told him glowing things about Scott.

    We'll see. Again to his myriad injuries and extended time off/refusal to play being Boozer I'd prefer Amare. He did just bring his team to the Western Conference Finals. If we did miss on LeBron, and still got a stud PF like Aamre, providing Bosh follows D-Wades butt to Miami, I could handle that. Especially if we got a nice secondary pick-up in Ray Allen.

    Bottom line: as long as Wade doesn't pair up with LeBron and we get a stud big I'll be fairly happy. I don't trust Wade as far as I can throw him. I really wish we would have met with him After the LeBron Heat meeting. He's been Rileyized to take any kind of cheap shot to win. And there's no way in hell he's coming to the Bulls.(Though honestly I would gladly be wrong).

  • I doubt LeBron would prefer Amare compared to Bosh/Boozer. After watching his pathetic rebounding performance...why would he want Amare...
    You are right if they can somehow get an idea from Bosh if he is like Wade just trying to keep his options open for a worst case scenario or he wants to go to Miami...that would help
    If I were the Bulls, they probably have the rankings for every part of the game for these FA...and if Boozer is ranked close to Bosh...
    I would go and get Boozer and present it to LeBron...

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    I hear you on Amare's rebounding. Three boards in a prime playoff battle from your horse/PF?? I would debate whether that deserves a bitch slap or a double bitch slap. I'm kidding.

    I know Stoudemire can dissapoint, but IMO Boozer's very spotty record of playing/missing weeks and months at a time is the bigger cardinal sin. I'm not saying I'm right and your wrong. That's just how I rank those things. I don't want some crucial stretch where Carlos has a "hammy" and misses two or three weeks. And that's my bottom line. Plus, when the Suns made that great run, and should have went to the Finals Stoudemire operated on another level.

    I'd rather have a guy who won't fade for weeks, and has shown that ability, and with spirited warriors like Noah and yes Rose when the time comes, kicking his ego in the ass to get a f-ing move on, I think he responds.

    But I respect people favoring Booze. Either way, securing a big before we meet with Lebron would be huge. And if he doesn't want to join up, at least we still have the big. And that ain't so bad.

    It's alomst funny really. You got swept from the Finals Lebron along with punked/bashed in the stomach by Paul Pierce Bosh whose known as a soft on D joining ranks with Riley's Bulls bashing punk D(isease) Wade. All those slurs would of course be a smattering of sour grapes, but still. It's something to think about if they all leave us for a "Dream." Hopefully they just don't all sign together. Though with the duds they'd be surrounded by it might be fun seeing them have to play that much, and work their asses all on their own to do just about everything. And that's with hospital ward Wade.

    Again, sour grapes, but maybe some ironic justice down the road, and way less titles then those guys might think blowing off undoubtedly two playoff warriors of the highest degree IMO in Rose and Noah.

    They'll be coming for you. Just give us the f-ing big.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Lee is a great choice for a big out of the bunch. He second for me only to Bosh. Lee has youth, no injury history, double double guy(in his sleep), and has a relationship with Noah so good chemistry. He also has an inside out game which is good for us.

    Hope we could get him to commit today.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Ya if Bosh is gone...ill go with Boozer. Thats fine with me.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    I'll definitely be listening. Also I hope you point out how terrible people think Joe Johnson's contract is but the big news probably won't come until late Saturday at the earliest after Bron has got a chance to think over all the offers.

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