Twittered up Bulls/Thibodeau news


After refusing Hornets,
Thibodeau has put everything into getting Bulls job. He's hoping for
Chicago offer in next 24 hours, sources say.


Still no official offer from
Bulls to Thibodeau. But it's clear Thibodeau wants job. And it's also
clear Bulls are impressed

I've got no inside info on this one, but I expect this to get done sometime in the next week.  I can see the Bulls dragging it out longer than the 24 hours that Thibodeau is hoping for, but I think it gets done.

At least we know if Reinsdorf gets involved and asks if he can teach defense that we'll get a satisfactory offer.


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    Check out Tom Thibodeau's WIKIPEDIA page:

    Tom Thibodeau is an American basketball coach and current head coach of the Chicago Bulls. As a defensive coach, he helped the Houston Rockets rank among the Top 5 in the league in scoring defense and field goal percentage defense from 2004 to 2007,[1] and has helped his team finish in the league's Top 10 in team defense 15 times.[2] He coached in 87 playoff games and was part of the 1999 NBA Finals as an assistant coach with the New York Knicks prior to joining the Celtics, with whom he won the 2008 NBA Championship.

    * Warning...the same thing happened with Derrick Byars and looks how that turned out.

  • I don't like this potential hire one bit.

    People are acting like he's the next Phil Jackson or something. Let me just remind people that he has NEVER been a Head Coach in the NBA before.

    I'm not down with an adjustment period when FREE-AGENCY looms so LARGE this summer.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Your boy Mo is rumored to possibly be on his staff anyways.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Let me tell you all where you are wrong about Cheeks. He won championships as a player, not a coach. so did Magic Johnson who was a horrible coach but won way more championships. Does that make him a good coach for the Bulls. No.

    He coached 2 teams for 8 seasons, made the playoffs three times and has one more playoff win than Vinny. He never made it out the first round. He has a losing record as a coach overall. How do you associate this guy with success when he has had none as a coach.

    In my opinion, hiring Cheeks would be a bad idea and Im sure doug would back me up. Just becuase he was a pg in the NBA doesnt make him best for the Bulls. Just because he was a head coach before doesnt make him a good candidate. By your logic maybe we should look at Bill Cartright too and bob Mcadoo. Its not happenin, just like your wade wet dream.

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    We shall see. Who's right and who's wrong about Thibodeau and Cheeks.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Sorry for the bad punctuation. It's late.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    As for Doug, he was the one who wanted James Johnson.

    Remember that.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    We know a lot less about Johnson's ability to be successful playing in the NBA, than Cheeks coaching in the NBA. In case you aren't following along, that's a win for Johnson.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Good hire if the Bulls can finish the deal. Although Thib's defense was bad yesterday in the 1st game of the finals...maybe he was distracted with late night interviews with GAR/PAX:-)
    In a weird way, it is good if the Lakers win. That way, LA will be less pressed to use Bynum as a S & T for Bosh..

    I hope the Bulls focus on the draft/deals next few weeks.. Memphis has a lot of first round picks...Maybe if the draft is very deep, the Bulls should deal their 17th pick for 2 picks in the 1st round and select one SG, one big man..

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I think this is possibly not only the best move but the smartest move. I think his role in the recruitment pitch will be highly signifigant to who we bring in. He has a history of being successful and hard working from every reference that has spoken of him. From payers to coaches, all giving him glowing reviews.

    If we hire him, I expect him to get involvd early. Starting with the draft and how he sees our team shaping, then I want him coaching the Summer League just like Vinny did. The more coaching he does before the season the better. It can only be a good thing for us.

    If this can get Derrick Rose to be a good defender, and make some defensive schemes that we can use against these bigger teams, I think you can mark us down as a top 4 team in the east before we sign any FA.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Yea, I am worried also. If only they had hired Mo Cheeks, we all know that if MO only got the chance he would be the next Phil Jackson.

    Oh wait, he already coached 8 season in the league and hasn't yet won a playoff series, just like Phil.

    By the way, how many NBA games did Phil coach as a head coach before he was hired by the Bulls, wait, let me think, the exact same number as TT, zero.


    Tom Thibodeau and the Bulls near to finalizing a deal.

  • I don't know, we were making a run for 5th seed when everyone went down last year. Boston is older, Atlanta could be better or worse, Wade is more worn down and I doubt he'd hold up to another season alone, and I'm getting the feeling the bottom is dropping out of Orlando unless they do something significant this offseason. And I wouldn't expect that out of Milwaukee again, considering how Salmons played for us last year. I expect the same kind of thing out of Charlotte, who also benefited from the trade surge.

    A lot can happen to help us get into 4th, though I suppose a lot can happen to keep us out, too. The most likely is probably injury issues on the Boston Geriatrics dropping them down a few slots.

  • Not a bad idea...not sure if they would do it though.

    But ya, Bulls get a A+ from me....Thib was probably the best guy out there that was available plus he knows defense. Adding him is only going to help our defense. Plus since he coach the Celtics before he will have a little insight on what they try to do. Another thing is...he is the man that had the scheme to stop LeBron James in his tracks....i bet LeBron would like to have him on his team now!

  • I would have puked is Cheeks was the head coach, I will be modestly satisfied with him as an assitant(hopefully he can teach Rose how to play defense as a point guard)

    Personally, I would have loved McHale as the head, with TT as his top assistant, and Cheeks as his assistant, but obviously TT wasn't going to switch teams to be an assitant again.

  • Obviously, things will not be anywhere near the same. So it is way too early to start speculating.

    But, since you brought it up, here I go anyway.

    I predict the top 3 in the east to be, in no particular order, the Bulls, Orlando, and Miami.

    If Lebron leaves, Cleveland is toast, if the Bulls get him, we are a lock for #1 or #2. Miami probably moves into the top 3 this offseason also. Orlando stays top 3.

    Boston, Atlanta and the Bucks 3-6. Boston is near death, But should be able to drag out one more year if Garnett isn't retired by Gasol in the finals. I wouldn't sleep on Milwaukee if Bogut is healhty, Skiles is usually good for a second year. Atlanta, has enough athletic talent for the regular season, but not enough brains for the postseason.

    Everyone else is a crapshoot.

    If the Bulls don't get a single major free agent, they will certainly improve simply with the addition of TT, the maturation of Rose, NOah and Taj and the fact that they will still have $20 something million to add secondary players, such as Anthony Morrow and by hook or crook, Kevin Love.

    Anything less than a top 4 finish will be a dissapoinment in any event.

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