Derrick Rose is a team USA finalist, killing it with defense

John Jackson of the Sun Times with the quotes:

"I thought he had a great week," head coach Mike Krzyzewski said. "I
love Derrick. I thought he had an incredible performance in the
scrimmage on Saturday and defensively I thought he took it up a notch.
Derrick really pressured the ball very well."

I heard an excerpt of his interview on ESPN 1000 about Rose as well, and coach K spoke very highly of Rose's defense and made it sound like Rose was leading the team defensively and setting the tone.

While, it's no surprise that Rose made the team, unless you are new found Bulls hater Matt Moore [no joke, CBS actually hired this guy to write about basketball, and he didn't think Rose should make team USA and also believes the Bulls had a worse off-season than the Pacers and Bucks, he's presumably getting paid too], it's great to hear the way he made the team.

There are three things Derrick Rose needs to do in order to become a super, duper mega star.  Increase his range, play defense, and draw fouls.  Well, if he's locking up the guys at the Team USA scrimmages then at least one of those things has been accomplished.  He's also mentioned that his range has been improved (though not as much as previously hinted at). 

Sounds like Rose has really put in the work to elevate his game.  I can't wait to see the results.


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  • This is good news. I hope the whole team buys into the defense that Thibs strives for. DEFENSE wins championships and if we just made one more big move, we wouldn't be far from that. I can't wait till the season starts!

  • Hell Yea Rose,

    When the coach calls you great specifically on an all star team, then thats allways great. I dont see why Rose cant start in the all star game next year. Seriously.

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    I agree.I lost a lot of respect for Chris Paul now, so I would rate D.Rose my #2 point guard in the league. My boy DWill is still on top, but Derrick will catch up, especially with the talent he is surrounded by now.

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    I'm really not surprised. Derrick definitely has the physical tools to make it work, and he has shown a fantastic work ethic. He should be able to learn all the things his game is missing. He may never reach the same plateau as a Kevin Durant, but he can absolutely be a true franchise player.

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    Add...stop getting crushed by Dwight Howard on his way to the basket.

    Good health!!!

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    That's what Kurt Thomas will be good for this year...

  • In reply to evilhoban:

    Well I think we still should have got Shaq to do that part. They could just debate on the bench on who the real Superman is while the game is going on. It's still not too late to sign him.

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    Good article about where we are head this season!

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    Jeez, I saw where he said the Bulls had a bad offseason (which is ridiculous, all things considered), but where did he say that Rose shouldn't make the US team? What could his reasoning possibly be?

  • It's all about getting attention. Saying something really stupid these days gets you attention.

  • The only question will be now will Derrick be a superstar this season....or a superduperstar along side James, Wade, Kobe and a few others.

  • I guess this Matt Moore guy is from Indiana. He thinks Granger is great and Pacers did great. And what did the Pacers do...just drafted guys that were available. And we know the use of cap space if it is a small market team....see Minnesota. The Pacers might luck out if there is a hard cap next year.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Maybe they could even get Bosh in the wake of a hard cap. That would bring a tear to my eye....but just one....

  • In reply to evilhoban:

    Or maybe Toronto gets the cap space/trade assets for Bosh and Miami has to deal him or one of the big three to adhere to that hard cap....that would be sweet to see Bosh get traded back to Toronto..

  • In reply to evilhoban:


    Pete Myers is OUT as Bulls' Assistant Coach.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Damn, didn't expect that. Wonder who comes in to replace him??

  • For sure! Props to Doug and Mark for holding it down!

  • Thanks. What an ass. If they're "redundant", get rid of the other guys, Rose is better

  • IDK the report says he may move to the front office. We'll find out soon enough.

  • From what I have been reading the guys he listed as locks... are far from it. The only two possible locks on the team are Kevin Durant and Chauncy Billups. I personally think D. Rose would have to do a lot of bad between now and cut time not to make the team. Any player playing in a "All Star" type game where turn overs are high shouldn't have numbers of 30min, 15pts, 8 assists, and ZERO turnovers. That is an amazing stat line. Hell JASON KIDD couldn't have done better than that. Mean while Chauncy had no offensive production and more turnovers. I don't think this guy really knows any thing about Basketball.

  • The saying should be rephrased to "clutch defense wins championships." It is true that teams need to be able to get stops (in any sport) down the stretch in order to lessen the burden to produce at every stop on the offensive side of the ball.

  • Thats not a fair point Doug. Team USA has never won with outside shooting. The "Redeem Team" (I still hate that name) had Michael Redd as their only REAL shooter and he didn't play well and they dominated. The DREAM TEAM had Magic,Bird, and Stockton who were all out quite a few games. The 1996 team had Reggie Miller & John Stockton but were also dominant inside with Shaq, Olajuwon, and Robinson. When winning the USA NEVER played the jump shooting game. The focus of the USA Teams coached by Coach K have been solid fundamentals and good Defense. Thats why Carmelo Anthony was on the ALL WORLD TEAM two years running. That is also why he was USA Player of the year not LeBron, Wade, or Kobe. Team USA will focus on Rebounding and Defense. And as far as the Three Pointer goes.... the three point line in FIBA is still at 20' 6.1" until October. That is a midrange jumper in the NBA.

  • In reply to CPBuff22:

    Deng should be a stud under the FIBA rules. He makes sure he takes his jumpers inside the 3-point line in the NBA..He will be averaging 30 points a game if he had good teammates.

    I think Rose and Westbrook are kind of similar players in the sense that they have decent jumpers and other PG skills(although Rose is better at a lot of them) compared to Rondo. It might come down to Rose Vs Westbrook and Rondo(because of his defense and PG skills)

  • Doug,

    That's a little bias.

    Billups is a veteran, a former NBA champ and Finals MVP.

    He's right up there with Durant as far as being a lock for the team.

    Like I said before, it seems like Rose and Billups will be the starting backcourt for Team USA. At least, that's how I see it going.

  • I've always been of the opinion that balance wins championships. Teams have to be able to do several things well. A great defense with an above average - but not great - offense can win championships. And so can a great offense with an above average defense.

  • In fairness to Matt Moore, even though "C" was a bit extreme...
    1. He was looking at it from a different viewpoint comparing Chicago to Milwuakee/Indianapolis. He probably assumed with the big market, the legacy of Jordon etc..; the Bulls would get LeBron or Wade caliber player. We know the background now but it is still kind of a disappointment that we didn't get one of those two.
    2. Adding the other pieces like Boozer, Brewer, Korver...there really was not much competition for these guys unlike for LeBron(Cleveland: home town, NY: wall street hype, MSG etc.. Mia: South Beach, Wade). It is not like it was a nail-biter signing for Brewer.
    3. Nobody said Indiana, Milwaukee will make moves that will make them championship contenders next season. But there was a lot of hype about the Bulls core of Noah/Rose/Taj and adding LeBron or Wade will vault them to a championship.

    That said, Matt Moore probably is a homer for Indy or Mil, I guess..

  • Bulls had the 2nd best offseason easy.


    He's going to the Miami Heat.

  • Mitchell,

    There are more than 3 guys out there for the Bulls' brass to go get.

    McGrady could still be in play and you never know who may take Dickey Johnson. It all depends on how aggressive the Bulls' management wants to be.

  • Mitchell,

    Try Memphis, Minnesota and maybe New Jeresey.

    The Bulls' brass just has to give up a #1 Pick.

  • I could be wrong but didn't Sato just sign a three year deal with Panathinaikos? Would he be able to get out of that deal to sign with an NBA team?

  • I could be wrong but I think Mr Happy IS KC Johnson. Y'all ever notice how when something happens KC says things like..."The Tribune first reported this on July 7th" or some inconsequential nonsense like that. AND Mr. Happy always says "Like I said before..."?

    Just a little something to think about.

  • ah, gotcha

  • dont come to the UC Matt Moore! Rose is one of ours, we don't take kind to unwarranted hate, u must be from Cleveland!

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