Solomon Alabi draft profile


Solomon Alabi (Florida State)
7'1, C, 240 lbs.

Alabi's defensive impact should translate due to his length and athleticism.   At 7'1, he can set the tone in the paint by blocking shots, disrupting passing lanes, and provide a defensive  backbone for an aggressive perimeter defense.
Offensively, Alabi is nothing to write home about.  He gets most of his points on lobs, offensive rebounds, and transition play.  He does have a nice right-hand hook over his left shoulder, but does not show a productive counter-move limiting it's use.  Occasionally, he shows a turn-around jumper or a face-up jumper, but does not look comfortable doing so.  Alabi forecasts his moves as he is very robotic in the post and lacks passing ability out of it.

He shines on help defense though.   He blocks shots using great timing which causes hesitancy in going into the lane against him at all.  Unfortunately, he's not a great rebounder for his size, and offensive post players can use their bodies to shield him off as he lacks the lower leg strength to hold his ground.

Alabi has a great work ethic, is relatively new to the game, and is a great teammate.  He has increased strength significantly and in general looks much more fluid.  Compared to some of the other center prospects, Alabi might be picked up higher based on his coachability.  

How does his game translate to the NBA?

Right now, Alabi's shot blocking ability and length should transfer to the NBA.  With added strength, he could be a good player down the road.  Alabi needs to play on a fast-paced team that does not need offense from the Center position.  His game and build is eerily similar to Samuel Dalembert of the 76ers.  A team should draft him somewhere between the late-lottery and late first round.

How does he fit on the Bulls?

With Noah already being here and having a similar build, I feel that Alabi is redundant.  While you can never have enough size and I love Alabi's shot blocking ability along with his humble coachability, I am not willing to take him over other players in this deep draft.  However, even though Daniel Orton and Hassan Whiteside provide higher upside, Alabi is a safer choice and the player I would rather have.  Overall, a nice prospect for pick 17, but not someone for the Bulls.


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  • Personally, I dont see alot of difference between any of the bigs that will fall to us outside of possibly patterson and the euro guy.

    Alabi is good defensibly but I dont think he adds anything we font already get from Noah. If we did draft a big, which I hope and doubt we will, I think we should go with the most offensively gifted. To me, thats not Alabi, Orton, or Whiteside. Not a knock against them, but I think this draft selection is really effective on our perception to Lebron. He wants to win now, so we better pick someone who can come in and add to that ideology. No projects. No exceptions.

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    A roster loaded with defensive minded bigs tends to be a requisite for a deep playoff run. Maybe not as much as it was in the past, but it's still a big help in the playoff grind.

    The problem I have with most of the bigs in this draft, besides being projects, is that they're mostly offensive minded. Their skills very rarely transfer directly, and it's more difficult to tell who's going to be able to score at the next level. Guys like Whiteside and Orton haven't even shown competence on the defensive end, and Whiteside in particular probably doesn't have the intelligence on the court to be a good defender.

    Unless by some miracle Udoh falls to us, I like Alabi a lot. He should be able to give us some of the shot blocking we lost with Tyrus, and allow Noah to give us a bit more as well. He has good fundamentals, and after a summer or two with an NBA strength coach, should be able to defend the low post.

    After Udoh and George, who are looking decreasingly likely to fall, I'm torn between him and Dominique Jones. Seraphin and Damion James also look more and more interesting the more I watch them, but there aren't a lot of low risk guys in this draft, which is what we really need with two big gaps and such a thin roster.

  • In reply to msalivar:

    Generally, I agree that any defense is helpful. I think he can at least provide that, but I don't see how he would fit well next to Noah. If other players such as Seraphin are available, I like him because he shows promise offensively, is less raw, and provides bulk and defense (we need bulk).

    Whiteside and Orton show more promise defensively thank Alabi, but have questionable attitudes.

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    Whiteside and Orton are all about promise, but they haven't shown anything yet. Nothing except questionable work ethics and likelihood to be negative personalities in the locker room.

    Alabi, on the other hand, is already fundamentally sound defensively, and is known for being a very hard worker. So no, his ceiling isn't as high, but he's a much safer bet to contribute. I see him being Taj with a couple inches. Considering we're likely to lose Taj in a sign and trade, and we really can't even afford an unproductive rookie contract for the next couple years...

  • In reply to msalivar:

    Like I stated, I would rather draft Alabi than risks w/ questionable attitudes. I just think it might take time for his body to catch up w/ the NBA. I do like him down the road and most years, I think he would be a great pick at 17. However, I am just sold on Kevin Seraphin, Larry Sanders, and a couple of shooting guards such as Dom. Jones and Jordan Crawford if Paul George is off the board.

    I think Alabi would do well going to a team like the Thunder. I do agree though we need to get some porductive on a rookie contract.

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    Agreed then, I'm just saying that even without the attitudes, those two are risks. I understand freshmen coming out, but these guys who haven't even shown an ability to play in college have no business in the draft. But I guess that's ok, because we don't usually pick them, and they make it more likely capable players fall to us.

    I wouldn't be devastated if we picked Sanders, but he's not on my list, either. He's a great athlete, and he's long, but there are a lot of two guards who weigh more. He's an ok rebounder, but he has no handle, no shot, isn't a great passer... He might develop, but at this point all he'll do is finish at the rim if he can handle the abuse, maybe block a few shots, and hopefully be able to use his athleticism to rebound since he sure doesn't have the strength.

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    If by chance the Bulls go BIG, I think I would rather have Larry Sanders.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I agree after Kevin Seraphin

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    Kevin I know combine results are sometimes a useful indicator, but not the whole story by any means. However, Solomon Alabi: Max vert. 26, Agility 13.20, and Sprint 3.68. Uh-hemmm(cough), next..

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    yes, his numbers are truly awful. combine that with the historical failure rate of 22 year old big men taken in the second half of the first round and alabi screams "stay away." if the bulls go big id like to see them go for international guys who might not have gotten the press they would have if they were ncaa players (seraphin, paulao prestes) or dexter pittman, who fell because of a weight problem which is theoretically correctable.

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    If we buy a 2nd rounder...then Alabi isnt a bad pick. But i wouldnt take him at 17. Theres to many question marks with him. Personally i think he lacks toughness and a offensive game and he isnt very fluid. Like another poster said....Bulls need to draft guys that are ready to play now! LeBron wants to win now...we have to show him we want to also. I think best case scerenio...Alabi turns out like Samuel Dalembert.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    You of course are talking about guys like James Johnson, ready to contribute to a championship contender immediately, from the 17th pick

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I never liked James Johnson for us last year. However, Ty Lawson was pick 17 last year, Taj Gibson can contribute on a championship team along with Marcus Thornton, DeJuan Blair, Eric Maynor, Rodrique Beabouis, Chase Buddinger, and Darren Collison. All these were after pick 17 last year and this year is a much deeper and better draft.

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    Actually, the Bulls should have gone for Jrue Holiday(whom you didn't even mention) at 16, but were unable to adjust their thinking when a player who was expected to be gone by their pick was still available.

    My point is that the Bulls are more likely to sign Lebron than they are to land an impact player at 17, or 16 for that matter.

    the entire draft is pretty much a crap shoot, especially once you get past the top 2 or 3 guys, if it wasn't there wouldn't be so many outright busts in the lottery, and second rounders wouldn't be playing in the NBA.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Yeah, I was just going off the top of my head. He is another player last year. I don't always think it is a crap shoot as much as it is paying attention to detail of play, success, talent, and the ability to want it.

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    Ya if you look at past drafts...most of the guys dont even play all that much on their current NBA teams. If we can land a nba-ready player...then thats the best way to go imo.

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    +2 I really liked Mullens just on potential but i also like all those guys too.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Ya lol Im done with all the potential hype guys now...Unless its X Henry or Paul George. The best thing for us to do is grab a player that can play right away because we need some help on our bench asap.

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    A guy from hoopshype (Alex Kennedy) said that the Bulls are very interested in Dominque Jones. IMO, i think he will be a solid player but im not sure if thats really true. I dont really tend to believe some guys from hoopshype.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    Jones would be my pick if we go for a 2 guard. I prefer to go big, and I like Alabi as the long term backup to Noah, with the ability to play with Noah(at 4) for short periods of time to lock down on D.

    With Lebron, Rose, and a 3 point shooter(say Anthony Morrow)how much more offense do you need.

    championship teams usually have a good deal of front court size and length.

    I am however intrigued by yesterday's profile on Seraphin, who could be a legitimate starter at 4 if we don't land Bosh in free agency. Too bad the draft is before free agency.

    If I am not mistaken, Alabi and Whiteside are the only true 7 footers in the draft, and Alabi seems to have better intagibles.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    And unlike Whiteside, Alabi actually has a brain. If we draft Whiteside, get ready for another Tyrus for the next few years.

  • In reply to msalivar:

    +2 i love the potential of Whiteside but most players never even reach their full potential.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    +2 Ya i wouldnt mind seeing that. Especailly if it opens up some more money for us for Bosh. Draft either Paul George or Xavier Henry.

    BIGWAY +2....i like the comment you made about championship teams usaully have SIZE and LENGTH! Bulls need to get a big guard. And some beef down low to be able to match up with LA.

    Anthony Marrow probably isnt going anywhere because he is restricted and Golden State will probably match everything we offer. I really like him too though. Other names to watch for....Kyle Korver,Matt Barnes,Mike Miller, and Reddick.

    I think Alabi is more NBA ready then Whiteside is but thats because Whiteside is still a Freshman and still needs to grow up. Just based on potential Whiteside is the better player but not many guys actually hit their potential. But if it came down to probably take Whiteside.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    the problem that I have with George besides the fact that he is moving up peoples draft boards and will likely be gone, is that he is a small forward and will not likely be able to transition to shooting guard in the NBA.

    which means he can't play for the Bulls, because he will be behind Lebron or Dung.

    If you are looking for a small forward to convert to shooting guard how about Quincy Pondexter, who like Jones has a much stronger build than George.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Personally, I am not a fan of Pondexter on the Bulls. I don't think he has much of an outside shot. If the Bulls draft a guard, they at least someone that is a threat outside.

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    Paul George says he can play the if he can that would be great but if he cant...then ya, we dont really need him.

  • In reply to Csharp:


    I'm convinced the Bulls' management NEEDS to move up in the draft.

    It's all over Indiana's website that they are looking for a VETERAN PG. I believe even Tony Parker's name got floated out there this week.

    Thankfully, that has NO CHANCE of happening.

    If John Paxson and Gar Forman want to land a much NEEDED SG in the draft, as well as have the change to land TWO top free-agents come July 1, then Kirk Hinrich needs to go.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    If we could, I would like that, but I don't know if I can imagine the Bulls trading up this year before the deep draft.

  • In reply to 1096ballenf: bad its hoopsworld

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