Plan E, no really, that's the one we're on:

Here's a great write up of all the post dynasty plans the Bulls have run though separated into distinct groupings where the team's identity changed.  

The Bulls are presently on plan #5.   In some ways that sounds terrible
to fans I'm sure.  Plan 5?!   What the heck, how could we not get it
right before plan 5!?    But then think about how many plans the Knicks
are on since their last title, or how many distinct groupings many teams
have had.

Until you get a legit superstar in the draft, you are going to have a
different look very frequently, because you'll constantly be looking for
that star.   Plan E is likely to have staying power as Rose should be a
constant for years to come.

It was a fun read, it's hard to believe it's been so long already.


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  • That was a good read Doug,

    I sometimes wonder what would happen to our team if J-Will never got into a car accident and we decided not to do the DNA thing with curry. We probably wouldnt have Rose but would we be a better team? Would Curry and Chandler have worked by then? Im not sure but its something to think about. Curry could score, Chandler could play D, it wasnt a terrible scenario unless you look at both players now.

    As of plan 5, We couldnt be in a better position unless we didnt have injuries in which we would have had a better record and possbly beat someone in the first round without the help from the refs to put us out.

    Im still getting cool on the idea that we will actually get Lebron for a few reason. Him leaving his hometown and being banished for it, how much stock he puts into the Jordan shadow debate, and are the Knicks truly the type of team he envisions for himself long term? especially if he doesn't win.

    I just hope this off-season isn't T-mac part two. It could be but even with minor additions I think we are a much better team next year. I wouldnt care as much if I didnt believe Lebron coming was a real possibility. Now that is is, I think we are hoping for a miracle sign. If it isnt, I think the Lebron wont win a ring at all. And if so, only one probably.

  • All plans especially in the NBA need some luck. The Bulls definitely got it in Plan 5. They screwed up the Elton Brand plan though. I don't know about J-Williams...he looked promising but never really felt comfortable. But that was before the rules changed to help the PG.
    I hope don't sign Joe Johnson as the max salary guy. Hopefully...they have some trades as backup plans rather than signing 3rd tier FA such as Ron Mercer in 2000. Now they have a PG who is a legit star. Even if he is not a superstar, the Bulls can add good pieces and make it a team like Boston is. I would take a Boston team with maybe a little less talent than Garnett and Pierce but an younger group. That will have long term sustaining power. Offcourse, if you get a superstar like LeBron...all things change.

  • The bulls have come across many crossroads over the years, most nba teams do, lets just hope they dont dwell or feel sorry for the prior mistakes or mishaps. I dont want this to be another summer of Eddie Robinson and Ron mercer


    LeBron James might be breaking his silence and discussing his future on Larry King Live.

    I saw that on ESPN's website.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Maybe to help leak out what kind of coach he wants!?!?!??! HMMMMMM interesting!

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Here Doug...i have a new plan...How about this...

    Bulls S & T for LeBron James

    Deng + Taj (If they want him)+ Charlottes Pick (likely mid 1st), Bulls #17 pick FOR LeBron James

    LeBron goes to Cleveland front office and says he wants to be traded to the Bulls. LeBron gets his 30mil and Cleveland gets some solid pieces to help them at least be a playoff contender. If Cleveland just lets LeBron walk for free....they might not get another player to come there...if they do the trade, they actually get quality peices. IMO this trade would beat any Lakers trades involving Bynum. The draft picks make the difference imo.

    If Cleveland says yes to the trade....Bulls can sign Bosh outright. Leaving us looking like this...

    Hinrich? Mike Miller? Matt Barnes?

  • In reply to Csharp:

    I would say Bosh/Wade are the guys who want to do the sign and trade. I am not saying LeBron doesn't want the money but he probably cares less about the last year because he is going to get another max contract and Wade/Bosh will probably not get another 6 year max contract.
    I would say the Bulls have to talk to every team and see what they will give for Deng, Taj, Kirk or the picks in any combination. These are the players the Bulls can use to do the S & T. Ex: Deng/others for Jefferson from min to do the S & T for Bosh.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    Lebron says Cleveland has "edge" to retain him according to a clip from his interview on CNN. Of course he's going to say that.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    except for the fact that Bosh has made it pretty clear that he wants the 6th and the extra $30million.

  • James to break silence on Larry King
    AM ETLeBron James | Cavaliers Top Email Will he reveal his thinking to host?

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Probably not. CNN is probably paying him a lot of money to just get some ratings. He will talk the same stuff: He wants to win and he is going to keep his options open and praise every team, say he loves Cleveland. Honestly, I doubt that if he has decided on anything right now and is just reviewing his options.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    We'd probably still be on the Skiles plan - aka the Deng/Hinrich/Gordon plan - if the Bulls hadn't lucked into the Derrick Rose pick. It's really amazing how good the Bulls have looked the last couple years since this has been the transitional phase of the Derrick Rose era. The last 2 years were basically sacrificed for the sake of the next 10 and this club still made the playoffs twice.

    That's the thing about rebuilding is when you're right in the middle of it, sometimes it looks worse than what you started with. Gordon gone? Hiring Del Negro? Firing Del Negro? I'm really looking forward to seeing this club as a finished product for the first time in 15 years.

  • In reply to MrHappy:


    To quote Mark McGuire, "I'm not here to talk about the past."


    * LBJ will be on Larry King this Friday
    * Henry Thomas reiterated that there will be on SUMMIT meeting

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    2010 PLAN:


    Hire Maurice Cheeks to be the next Head Coach of the Chicago Bulls.


    To Bulls: Jeff Foster, Solomon Jones and #10 pick in the draft (select a SG)
    To Pacers: Kirk Hinrich and #17 pick in the draft (select a big or SF)


    To Bulls: Chris Bosh
    To Raptors: Taj Gibson, Jeff Foster, Omer Asik and Charlotte's #1 Pick in 2012


    Sign Dwyane Wade via free-agency.



    PG - Derrick Rose
    SG - Dwyane Wade
    SF - Luol Deng
    PF - Chris Bosh
    C - Joakim Noah


    Lead the NBA in wins, rebounding, defensive FG% and scoring.


    Come next June...celebrate championship #7!!!

    * That's the proper plan folks. Get on board.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    First off, I dont want Cheeks over Phil, Rivers or Thidabeau. seconly, I would rather keep Kirk and the 17 than take on two guys with no game just to grab a rookie who we dont know who will pan out. I like George/Henry/Anderson alot but not willing to put all the stock into them. We know what we have with kirk, and I will be happy with him and whoever we get at 17. Also, we can do a much better trade for kirk next season when his contract is expiring. 3, We will probably have to sign and trade for Bosh. 4. First off Wade doesnt want to come and by now most Bulls fans dont want wade. Also, He is not gonna sign outright with anyone. He wants that 6th year and Miami isnt gonna S&T him so dont expect him to leave. Also, I dont think we would have the max sign space if we went with your proposal either, so we couldnt sign him anyway.

    Dude, what is your problem with Lebron? He is younger, a better fit and a much better player in general. Im not saying I would turn wade down, but Lebron is our top priority. If you honestly say you would take Wade over Lebron then you are insane. Like really insane.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Cleveland is not going to do a sign an trade, they would rather have the money to lure another free agent if Lebron is leaving, and secondly, they are not helping a conference rival.

  • In reply to Snypershawn:

    According to what I have read, Cleveland will still be over the cap even if Lebron leaves, so they might be forced to accept a sign and trade

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    In case you haven't noticed, just for starters Wade is not on board with your plan.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Yes, your right, this is true i know...but who would really go to Cleveland and play there without LeBron!? Personally i dont think anybody would lol Unless they overpay somebody. Plus if they just let go of Shaq...dont they have his 20+mil off the books to help spend some money!?

    So potentially couldnt they end up looking like this?!?!

    PG- Mo Williams
    SG- FA or Anthony Parker, Bulls 17th pick
    SF- Deng, FA
    PF- Jamison, Hickson
    C- Varejao, Big Z

    Id say thats probably at least a lower ranked playoff team. Plus they get Charlottes pick for next year or whenever (Likely mid 1st) Clevelands own pick which would probably be a mid 1st. They could end up being a really solid playoff team within 2 years.

    They probably wont trade him to us....but wouldnt it be the smart way to go!? Rather then just starting all over from scratch?!


    His interview with Larry King has already been taped and will air on Friday, according to 850 WKNR in Cleveland.

  • I always saw the vision of two bigs with their own strengths and hoped it would work but sadly it didnt.

    I was a huge J-will fan. But when he got hurt that threw us waaay back imo.

    I feel that logically from a basketball standpoint we make the most sense. However, I think he may not think about that when choosing his team. I honestly feel for some reason we are behind Cleveland and NY. Cleveland because he may succumb to the pressure of being banished by his own home town and NY because the city is so attractive. Not the actual team, they suck.

    I also think he wants to be richer than rich and believe that even if he doesnt win he could probably do that in NY. Idk if this is all true or im over thinking it, but I just dont see him coming anymore. I think he stays or NY.

  • I mean unless he somehow changes his whole I hate miami their dislotaly and their fine beaches, to I love chicago the organization and my ex wife, then I could see him coming. But thats not happening, Wade isnt coming dude. Give it a rest.

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