Knicks offering Shannon Brown 4-5 million a season?

Per Alex Kennedy - hoopsworld:

According to one source, New York is
prepared to open up their wallet for Brown, offering a multi-year
contract that would end up paying him roughly $4 million per season. The
Knicks are willing to spend this money because they envision an
increased role for Brown in New York playing under Mike D'Antoni.
Joining Amar'e Stoudemire, Raymond Felton, Anthony Randolph, and Danilo
Gallinari as part of the team's core, Brown would be able to receive his
big payday and see consistent, predictable minutes for the first time
in his career.

------ edit Per John Hollinger this is BS (link courtesy of the happy one) --

Unless Knicks plan
on using the Matt Barnes Imaginary Exception, looks like most they can
offer Shannon Brown is $2.6 mil in Yr 1.

That definitely eliminates the Bulls from signing the guy for sure as we can't offer that kind of money, minutes, or the legit chance to win a ring that he'd have on the Lakers.  Personally, I've never been that high on Brown given the makeup of our roster. 

The Bulls have also had a close look at him before, and there haven't been any real rumors of him coming back here in awhile.   Given this kind of information they may have simply been priced out of Brown and knew it, though my guess is they simply never had a high interest level.

Brown's an athletic player guaranteed to give a team few jaw dropping dunks a season, but he lacks playmaking, ball-handling, and shooting.   An athletic slasher who can't create off the dribble, but only in the open court really isn't high on the gaps I want to fill with the last wing player where I'd rather have a shooting specialist or more of an all around player.

In terms of the Bulls, the greatest impact here would be if the Knicks acquiring Brown ends their pursuit of Rudy Fernandez whom the Bulls presumably want.   I'm not sure if that's the case though, as their guard rotation presently looks like Douglas, Felton, Azubuike, and Bill Walker.   Even adding Brown to that group leaves room for someone like Fernandez to grab big minutes.

We'll see what Brown does, if this rumor is true, I personally think he's nuts to turn it down.   A guy like Brown may never get a big contract offer again, and he already won two rings with the Lakers.   If he ever wants to carve out a larger role for himself in the NBA he needs to land on a team where he can play, and the Knicks are committing minutes and money to him.

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  • Are they trying to make their Duhon MLE signing look like a bargain? Brown could be a nice role player for them, but not at that price.

    I'd be happy to have Brown on the Bulls, but he's also not at the top of my list due to fit.

  • I don't think it is a bad move. Brown didn't have that much freedom to shoot in LA...he might get better. Plus, as you said he is a good piece to use that cap space if they are not getting Carmelo now. They can use him in a trade or get rid of him next year to free up cap space. But that said, he was a luxury on the Lakers which they made use of for a couple of years

  • If he is REALLY smart, he goes back to LA. This game is all about winning. He can attempt to go for 2 more titles in LA, and then branch out on his own. The kid is only 24/25 years old. And he is only 6'3 1/2, so he is a pg. He should continue to perfect his game in LA, and then when everything is said and done, go for himself. No need to turn down the chance to be apart of history. 3-peat potentially - you can't turn that down!

  • I agree that Shannon Brown is being overpaid and Dengized. Of course Brown is nowhere near the player Deng is, but the song(principal) remains the same.

    Somehow Phil turns marginal shooters into big hits because he gets them some easy trips to the hoop in his offense. And that inside out energy transfer seems to do the trick. Plus, I have to believe he does a good sjob(which other teams don't) of getting players stationary going up for their shot and not flying laterally across a horizontal plane(which only great shooters like Kobe can do consistently) which was one of Kirk's biggest faults(that was never corrected).

  • id love to see Shannon in New York...hope he lands there.

    Looks like the Bulls have a good shot at Fernandez according to hoopshype...ill take Roger Mason over Bogans.

  • i agree doug....he should go get that money and more time to play in New York.

  • FYI:

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