Bulls Beat #151 - That Boy's Good!

Beat #151 - That boy's good!

A discussion of the Chicago Bulls own C.J. Waaatson!
I talk about the new signings, who's left including fan favorites Shannon Brown and Tracy McGrady as well as the financial decisions
the Bulls have made for the future.


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  • I would sign rasual butler eddie house jus doesnt give you anything the guy is trash he only hits shots in garbage time i would rather keep pargo then bring in Eddie house and i cant stand pargo

  • I like Roger Mason. He's steady and would be a good complement to Watson, with the ability to step in at either guard spot with the starters if there's an injury. As for the Bulls valuing $ over winning, I think it's pretty naive of fans to expect that of their franchise. There is not one player in the NBA who would pay for free, let alone pay money to play. Gar/Pax were smart with the shorter term deals given we have no idea what the new collective bargaining agreement is going to look like and we're going to have to extend DRose and Joakim soon. I think this summer has been a huge success and we have the potential to be a top 5 team in the league. How can you ask more than that after being .500 the last two years?

  • In terms of salary cap, I have zero problem with Reinsdorf maximizing his own profits. It's his money. He can do what he wants with it. I don't believe he owes me anything. For fans, it's just a luxury item. It's sports. For him, it's his money and livelihood.

    I want the Bulls to do as well as possible, but I don't feel we have the right to demand Reinsdorf spend excessively.

  • In reply to KenyattaWright:

    I agree with Doug's call that signings are being orchaestrated to avoid/minimize the luxury tax, but I'm not sure that'a big deal. It is objectionable when they pass on options that could clearly improve the team because they wish to avoid the tax. There's no discernibly superior option they passed on for financial purposes. I'm pretty glad they didn't make deals like Tyrus/Outlaw for five years, for example. I'd much rather have our guys for 2 or 3. If anything, now that you have a #1 guy, they've learned there's no reason to "over-commit" to "good" players and role players (Kirk, Noc, etc.)

    Overall they've done a great job plan b-ing this offseason. We have put together one of the best balanced line ups and benches in the league, where each guy serves a very definitive purpose, and hopefully will serve it well.

  • In reply to KenyattaWright:


    D Rose came out yesterday and said he wants him. I guess he also use to be his favorite player when he was growing up. Rose basically said....Tracy still has a lot of game. Hopefully Bulls are listening to their superstar.

  • In reply to KenyattaWright:

    One thing that Doug didn't mention in regards to the signings was the upcoming CBA. With an uncertain environment coming for the future, I think you can make an argument for spending now. Two of the team's core players are still on rookie deals (Noah and Rose), and the prospect of losing them because the CBA changes to a hard cap and we don't have room to slot them in would be a major, major misstep.

    Now the prospects of that happening are slim, but no one knows what will happen after this season. Giving Boozer more now, while we have it, plus structuring most/all of the role players signed to deals with the third year at the team's option should ensure the core 3 can remain together, no matter the labor environment moving forward.

    Pure cap space isn't that great of an asset going forward this season as is. A lot of bad deals were given out this summer, and with all the TPEs generated by sign and trades there is a lot of extra room out there for teams to use. The Bulls have managed to create a team with a clear hierarchy of talent that is deep and has the potential to be a real defensive force, with all of the contributors either approaching or in their primes. I don't think they've missed a player or a deal by their actions, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that their fiscal moves are more about the uncertainty of the CBA than an overweening desire to avoid the the tax at all costs.

    Moving forward, I think the plan is clear: hope the core of Rose, Boozer, and Noah improve enough to put the team in the championship picture. Fill the wings with off the ball role players (Korver, Brewer, and what would have been Redick). Right now, the 4th core player is Deng, but I think the longterm plan is to move Deng, and his salary slot for an upgrade at the 2-3, if an opportunity presents itself.

  • In reply to BenjaminBalskus:

    I think the Bulls did a good job of not overspending now and they definitely should not extend Rose and Noah now even if it means going backwards in the next couple of years if they lose players. They will probably be paying these two more because of the current market rates. It is better to look in the future structure and pay them appropriately. But they might take the risk of losing them to some team having cap-space which I doubt.

  • In reply to BenjaminBalskus:

    I'm not I understand the Shannon Brown = Ronnie Brewer idea.
    I get that they are not too far off in size and they are both very athletic. They both cut and finish at the rim for a lot of their points.
    But Brewer is a much better on the ball defender ... one of the best in the league. Brown puts in the effort and tries hard on defense, he's just not that great at it yet.
    But Brown has developed a decent 3pt shot over the past year or so. It was a necessity for him if he wanted to get more playing time in LA. And Brewer can't shoot the 3pt shot at all. I've seen it, it's ugly. It would be great if Brewer could develop some outside shooting, but for now he definitely doesn't have it.

    Seems to me there are a couple big differences between the two. And top athleticism is a good thing.
    Not saying Brown is any better than the other candidates at this point, but I can see him being worth the risk.

  • In reply to KenyattaWright:

    I like Butler too....he is just a solid player all around, Eddie House is alright, but we need a bigger gaurd then him. Shannon Brown brings the same exact game as Ronnie Brewer so i dont really see a big use for him. In order...id probably go....

    Tmac,Shannon Brown, Rasual Butler (Barely 3rd, i might take him over Shannon Brown)

  • Can you post your source for this? I'm having trouble finding anything other than total value of franchises, where the Bulls are behind NY and the Lakers, and well behind other professional sports franchises like the Washington Redskins, for example.

  • Great podcast Doug, Mcgrady really wants to go to chicago for his own personal reasons but if he really wants to come off the bench for Brewer or Deng, and take a min contract, so be it, I think the bulls should take him. If thibs can make Ray Allen and Paul Pierce decent defenders than maybe Mcgrady has some hope.

  • I know we havent talked about him much...but CJ Watson is gonna be a very solid player for us imo. Im excited to see him play. HE IS SUPER FAST with the ball. And loves to attack the rim!

  • In reply to Csharp:

    I agree. The guy can score. He will definitely make Rose's job a lot easier.

  • I don't like the Eddie House focus. As mentioned, he is very one dimensional and may be unhappy if not getting playing time or money he wants. If the focus is on defense, let me ask this question: who guards the top shooting guards or small forwards even for just a little while on the current roster if Deng and/or Brewer are in foul trouble? James Johnson? C.J. Watson. And let's talk about C.J. Watson. If we are focusing on defense, let's stop talking about him as a combo guard. He's not. He's a point guard. So if Kobe or Dwade or Brandon or Ray Allen or Joe Johnson or Vince Carter or any other top shooting guard causes Brewer to get in foul trouble, who do we send in to guard that shooting guard who could at least have the size and skill to try and stay with them? Based upon answering that question, it ain't Eddie House or combo C.J. Watson or Kyle Korver or James Johnson (although he might have to be the default). My preferences (admittedly they are still limited at this point given the slim pickings) would be: 1. Roger Mason. 2. Keith Bogans. 3. Rasual Butler, 4. Shannnon Brown, and if and only if he shows he has the physical ability still left to try and stay with a top shooting guard to give Brewer a rest, then T-Mac.

  • If thats the case than they need to let Mcgrady know right off the bat that even if the bulls take him, he will be backing up Brewer and not starting. I think Mcgrady likes it in chicago and doesnt want to leave the area plus his trainer and family are out there.

  • Shannon Brown has more game than Flip Murray? maybe more upside because he might get better but c'mon.....If McGrady can shut up n play his role okay...Eddie House is not a well rounded player.
    all things considered I'd still like to see Flip Murray back since he is likely to be the least disruptive option.

  • Roger mason's careeer 3pt% is 38... So he is a very good 3pt shooter. With House only 1% better. Mason also brings other things to the table like defense.

  • Thanks, Doug. Nice work. I'm not trying to go the Sprewell route saying that Reinsdorf needs to feed his family, just that good businesses make profits. But I do cede the point that the Bulls are overwhelmingly profitable compared to other major market teams and the commitments they have made. That said, I still feel we've had the best off-season possible given the decision by the big three (though I'd rather have Booz than just Bosh if he stays healthy). Back loading the deals, however, might have had a negative impact if we're given a hard cap after the new CBA goes through.

  • I'm more convinced that RaSual Butler is the best option. If you think about getting set into an 8 or 9 man regular rotation, that means the 5 starters, who we know and then 3 to 4 key subs. Those three key subs are Taj, Watson, and Korver. Thomas and Asik will get more minutes when we need more fouls with a more dominant big team, i.e., Dwight Howard. But most teams don't have such dominant big men. So I'd want a fourth key sub who could play big guard/small forward with Korver and Watson and Taj. Rasual Butler is the best match. Whoever requires more defense and athleticism either the opposing team's 2 gaurd or small forward would be guarded by RaSual and Korver would be on the other person. RaSual has mentioned that he might know by tonight who he is going to be playing for next year. I wouldn't be surprised if Cleveland did not go after Butler to fill in at their small forward opening. But then I'm back to Roger Mason, Keith Bogans, and possibly T-Mac.

  • If you're talking about operating income and its relation to revenue, then you're saying the Bulls do the best job of minimizing costs.

    I suppose your point is that the biggest cost is player salaries, but that certainly isn't the only cost. Seems like I've read somewhere a few years ago (no citation available) that the Bulls have a real good deal with the United Center? Isn't Reinsdorf a part owner? That would certainly help with the numbers.

    Anyhoo... we can agree to disagree. Sounds like Reinsorf is an excellent businessperson and I believe it his right to minimize costs.

    As for as livelihood, it may be a bit ridiculous to talk about the livelihood of a millionaire (billionaire), but we all know that whatever we have, we seem to want more.

  • Funny.

    Also, I believe Rose was asked straight out, "Would you like to see the Bulls add McGrady?" What else could he say?

    Who knows what he thinks privately. But with a camera in his face, he's going to say that he thinks McGrady can help. How else could he have answered that question?

  • In reply to KenyattaWright:

    Yeah, especially since both McGrady and Rose are represented by Arn Tellem.

  • Sexual chocolate.

    Sexual chocolate!!


    Does Eddie House give the Bulls any size in the backcourt?


    He would be a bad signing, especially after adding CJ Watson.

  • HO-HUM:

    Which of these veteran SG's that the Bulls are courting really excite anyone?


    The Bulls' brass is CHEAP with it's budget (luxury tax) and CHEAP with it's roster moves.

    Way too CONSERVATIVE. For once, I would love to see them try something BOLD.

  • Butler is re-signing for a 1-year deal.

  • Doug, thank you.

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