Eddie House signs with Miami, the dream is over

Well I don't really view House as considerably better (or even better at all necessarily) than other options out there in free agency, but due to his willingness to accept a small role and ability to fill a need that we have, he was one of my favorite options to sign.

Instead, he's off to join the evil empire on a two year deal with the second year being a player option.

Is this a loss for the Bulls?  No, not really I suppose.  They didn't seem to have any real desire to sign him or else they would have brought him in awhile ago.  Thibodeau worked with him in Boston and obviously has a sound understanding of what House brings to the table on and off the court, and obviously didn't try to get us involved.

For those reasons, I can't say I'm overly disappointed about the lack of signing, but I do think he would have fit well.

Rudy Fernandez (if possible) is still my number one choice of pseudo available players.   Roger Mason coming in second.


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  • House is not a big loss for the Bulls but he is a big signing for Miami. He will thrive in a supporting role for this team hitting big shots. Bulls, if they can't bring in a 2 guard that is respectable in scoring, they need to try to address the situation again come the trading deadline.

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    And it is being reported that Miami is still considering signing Mcgrady. If he ends up in Miami and have a productive year for the Heat, there will be a lot of question marks for the Bulls management to answer to cause if Mcgrady can give them even 10 points off the bench this team will be even more difficult to beat. Things are not ending on a good note for the Bulls cause they are not making anymore moves to address their remaining needs.

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    At the point that the Heat had signed Lebron, Wade, Bosh, Miller, and Haslem ... its starts to become irrelevant who they sign for point production.

    Even the greatest teams didn't usually have more than 4 double digit scorers ... if you go back to the 80's and the great Laker and Celtics teams, you'll find some. But with so much scoring allotted to the 3 Lebronettes, there isn't much more to go around, unless they plan to score 120ppg ... and that's not very reasonable in today's NBA.

    In other words, right now I say send all the old superstars down to Miami ... let them have TMac, and Iverson, and Shaq ... because in my opinion, the more egos and personalities they have to deal with at this point, the better.

    If I had to guess at the scoring for the Heat this coming season ... based on the few things that have been said, it would go something like this:

    Wade: 25ppg
    Lebron: 22ppg
    Bosh: 19ppg
    Miller: 11ppg
    Arroyo or Chalmers (whichever one starts): 7ppg
    Ilgauskus: 7ppg
    Haslem: 7ppg

    and then the Scrubs put in another 10ppg or so.
    That's already about 108ppg ... and if they were to get more ppg, I'd guess that it goes to Lebron or Bosh. There just isn't room for another big scorer on the team ... there's still only one ball... so send them all down there.
    I'd love to see all those egos trying to work it out.

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    The point is not how much House will average. For a few times when the shots are not falling for LBJ, Wade or Bosh...he and the other scrubs like Miller have to jumpstart the team. These guys can do that. So PPG is not a good stat for such guys and for all the stupidity of LBJ and Wade...they probably don't care who scores. They are probably resting a lot of the fourth quarters PPG will be down compared to earlier years.

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    I was talking about trying to add TMac ... and thinking that he could squeeze in another 10ppg for them.

    And if you'll note, I have the PPG of the big 3 down considerably over this past year.

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    I was speaking of adding TMac and trying to squeeze in 10ppg for him.

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    I like you calling Miami the Dark Side! They must be beat at all costs! They do have great individual players but a team that likes each other and has each other's backs is a team I root for and I see us being that team! I hope we get Rudy for the cheap, he will fill our roster out nicely. I don't know a lot about him, I didn't know he was 6'6" until looking him up...I thought he was another small SG before. LOL

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    Miami keeps adding perimeter players. They need defense and rebounding. Rose will have the green light to go inside all day. Bosh doesn't scare me as an inside presence. Their best shot blocker is LeBron. The Bulls will attack the key and control the boards. Miami has the best talent, but we're not that far behind. I think the top four teams in the east will be closer than people realize.

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    Totally agree.

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    The Chicago Bulls have traded Dickey Johnson to Oklahoma City for Mo Cheeks...haha.

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    Did you hear about the trade talks between Chicago and Memphis. JJ+1st rounder for Henry and your boy Sam Young! Unbelievable!

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    Where did you hear that?

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  • In reply to AlgernonHPenn:


    It's Dickey Johnson and a 1st Round for Maurice Cheeks.

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    We can only wish.......

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    Didn't he miss a lot of games last year also? He's a great talent...i'm just saying he seems soft.

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    If we can keep Noah and Rose...whoever we add is fine. He doesn't have to be super-great...
    They can will him. He is a super talent and would best fit the Bulls too and adding him guarantees contender for the next few years and beyond....

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    Did they also do a three way trade of getting Wade/Mo Cheeks to Chicago and also sending Sam Young to Miami and James Johnson to Memphis.

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    The loss is big if we don't get Rudy or Mason. House could get a shot off very quickly and it would have helped when Rose penetrates the paint and throws it out. I am not sure Mason or Rudy will do that well. House would have been great especially in the playoffs and also he chose the Heat over the Bulls.
    I would say if the Bulls don't get the guy they want...then wait till the deadline.
    Miami seems like are building a deep team with the appropriate pieces. I thought it will not happen in the first year but we have to give kudos to Riley for fitting in so many decent players so fast. And if they need somebody in the future, there will be guy on a bad team getting a buyout and going to Miami for the minimum...

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    What about Luther Head as an option for the Bulls? Or even two or three D league shooters for the rookie min salary?

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    Celtics...they just signed Von Wafer.

    Knicks...they are going after Shannon Brown.

    Bulls...does that open the door for the Bulls to get Rudy Fernandez?

    * I ask because NY, BOS and CHI are said to be going after Rudy Fernandez.

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    Now that the league knows he's being shopped you can bet that other teams will put together packages to try and get Fernandez. We don't have a strangle hold by any means.

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    I agree. I also don't think he would want to come here if he couldn't start. I kind of hope TMAC comes to his senses and accepts a role of the bench.

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    This signing for the Heat makes them an even more dangerous team to beat. The only thing that will stop them from winning 70 games will be chemistry and injuries. Everyone can try to sugar coat it as much as they want to but Bottom Line... barring the unexpected, this team will be rolling piling on the wins dismantling teams in the league.

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    Who's going to play D on that team? I am not ready to crown them champs. It will be an interesting season to see them try to earn that, though, which is possible. I'm more interested to see how we progress. What an exciting year for basketball!

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    Saw Krzyzewski (probably butchered that) on PTI last night. The one thing he said that scared the shit out of me was that the said that when those three were on the floor together, Team USA's defense was at its apex. LeQueen and Wade are excellent off the ball defenders and Bosh is swiss cheese, thankfully. Do not dismiss Juwan Howard's defense, even if he is 57 years old. Z is terrible but can alter shots because he is 8'9" and a bit thinner than Andre the Giant. And Magloire can give them six hard fouls a night.

    I also think that Dexter Pittman is a sleeper. What happened to their other second rounder, Jarvis Varnado? That guy blocked like 4.5 shots a game for almost four years in the NCAA. I don't see him on their roster. I'd totally be happy if the Bulls signed him to a minimum contract, as we could use some more shot blocking on the bench.

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    Eddie House chose the Dark Side! NOOOOO!

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    If the Heat has to lose, it must be when they are building chemistry in Nov or resting in April. Otherwise, it looks like LBJ and Bosh(Kings of Regular Season) will roll over teams like NJ, Indiana, Charlotte etc.. where they have a definite advantage. I think 65 wins is almost guaranteed(without injuries) and other just depends on their back-to-back schedules(Ex: If they are playing the Bulls on the second game of a back-to-back and the Bulls are rested....the Bulls have a chance).
    Hopefully, Rose gets into his prime in 3/4 years when these guys are fading a little bit and that's the only chance the Bulls have.

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    Thats the only way Chicago has a chance? Please stop falling into the trap of trying to matchup player for player. Teams win games. The less egos the better. Fortunately, our best player is the most humble. His improved D and play all-around will anchor OUR team. THIS team can beat the Heat any day of the week(if healthy)...right now. We don't have to wait for them to decline. We can battle right now!

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    You're severely overrating this Bulls team. Can I get a splash of optimism from you? You seem to be brimming with the stuff.

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    We need to realize that these guys are almost in their prime and our guy Rose will take a few more years to get to his prime. The Bulls need to build chemistry as much as the Heat. In the NBA, talent wins most of the time even if we want to believe a less talented "team" will win.

    That said, I hope there is dramatic improvement with Noah, Rose and we battle the Heat and win...

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    They are not almost in their prime. They are in their prime. Noah is almost in his prime.

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    Maybe I'm just a Bulls homer but think about this: the Bulls were plagued with injuries in a crucial stretch where they lost 10 games in a row...that most likely won't happen this year. They also had a very slow start with Rose playing injured the 1st month or so of the year...that most likely won't happen again. Also, baring plantar fasciatis, Noah would not only have been the Most Improved Player last year but also an All-Star. Luol Deng, with all of his injury problems was a very consistent player. So with 3 All-Stars(I'm including Noah) and Deng on the fringe of being one...YES I AM VERY OPTIMISTIC ABOUT OUR TEAM.

    Also, I don't our team chemistry will be that hard to master when you think about the three major additions playing together before...and our core players still here. Yes, we can beat the Heat!

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    I was thinking the same thing to myself. Rose was not himself the first six weeks of the season due to his achilles injury and with Noah out so much with planter faciatis. Had neither of these injures occured the Bulls were a 50 win team last year. It's goona be an interesting season, it wouldn't suprise me to see them win 55 games this year.

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    This is great news. Eddie is not a PG but has play as one to because he's too short for SG. He's also a defensive liability.

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    All this talk about Miami.

    Meanwhile, the Lakers signed Matt Barnes and Raja Bell to an already ridiculously good defensive team. The 3 amigHOES (see what I did there) in Miami dont stand a change against LA.

    One thing from way out in left field I need help on. I seem to recall the NBA at one time changed the ruling regarding falling out of bounds while calling timeout. Previously, as I recall, you were able to call timeout even if your feet were off the ground. I BELIEVE, they changed that and now you must have at least one foot in bounds when calling timeout. Does anyone know

    1) if thats correct
    2) when they changed the rule.

    Sorry for the abstract question, I cant locate the answer and I have a bet going.

    Thanks to anyone who responds.

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    Raja Bell went to Utah, not LA.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    That is correct. don't know when it changed

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    I wasnt big on Eddie House and now it seems Josh Howard is going back to Washington, so Chicago's available players is shrinking, if the bulls lose out on Fernandez which I think they will, and Mason then do they revisit Mcgrady? or just fill the last spot with a d-leaguer? Jon Lucas III?

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    I wouldn't be surprised if we heard about McGrady again. I think San Antonio just released a guard so they could be thinking of resigning Mason. I don't like Bogans at all. I am hearing that we have a good chance at Rudy, The Knicks seem to be out of it. I'm not too sure on Boston. I also have not heard that POR is interested in Taj and I don't think we would have gave him up anyway. If Rudy doesn't come here, I can see McGrady accepting a lesser role and the Bulls going in that direction.

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    Miami. Riley. Eddie House. 72 games. Hmm??

    You know, I always wondered how a team as dirty and cheap shot riddled as the Pistons could win two championships. But they did.

    Miami with Riley, what they did to a somewhat soft Dallas team was eliminate any post up game by Rodmanizing/pressing into the backs of post players so hard as to almost uproot them, and make them incapable of holding their position. What should have been the response from Avery Johsnon to his players is move your shoulders just as violently into them followed by elbows, and scream at the refs, "their f-ing all over me! Their fouling me, cheapshotting me in the back. I can't even get the f-ing ball!"

    Sure there would have been some offensive fouls called for that too. But it would have made the refs address an illegal, cheapshotting/bullying defense that was operating beyond the bounds of what is basketball.

    But Avery Johnson was too stupid to make the right move to combat this. Instead, he was a guy who would place blame at other's doorstep, and throw his team under the bus. Go watch the tapes/games. Also, Riley had Miami so hyperextend the double team on the opposing point guard Jason Terry that he literally was stuck with the ball. They essentially elminiated any team driven half court offense. An answer to that would have been double screens with guards coming through to get the ball with bigs dishing the ball to cutters, and give and go's with guards cutting, and getting lobs from the bigs.

    Too bad these some cheap, others simply highly exaggerated but simple tactics were allowed to "win" an NBA championship.

    And the funny thing is they still should have lost that series if not for an anti-Cuban ref agenda with a late no foul called against Dallas on Wade's drive. Games are never decided by that crap unless it's blatant, and there's no way that should have been called.

    Granted Wade played out of his mind, but when else do you perform your best when all the pressure is taken off because you know defensively you have punked someone's ass, and shut down any counter threat/competition.

    So really since the Lakers Riley has won nothing. Now he's got baby needs a daddy LeBron and Rupaul(Bosh). Sure, like Detroit, Miami will use their illegal defenses in the playoffs, and they will finally only thanks to a totally stacked deck of two fo the league's top talents playing on one team to win.

    But I wouldn't be surprised if it's only two, three tops. And along the way the scamming Riley, with the punks he turns roll players into like this year Quentin Richardson tried to be(what a laugh that was) will cheap shot his way along only to have karma repeatedly bite him in the ass.

    Because just like with Detroit. The bitter defeats(Lakers) before and Bulls smackdown after will be harsh. And there's no getting around bad karma which Riley has had if you think about it since Kareem and Magic up the ying yang.

    And with the scheming, exploit his kids Wade, the torture your fan base unecessarliy for weeks and then culminate in a national TV mental rape LeBron, and the submitting nose a mile up Wade's/Riley's crack Bosh the cowardly lion, that's a whole lot of f-ing a-holes and bad karma right there let me tell you.

    Of course it doesn't help that the pussy GM's(Cleveland) who coddled the sh*t out of these guys, and gave them an extra $30 Million dollars to enable their own bitch slapping.

    It will be fun anyhow to see the retribution. I'm counting on Derrick and Joakim to do their part. And Thib's if he has the stomach for it(which by all accounts he does).

    Should be some heartache, but also a whole lot f-ing fun battling the dark side with their Mike Miller, Eddie House ass. Because Wade, LeBron, and Riley truly are some sh*tty motherf-ers.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    LOL, wow. We can definitely beat the Heat. We already have chemistry...they don't. Fortunately, Thibs has seen enough of those three to know just how to beat them defensively. No will be fun watching Miami fall on their face. They will reap what they sow...

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    My bad, didnt know he ended up with Utah, been off the grid for a minute.


  • In reply to mdot1986:

    Rashard Lewis is the second highest paid player in the league. He looks to be for the next three years as well. I love it. Anyone else find that as hilarious as I do?

    What's even funnier is that about 11-12 of the top 20 highest paid players are hardly worth half of what they're receiving. I hope Boozer's name isn't on there in three-five years.

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    Between Artest, Bell, Bryant and Barnes, that team can shut down D Wade and Lebron. Gasol will easily dominate Christina Bosh.

    Yet another 3 peat for the Zen master. Barring any significant injuries of course.

    I actually cant wait for Miami to NOT win the championship.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    Dmband ... Bell signed with the Jazz.

    But you are correct as far as Bryant, Artest and Barnes being able to provide an excellent defense against the Wade/Lebron combo.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Miami is a toilet. Enjoy Eddie.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Is rudy a realistic choice given the make up of this roster? wont korver, and watson both have to take a severely diminished role?

    Rudy seemed to be rather awkward in such a role last year, i dont think he'll fare much better this year.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    I think you're all giving them way too much credit.
    I don't think they have any chance to get to 70 wins.

  • I beg to differ, 98 bulls had a way much better team and coach thats why they one 72 games. The heat does not have the full squad to do so. they will get killed by boston celtics if they played them right now! I don't see the heat going anywhere at all. Looks like a good dish but when you dig in, it tast like crap! hahah

  • ...MMM

    I thought the Bulls already have CJ Watson? Why would they need another UNDER-SIZED, past his prime, combo-guard? That's a rhetorical question by the way.

    Move on.

    They NEED a YOUNG SG and/or SG/SF, who could be here for the long-term.

  • In reply to MrHappy:


  • I keep thinking about the roles that the big 3 played on their teams in the past and it will be interesting to see who will take a back seat. I think they will make it work but Riley will eventually have to take over the coaching duties because he was able to make it work in L.A. with the stars they had on that team and some of the big names he had in N.Y. he was able to bring them together as well. I have a bad feeling that this Miami team will be a headache for a lot of other teams for a long time although I do feel that the big 3 wont finish their careers on the same team not unless they keep taking less money to stay together. Lets hope I am wrong on that.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    I've been studying the effects of combining superstars onto one team, and what happens to their individual stats.

    After looking at 5 or 6 somewhat similar scenarios, there are a couple things that stand out.

    Rebound and Assists numbers generally go down ... but not a lot.
    However, point numbers always go down ... and it's generally by about 5ppg per player. So I believe that between the three of them, their combined Points per game with go down at least 15. Which would put them in the 65-66ppg range.

    And by the way, there are lots of teams who've had their top 3 scorers combine for 65-66ppg ... even several who were beaten.

  • Doug, thats why they will still have to play the games on the schedule. I believe it will be these issues that affect them.

    1.As the great Al McGuire used to say they are a doughnut team. A team that has nothing in the middle. Unless they have somebody anchor the middle defensively. That is going to be a problem. Right now, Jawaan Howard, Jamaal Magliore and Zydrunus Ilguaskis are not anchors. All of them are very old, slow and limited.

    2. Their depth is questionable by position. Every team has this issue, but it may more noticable on the Heat. This problem with the pressure to win now may place the Three Queens in a position to play heavy minutes this year, which may come back to bite them later in the season. Their depth is really qiestionable.

    3. Chemistry. Can we say for sure that they can play together on a compettive level? Who will be the lead dog? Who will supress their game for the sake of success? How long will it take to develop good chemistry on the court?

    4. Teams will not lay doen for them. You have a lot of teams that will look to "get" Miami. Boston feel that they stilll have a lot to prove. Orlando is still there. You have a deeper and improved Bulls team. Atlanta, Milwaukee and Philly will look to be better.

    My conclusion is that Miami will fall way short of 72 games. The main issue in my opinion with all of the above being contributing factors is that when the Bulls set that record, they did it on the defensive end. They shut down offenses night after night. I don't see that with the Heat. You had four Chicago Bulls on the all-defensive team. I don't see Miami being able to duplicate that effort on the defensive end. You have to that kind of defensive ability and have a deep and capable roster if injuries take their toll. They will finish 65-17.

  • As for the Bulls,I think the only guy on their team we suffer against is Lebron.

    Bosh is only slightly better than Boozer and It sounds like Rose is going to overtake Wade in a year or so. I say : Bring'em on.

  • MrHappy will always get us one of the Youngs in an emergency:-)

  • 1.) Sam Young
    2.) Rudy Fernandez
    3.) Wayne Ellington
    4.) Roger Mason Jr.
    5.) Keith Bogans

    That's the order I would have the Bulls' brass pursue. All those guys are available.

  • Nobody wants JJ at this point. Not sure why there aren't more talks since Boston and NY are already out of it. Maybe some new teams have entered in the mix. Since Chicago was one of the 3 destinations for Rudy, IDK why a deal hasn't been made though.

  • I'm with you. He's their best option so far. If they really wanted the guy, there would have been a deal done already. I don't think the Bulls FO is that dumb. There definitely has to be something to this. Like you, I think there is a problem with the whole PT issue. I think they want someone to come off the bench. Remember Thibs is a defensive coach, so I'm sure he wants Brewer as our starting 2. I'm just afraid we're gonna end up with Mason/Bogans.

  • From what I have heard/read, Portland wants a draft pick and don't want to take salary now. Lot of media guys(yesterday on CSN) want to keep JJ unlike some people here. They think he will develop into a decent player in the future. The Bulls probably might do the trade for their own draft pick. I am wondering if Portland is asking for the Charlotte pick...?

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    I think if he could just get his IQ right, he would be a beast. He could add the shot later. He's athletic enough to get to the rim and score. He's got a good body to be a good 2 guard coming off the bench. If he puts in the work, he'd be pretty good for us. As far as I'm concerned, we shouldn't waste time with POR. Like I said, they're hard to deal with, which is another reason this deal hasn't been done yet.


    Here's the Chicago Bulls new back-up SG.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    LOL I wouldn't mind if he came off the bench, and with that said IT'S HIS FAULT HE DOESN'T HAVE A JOB IN CHICAGO!

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Terry Porter a possibility to replace Pete Myers?

  • In reply to MrHappy:


    Mo Cheeks...BIG JER needs to pony up some cash and buyout his contract in OKC.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Hah, the heat of the best, or one of the best teams in the league, get all the coverage and media attention, have all the superstars, but there website sucks bad....they have nothing about the aquisition of eddie house and its all bare bones, really makes me appreciate the bulls website with all it's commentators and fast updates. Quite sad though, check it out if you wana laugh at how sad it is. Bare...

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I think that the bulls is not going to sign anyone else anymore. Maybe they are satisfied with their pieces already. They are going to sign the players from summer league with 1 year contract. Then they will prepare for next summer free agency when melo and jason richardson are on the market.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    you guys sound desperate! Eddie House is hot garbage! He's definitely not what the Bulls need right now, that would be settling, if the Bulls were a finals team in need of some extra punch off the bench, sure, but right now this is not who the Bulls need. They need versatile players that play both ends, not a bunch of spot up shooters that cant get there own shot, we already have Corver, that would be redundant. The east is fixin to be tough as Its been since the bad boys of Detroit, Boston, and Nu Yawk of old. The Bulls will need to make a deep playoff push to attract the like of Melo next year, he's not the ideal fit, but he can fill it up and his presence will keep teams from tripling D Rose. Melo is the key and a physical 2-3 combo forward ( a Matt Barnes type) to body up Lebron, Paul Pierce and Kobe.

  • In reply to bobbyf:

    1. Shannon Brown
    2. Flip Murry
    3. Roger Mason

    The bulls need another player that can provide energy and cut to the basket at will. Derrick rose is the ONLY guy on the bulls that can create for himself at will off the dribble, that's not acceptable. More often than not at the end of a game when your down by 1 you want to drive to the hole draw contact and score... brown shoots 45% from the field 32% from the 3, and he's a good defender. Not to mention he's 25. Its a no brainer

    Flip murray at 2 because he did a good job last year, compare flips stats to masons last year...

  • In reply to bobbyf:

    The Bulls are not a loyal organization.


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