Bulls challenge LeBron to live up to Jordan



This is the type of thing that would have driven Michael Jordan, and the Bulls are taking a gamble that it will drive James as well.   Play on his competitive fire.  Play on his love for Jordan and fandom of the Bulls dynasty growing up.

I think it's really the only way for them to go.  They can't hide the issue, so instead, go balls out with it and attempt to turn it into a positive.


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  • I wish they left the "title number 7" part out at the end....but the shoebox idea is brilliant IMO.

  • I don't think the flash and dash is going to get him to go one way or another, but I like the confident posture. Everyone else is either on their bended knees begging or just trying to go for sizzle. We've got the steak. Are you up to the challenge?

  • Now that this pic is leaked in the media, how can he say no. The critics will murder him in the press for going back home. They'll accuse him of being afraid of the "shadow." People will say he doesn't have the drive to win like Jordan or Kobe. I'm interested to see how he reacts to that box, but I'm also curious to his reaction of the rest of the world knowing about that box. If he goes back to Cleveland and fails to win, that picture will be shown over and over again. It will be on ABC , ESPN, TNT, CNN, and all over the web. The Bulls are turning up the heat.

  • OMG! What else can I really say about that.

  • Great pitch! Hope it doesn't scare him away.

    I heard on Channel 5 news that they are going there with 7 empty rings cases and asking him can he fill them? Now that pressure...it will either burst a pipe or make a diamond.

  • In reply to mdot1986:

    It's actually not the Bulls doing it. They aren't involved in the "Dare" campaign. All of it (the seven empty ring cases included) are part of a campaign that was conceived and paid for by Leo Burnett Worldwide, a major Chicago based ad agency.

  • In reply to Greddy:

    My peeps say the bulls definitely had a hand in it.

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  • In reply to Greddy:

    Whoops. Well, that's what I get for reading things as they're written. The Bulls are apparently really good at representing themselves to potential free agents. Who knew?

  • In reply to Greddy:

    Nah Mike, you're right. The Bulls had nothing to do with it. I work at Leo with the guys that put this together. It was just quick thinking and execution of a good idea.

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    right now I want BoshN wade n some shooters n bigs....I would love to see LeBron on the Bulls but if not leave him wallowing on cleveberg

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    Anybody else notice that the bulls had the longest meeting with Lebron? THat has to be considered a positive.

  • In reply to Greddy:

    lets get all three. I love it!

    note: lbj wore air jordan VI shoes to the meetings with the cavs and bulls :)

  • In reply to Greddy:

    My peeps say they had a hand in it.

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    Game, blouses! Bitches!!

  • In reply to mdot1986:

    Any updates from the Bulls meeting??


    Another thing that we need to think about it is....if you are any good in the NBA, either way some where down the line, you will be compared to MJ. So the MJ shadow thing is stupid imo. Will he take the challenge!

  • Yeah, probably a smart move IMO. I'd rather just be bold about it then avoid the topic of MJ's shadow. This was gutsy, but honestly, much better than going in there begging and pleading.. we have the advantage of knowing we should be good regardless of what Lebron decides. That's something no one else has in this race. The Nets and Knicks are pathetic, and the Cavs would be right there with them if Lebron leaves. The Heat are a one man team now, and the Clippers are.. the Clippers. We can go in there with a little more confidence.

  • wow lol man, imo i thikn he will love this! lol hopefully he does! Bulls are trying to have some fun with it too!

  • I'm still trying to wrap my arms around this whole thing.. everything could change DRASTICALLY in the next 24-48 hours.

  • Is it true he has a press conference at 3pm?

  • The other Jordan comparison that the Bulls should emphasize is that Jordan is the first and maybe only professional athlete/NBA player to achieve world wide icon fame.

    He was and still is his own brand, he and Tiger are the most recognized sports figures in the world, and he and Tiger are the wealthiest sports figures, and Jordan is the only former player in any sport to become a majority owner, and is still one of the highest earning athletes, nearly a dozen years after he retired.

    Where else could he accomplish everything that Jordan did, on and off the court, besides Chicago, in the house that Jordan built.

    I have always maintained that as Lebron's childhood idol, Jordan was a huge attraction to Lebron, not a reason to avoid the Bulls.

  • LOL!!! Like I have said before, we will all know what Lebron is all about after this is over with. The Bulls have trumped everyone and they are just now giving their pitch. If Lebron's stays that is where he needs to be cause he is not ready to live up to that kind of challenge. This is the very reason why Kobe is the closest to mike cause he lives for these types of challenges. This will definitely define Lebron and what he is all about. The Bulls will be fine with or without him. Is he ready to stand up to it or does he want to try to do it in Cleveland and fail? We will all know soon enough. DAMN!!! That's a hell of a challenge the Bulls management put in front of him.

  • I would be willing to bet Jordan himself had something to do with this but through his own back channels since he is the owner of the Bobcats and cannot show he is still pulling for the Bulls. I really would bet Mike had something to do with this. It sounds too much like him.

  • Word is that Forman sharted midway through the meeting, and Lebron got pissed.

  • read this http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/news/story?id=5352236


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