Miami Heat prove loyalty - Fire sales staff after season-tickets sell out


Dwyane Wade wanted a loyal organization.   He's taking the news pretty hard.

With the arrival of Lebron James, the Miami Heat rapidly sold out all
their season tickets. That turned out to be bad news for the
ticket-sales staff, which was fired Friday.

In a statement, the
Heat confirmed the dismissals Friday afternoon, saying that with an
``exhausted'' inventory of season-tickets ``we no longer require a
season ticket sales team to sell tickets.''

The Miami Heat.

Where loyalty happens.

Unless you're a low level employee who isn't going to bring in millions of dollars where the loyalty isn't so much about loyalty but really about cashing in.   Then the loyalty doesn't happen so much.

Honestly, hard to imagine the Bulls doing that vs just finding a new role for these people instead, but then again, what do the Bulls know about loyalty.

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  • lol...thats TURRIBLE!

  • I wouldn't look too much into it. It is just probably a business decision. They could have done this slowly rather than doing all at once from a PR perspective. This happens everyday in corporate America where the low-skilled, low-level people are let go whenever the management feels like it. What it tells is basically Managements can make stupid PR decisions like the BP CEO said I need a life when so many people were suffering because of BP.

    Wade was a scumbag who talked nonsense and also openly broke the rules by talking to Bosh even before July 1st. I think David Stern needs to get some blame on this. I cannot believe that he fined Mark Cuban, Steve Kerr, Atlanta Owner for their simple non-harmful comments but Wade was let free. That shows hypocrisy rules in the NBA.

  • I'm sure D-Wade will speak up and lobby for them to keep jobs in the organization. Or maybe not.

  • In this FA PR fiasco....who do we think was the biggest scumbag...I don't mean what the public opinion is(we know that is LBJ) but who showed no compassion or ethics?
    1. Wade: tampering, using his children as pawns
    2. Bosh: tanking his play last season, lying now that he played hard, trying to film his FA process
    3. LBJ: screwing Cleveland on national TV

  • Doug great post.

  • Not to mention thier loyalty to Stan Van when the became a contender and Riles decided they were good enough to get off his ass and scoop up another championship.

    You're gonna lose to the Zen master again Riles! Its 1993 all over again!

  • Doug, have you ever been to a Heat game??? Well if you have, you know there's nothing to be jealous of. B-Rate product in terms of production. Cheerleaders that can't dance. Echo chamber building complete with crappy DJ. The so called fans are snowbirds with Royal Caribbean

  • That shot across the bow Wade made was clearly a veiled swipe at reinvigorating the bad vibes from the perceived/or real view that the Bulls left Vinny needlessly hanging in the wind with the rampant firing rumors(in December?), and then the V.P. of Operations/Pax's "fight" with with the head coach. Two admitted P.R. gaffes that he was more then happy(I'm sure probably with Riley's suggestion/mention) to exploit.

    So even bothering to explain the Bulls loyalty at this point is like a guy from a Seth Rogan movie trying to explain after a bitter ex-girlfriend going around saying the guy who dumped her has a tiny Penis(schlong - sorry a male using the word penis unless he's talking to his doctor or something is just, well, you know). There's no reason to answer "questions" of loyalty unless you simply want to continue empowering the cheapshot asswipe who lobbed them.

    I'm just dissapointed(but not surprised) that the Bulls were not more savvy in handling this P.R. exploitation. If Reinsdorf or Pax were as manipulative as Riley, they would have bascially given Joakim or Derrick(or had Reinsdorf say this himself) the basic retort that, "It's just kind of funny when news gets leaked of a coaches firing, and then guys like that reporter from yahoo try to slam us as inhuman when these types of evaluations with teams struggling and an inexperienced coach happen all the time. And then demand action. How would that make us look if we just respond to leaks and demands at the drop of a hat? Then you have an unfortunate moment where soembody gets shoved or yelled at in a heated moment, but come on. Nobody was hurt, and to pretend you've never lost your cool in some very frustrating situation whether it be close friends or family. Or if not yourself then somebody who you hold as a good friend/person of respect. Ocassionally, it can happen. And that's what this Bulls organization is from everything I've seen. It is a family, and we learn from our mistakes. But we don't let some outsiders tell us what to do, or decide when we must act on things. I don't know. It just seems like quite a coincidence that another player competing for talented free agents makes these comments right after these two media harped on "events" occurred. When people cast personal stones I more think about what their intentions really are themselves then pointing the finger at whoever they are trying to blame or cast doubt upon."

    Now who mwould have handled a vulnerability being exploited like that in this way? It sounds exactly like a quote you might here from Dwyane Wade.

    So it's bad enough that they bascially got away with slamming us. Then we invited wade into our house when he had absolutely no intention of signing here unless possibly LeBron changed his mind which he had already said he made up(Stephen A Smith) due to perhaps Riley not being able to pull off the cap clearing.

    Again, people want to say this is unrealisitc,and I agree it is unrealistic to think the average Joe like you or me is this smart, but it's not too unrealistic to see that when Riley began emptying his roster and slashing his payroll down to the bone like Freddie Kruger, he knew he had something much better coming in otherwise why commit roster anhiliation/suicide?

    Could somebody as smart as Reinsdorf is, and Pax is supposed to be have seen what was going on, and at least called out in the media that the party was over, and that these three were headed to Miami? Hell yes they could. Let me ask you this. If the tables were turned in this cuttthroat competition, and Riley was watching us dramatically in short order cut our roster to the bone what would he think? Would he sit passive waiting for the "Decision"/the shafting? There is just no f-ing way.

    Anyway, it's bad enough that we let that punk ass Wade get away with exploiting his own kids as a smoke screen to what was really brewing in South Beach(and Chicago's absolute dupe/compliant media), but letting his kick in the balls of the Bulls franchise go unanswered except in the victim's way of constant denials which just empowers the attacker, and then ivite the f-cker into our house, and bascially tell him how much we desire him and want him?

    I swear to god I'm a basic working man, but I sure as hell would have never stood for this B.S., and definitely defended the franchise's honor by pointing to the hypocricy and true agenda of the accuser, and nto just said, "No! No! I am not disloyal like," some victimized girlfriend in a bullying/exploitive argument/attack.

    What a f-ing joke that Riley who punked out guys from Derek Harper and Patrick Ewing to Shaq and Alonzo Mourning turning them into despicable cheap shot playuers/men.

    But that's why I like sports. It is the only forum left where real justice occurrs. Not some pussy GM's accomodating a liar and user of fans who despoiled them with the lingering phony drawn out culmintaed by televised national rape aka "the Decision" by giving them a S&T for an extra $30 Mil.

    No real sports justice is a lifelong prick like Riley has suffered so mightily despite all his brilliant usery and guile at the hands of one Michael Jeffrey Jordan. A, I'm sorry, but a good guy, yes!, the hero, who thwarted that cheap shot player turning out bastard from eevr winng. (Evil/maniacle Daffy Duck laugh goes here "Muh hahahahahahahahahahahaha).

    So through all these years of punking players, turning lives to darkness and phony ultracompliant agendas/mantras what has he won since he left Kareem and Magic which it took to top all time players for that offensively challenged mind to do anything? He has won nothing! That Miami "championship" with that 50 win fraud team of old Shaq, old Mourning, Jason Williams, KaPono, the deadbeat phony SF from Boston I forget his name at the moment, and Posey the cheap shot(who actually could shoot in the clutch). But that trophy was an anti-Cuban fraud.

    So Riley has suffered mightliy, and now it's time for a fresh round of Lebron's lies and exploitation fo his fans, wades defaming and using the Bulls and his own children, and Bosh selling his girlish soul to be Wade's bitch.

    Plenty of sports justice ahead my friends. Plenty of sports justice ahead. With one Derrick Rose and one Joakim Noah rising to the challenge of the hero's role(as Michael did) to meet it out.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    Lets be realistic. If the bulls would have gotten lebron or bosh or lebron and wade would you be so unhappy? If we could roll the clock back a few months and you could could trade pax for riley would you do it? Don't you want as your GM the guy that will do anything to win and have the best team?

    The reality of what happened was simple, every team knew what was at stake this summer and a few decided they wanted to go all in. Most teams were just happy to stay as they were and live in mediocrity for the next 10 years. At least the bulls tried their best and assembled a decent team. NYC, New Jersey, Chicago, Miami were all after the same goal. Teams have been dumping salaries for two years just to be where they needed to be this summer. Nobody on earth knew this thing was a done deal and nobody knew what was going to happen least of all, all going to miami. Chicago had as good as a shot to land wade as anybody. Wade being from chicago, idolizing the bulls, and basically living there every summer even though he works in miami. Still, you had two good meetings with wade and could not convince the man to join chicago. Is that wades fault? or Chicagos? At what point do you take measure of what you really have. Wade only questioned chicago only because of the stuff pippen and jordan were saying. Nothing else. Yet bulls fans erase jordan's and pippen's disagreements with management as they never happened.

    Second, Chicago fans also believe that they have a great team. Jokim noah and Rose are nice players but they are what they are. a .500 team. Now should jokim noah and Rose continue to improve then they could have a great team. But that is not certain. That is not a fact. I like those players a lot, but the truth is that the results are not there yet. Lebron, Bosh and Wade have played with these guys, you don't think they know who is good and who is not good? Fans can easily be sold on the promise of Rose and Noah, but I am sure all that riley needed to do is point to simple stats and say, how can you tell me they are good. Chicago .500 team, and I wont even bother mentioning new Jersey or the knicks records. All of these guys have played vs. the bulls plenty of times and they know exactly who they have and exactly what they have. Lebron didnt drop almost 40 every playoff game on the bulls because they were a great team. Lets just be honest.

    Bulls management first failure was in that they tried to pair bosh and bron in chicago. Bosh is a very nice player, but he is not in the same level of bron and wade. So from there they already started selling themselves short. Their dream was to create a top 5 team rather than the best team possible. Should they have sold james on a winning combination then things would have definitely been different. I honestly believe that chicago had a legitimate shot at these guys and they just failed. Why get mad at the players if your own organization failed to get the job done.

    It is rumored that chicago also had a good shot at Kobe a few years back and the sticking point was Deng. Really? Deng. Not many teams have a shot at a superstar and a superstar is what is needed to win a championship.

    Road warrior it is time to look in the mirror and realize that the fans are not the only ones fantasizing on how good their own players are or will become.

  • In reply to nbafan:

    Heres my bastard list doug lol

    LeBron- because he ruined his legacy and became a follower, check
    out the new sports illustrated lol he just doesnt belong in that picture an of course D Wade is in the front, because thats his team

    Wade- Played everyone and used his kids while doing it

    Bosh- dont really have a problem with Bosh, but Toronto claims he didnt play through a tough stretch they had this year.

  • In reply to nbafan:

    Doug, is that you?(kidding).

    Look, you said the Bulls had as good a shot at Wade as anybody. That's hogwash. You just don't get it. Wade dominated Bosh and Lebron who is inturn dominate by Riley. Period.

    SAS said a while ago that the "decision" was made a while back for those three to head to Maimi as wade's minions. Shit, did you hear LeBron belly up whimpering, "Chris and I are fortunate that Dwyane is unselfish enough to let us join HIS team."

    Your premise is as wrong as wrong gets. And if you don't think that wade's swipe was no coincidence with the Bulls vulnerability with the bad media pub/mishaps you're just nothtinking clearly or just not that bright.

    As for Rose and Joakim they are showing already they are playoff Warriors. Despite the injury riddled season they won game after game to make the playoffs. And kicked Boston's ass when they really needed a win. Derrick averaged 27 ppg against Lebron's 60 win Cavs in only his second season. Joakim, all he did was make the game clinching play of the series last year against the Celtics, and put up a 20/20(points and boards) this year against the Cavs. The proof will be in the pudding. But I have a lot more faith in Joakim and Derrick Rose as playoff warriors then I do in your misguided rebuke.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    Ok you can't have it both ways.

    They either had it all planned out from the beginning or they didn't. If you believe the former, then there is no need for wade to go out there and disparage the bulls franchise. If they had everything planned from the beginning, then why would wade go out there and try to do some counter-intelligence for the heat? If your premise is that it was all a set up then that doesn't add up. Neither, does the fact that all free agents met with all the other teams. Nobody in their right mind knew that atlanta was going to throw 120mill at Johnson, and I don't think none of the teams knew what was going to happen. Throughout the season all the players commented that they were keeping their options open and that is what happened. They all made their presentations and in my honest opinion the bulls had a good a shot as any.

    I will not quote any speculation or media in any of the stuff prior to the decision because it was basically all crap media. However, wade's comments about loyalty came from his mouth and he further explained that it was from jordans and pippens mouth to his ears. That is what wade said.

    As for the stats of noah and rose, i will re-iterate that they are both nice players, but not yet great. I dont care if rose scores 100ppg but if the bull record is .500 (in crappy east) then that is all they are. Again, you cannot also predict that they will infinitely get better as they age. Look at Francis, marbury, etc. Rose could turn into rondo, but things like that happening are few and far between. It is just reality. You have to be honest and believe that other players like lebron, will not buy into the Rose will become a great player sell point, when he already knows that Rose most probably will never be as great as Wade already is. It is the way of things, not all players can become as good as kobe or lebron. I am sure many heat fans wanted Beasley to become as good as Amare or Bosh, but it didn't seem like it was going to happen.

    road warrior, i will not call the bulls playoff warriors when they have lost in the first round of their last two playoffs.

  • In reply to nbafan:

    Are you serious?

    Who the hell is this that writes in such a cohesive, though establishment driven, heartless doesn't get the big picture style?

    Whoever this is you're not the average Joe who writes on here.

    So who are you? Where the hell did you come from? Out of nowhere just to rebuke me?

    You really feel the need as Mr. "Truth" to lecture people on the ins and outs of motives and logic?

    You go from point A to point B that while all the guys were waiting for Riley to clear the cap space, and then game on, that Wade couldn't be sealing the deal by sideswiping the Bulls? You don't know your Wade and Riley very well do you?

    LeBron was a submissive puppy in his comments when joining Dwayne Wade's/Riley's team. And Bosh..? For god's sake is has there ever been a case of so clearly an effeminate, totally dominated/punked out character in this Shakespearian saga.

    Whoever you are Mr Truth, as our most people who claim such grand ever encompassing power of righteousness as your titles/screename, you as a journalist or lawyer or whoever you are, can not change the facts that Wade(Riley) wanted Bosh and LeBron to all sign contracts that all ended at the same time. And where were they then going to go following this plan? Chicago? Or Wade's own team? Give me a break.

    Things like everybody ending contracts at the same time just don't "happen." And you think with the cajoling alpha Wade he didn't have a big part in such a novel, unusual, unprecedented step? Oh no, they just all three said, "Gee hey let's all end our contracts at the same time(and build a clubhouse Beav)!" in synchronicty with no leader.

    No, when something this extraordinary happens it is because someone has the will to direct it, and an agenda. So was it belly up LeBron or Wade's virtual shadow in this Bosh?

    Give us a break Mr. Truth. Wade engineered this whole thing with Riley's help, and Wade did this to bring these guys to HIS team. HIS legacy.

    Get a clue, and quit posting as some supposed fan(ha, ha). Get back to your status driven life, and if you must post just state your case, and quit aiming your comments at me, Road Warrior, who am rightfully stating my own opinion. And not trying to personally rebuke others like some controlling dweeb.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    And Rose and Noah to a real Bulls fan have been playoff warriors. They have kicked ass, and risen to the challenge. That doesn't mean they will win an NBA championship or that Derrick will reach Wade's talent level/performance. But it does mean they've been awesome to watch in their heart and growth as a real Bulls fan. Which from your cold, "Awe they haven't won a first round series" carping belies your really not. You're a fraud.

  • In reply to nbafan:

    The truth? Seriously? The truth is that numbers don't always tell the whole story. The Bulls record was .500 last year...yes. However, before a LONG STRETCH when many key players sustained injuries (Deng, Noah, Rose) we were headed for the 4th or 5th seed. Please we are not a .500 team we could have won 50 games last year if it were not for the injury bug. Also, Rose was hampered by a nagging ankle injury for the first 2 months of the season. We are deeper this year. 50+ wins barring another terrible injury bug.

  • In reply to mdot1986:

    The bulls are a .500 team by the reality that that is what is their record for the last 2 years. Yes, noah and rose were hurt, but that doesn't skew reality in that they are a .500 record in the east. Lets just pretend for your sake that they were a 4th or 5th seed in the east what does that get you. Nothing. The heat were the 5th seed and got demolished by the celtics. The east was incredibly weak this year and very top heavy. Meaning that outside of cleveland, celts and magic the rest of the teams were mediocre at best. That is just reality. And a fully staffed bulls team in the playoffs vs. the calvs lost in 5 games. Not much a contest. Even if the players on the bulls were healthy the entire season, they would not have performed any better vs. the calvs. They were just not as good a team.
    Which clearly explains my point that the performance of Rose and Noah and the entire bulls team is overestimated by the franchise and fans. The stats back up my claim 100%.

    This year is a different story.

  • In reply to nbafan:

    The Truth or Half Truth?
    1. We might not be sure if they had decided way before the FA period but isn't very obvious that they had this in the plans. Bosh's photo with one empty space...What does that mean? Look, at that time..NY, Chi,NJ had only two spots and guess who had options for all three of them? But what were doing...Talking crap like NY state of mind, intrigued by Chi etc...
    2. About Noah/Rose, you might be right that Rose has not proven anything big. But Marbury, Francis play well in any playoffs? They were excelling against non-playoff teams mostly in regular season. But Noah/Rose being hurt and the Bulls practically giving away Salmons, Tyrus etc.., they still managed to make the playoffs unlike the more deeper Raptors with Mr.TankJob as the MAN.
    3. About Wade's comments: a)Would Micky Arison sold a big piece of the Heat to Mourning/Hardaway? b)Scottie is the ambassador for the Bulls and he was writing on the Bulls blog at that time. If this isn't some kind of planned poisoning pill instigated by Riley through Wade, what else is the reason for some player to comment on other teams.
    Agree, that in hindsight the Bulls have made some mistakes. But, the final point is these guys were not honest brokers and this kind of business dealings taints the league and leaves a bad taste in the mouth of the fans.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Well, I only stated that we dont know for sure. I also do not disagree that it is not plausible that they spoke beforehand. I only think that the other teams did have a chance. That is all. I mean shouldn't the other teams then have done their best to have space for all three guys then? If the bulls, knicks and nets couldn't do it, is that the fault of the players?
    My main point is that you don't need all 3 to win. You only needed two. Bosh is just a bonus. You could have replaced bosh with amare, boozer, even scola. The real fish in free agency were wade and bron and that is who the bulls should have targeted.

    Again, I will write the press has written many, many times of the discontent jordan and pippen had with management. If you dont know this then I dont know why you are even a bulls fan. The press also wrote how pippen and jordan had privately told wade of how they were treated by the organization hence his comments. Is the press lying? who knows anymore. But you cannot deny that there were issues there, and you can certainly see plausible them both talking to wade since, wade is the new representative of jordan shoes, and pippen is regularly seen in heat games.

    I couldn't agree more the way things turned out in the summer definitely wasn't first class or transparent.

  • In reply to nbafan:

    Even if the Bulls had 3 slots, these guys would have gone to Miami because of Wade being originally from there. The press doesn't lie...they just print/publish whatever they hear. Do you think Reinsdorf would have hired Pippen if he knew about Pip talking bad about the Bulls to Wade. Even loyalty has limits...
    The other teams didn't have a chance. That is the whole point. Honestly is there a big difference between Boozer and Bosh. If LBJ wanted to come to Chi, he would have come with Boozer.

    Who told you that the Bulls didn't target Wade and LBJ.. They were trying to get a commitment from Wade to sell it to LBJ if you remember.
    About the Heat making space for 3 and others not making that space...well...unless you have some idea that those three are married to each other why would any sensible person do that. Riley basically wrecked the whole team and it was worse than an expansion team. So I wouldn't say the Bulls should have sent everyone packing. They made space for two and with two/three decent players, LBJ and Wade could have had a better team than what is there in Miami now. So that's a BS argument from u.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    That is not the case. They were going for a wade or bron scenario. Either or. Not both. They were trying to get a commitment from wade so they dont end up in the scenario they are in now.

    The press don't lie? Are you kidding me? The press were the biggest fools in this whole scenario. They are supposed to report on fact not make believe fiction or rumors. They daily printed words just for the sake of writing. Day after day the bulls were the favorite to get lebron, did you not read or see that? How quickly we forget.

    Every team in the league knew who was going to be available on the market this summer so there is no excuse for any team not to be ready. The heat was ready and the bulls at the last minute traded heinrich in order to be able to sign two max contracts. The bulls should have sent everyone packing except their only two friendly contracts, rose and noah. Problem is that they could not move deng. I just cant believe how you guys completely have amnesia over all the poor managerial moves the bulls have made. Give away salmons, offer crazy money to ben gordon, etc. The bulls management has no clue as to which players it takes to win a championship and although they did quite well this summer, they basically just bought the jazz team with the hopes of a second tier team can become first. They will certainly have a nice record, but will not succeed in the playoffs just like the jazz.

  • In reply to nbafan:

    There are so many half truths in this comment, I wouldn't even know where to begin pointing them out.

  • In reply to nbafan:

    THE TRUTH is I NEVER wanted LBJ on the Bulls.

    MELO...all the way.

    True, I wanted DWADE and CBOSH, but Wade's priorities are apparently messed up and Bosh's girlfriend wanted to be in a warm weather city.

    It is what it is.


  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    Bottom line, no matter how the Bulls would've handled this past free agency process, Wade and his two new bitches already had their plan in place to play on South Beach. The NBA really needs to do something about it but I doubt they will because of all of the attention this collusioned team is getting. The only thing that the Bulls and every other team in the league can do now is to improve their teams with the best possible players that they can which will make the league better in the long run. Especially the teams in the east which will probably mean nomore taking chances on young project players. The Bulls are in a good position cause they already have a good young team in place and will be a good destination for free agents ( Carmelo ) to come to if they want a good chance at winning a championship. Bulls have to be smart over the next 3 to 5 years in bringing in the right players and improving their PR development and most importantly gaining the trust of its players and having a better reputation throughout the league. These next few years are going to be very important for the Bulls organization to keep up with the Heat and the other elite teams in the league now that the Bulls are in jeporady of not winning a championship for some years to come. But like I said... the Bulls can keep this from happening with all of the right moves over the next few years to stop this potential Miami dynasty from happening.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    And I wouldn't crown Miami just yet cause every good team in the east will battle this team with everything that they have I'm sure, a.d if the Heat does manage to get out of the east hopefully they will have Phil, Kobe, and the rest of the improved two time champion Lakes to deal with. We will see how much stress Wade's fragile body can take on a every year basis with the battles this team will have to go through and we will see how stable Lebron is now that the world knows he is no leader and can't handle the pressure of the playoffs. And lastly, we will see what kind of player that girl Bosh is since he has been irrelevant since he has been in the league. Right now, there are a lot of question marks with this team.

  • Dude, many NBA commentators chimed in during the free agent hunt about questions have been raised and duly so about the Bulls franchise loyalty. What Wade did worked, and it went unanswered.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    I don't think it went unanswered as much as the answers weren't heard by as many people as the accusuations.

  • In high stakes business/competition/politics with today's media bombardment and amplification of negative tactics you just can't take the high road if you want to prevail.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    I agree that is the biggest issue with the Bulls. If you watch ESPN even a few weeks back...they were mouthing off about Reinsdorf, Bulls being cheap etc..
    High Road works with pros, good people who make mistakes but not with people with thug-mentality, Sleazy, slicky mentality like Wade,Riley..

  • Doug, what do you think about the Bulls move with Pete Myers? Don't get me wrong, I'm a Bulls fan, I just think it's extremely difficult as an outsider to assume that you understand the reasons/emotions behind every move an organization makes. It's OK to have an opinion about it, as long as you remember it's just an opinion. I think it's easier to evaluate player personnel moves based on established skills and or physical abilities.

  • In reply to efaily:

    Pete Myers was kept on as an asst. much longer than just about any organization would have possibly kept him on, and then shuffled into an organization position, where he'll probably have a job for life.

    The Heat can make whatever business decision they want, but they're not dumb. They have to realize that this is the type of thing that can and will give them bad PR right now. And as Doug said, from a Bulls fans perspective, this is mostly about Wade and his comments about organizations and loyalty.

  • And what about Jordan thwarting Riley's dark tactics/punk ass teams all those years? You don't find Jordan as the central figure in putting a stop to it along with Scottie Pippen as heroic?

    It's too bad your answer will be no. I think you're really missing something important from that championship run. Similar to Jordan's yes heroics with Pip against the absolutely cheap shot bastard Pistons. And Isiah Thomas and Bill Laimbeer can still kiss my ass those f-ers.

  • The funny thing is I blame Wade the most, and I'm willing to admit that shows my Bulls fan bias, but that's what it is. LeBron, to me, is just an idiot. A child. A Toys 'R Us kid what doesn't want to grow up. Bosh is a clueless dope along for the ride. Wade is the snake the in grass, a liar who will look you in the face and smile at you, a calculated weasel on par with Isiah Thomas.

  • I totally agree with you about the way it was handled, but the unfortunate reality of the media, especially the national sports media, is that Wade's comments got the kind of rub that the Bulls reaction never got.

  • I don't have any issue with free agents deciding where they want to play. Teams have had the ability to cut/trade players and exercise it every season. Do Owners/GM's sit down with every player they cut or trade and talk to them prior to making the move?
    I guess I don't have the animosity towards LeBron that others do, because I never wanted him to come to the Bulls, so I'm not disappointed. I would have liked the Bulls to sign Bosh, and would have even been OK with Wade had he come with Bosh, although I don't think he's the best SG to fit with Rose. I think the three ended up in Miami because they were the only team with enough cap space to sign them. Riley's personality and/or so called genius had nothing to do with it. LeBron's TV special was a bit ill conceived, but I'd bet that was Maverick Carter's bone headed idea more than LeBron's. I think he sold LeBron on it by pushing the charitable donations aspect. I'm looking forward to the Bulls battling them this season. I'm more afraid of how we match up with the Lakers, should we be fortunate enough to be in that position the next couple of years.

  • Even though I tremendously disagree with you on some key elements of the Bulls history/affairs etc, I always find you an extremely well liked host for things like the bastard rating. It's things like this that make you one of us, and it's appreciated.

  • "The best laid plans Of Mice and Men often go awry."

  • Agreed.

  • Doug, tell me you are not "The Truth"?

    You're saying them all signing contracts that ended at the same time/LeBron taking the shorter deal hasn't been commented on by many, many NBA analysts as not coincidental??

    Please, don't pedal this it was all just a happy coincidence garbage.

  • There also have been multiple quotes from guys around them/sources that ending their contracts together was the plan. Where have you been?

  • Wade was quoted saying how the decision might be about things other than basketball, might be about family, etc. He opened the door that allowed people to second guess him. He didn't have to go there.

  • he said his kids would have a big part in making his decision.right right

  • In reply to Csharp:

    I have to agree with PJ and csharp on the issue of Dwyane Wades kids. He definitely intimated that his children/family played a role in considering Chicago. I guess the thought of living in the same City as your kids didn't have enough appeal to satisfy his considerable ego. Those three whack jobs can win all the titles in the world in Miami, and it still wouldn't impress me. They'll never have the glory that champions before them did.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    He said he needs to make the right decision for his family. You can infer anything you want from that, which is probably why he said it that particular way.

  • In reply to nbafan:

    whoever this truth person is sound like they are trying to find any excuse they can in defending the Heat. All I can say is we Bulls fans understand that this truth person is probably a Heat fan so you can stop trying to defend them cause it is over and done with and your Heat team with a fragile Wade and a non leader in Lebron will have some serious pressure on them to win every year and I do expect them to break down one way or another. So enjoy your team while you can cause I really don't expect them to stay together for the full 5 or 6 years. Just know that every team in the league hates the heat and will be coming at them hard every night and seeing how mentally soft 2 of your so called big 3 are...they will not be able to handle the pressure of trying to win a championship. Even if your Heat does manage to win a championship, no one outside of Miami will have any respect for this team and their accomplishment will not be celebrated by the league or their peers. So have fun cause it will not last for long. So that should answer your question as to why there is so much hate for the Heat and their so called big 3.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    I hate them and want to see the go down hard. I believe they will have a lot tougher time than people think. The drag is they were my second favorite team because of Wade prior to this free agent debacle. I spend time in Miami during the winter. Kind of a dump, but I've got friends down there and the sun helps in the winter. That said, I doubt I'll go to see them play this year. I WILL however be at the first United center game courtside (where I reside) to heckle them to know end!!!

  • In reply to thegreatlie:

    Excuse the spelling errors.

  • In reply to thegreatlie:

    Anybody know what the latest is on Rudy Fernandez. Some people are saying we may have to give Taj to them. Other people are saying POR will only get a pick from us.

  • In reply to Vedo:


    The Blazers' brass is meeting on Monday to discuss Rudy Fernandez's future.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Nobody is defending anybody. I am accusing the bulls of negligence. The heat won and bulls lost, all I am asking is why. I don't understand how old you have to be to make the "i didn't want them anyway" argument, after they went somewhere else. I think its time to make the bulls management answer for all their mistakes.

  • In reply to nbafan:

    Give me a break. The Bulls took a chance on landing one of the three whales and lost. How were they supposed to know that they never had a chance in the first place???

  • In reply to nbafan:

    If the Bulls management are smart they will keep Taj cause he can come in for Boozer if he has a injury. A pick should be the only thing the Bulls should give to Portland cause Fernandez is rumored to wanting to go back to Spain when his contract is up in a year or two.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Agreed. I like Taj.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Somebody else will have to step up in order for this Heat team to be a championship team trust me on that. And for the Heat fans that come to on here to try and taunt Bulls fans... someone besides Wade and his two new girlfriends will have to step up since your Heat team is trying to do what Boston did a couple of years ago. They had at least 3 or 4 more other guys to step up and right now with all of the other players the Heat has signed not one strikes me as to how to have a big game when pressured to have one. Maybe House and that's it.

  • In reply to Reese1:


    It's time for change. It's time to look FORWARD!!!

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    No one wants to talk about Lebron but some idiots want to come on this site and try to taunt Bulls fans for not getting 1 of those 3 quitters.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    They try to taunt because they know the Bulls will still have a good deep team and the Heat fans know this.

  • In reply to Reese1:


    Why are you even bothering with Miami Heat fans?


  • In reply to nbafan:

    Man PLEASE!!! The Bulls gave it a shot just like other teams did. They were not the only team that traveled to Cleveland for nothing. This was already planned and Lebron knew it. That's why he chose not to communicate with The Cavs front office every since they were eliminated. Like I said before it is over and done with so be happy with your Heat team but know this, the Bulls will be right their with them cause the Bulls have more of a complete team. They didn't lose much in trying to sign one of the 3 quitters. Good luck with your team cause like I said the Bulls will be not far behind at all this season or in future seasons to come

  • In reply to nbafan:

    It is not the question of mistakes by the Bulls. The problem is they never had a chance. You are just trying to argue your point where you don't want to accept the truth. Get a life and try to be humble. It was a "decision" made by a few jerks. Most logical people understand it but a few delusional fans think because they believe the HEAT are going to win championships they have the right to trash talk and also have gained the ability to figure out every other teams's faults

  • Honestly, this is ridiculous. I don't know where all the hate comes from for these players. What did they do that is so wrong? They were free agents and chose to go where they wanted because it was their right.

    Road warrior, if you dont want people commenting on your posts, then don't post in a public board. You are quite delusional, and instead of questioning why not begin reasoning. The reason, why they all signed contracts at the same time is because of two reasons. One of them Doug clearly explains above. Second reason, and it was widely publicized is that wade, and bosh have the same agent and bron is in the same agency. The agency figured given no injuries happen, that the most money could be made if a contract was signed with an opt out year with the chance to resign with the team for a long term contract. This contract structure placed all of them in a spot to make the most money BEFORE the collective bargaining agreement was renegotiated. This is just fact, you can get mad and angry at the world all you want but their agency did the math and this is how their contracts ended up doing the same. Carmelo was advised of doing the same and he opted to do differently. This was also written about. Do not get mad at me for pointing out simple facts.

    I only clearly pointed out the flaw in your logic which you fail to acknowledge. If it was all a fix from the beginning, then why all the meetings, why all the spying and the counter-intelligence by wade. As I wrote, nobody will ever know what really happened, but I only posed the scenario that the bulls had a good chance to get them and merely lost. Why did they loose? I believe that they lost for two reasons, their team is not as good as bulls management think it is, and two, they tried to pair the lebron with bosh instead of wade. Why would anybody here get mad at such a simple suggestion.

    I just dont understand how the bulls management missed out on wade when seems like they have all the reasons for him to be there. His town, his dream. Its not like miami had anything. Sure they won 3 years ago, but they blew up that team and since had a 16 win season and a 1st. round playoff beat down. Is it ridiculous of me to ask the bulls fans to question their team and management introspectively?

  • I stand corrected here, I misremembered that.

  • I don't believe he used his kids as pawns. But I must say I'd have a very hard time as a parent living in a different city from my kids. But that's me. He has a chance to win multiple championships with that cast of retards, so more power to him. He'd have been welcomed with open arms here.

    With the possible exception of Reese1 (No offence intended Reese)

  • I'm not privy to the Bull's real thinking in terms of the kids so I'll take your word for it. Assuming I'm understanding your line of thinking correctly. I'd be inclined to think he was serious about Chicago if it weren't for the revelations concerning LeBron.

    Concerning the Heat themselves, love him or hate him Riley is a great coach who's managed to pull off one heck of a coup d'

  • I disagree, all the teams had chances. They just didn't capitalize. The we never had a chance is just a silly excuse. They met with them and all had their chances to make their presentations.
    To put it in your example, if the girl gives you a date to prove your worth, and after the date never calls you back. Whose fault is it.

  • FYI:

    I NEVER wanted LBJ on the Bulls.

    By the way, this photo was taken at the NBA Finals.

  • Doug,


    If Miami Heat fans are taunting, it's not because they are insecure. It's because they landed the top 3 free-agents this summer.

    Let's MOVE ON and LOOK FORWARD!!!

  • Doug,

    That was a GIVEN.

    They should have played up his FOUNDATION & CHARITY.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Why Happy??? He NEVER INTENDED TO COME HERE!!! A PR stunt at best. Come on...


    When is the MELO TO THE BULLS PROMO going to be made into a topic, like the LBJ one was?

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    MAYBE next summer. Moving forward shouldn't mean look for the next best FA Happy. It SHOULD mean look forward to our 2010-2011 team and get excited about the improved product out on the court.

  • In reply to mdot1986:


    I'm thinking trade, not free-agency.

  • In reply to mdot1986:


    When I say MOVE FORWARD, I also mean people ON HERE need to STOP LOOKING BACKWARD at LBJ, DWADE, Hinrich and/or Gordon.

    It's best to discuss who the Bulls should add to the remaining roster and how this team can become NBA CHAMPIONS again MOVING FORWARD.

  • In reply to MrHappy:


    Luol Deng will be playing in the World Championships for Great Britain.

    * It's at the bottom of the page.

  • In reply to MrHappy:


    I don't think Great Britain national team is in the World Championships.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    But based on that article he will be playing for G.B. this summer and beyond.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I was looking through NBA 3-pt shooters for above 300 attempts at a .380 and above clip.

    Quentin Richardson while he acted like a complete punk/Riley's bitch in last year's playoffs the dude shot over 300 threes on a .400 clip. A better pick-up for Orlando maybe then I thought, but I'd still rather have Barnes.

    But the thing that struck me is how many threes these young PG's Jennings, Steph Curry are jacking over 300 already. And Curry at .437 or something crazy like that. Granted Curry was already an excellent shooter/scorer, but still. So many attempts so soon, says something.

    My point is Derrick Rose with today's game being so much about the three/efficiency has got to start taking more threes. At least four a game. That would come out to at 82 games 328/above the three hundred mark. He may start off rough at .300 peercent or something, but I believe as he gets comfortable with it as part of his game it will rise. Even if he ends up shooting .350 or .360 that'd be in Kobe and Wade's neighborhood.

    I know he's been working on it so maybe he will shoot .370 or better who knows. Regardless he has to be armed with this emerging weapon in the up and coming point guards arsenal, and one that would, along with getting in the lane drawing/creating contact, would take his scoring/game to the next level.

    I remain convinced there's no reason Derrick Rose can't average 25 ppg or higher. But like all great scorers this can't be a duty or a necessity. He has to hunger for it, and embrace it. People are given his kind of scoring powers/talent/potential for a reason. It's not something to be kept on the back burner.

    One other thing. I've harped on it enough, but Thib's has got to make Taj assert himself(and Derrick) confronting the refs on bum foul calls. I don't mean whining, complaining. I mean confrontationally, angrily face to face confronting the way guys who get their way like Wade, Garnett, Perkins. Taj can be a great defender if he ups his fight for his rights and his ego.

    The best thign would be like a Phil Jackson would do, tell this to Taj behind closed doors, and then tell him he's going to respond to the media when the opportunity arises that Taj is getting the short end on foul calls, but the only way he will gain respect is the same way other successful players do, and that's by confronting the referees, and force them to make the calls the right way/get respect. It's not the ideal situation, but it's what you see virtually every effective player do, and there's a reason for it. You have to. Then Taj will know Thib's is helping his player make a stand, and in effect cheering him on. And not stabbing him in the back.

    Taj Gibson can be a great force for defense on this Bulls team. Much greater then he was last year. And if he fights for it then he and a stronger Joakim can be the best bigs post gauntlett in the league. Hell they led the league in blocked shots and boards last year for most of the season. Then D-Rose and Ronnie Brewer can get the fast break party started.

    This can be, if players like Taj, D-Rose, and Joakim are up for the challenge, along with Thib's, an excellent, excellent season.

  • Doug, I don't believe anything that come out of Wades mouth. He never planned on coming here as "witnessed" by his luring the two other D-Bags to join him. Reese1 was correct the whole time. He was using the Bulls to up his public profile and keep his name in the news. A shrewd move perhaps but...

  • In reply to thegreatlie:

    Agree. Wade was always telling he wanted to stay in Miami. And the media speculating about Wade trying to pressure Miami to get Bosh/LBJ...otherwise he is going to move somewhere ....that is BS too. You think Riley opened all that cap space and will not sign Bosh to a max deal and give it to Joel Anthony.. Wade already knew it and was trying to confuse the Bulls. Only thing which might be true is LBJ had not decided between Miami and Cleveland. And I think Wade was making sure Chicago wouldn't come in and swoop LBJ. I believe Wade/B osh were the real scums and had decided they will play in Miami but playing around with other teams to just have this facade that they were going through this FA process. LBJ was probably 90% sure of going to Miami but had a small window of going to other teams...That's my theory.

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