Does Boozer guarantee LeBron or Wade? If so, can we sign him today?

With this huge wheel of free agents spinning, one things strikes me.  Neither Wade or LeBron want to be left on a team that can't win a title.   The ideal situation is for the Bulls to land Chris Bosh, however, it doesn't seem likely that Bosh is coming here to force the issue.  If he did, then one of LeBron or Wade would likely follow suit quickly, but he's not, so they won't.

However, that's where Carlos Boozer steps in.  

Say the Bulls sign Boozer today.

Bosh will then play with either Wade or LeBron in Cleveland or Miami.   The other guy is then left with what?   If Bosh joins LeBron in Miami then Miami's off-season is down to some combination of second tier guys like David Lee, Anthony Morrow, JJ Reddick, and Brendan Haywood.   He said he'd leave without getting significant improvements, but significant improvements would clearly not be coming.

If Bosh goes to Miami with Wade the case for LeBron isn't nearly as straight forward.   He still may opt to continue to not win titles for his home town, but his odds of winning will continue to fall as his team gets worse and still lacks assets to improve considerably.    The Bulls team will then have Rose, Deng, Boozer, and Noah.

Is that enough to lock in LeBron?   How badly does he want to win?

The latest rumors are that LeBron is recruiting Bosh to Cleveland heavily and may delay his decision.   The implication being that LeBron will stay in Cleveland if Bosh commits (or another considerable talent upgrade), but he won't otherwise.   If he would still stay in Cleveland either way then he'd be ready to commit now rather than delaying it.

That seems to imply that a Bosh -> Miami scenario makes it likely that the Bulls come away with LeBron though he'd still perhaps give some consideration to the Knicks with Amare.

Either way, if everyone wants to be left with someone, then Bosh + Wade or LeBron is one pairing, and Boozer / Amare + the other is another.   If the Bulls get Boozer then they're left competing against the Knicks for the superstar who's left, and they have a much better situation to sell than New York.


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  • I think I know what the FA are doing. They are going to one place and getting Pat Sajak and Vanna White to put the teams with the money showing and picking the team based on it. Atleast, Bosh looks like that.

    Seriously, I think Wade/LeBron should be scared to play with Amare...The first year in NY is probably a wash with maybe second round/ECF at the best case. Amare is brittle and probably they will not go to the Knicks.

    I guess LeBron is allowing the teams to still make the trades he has requested ...i.e. Bosh and whoever wins it has probably the best chance of getting LeBron.

  • The Bulls I think should sign Boozer now cause Bosh and this money thing is not appealing at all. I understand he wants a max but he should know if he has a chance to win a championship in a major market, the money will come. I'm not saying forget Bosh but the Bulls need to sign Boozer now or at least get a commitment from him and stop these other teams from making moves. We have Gibson as backup so I say get it done now and then Lebron or Wade just may come.

  • And if Bosh is so committed to the max money he just might follow it to Cleveland which means Miami will be making a move on Boozer shortly, so the Bulls should stop that from happening now before Riley overpays Boozer and we all know he would go there, it's his home. Wade would then possibly join the Bulls. The game is chess not Checkers and the Bulls are acting like they don't know how to play the game.

  • Wow! I have a feeling...The Bulls will come out empty...(not even David Lee!)


    I think there is a 85% chance that no big free agent will end up with the bulls. Then, do you think the bulls will withdraw(not that I want that) from the Hinrich trade?.

  • In reply to supercesto:

    The Bulls need to stop Miami or N.J. from getting Boozer and forget Bosh cause whether it's true or not but the Raptors are asking for too much for Bosh and Even though Bosh would fit well with Noah, Boozer would fit good with Noah as well. The Bulls can get Boozer and keep everyone else. I hope they are thinking of trading Noah cause the Bull have done this before in trading Oakley back in the day when they needed a true center. Now they need a true power forward but trading Noah would have them not having a center so I don't think that will happen cause Bosh has said he is not a center.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    my fault I meant to say I hope they aren't thinking of trading Noah.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    LeBron just created a twitter account ("kingjames"). No tweets yet but the Bio section only says "King of Akron." If James is not ready to break out of Northesat Ohio and is being swayed by his boys who want to be on private planes then I don't want him.

    Bosh's request for that 6th year makes Boozer look a lot more appealing to me.

    Hard to tell if the Bulls just lost the lead or if the media has become totally desperate for info.

  • Makes perfect sense if LeBron was committed to staying he would probably sign now and then push for Bosh.

    As far as NY even with Amar'e I still think our roster is better than the Knicks. It just wouldn't make much basketball sense to join them unless LeBron is convinced we won't be able to sign David Lee or Boozer. Even then our roster plus 13.5 mill worth of shooters and a MLE would be better than the Knicks. Once you throw in D'Antoni's (d)efense and Amar'e injury history they still look like a really long shot.

  • I'm sure this Bosh to Cavs rumor was started by the Brian guy from Cleveland. All this noise is coming from Cleveland....take it with a grain of salt.

  • In reply to gibby6385:

    Actually it was reported by Chris Broussard. Brian Windhorst has shot the rumor down via twitter.

  • In reply to gibby6385:

    Sign Boozer today....along with Mike Miller (who is working out with LeBron)

    Let Bosh go to the Heat or Rockets...

    LeBron cant stay in that position imo....a team of rose,deng,noah,boozer an miller is just to good to pass up.

  • In reply to gibby6385:

    I just posted the same exact topic on hoopshype, Pull the trigger Bulls! Go get Boozer with less then a max deal, then sign a solid shooter. LeBron or Wade will follow imo.

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    In reply to Csharp:

    I'd much rather have Lee with less than a max deal and bring in lebron. For all his defensive liabilities he's a gamer. Let Boozer go to Miami. I still don't find the Wade to Chicago stories the least bit convincing.

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    In reply to Csharp:

    Sorry, didn't finish the deal on Lee v. Boozer in the previous post...he's a gamer, not afraid to take a big shot, younger than Boozer and has a much better attitude. As for shooting guard, I heard some stuff before about the Bulls talking to the Spurs about Roger Mason. Anything to that, cause that'd be a sweet fit.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    Doug, I've been hammering away at this same point for days trying to get anyone who will listen.

    Now Sam Smith has posted the same thing. And now you have posted it too.

    This isn't about hooray how smart I am. I've been wrong like everyone else on a lot of this stuff. But signing Boozer now, enhancing our championship in waiting roster, and being the agressor not being in a perpetually passive, dependent state.

    As I said, when do you ever really get anything out of sitting passively waiting on someone indefinitely? We've waited long enough.

    Sign Boozer now, and we do not get shut out, appear to and actually do show we have some balls, and make it the most championship in waiting appealing roster that we can have. Then tell Wade(and LeBron) we need them to decide if they want to come here and win with this loaded roster or not? 24 to 48 hrs. If not we move on to shooters and quality depth bigs(Ray Allen and Brendan Haywood).

    If your against the dealine aspect fine. But lets at least sign Boozer now, and have the champioship, loaded roster in place. And they will make more money then that sixth year and $5 Mil extra with a commerically mega appealing squad with Derrick, Joakim, Taj, Booz, and Wade(LeBron) are you kidding?

    In the end seeing us loaded with Boozer these guys will realize we are the team serious about winning championships. And despite the their own team can give them $30 Million more, how much money do they think they will generate commercially playing on a loaded championship team with Derrick Rose?

    They will end up making even more money. Jordan's the number one seller in China because he won multiple out the wazoo championships. Championships will bring Wade or LeBron more cash then that extra $5 Mil plus the sixth year $25 Mil = $30 Mil ever could. They want world wide icon staus. We've got it. it's called the loaded championship roster in waiting.

    Ask Boozer if he wants to be the power forward to sign, and play with Wade or LeBron. Sign Boozer now for $15 Mil or whatever leave us with virtual max money. It's our best move by far. Sign Boozer now with a championship roster in waiting for Wade or LeBron. Do it now!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    Too add to this post. I do recall The Bulls Front Office that they will not wait around for LBJ to make a decission? LOOKS like we are waiting around for his final answer. I say sign LEE and if he is a no go, go for BOOZER. Lets do this. With this signing I am pretty sure Dwade will follow! Rose,WADE,Boozer,Deng and NOah. wow!

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    Yea great post guys...i agree. Get me Lee or Boozer, i really dont care. Signing those guys will allow you to still be able to sign a decent shooter and a Wade or LeBron.

    I think thats the Bulls plan...but they must know something we dont if they dont pull the trigger soon on something.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    Another thing to think about is...Boozer probably has a better recruiting voice then what Lee would have. More free agents would listen to Boozer imo.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    I hope u are right...but if you read reports LeBron is trying to recruit Bosh and not Boozer. Obviously, who knows how much of that is true though!
    We are getting antsy because we don't know what will happen to Boozer. The best case scenario is trading Deng for some other team to get pieces which Toronto might like for Bosh..

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Not so fast little kiddies... If the Bulls move now for Boozer, they will completely strike out on Wade and Lebron. Then they may all fo to Miami. Everyone knoew the risk of not getting the guy that you want. Realize this, the Bulls placed themselves in a great spot to compete in free agency. But as of now, the only move ment outside of Amare were the lower level guys such as John Salmons, Rudy Gay, etc. What's happened is that they have taken the best deal and taken themselves off of the market. These were guys that GM's were looking to fill rosters with in some cases. None of these GM's and/or owners can do any more that what they have. Someone's going to be winners and someone's going to lose. If the Bulls come away empty, it wasn't about what they could or could not do. In essence, it was about the bad deal they gave Deng. Paxson overvalued him a few years ago and it hurt the teams flexibility. That said, GM's are still doing it now eeven though there's going to be a new CBA. So if they can't trade Deng that would kill them. Owners and GM's never thought that players would conspire to want to play with one another. That has happened from the playgrounds to high school to the league. Great players want to play with other great players.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Well said #1Bullsfan. We all knew going into this thing that it would not be over on July 1st. The fact that all these big FA's are taking this long really means they are weighing all their options & looking to make the right choice. Give it another 2 days & after the cap is set I'm almost certain the dominoes will start falling. Whether that means we get 1 or 2 of the top big 3, well no one knows for sure, but just jumping on signing Boozer because you have an itchy trigger finger is not good business. You don't go all in & then show your hand before anyone calls your bet. Take comfort in the fact that there has been little news leaked from the Bulls end. That doesn't mean we aren't involved in anything, it means we are keeping a tight lid on things to keep all the competition in the dark.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    This is true and i really hope your right. Im trying to believe with you. Its just that if we dont get anything...going after Boozer should of been the move we made. Bosh an Wade go to Miami, Lebron is left out and could very well just choose Chicago. OR Bosh goes to Cleveland an Wade is left out...which in case, hed probably come to Chicago. Bulls lock Boozer up right now...our roster is Rose,Deng,Noah,Boozer. Thats awesome...and imo i think somebody will jump to Chicago to try to win a title. Id look into signing Mike Miller too. Im hoping your right though....

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    Now there are reports that Utah is talking to Orlando about a sign and trade. Obviously that would mean more money for Boozer and joining a contender with Hoawrd etc.

    So did we wait to long on Boozer?

    It sounds like from K.C. we are still chasing Bosh as we speak. But if Cleveland takes him, and Boozer goes to Orlando then..?? It seems there is more and more hype/steam(?) building behind the Bosh to Cavs rumors. I just don't get it.

    Cavs reportedly give up Varejao, Hickson, Parker/West or both, So again similar to Miami's skeleton crew who will Cleveland have left for Bosh/LeBron to play with?

    If Bosh does decide to join Lebron in Hicksville/Cleveland, and Boozer goes to Orlando in that sign and trade where does that leave Wade? Wouldn't he almost Have to come here, or demand a sign and trade to some other contender??

    It is all up in the air right now. While I wish we had gone after Boozer sooner(maybe it's not too late and we can still get him), but if not there's a good chance Bosh will not join Wade in Miami since there's nothing there for a sign and trade, and Bosh is insisting on that sixth year as others have stated.

    This could turn out alright. I mean I'd take Boozer right now or Bosh even though it would suck giving up Taj. But if those guys go to Cleveland and Orlando we could end up with Dwyane.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    I find it hard to believe why Toronto would take Varejao for another 32 mil plus for no skill. I am still having a hard time believing that Deng's contract is such an albatross in this environment when Rudy Gay is getting 80 mil...and Joe Johnson is getting 120 mil...
    I think the biggest issue is Noah for Bosh...Do we do that or Toronto accepts getting anybody else/picks other than Noah/Rose...

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    Half of the rumors are DEAD WRONG! Please stop acting like they are gospel. Chicago will get a valuable piece...just be patient. Be patient...we are in the best position to get 1 player and still be a contending team. Remember we had a slow start and lost 10 in a row around Feb/March but still made the playoffs at 41-41. With a healthier team we will be much improved out of the gate! If we add just Lee or another role player big man plus a SG we will be fine (a 50+ win team). Yea that is a let down but its ok. Therefore, there is no rush.

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