Let's pursue Sasha + 1st for James Johnson

Mark posted this idea earlier as part of his backup plan once we missed out on J.J. Redick.   I want to revisit the idea.  Mark believes we have enough money to make this trade legal (or so he said on twitter), but it's got to be fairly close.

Anyway, reason for the trade...
First, I'm happy that Johnson has gotten into peak athletic condition.   It shows that his work ethic is improved and he's taking his profession seriously.   However, he's not a great fit for us going forward anymore.

Johnson may or may not be a bust, but the odds of him proving "not" while on this team are almost none.  There's no where for him to play as he's the third string small forward right now, and the Bulls aren't really in great need of his skills.

What the Bulls do need is a role playing bench SG who can hit the three.  Can Vujacic be that guy?   Well he was three years ago, he would have been passable at it two years ago, and then last season he forgot how to shoot all together.

However, all that said, Vujacic probably helps us as much as Bogans, Mason, or House anyway and clearly helps quite a bit more than Johnson is likely to do next season with the positional crunch he's in.  The others are also deep bench options for us, so why not pick the one that comes with a 1st round draft pick to use next year, even if it is #29 in the draft?

It's the type of trade where we're getting a small asset for basically using cap space and given the relatively few teams in luxury tax danger and great number of teams able to take on salary, we're unlikely to find a better way to acquire draft choices with our minimal cap space later on.

I'm not screaming from the rooftops for this trade, but I think overall that Vujacic helps us more than Johnson next season, and we get a 1st rounder out of it, very little to lose unless we've got something better up our sleeve, but I'm not sure we do.

The counter part to this trade is whether or not the Lakers say yes to it.  The trade doesn't save them nearly as much money as they'd like since they're not dumping all of Vujacic's contract, but given how crappy their pick is, they may not find a taker for him later either.


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  • Hell NO to Sasha Vujacic. Even though it would be fun to go to the games and scream at him. I do speak the same language as he does so it would be pretty funny. Other than that. I say no way.

  • In reply to Vedo:

    I miss making fun of Larry Hughs, so this might work!!! LOL

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    ahhh the good old days lol

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    Maybe Doug can even compare Vujacic to a child molesting babysitter...:)

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    He's a RealGm cover boy.


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    I like this idea. We are not giving up any big assets. And for all you know the Lakers might waive James Johnson in a year. We can pick him up if we are interested in him. We cannot discount the problem of playing with somebody like Kobe. It doesn't work out for a lot of guys...look at Farmar. We can use Vujacic for a year and then get the cap space next year if things don't work out. At least, he has the experience of shooting Free Throws at crunch time.

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    It's not a good idea at all. There are better guys on the trade market.

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    No, don't trade James Johnson yet, I heard Ambassador Scottie Pippen was working with him, to help him regain the confidence he lost last season. We gave up on Tyrus Thomas, now one is enough--let's not give up on this kid--it's too early. Let's see what Pippen can do with him, first!

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    Confidence does not equal talent.

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    I think shannon brown is a better fit he's young,atletic and can shoot the 3

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    So if Deng gets hurt and JJ plays surprisingly well as his replacement (well enough to change leaguewide opinion of his value), then that's when we trade JJ? Isn't that just about the only scenario where we'd be desperate to KEEP him? (Even if Deng's was a temporary injury wouldn't that still reinforce the need for depth at SF?) Actually I think the best move is to send JJ to the D-league and hope that he shows some serious improvement while swinging between the SF and SG positions.

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    I saw that the lakers were shopping sasha aggresively on one of the rumours sections and I was just thinking, hmmm I wonder if we could get him, he'd be better then house, mason, and bogans anyways in my opinion. Then I think are roster would be absoluetly perfect. Hopefully then well sign john lucas and after that I don't care what else happens the rest of this summer we're in great shape...

  • PASS...thank you very much.

    There are better young players out there for the Bulls to go after.

    You guys know the list by now.



    * Give them a #1 Pick, which will be in the 20's.

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    I think you're giving too much credit to Kyle Korver as a solid SF backup for Deng. Korver is a 3 pt specialist only. He's likely to steal backup minutes at the 2 or 3, depending on which is the weaker matchup any given game. JJ definitely still needs to improve, which given the minutes the Bulls will likely need him for this season, he still has a chance to do through practice/player development. JJ still has the size/athletic potential to be a much more well rounded player than Korver ever was. I still think the Bulls missed the mark somewhat signing Korver instead of going after Morrow. For JJ

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    absolutely not! Sasha is a bum! Phil has been tryna get rid of this guy for years, as a Laker/Bulls fan there is no way we should blow up this team with this guy! There's better talent in the D league, Dragic (phoenix) proved who's the best from Slovenia in the playoffs. I would honestly give TMac a shot be4 bring ing this guy in, and you already know how that would turn. The Lakers need to move this guy so they can sign Shannon Brown, thats who the Bulls need to go after.



    * They may do that deal straight up. Telfair could be the throw-in as well.



    I bet that deal could get done, without a doubt.



    Throw in the Charlotte 1st and 2011 1st.

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    My bad.

    We'd need a center badly, but whatever. I'd take that team.

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    Vujacic maybe Kobe's best friend on the team and seems to be a big part of the camaraderie of the Lake show. No way Kobe allows his boy to get away; his Italian would get rusty.

  • In reply to Crowned:

    Kobe says, "il mio buon amico." Funny comment Crowned!!!

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    Here's a better MELO trade for you.


    * If the Bulls can't get Utah involved, they could try Philly and send IGGY to Denver.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    No way in hell that Utah or Denver agrees to that. That is essentially Carmelo for Gibson. No way.

    We can't be Miami and have our cake and eat it too. Unless Denver has a fire sale, which would not make any sense.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Doug, proposing a trade for Sasha Vujacic takes a lot of balls. Wich there are not much of on this site.

    I won't go into the details too much of why I would not do that trade except: 1)The guy is named Sasha(covert agent sex change?), 2) he had one decent season otherwise his career has sucked, 3) he really is a hole, and I think deep down you know that, 4) A Laker's pick 29ish is really not much of a trade chip.

    Other then that, I'm all for it. But seriously I do admire your guts. My balls comment of the day will be value schmalue the GMs for Bosh and LeBron should have said F-you for using everyone i.e lying, and LeBron for keeping them in the dark until the end which was the most damaging thing he could do to his fans and the franchise, and then blow them off on a rah, rah it's all about me show.

    The fact that those franchises accomodated those guys when they could have said f-you, and set some kind of consequences/reprecussions for their slimy actions by not agreeing to S&T them, and take $30 MIl out of their self-absorbed pockets.

    Of course everyone will say, NO you have to get back value. That's the puss route. When people lie about intentions, use you basically, and then rub it in your face on national TV, you don't go crying to the media about what a bad boy he is while you give him an extra $30 Mil and essentially facilitate him raping you.

    You say take your S&T, and stick it up your as*. Too bad today's ultra corporate bottom line execs have lost all sense of justice/morality. And by facillitating these S&T's they deserve to take it right up the shorts.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    Bitter? ;-)

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    Gotya....if Tmac agrees to sign a non gauranteed contract...i bet he will be in a Bulls uni.

    Eddie House in Maimi...dang they got another shooter now.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Why would the Lakers give us Vujacic and a 1st round pick or picks for James Johnson?

  • In reply to Csharp:

    Lakers are way over salary cap and want to free up the roster spot to sign Shannon Brown. Getting rid of Vujacic decreases their salary cap hit.

  • In reply to Csharp:


    He signed a deal with the Miami Heat.


  • In reply to MrHappy:


    http://games.espn.g o.com/nba/tradeMachi ne?tradeId=29cljul

    Additional Assets to Complete trades
    2011 1st (will not be a lottery pick) Late First Rounder

    2012 1st (Charlotte Bobcats)Possible Lottery Pick
    2012 1st (will not be a lottery pick) Late First Rounder
    2012 2nd Late Second Round Pick

    2013 2nd Late Second Round Pick

    Luol Deng
    James Johnson
    Vladimir Veremeenko. Draft rights

    New Roster!!!!

    Derrick Rose 21 /6-3 /190 /$5,546,160
    Jerryd Bayless 21/ 6-3/ 200/ $2,292,600
    C.J. Watson 26/ 6-2/ 175/ $3,600,000

    Rudy Fernandez 25 /6-6/ 185/ $1,246,680
    Kyle Korver 29/6-7/212/ $5,000,000

    Ronnie Brewer 25/ 6-7/ 227/ $4,750,000
    Omri Casspi 22/ 6-9/ 225/ $1,254,480
    Shane Battier 31/6-8/220/ $7,354,400

    Carlos Boozer 28/6-9/266/ $14,400,000
    Taj Gibson 25/ 6-9/ 225/ $1,117,680
    Kurt Thomas 37/6-9/ 230

    Joakim Noah 25/ 6-11/232/ $3,128,536
    Jason Thompson 24/ 6-11/ 250/ $2,178,000
    Omer Asik 24/7-0/ 255/ $1,721,000

  • This is kind of off topic, but for all of you LeBron fans this is an interesting read.


  • Absolutely.

    Sam Young is a good player. He's better than Sasha.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    he is not a better shooting guard than Sasha is, because he is not a shooting guard at all, he is a somewhat short small forward who plays more of a power game.

    while I might actually like what he brings to the game, he does not bring what we need right now at shooting guard.

    He would basically be in the exact same position that Johnson is with the Bulls, a man without a place in the rotation.

  • Doug,

    I don't think the Bulls would have to give up a pick.

    I think I wrote that *

  • Doug,

    Again, I don't think the Bulls would need to give up a draft pick.

    It's a straight up trade.

  • Not a good thing giving up Noah.

    The Bulls need to get 3rd team involved.

  • Mitchell,

    Going for Sasha is a BAND-AID approach.

    The Bulls' brass should look to find a KEEPER, not a rent-a-player.

    There is way better players on the trade market right now.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    You want a keeper at SG and then you want Sam Young,Nick Young and whatever "Young" there exists in the NBA. Sasha is a good shooter and he would be fine for 10/15 mins giving some instant offense and more proven than those "Youngs"... I know we need good defensive players but cannot watch Hinrich type of players again. Plus, his contract comes off next year to upgrade.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:


    Sam Young is a good long-term investment.

    Nick Young is a better option, than Sasha.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:


    2.8 ppg for Sasha last season..4.9 ppg for his career.

    He doesn't even compare to Sam Young, Nick Young, Corey Brewer, Wayne Ellington, Terrence Williams or Rudy Fernandez.

    You and Doug need to watch more basketball.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    The towel boy can give the Bulls more than Sasha can.

  • Oh and I almost forgot another great reason to get him his because his contract expires end of next year right?

  • I think that you are vastly overating Anthony's ability to be a winner.

    I think that his intangibles as a championship player are seriously in doubt.

    for now, he is a great scorer, not necessarily much else.

    I hate to give up Noah for anybody, but if Denver put that deal on the table, I would have to think long and hard about doing it, you prbably have no choice but to do it.

  • No thank you to the Sasha idea.

    And on an unrealated note ... now that Truehoop has gotten off of Lebron's ... well, you know what I mean ... here's a decent article about the ex-Jazz players and what they might be able to bring to the Bulls.


  • In reply to Silverwulf:

    Interesting article...More reason to get somebody like Rudy Fernandez if we are running that type of offense...

  • So I guess that I am not that far off when I refer to Deng as Dung.

  • Doug,

    You need to watch more NCAA and NBA games.

    Sasha SUCKS compared to the guys I mentioned.

  • In reply to MrHappy:


    Afterall, your talent evaluation isn't all that good.

    Let's recall that I wanted the Bulls to pick DeJuan Blair, Sam Young or Terrence Williams, while you were solely focused on Dickey Johnson.

    It's CLEAR my guys have performed better.

    - Rookie Season and Summer League play.

  • Justin you make a good point...

    If the Bulls new coach is actually decent, he might actually develop JJ.

  • a man this guy is a home boy he average .427 fg and .328 from 3 he average 8 points per game in 20 min this guy can play

  • How about delonte west ? I heard that he's going to minnessota but the wolves is not interested in him so they are going to waive him before august. He is an SG. Good FG. Can shoot 3 and defense. Still Remember how he shut down d-rose last playoff. Here's the link Of the article : http://www.recordpub.com/news/article/4867364

  • In reply to CoolWind:

    Given all the legal issues surrounding Delonte with the weapons charges (as well as his bipolar disorder), my guess is that the Bulls will stay away. Once cut, Delonte's most likely destinations will be either sign with Boston (the team that drafted him) or Orlando (since he played with Jameer Nelson at St Joes in college).

  • In reply to CoolWind:

    But i think he's still better than tmac or other fa left. Although he has some issues with the weapon charge. I dont think that it's such a big deal. He is a good locker room guy. I never heard he got into a fight or hard foul. So i think that we should try gambling on him rather than tmac. So sign him bulls !!!!

  • Carmelo would have to tell Denver management that there was no way in hell that he was resigning and that they'd be losing him for nothing. I'd hate to part with Noah, but you cannot pass up that opportunity...if it were on the table. And I think that'd be one of the better deals that would be offered to them. Noah, Nene, Deng is a pretty good front court.

    Who did you mean, as you can't trade two Noah's?

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