My apology to Jerry Reinsdorf

For years, I thought Jerry Reinsdorf sat on his hands, and his wallet, not willing to do what was necessary to become a champion. I thought Jerry was pleased with the Bulls being a cash cow, and didn't want to further that into more winning.

I was wrong. Very wrong.

As it turns out, Jerry was waiting. Lurking in the shadows like a ninja, Jerry came out with a bang and Batman'd every bad thought I had in my tiny ignorant head. The Bulls are roughly $30 million under the cap after trading Kirk Hinrich to Washington. Mind you, the deal cannot become official before July 8th due to NBA rules. He chose not to re-sign Ben Gordon, a move I was opposed for a very long time, gave up a pick swap to move John Salmons, and essentially made plans for the future. A lot of teams do this, but there's something that they can't do in the meantime that the Bulls could: Win.

When Jerry saw the emergence of Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah, he understood that the team could ride those two for the rest of this season, and move everyone else. Those were his horses. Those are still his horses. With rumours circulating of the Bulls moving Luol Deng, it's become painfully clear that Reinsdorf has every intention of doing three things:

1. Sign two max free agents and possibly another free agent with the extra money saved in a potential Luol Deng move. Ray Allen/Anthony Morrow anyone?

2. Sign both Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah to large extensions.

3. As a result of the first two, kill an old myth. That myth being not paying the luxury tax. Because with two max players plus Noah and Rose extended very soon, the Bulls will become a tax payer.

Like a phoenix, Reinsdorf raised from the ashes that has been the Bulls since Michael Jordan left the club in 1998, and has put the city of Chicago in a position where the hottest ticket in town next season, might be at the United Center - And I'm not talking about the Blackhawks.

Jerry did what he had to do. He ignored the simple-minded outcries from fans, myself included, and patiently waited for his time to attack.

I know. The Bulls don't have LeBron James yet, so what's all the fuss about?

Well. This is arguably the biggest free agent class in the history of the league. Putting yourself in a position to get two of those players, as well as presenting the best possible winning option to those players, is something that demands respect. Even if the Bulls completely miss out on free agency, this is a Las Vegas casino that HAD to be visited. In an era where expiring contracts now fetch you near all-star talent, Jerry didn't sacrifice the team for the greater good, but rather played it out with a cool hand and slowly operated from within to get the money available. Where teams like the Knicks and Heat gutted their roster completely, the Bulls stayed competitive and moderately intact.

So moan all you want about losing Ben Gordon (looks self in mirror), John Salmons, Tyrus Thomas and Kirk Hinrich. If that's the cost of getting a chance to build another dynasty.. It's worth it every single time.

Jerry. I'm sorry.


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  • Save it.

    At least until July 9th.

  • Wow... that was the most mature blog post I've ever read...

  • In reply to micah:

    You need to do more reading

  • In reply to micah:

    I've been saying essetially the same thing for 2 years now ever since the whining about signing(or not, the right move)the big mope a dope Ben Gordon.

    Reinsdorf, as niggardly as he might be, is a business man who understands that Jordan exponentially increased Reinsdorfs wealth more than any business move that he ever made. So he knows the business value of landing Lebron and creating the second dynastry of his lifetime.

    Given Lebron's stated desire to become a billionair business man maybe he will find Reisndorf himself an attraction to Chicago, in addition to all the basketball reasons.

  • If, as we should now get Lebron and the stud big we need in Bosh or Amare(not going bigless with Joe Frickin' Johnson) to balance ou the offense and become favorites to win multiple titles, then and only then will I say to Jerry,

    "We're not worthy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    Lol yea we are worthy we already know how it feels to have royality playing in Chicago. We will first of all get a bunch of bandwagon fans coming on and swearing they been Bulls fans since 1966, plus I know a fan like you and I will certainly have t-shirts and whatever else to show our appreaciation to Jerry, Pax and Gar if they pull this free agency thing off, hell I will even have a Reinsdorf t-shirt

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    I still doubt LeBron is coming, but I also think Vinny didn't utilize Deng very well. You add Joe Johnson and one of Bosh/Stoudamire/Boozer and that's a formidable line-up... though I'm not sure you have a killer in it, yet. The real stone-cold killer in free agency is Wade and a lot of things would have to explode in Miami before he leaves.

    We'll have to see where the chips fall. While I value Hinrich more as the third man in a 3-guard rotation, with him out of the picture, shooting guard has gone from a need to a crisis. They need a win there. (And I still thing both the Deng and Gordon negotiations were poorly handled. Negotiations don't need to be distractions like that.)

  • In reply to magister:

    for me a win would be Anthony Morrow at half of what Joe Johnson wants.

    Lebron, Bosh(or any FA power forward) and Morrow and I will do cartwheels all the way to the 7th championship parade next June.

  • In reply to magister:

    I agree, Jerry has had alot of B.S. said about him over the years
    and never said anything. All he has done is to bring seven world
    championships to the city of Chicago. I raise my glass to you Jerry, I would love to meet you some day.

  • In reply to magister:

    Come on guys...You really think Jerry Reinsdorf is the brain behind all of this? The guy is like 70 years old...he probably doesnt know half the players in the NBA. Jerry Reinsdorf has the MONEY...he isnt making the big decisions though. Gar/Pax should be getting the praise...they are the ones who came up with the ideas and trades. What has Jerry done!? Say yes to their ideas?

    Gar Forman...and i guess probably Pax too...Great job guys.

    You 2 and probably others are the real reason why the Bulls are in the position they are in. Raise your classes to them if this Free agency goes down right.

    Isnt Reinsdorf the guy that said there wasnt minutes or a spot for Ben Gordon on our team...our leading scorer for about 5 years. And theres no spot for him...right Reinsdorf right.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    Ben Gordon was a good player for us. He could score points,
    could not play defense, but he could score. Had the Bulls resigned him for over 10 million a year, they would not be in the position they are now. It was probably Foreman and Pax that made the call to preserve the cap space. Jerry
    just gets to approve their plans, he has the right to, it
    is his team.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    A lot of people forget the times you want to pull your hair everytime Gordon launches an ill-advised shot or a shot out of rhythm. He has lost games as much as he has won them.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    A certain podcaster doesn't believe you should write an apology letter because according to him, cutting down salary can be done by idiots.

  • I'm reserving judgment until I see what they do with all that cap space. Doesn't matter how good your hand is if you don't play your cards right.

  • In reply to magestew:

    well he's done the absolute best he could probably do. the next step is totally dependent on lebron

  • I think the point of the article is that Reinsdorf has paved the way. He could have overpaid Gordon just to keep him(like he did Deng), he could have held on to Salmons, he could have kept Hinrich whom he adored. He got us here...if you can't applaud him for that then your krazy. If he did nothing then we could crucify him. Not now

  • That's why he has millions and the team while a bunch of emotional nincompoops (please do not take it as a personal attack but rather as a mere statement of fact) count others' money and second guess every decision of people who know how to make fortunes and build sports dynasties.

  • Well a lot of front running Bull fans should be doing the same thing and apologizing as well. They have call him and Pax everything including names you would not even call a guy that just stole your season ticket. Many Bull fans want him to make one last deal and thats to get rid of deng, Jerry does that and gets Bron and Bosh some Cub fans might even think of giving Jerry some thank you notes.

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