Grand slam or strike out? - Where does everyone go

I've been a strong proponent of the theory that LeBron will leave the Cavaliers even if he doesn't go to Chicago.   However, with the information that LeBron will take a few days to decide, I have to think that he's returning to Cleveland now.
In general, I'll give LeBron some credit for not becoming a media whore with all this.  He put himself in a position where he's not doing interviews, tweeting away, or doing anything else.   Not that there's anything wrong with becoming a media spectacle, but for those accusing James of being an attention whore, he's handled this process trying to limit attention as much as possible.

The thing is, if he was going to leave Cleveland then I think he'd rip the bandaid off last night or this morning.   The longer it takes him to make the decision, the more likely it is he returns to Cleveland.   The less likely it is he makes the hometown fans sit and stew about it only to disappoint him.  The more likely all the long emotional ties play a factor and the basketball part becomes less important.

I don't think it's a lock that he stays, and if he leaves, I believe he leaves for Chicago, but I think the odds drop a little bit with each day the decision is delayed.

As for Wade, it really depends whether or not he's making a basketball decision, a financial decision or a family decision.   Two of those three favor Chicago, but the third is money, and money almost always wins. 

Think about it, whomever he plays with in Miami, he could also play with in Chicago except that he has to compare roughly 10 million in cap room + Michael Beasley and Mario Chalmers to Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, Loul Deng, Taj Gibson, and James Johnson.   The Bulls destroy in a "winning" perspective.

If Wade really wants to win again, can the Heat actually do it with him + one max FA?   Not really to be honest. 

Still money almost always wins. Thus, I still think he's going back to Miami.   It's hard for me to imagine Dwyane Wade giving up the 30 million extra money from Miami given his age and injury-proneness.  

However, unlike LeBron, the longer the process plays out, the more likely Wade is to leave Miami in my opinion.   If Miami isn't able to secure enough of a commitment from any other free agents out there to make Wade feel they at least have some chance, then he may start seriously considering the Bulls.

For Wade, the increased marketing opportunities may actually make up a lot of that money for him, and his odds of winning another title in Chicago are far greater than Miami, another title might push him back into a mega-marketing superstar as well.

I'm not going to speculate much on the custody battle as I'm not a lawyer, and I don't want to invade his personal life much, but short story is that from a "kids" perspective that being in Chicago almost certainly helps his case to gain full custody or a greater share of split custody.

As for Bosh the latest rumors are that he's going to Houston though I'm not sure I buy into it.   Toronto may make some noise about not wanting a S&T, but ultimately, it's pretty hard to see them rejecting one vs letting Bosh leave for nothing.    Though, they may be able to force Bosh's hand enough to convince him not to go to Houston since Bosh has no threat to go there without Toronto's help.

Bosh is somewhat of a king pin to all of this as well, because if Bosh does go to Houston then I think it makes the basketball situation really unpalatable for Wade in MIami.   Miami is coming back with Boozer, 10 million worth of role players, Beasley and Chalmers?   How is that really better than what they've had?

However, if Toronto plays hard ball enough to force Bosh away from Houston, then Miami and Wade might be a logical destination.   However, for Bosh, Chicago makes a ton more sense than Miami to team up with Wade.   Better marketing opportunities, not nearly so entrenched as the #2 guy (as Wade will own Miami, but in Chicago it's a "big 3"), and he'll get the same money either way.

He could also opt for Chicago without Wade given that Chicago with him probably stands the same odds of winning as Miami with him, Wade, and no one.   He'd also be "the man" in Chicago or at least have 50/50 billing with Rose, have a longer window to win, and have far better marketing opportunities.

The real question is, if he's attached to Wade at the hip, then even though Chicago is better for both as a basketball choice, and it's better for both from a marketing perspective, can he really convince Wade to leave Miami?   How deep does the friendship go, that he joins Wade in a worse

If Wade, Bosh, and their agent are talking then both Bosh and the agent should heavily push Chicago with only Wade pushing Miami. 

As for the minor players (and wow it's a crazy year when you've got 4 all-stars viewed as the minor players)

Joe Johnson is getting tired of waiting around, so he appears ready to just accept the Hawks deal.  Amare to the Knicks seems like it's going to happen as well though he has meetings scheduled with the Bulls and Nets.   Boozer is hanging out probably waiting to see which team is left needing a max guy and has the best roster.  David Lee interviewed with the Timberwolves after the Bulls, so clearly he's in play if a better team wants him.

Bucher tweeted last night that the Bulls could get shut out:

LeBron -> Cleveland
Wade + Boozer -> Miami
Amare -> NY
Johnson -> Atlanta
Bosh -> Houston

I don't know if I really see that or not.   Is Boozer really enough to get Wade excited about winning in Miami.   It's very hard for me to envision Wade thinking that's enough to have a legitimate chance to win with what else they have.  However, throw Boozer and Wade in Chicago, and they have a very legitimate chance to win.

So the readers digest version of my current best guesses:
LeBron:  Bulls or Cavs
Wade: Bulls or Heat
Bosh: Bulls, Heat, Rockets, will he walk from 6th year?  Will he let Toronto control his destination?
Amare: Knicks
Johnson: Hawks
Boozer/Lee: Whomever is left with the most money and best roster



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  • By law, child support for 2 kids is around 33% of your yearly salary. If Wade moves to Chicago, he has a decnt shot at full custody and no child support. If he stays in Miami, the court may leave custody with his ex because you don't want to force two young kids to move from their home too much. 120 M comes to 40M after taxes and support if he stays in Miami. The 90M in Chicago is 45M after taxes (no support) plus an extra year to sign another contract/extension. Wade's advisors have told him this

  • In reply to edwardbuell:

    That's interesting. But from what I read the court case is in July 3rd he will not know the details by Jul 8th

  • In reply to edwardbuell:

    I just want it to be over, it's pretty clear that nobody really knows anything and the guys on ESPN and the like are just dreaming up stuff and reporting it as fact to keep us interested. They give a team hope then take it away then give it back then take it away again.

    I still think the best case of getting two of LeBron, Wade or Bosh is very much possible, but the thing that's tempering my enthusiasm is the way the other teams fans think that too. For example NY fans are very much of the belief that everything means he's going there. Form the outside looking in that seems crazy to me, so I'm trying to keep realistic and not think best case, because of course I'm going to be biased and rate it a chance.

    Worst case even if all the signings go ahead and the big 3 go elsewhere we're still a good shot at Lee or Boozer, we've still got Rose & Noah, and we've still got cap space to make a trade now or at the deadline. That's a situation that any other year would be considered excellent.

    Sure that probably doesn't equal championship just yet, but I take comfort in the fact we're nowhere near as exposed to the downside as the others are. Everyone else in the FA sweepstakes is a rebuilding lottery team worst case.

  • In reply to edwardbuell:

    I have to disagree about your theory on LeBron in regards to the longer it takes him to make an announcement the more that it favors Cleveland. LeBron has his Basketball camp at the University of Akron in a few days so if he "ripped the bandaid off" he's going to be in Akron regardless and it would probably be awkward for him. I think if he makes an announcement soon it will mean he's staying in Cleveland. If he waits to announce when his camp is over then I think he's leaving. I totally agree with the Wade theory though. Keep up the good work!

  • In reply to edwardbuell:

    First off I believe Lebron stays in Cleveland even though doing that will not get him closer to a championship. And not just being biased but the best situation for Lebron would be to join the Bulls but the city of Cleveland has laid one hell of a guilt trip on this guy that he has no other choice but to stay in that city. He really needs to do what is best for his career but it looks like he will decide to stay to save that begging and pathetic city. I do feel for him a little cause the east will be better and it will not get any easier for him. But the Bulls will and must move on. As for Bosh... it is a no brainner, he should join the Bulls as well cause he would be playing his natural position and playing with a very big front line in Noah, Deng or GIBSON. If Bosh was to sign with Miami, yeah maybe he has Wade but after that a lot of question marks. And speaking of Wade, I just do not trust him because of the Pat Riley factor. Riley is trying every underhanded trick he knows to keep the Bulls from winning again cause he knows the Bulls are a player or two from owning the east if not the entire league for a long time. I just feel Wade is too loyal to Riley and is using his hometown as a perfect situation to get every piece of information he can on the Bulls. Wade should be smart too about his situation in Miami cause despite him trying to do Riley's dirty work his situation in Miami at the moment is not a good one. They have no good players and barely any players on the team as of now. It will be interesting to see if the Bulls can sign some of these guys cause they do have the best situation for all of these free agents but these basketball players today don't know what is best for them.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    If Riley is selling them on the Big Three like Boston, it is not easy to work it out. Boston had Rajon Rondo and pretty good role players for Centers. Those are tough to find ...even average ones. Even if we consider Noah/Rose to be average or equal in talent to Perkins/Rondo...that helps.
    I think the dream scenario is trading Deng for some pieces to use for Bosh or if we are we have any pieces who we can use for S & T such as Acie Law?? That's why I wish we had kept Tyrus Thomas...he is somebody that Toronto might have liked for a S & T

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Hey Doug, why haven't we heard of any real trade offers from the Bulls. Are they trying to get some trades done or are they still playing the waiting game?

  • In reply to Vedo:

    there is that rumor of deng for bayless and pryzbilla (dont know how to spell that crazy name). check the other articles

  • In reply to spicoli:

    Deng to Dallas for Dampier, room for 2 max guys and almost $7 million left to fill out the roster.

  • In reply to Vedo:

    They might also be waiting to hear again :-) from LeBron on whom he wants... Wade or Boozer or Bosh?
    They probably don't want to trade Deng unless LeBron is coming here.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    @spicoli Yeah, I heard that but I'm not sure how true that is.

    @schaumburgfan That's what I'm thinking too. If we hear about a Luol Deng trade today or tomorrow, you can bet we will hear something big soon.

  • In reply to Vedo:

    Hear hoping that we hear about Dengs imminent departure on Monday or Tuesday.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    The longer we wait the more I feel like Lebron is coming here, think about it he signs right away with the Bulls. Then it looks like he never gave the Cavs a chance, thus didn't really think about staying there at all. I think this is all just a way, of the letting the Cavs off easy and he can say I really sat down an thought about all my options. All of these guys know their decisions though, its just a few more days to make it all play out. This is a once in a lifetime thing for most of these guys, I agree I'm very sick of it all, but we have waited this long I can wait a few more days.

  • In reply to gibby6385:

    some good news to your theory.....

    Brian Windhorst just tweeted that James plans to make his decision on Thursday July 8th when all FA can officialy sign and when all cap #'s are done.

  • In reply to Vedo:

    This is GOOD NEWS!!! I had a theory all along that there was no way Lebron could make an announcement on July 5th IF he was leaving. B/c he would break people's hearts and then there would be no way he could hold his 3-day basketball camp after that!!

    1...2...3...4....7 How many rings will Chicago get???

  • In reply to mdot1986:

    It might be more suspense. He might be looking at the cap space to make sure the Bulls or the CAVS can pull off the trade they promised. I don't think the camp thing is an issue for him whether he stays or moves. He better get used to facing his hometown crowd if he is moving.
    But I would be concerned about Wade/Bosh...they get pressured more and more by Riley..

  • In reply to mdot1986:


    Twitter from ESPN reports that LeBron will announce his decision via his new website and says to sign up if you want to be the first to know. Wow! Hate him or love him - you have to admit the guy is a marketing genius.

    We live in the age of social media, mobile devices, and the internet. Jordan would be five times richer had he played in this era.

  • In reply to gibby6385:

    I don't think that the longer it takes the more likely LeBron stays in CLE. Saying no to CLE is going to be hard and he doesn't want to look like he was simply waiting for the presentations to end to come out and say where is going. He'll say it was the hardest decision of his life (which I'm sure it is) but he's going to .

    At the end of the day this has to be about Basketball and winning to him. He's gotta know CLE is not the place to win.

  • In reply to CN71:

    If it is about basketball and winning, then I think he comes to the Bulls provided we get a big/PF(another sar).

  • In reply to CN71:

    Sorry, I don't agree with you this time, Doug. The longer it takes LeBron to sign, the more likely we get him. Why? Because if he announces closer his decision closer to the actual date that these guys can sign then it builds up the drama of him leaving. Announcing where he was heading immediately after he met with all of the teams courting him would have been anticlimactic and those fanbases would have been terribly upset that he didn't give their teams enough thought in the free agency process. If he had announced he was staying in Cleveland immediately after those meetings, no one would have complained. But waiting to announce his decision makes him seem like he's extremely conflicted and is leaning towards leaving.

  • In reply to gibby6385:

    I know this may be off topic, but does anyone else think that there's a real possibility that eddie house could be on this team next year? Him being a pretty good (cheap?) shooter, and being familiar with Thibs and all...

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Here is another theory doing the rounds with regards to why Wade is "playing the field" as it were, with regards to free agency. The only reason he went for a second visit with the Bulls and visited with other teams, is to create more drama for his documentary. Now I don't know if Wade is that callous, but maybe he really is going to sign with the Heat after all is said and done.

  • In reply to claytonabigsby:

    That is utter hogwash... I heard brousard say that too. Think about it, there is no suspense or drama in that documentary. By the time the doc is released, wade will already be playing in a bulls uniform, kind of anti-climactic if you already know the ending. That's like saying they could've made titanic a better movie by adding more lifeboats, we know the boat sinks going in.

  • In reply to claytonabigsby:

    Wow....10 minutes of my life I will never get back. Your list is no better a guess than any of or own. I'll stick to Bucher's Premonitions over our own(and yours). Wade Chicago or Miami....Lebron Cleveland or Chicago.......YA THINK?!?

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Basically you've got the botched history of Chicago sports(even with the recent White Sox abd Blackhawks) of spans of twenty, thirty, fifty, and even 100 years between championships.

    Balance that against the one mark of excellence, the Bulls. But since Michael we have Jerry Krause giving the world's scariest male on male embrace ever with McGrady. So where do the Bulls stand now? Derrick Rose was luck. Joakim and Taj were smart thinking. Will it be enough? I guess will wait until Tuesday or Wednesday on one Lebron James(and Dwyane Wade) to find out.(Though I personally still do my damndest to have a fallback in place with a big/PF.)

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Remember they were able to keep their talks with Kobe Bryant quiet for a whole week! What the Bulls do doesn't usually get who is to say that they don't already have a deal in place? We have to wait and see...

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    haha, I'm from scumburg too, gaduated shs in 01

  • In reply to edwardbuell:

    I hope you're more credibile than Chris Broussard.

  • In reply to edwardbuell:

    I don't know why, but I don't feel like Bosh truly is aiming for Championships. I think he wants to be considered a star, and this process has aided him in that already. I'm not saying he doesn't want to win titles, but I don't think it's as high on his list as it is for Lebron and Wade. Therefore, I think he wants to be the best player on his team.. or at least a close 2nd (possibly w/Wade). So I think there's definitely a real possibility he goes to Houston.. he would become the star there immediately, as Yao is injured a lot, older, and less exciting.

    Lebron is staying. Wade.. not sure.

  • In reply to edwardbuell:

    Bosh seems to be almost entirely focused on the money. To that end, Houston has a few advantages that we do not. I'm almost certain that Texas is one of the few states that does not have a state income tax. Either way, any way you look at it, the tax burden at the local and state is far less in Texas. (It's important to remember that Illinois will soon raise the state income tax.) Although Chicago may present a few more marketing opportunities, Houston is still a massive market, in the top 6 nationwide. It's also growing at a far faster pace than Chicago.

  • In reply to chicagobullseye:

    I agree, I meant to mention the money part too.. but I think it's a given at this point. Bosh is the little brother in all of this, in a sense, that he hasn't accomplished the fame and fortune that Lebron and Wade have already.

  • In reply to chicagobullseye:

    If true that Raptors are now against sign and trade then that favors Bulls..but who knows

  • In reply to sharynlewis:

    I don't think Bosh comes to Chicago without a sign and trade. He's only coming with Lebron or Wade (my opinion) and he's not going to come for less than the max (also my opinion). He can only get that max with a sign and trade.

  • In reply to KenyattaWright:

    I guarantee that Bosh will not go anywhere without a sign and trade, which is why Toronto actually has some power.

    Bosh will go to a team that is not his first or even second choice if Toronto can work out a sign and trade that they like with another team, Bosh will go to that team.

    Toronto probably knows this and can call his bluff that he will sign for the 5 year deal anywhere else.

  • In reply to chicagobullseye:

    I'm inclined to agree with you Doug. This latest delay makes me think that "MEDIA WHORE" LeBron is gonna milk the news cycle a couple more days before Cleveland can breath a collective sigh of relief. Predictable end to a ridiculous spectacle. CLEVELAND SUCKS!!!

  • In reply to thegreatlie:

    What latest delay? Lebron always said he would make his decision by July 5th. That's tommorow.

  • In reply to thegreatlie:

    um... He's going to be dealing with kids, and the community in AKRON OHIO FOR THE NEXT WEEK!!! Of course he isn't going to tell them he's going to the bulls, how awkward would that be? He might get shot! Also who cares about what people in cleveland think of you when you're living in chicago? honestly... It's a no-brainer, if he was staying he'd have already announced it. No reason to wait on an announcement that'd make him a hero to the kids and community he's going to be hanging out with for the next 3 days! By not announcing it now he's just going to be getting pestered by those people in the community who show up to the event he's hosting this week. Does that honestly make sense to you? and #1bullsfan(an obvious misnomer) read a newspaper he isn't announcing until at least the 8th!

  • In reply to chicagobullseye:

    Are we just going to sit and wait around an indefinite amount of time on Lebron and Wade? And then what end up with nothing? Myself, I think the worst thing we can do right now is just sit and wait around. If someone says it's the only thing we can do, I disagree.

    I think it's interesting that the Bulls still have a meeting set up with Amare(?) I thought New York was a done deal. My instincts tell me that the team's that start making moves/signing talent are going to be the ones gaining momentum/becoming mroe attractive to other free agents. New York's going to have possibly Amare and Monta Ellis in a three way trade for David Lee is being reported.

    So what do we have? Nothing.

    The Bulls had an advantage with Derrick Rose, Noah, and a deeper roster ready to win now. But teams who make moves to me compell other players that that's the place to be. Ones who sit still/have nothing(Bulls) are going to be seen as undesirable. That may not be the most rationale, but that's how I think the perception plays out in tense, reactionary situations like this..

    I know others will disagree including probably Doug, but I think the Bulls need to sign a PF right now.

    It was being said they could have Boozer at $13-14 Mil. What happened to that? Signing him means LeBron or Wade would be coming to the Bulls with the critical big in hand.

    It sure as hell makes sense to me that they should/should have signed him at that price if they could.

    If you can make a very solidifying move of getting your all star PF/big that increases your attractiveness in a major way in my view. And that would have left us max for the other guy. Now waiting for Bosh is a huge gamble. Then Boozer goes to Miami, and we without a big are not getting LeBron or Wade going stag.

    We need a partner. The problem now is if Boozer is unavilable or wants more money so we no longer have max for Wade or LeBron. At this point realizing we may have screwed ourselves waiitng around on Bosh are we going to continue to do so?

    I say sign a big now. I'm not letting my future rest on the whims of Toronto and Bosh. If Boozer can be had by telling him we'll up the ante to just enough where we still have room for max to bring in the big fish, and he'll sign then f-ing do it.

    Honestly, at this point, are we going to just sit and wait two or three days out in the cold waiting to see what Wade and LeBron do? While I am really displeased at Boozers record of missing unsupported weeks and months at a time with "a hammy," right now I think the smartest move is to sign him.

    If we can't sign Boozer or don't I think we're screwed. I think nothing going on is going to bring neither Wade nor LeBron. Unless we give them a deadline, and say we can't just wait around indefinitely, and watch the market dissapear.

    Honestly I think a deadline and signing a big would make them respect us much mroe then sitting passive, and saying we will wait on them for as long as they deem necessary.

    Sign Boozer now, and give Wade and LeBron a deadline of Monday night. You better decide if you want the next best star guard available for the max/Joe Johnson. If so, tell him we will sign him max if he will at least wait until then/Monday night LeBron Wade deadline. Then instead of being dependent on Lebron and Wade and having them decide we are left with nothing we have our destiny in our own hands.

    And if you don't want to sign Joe Johnson for max then at least we have Boozer. Honestly, if we can't get Boozer then I'd cancel Joe Johnson going for the bigger need of PF. I'd strongly consider signing Amare Stoudemire to the max.

    The thing that bugs me about this is that we are just going to leave are futures in the hands of Wade and LeBron. That to me is weak, and only serves to make us much less attractive/respected by them. I think a deadline with Boozer in hand would be the smartest move.

    And I would have Amare for the max as the fallback plan signing him at that point if Wade and LeBron have all the way until Monday night, and cant committ to us by then, then they have shown us they really don't want to be here.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    1. There needs to be a balance of being proactive/leading the way to being hasty. The Bulls probably have an idea after meeting with the big three FAs on how much time/what are their issues? So, let's not panic
    2. Maybe LeBron/Wade don't want Boozer...I like him too and feel like with LeBron or Wade in the team,...Boozer or Bosh will not make a big difference.
    3. The only hope is we get Boozer if we strike out on everyone and add some shooters like Morrow or Reddick which might take up entire salary cap space. Unfortunately, that team will be second round exit made unless Rose/Noah grow into Monsters..

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Besides age and injury, I agree that once you have Wade or Lebron, Boozer or Bosh is not that big a difference, especially if Boozer can be had for less than max. Lebron and Boozer lets you use Deng to acquire more talent rather than just more cap space to lavish on Bosh.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    you sir are a complete moron! Joe Johnspon isn't worth his deal, leave him alone! We don't want aging talent who are almost past their prime.

    Boozer is an equally if not more horrendous decision!

    We have a young playoff contending team.

    here are our priorities
    1. Wait for wade, bosh, or lebron.
    2. Sign a big like david lee or possibly amar'e but not for MAX!!
    3. If no QUALITY bigs are outt there wait til next year, like I said we're young, and MELO is available next year he does the work of a lebron with the low post presence of a boozer.
    4. Strengthen our bench for the next 2 free agencys and drafts

  • In reply to edwardbuell:

    Just FYI, the child support guideline amount for 2 kids is 28%, not 33%. But that is only a guideline, and a court can deviate from that based on several factors (but basically always downward).

    More specifically, while there is no actual "cap" on how much you can make and still have the guidelines apply, most courts in Illinois (and in Chicago specifically) will impose a sort of de facto cap on how much child support is given when the paying parent's income is very high. So I would seriously doubt that D-Wade will ever have to pay the full 28% of his income in child support

  • In reply to edwardbuell:

    Really interesting point, but divorce laws are state laws and vary by state, so the real question is what is the difference between the Illinois law and the Florida law.

    Florida is a more conservative/liberatarian state and Illinois is the epitome of the nanny state, so I assume that Ill will be more punitive towarad Wade.

  • I disagree with you about LeBron. I think he is just keeping up to some timeline he has. He wanted to listen to everyone and take a couple of days to decide. It is not even 24 hours since the Bulls pitch. I think the ads/boxes about the Bulls might give him an idea how much marketing/business opportunities exist in Chicago.

    It looks more and more like Bosh has a couple of points more important than winning..1)Business/Marketing opportunities 2)Money 3)If he is an important 2 piece or a 3rd piece.

    Bosh might have been more impressed with the LeBron ads/boxes than LeBron himself. Also, I am sure he is scared of Houston. Yao will be 30 years old and injury-prone. Plus he is going back to the tough Western Conference(OKC, LAL, Portland and even the Clippers might have better, talented rosters) while in the East...(it is Orl, Cle)

    I also think LeBron realizes that he has 5 years to win the next 2 championships...he just can't wait for a miracle..

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    You are right and wrong, Bosh cares mostly/only about money and especially getting the 6 years. He is not going to be marketing machine because of his lack of personality.

    This is Bosh's one big chance, he will bag all the money that he can, which puts Toronto in the drivers seat, which means Bosh goes west in an S$T.

    This also increases NJ chance of landing Lebron since they have the most pieces to trade for Bosh of the cap space teams, and if Bosh goes there Lebron has to look at it.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Agreed, why would Lebron say he will leave Cleveland during a camp in Akron. If anything this makes it more likely that he has his sights set elsewhere.

  • Agreed. p.s. LeBron=Media whore.

  • Doug, K.C. had reported about Boozer being available for $13 or $14 Mil(unless I misread what he wrote). If that was wrong then that changes the premise completely.

    Thanks for your immediate response i.e rebuke(laughing).Seriously it is a big help.

    I have to say after your counsel maybe you're right about a deadline. But I definitely don't just wait around.

    I personally consider Amare, rebound ghost at times and all, as the next best available player after the Big Three(LeBron, Wade, and Bosh). Your report said the Bulls are meeting with Amare right?

    So I meet with Amare, and tell him we know everybody is pursuing the big three, but other then the Lebron or Wade package, we want him in a Bulls uniform to play alongside Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah in major market Chicago. He is valued extremely highly, and the market will still be there for him after Wade and Lebron decide. If he will wait until then, unless a package with Lebron or Wade presents itself, we will sign him to the max, and gladly do so.

    Now thats my stance, and I'm sticking to it. I'm just not going to have nothing/ a strikeout as an option. That's the real point. A smart team would not have to strike out. But you're going to have to commit the max to a guy like Amare for that to happen/them to agree to be there if LeBron and Wade fall.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    Well, you can always become a Knicks fan since that is were Amare is headed. Do you really want to be paying Amare over $20 million in 2014-15.

  • Seems like I don't agree with Doug much these days, but agree here.

    A deadline is just ridiculous. After a year (or more) of buildup, you're just going to bow out of the race? This is the equivalent of a 10 year old taking his ball and going home. So things aren't moving along at your desired pace, so you just quit?!?!?

    No one significant has committed to anyone yet, so just hang in there. You don't go all in, then leave the table before the cards are flipped.

  • In reply to KenyattaWright:

    Well put! Plus this stuff is still going according to schedule. Everyone said that they would make decisions by July 5th. Thats tommorow. Our anxiety may be trying to speed this up but its going exactly according to the plan so far.

  • In reply to mdot1986:

    dude, again? The fifth was a lie! Thurday is the earliest we get an answer from lebron... seriously, do you even read any articles or watch any TV?

  • i also disagree that the longer lebron takes to make his decision, the more likely he is to return to cleveland. i fully expected him to take his time, respect the cleveland fans, and make an informed decision. what has surprised me is that he has completely shut himself off from the media, which is commendable for his situation. however, if he were to make a quick commitment right after one of the presentations, it would be perceived as an impulse decision, not a serious analysis of his future. in this way, he can say to ohio fans, i listened to everybody, thought long and hard about my career, and believe that DA BULLS present my best chance to succeed. but akron will always be my home if thats any consolation. have fun watching me get 8 rings!

  • Wade does seem to be leaving tons of hints about how this is a family decision for him. So maybe family and basketball will trump money, especially if the family issue dramatically affects the money issue, especially if it trumps it to the point of elimanating it.

    The fate of the Bulls depends on Wades crazy ex, who knew.

  • I agree that it is starting to look that way, maybe it always has. Bucher seems to have been anti-Bulls throughout this entire process, he must be a KNicks fan, or at least a New Yorker.

    What would Wade only be, not grand slam, not strike out.

    I am almost starting to root for Bosh to go to the best S$T availalbe, which will likely come from the west coast, or maybe even NJ.

    Once he goes there, I agree with you that it forces Wade to leave Miami, and he almost has to come to Chicago, just like I believe that Lebron staying in Cleveland forces him(Wade) to Chicago.

  • Exactly, not trading Deng until you know what Lebron is doing is the prudent and at this point only move.

  • Absolutely, there has to be an orderly plan, and that is simple, wait for Lebron, Wade and Bosh in that order, then go after the missing pieces.

    If that means getting shut out so be it. Refocus on Carmelo and next summer, we should still be able to take one more shot before we become capped out.

    A sign and trade built around Deng and Charlottes pick at the trade deadline for Anthony should at least start a discussion. Assuming of course that Deng is actually ambulatory at the trade deadline.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I agree 100% mismanaging your money only helps your rivals, and signing amar'e, booz,or joe johnson is mismanaging fund to the max!

  • Perfectly well said.

    There is no other way to play it.

  • Has anybody thought that Lebron cannot announce until the 8th because the Hinrich deal won't become official until the 8th. Waiting until then only seems to strengthen the Bulls case.

  • I know you all might find this incredibly hard to believe but I'll just say it. I have garnered that, from the mouth of DWades own blood relative, Wade is currently 80/20 in favor of Chicago over Miami. Take it or leave it, but what I'm saying is fact. Shouldn't be too hard to believe when you consider the fact that Wade grew up in Oak Lawn. Personally I think Bosh and Wade fit with our current roster better than a Lebron Bosh combo. If Bosh does sign elsewhere I think Boozer is a virtual lock if we want him. And he wont cost max money, more like 12-13 mil a year.

    As for Rick Slick Bucher.. no analyst has annoyed me with more reasonless banter in my many years of following sports. The guy doesn't even have the TV sense to not interrupt people when they are giving their points. Chris Broussard has become visually upset on ESPN due to Rick's constant interruptions. F you rick, you are a thorn in my TV viewing side. From now on I will refer to you as Rick "The Prick" Bucher. Sorry guys, had to get that out of my system.

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