LeBron wants a coach with NBA playing experience?

Per Cleveland Plains Dealer:

According to a source, one thing James has let the organization know is
that he's interested in a coach that has played in the NBA. Scott, who
had a good relationship with James' close friend Chris Paul, would fit
that bill. That is why the Cavs are so interested.

Well that eliminates Cleveland if they land Tom Izzo and Chicago with Tom Thibodeau.  Mike D'Antoni technically has NBA playing experience though his career minutes are less than what a typical starter has in one season, so I'm assuming that's not cutting it for LeBron either.

So while this is an interesting quote, I'm not sure it really means much in practice.  I think it's quite possible (piggy-backing off the last article) that LeBron isn't going to be into Tom Izzo at all.  College coaches haven't faired well in the NBA, so despite the name factor, it's likely he doesn't view Izzo as a plus.


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  • I think either this source quote is either fake, or possibly the dumbest thing I have heard. Popovich didnt play and he has rings. Lots of em. I call BS on this but if its true, Lebron is really dumb if he makes this a requirement.

  • It doesn't add up. Sure, he might prefer a coach who played, but if it was a necessity, why in the world would Chicago and Cleveland be pursuing coaches who didn't play in the league? There's no way that LeBron could feel that strongly about something so crucial and that demand not be communicated to the top contenders for his services.

  • I would think it is a statement more against Izzo rather than something against Thibs/D'Antoni. To guess, he probably somebody who is more of a NBA coach rather than a college coach.
    If you think about it, the only possible downside to Thibs is how he will handle the "CEO" kind of mentality sometimes required for a head coach. That quality cannot be evaluated even if somebody has had a successful NBA career. I would interpret LeBron's words as "
    I am interested in a coach who has NBA experience"

  • Thib's Celtic's defense has looked for the most part tremendous in the Finals. Again. If LeBron isn't interested in playing for a guy who's respected by his players and at the same time has this kind of elite forum success..??

    I'm just hoping for a draft night sign and trade preferably with Chris Bosh. We do that, and having secured Thibs, we've done everything we could. After that whether he does or doesn't we can go forward with a much better team, and feel good about the Bulls as an oranizanization once again. I just hope the Bulls can find out what Colangelo and Bosh want to see if they can get it done.

  • Ya this rumor is stupid and i bet its false. Why does it matter when you have Pop winning rings in SA.

  • Is there any precedence for some random team with cap space sign and trading a free agent, when that free agent's previous team has no interest?

    I'm thinking about Lee. Say if New Jersey or Washington goes to plan B, and we sell them on Deng and/or Hinrich.

  • Doug,

    Why do you think the Bulls' management won't land Chris Bosh?

    If he stays with his plan of a S&T, then Chicago makes the most sense for him and the Toronto Raptors. No offense to the Lakers, but ANDREW BYNUM CAN'T STAY HEALTHY and all their core players are over 30 years of age.

    Miami doesn't have the trade-able pieces to get something done. Mike Beasley is not Bryan Colangelo's type of player. New York has David Lee, but as was mentioned before he too is a UFA. That's going to make it hard to get something done there.

    Chris Bosh is a PERFECT fit for Chicago. I fully expect him to be in a Bulls' uni next season.

  • As far as the coaching issue goes, now you see why I wanted MAURICE CHEEKS.

    Not only can he help with Derrick Rose's development, but he has plenty of playing and coaching experience. Not too mention, he is well-liked and respected throughout the NBA.

    He damn well better be on Thibodeau's staff, assuming the hire goes through.

  • Cheeks may very well be coming as an assistant to Thibs... or so its been reported. Also you have to remember that as far as sign and trades go for Bosh you have to look at possibilities across the entire league. Not just those well under the cap since S&Ts are allowed to go into the luxury tax sine they are considered as a resigned player.

  • In reply to jgingeri:

    I kind of agree. If you read some other city newspapers, everyone seems to be hankering after Bosh...Dallas, Houston,LA. That said, the advantage for a under the cap team is if they can do the S & T, they still have space to sign/trade for other quality players. That's the biggest advantage the Bulls/Miami/NY have and on top of it...the Bulls have Rose and Noah.

  • In reply to jgingeri:


    You're right. Plus the Cleveland Plain Dealer's writers sometimes don't seem to have a clue. Half of the time they are bashing James and calling him a choke artist! I think many are reserved to the fact that the king won't be returning there next year..

  • In reply to jgingeri:


  • I'm frankly tuning out any and all "sources" at this point and just waiting to see what happens....so far everyone has said everything at some point so its all just a bunch of wah wah wah...

  • Agreed, but that was the whole point of getting us in this position(under the cap, with assets like Taj and the Charlotte 2011) to have a massive/team altering acquisition. If they don't get Bosh, James, Wade(admittedly no chance), or perhaps Stoudemire(despite his lame playoff rebounding) then they've pulled a typical Chicago, and failed to land the big fish.

    Still, if they get Lee(who I think is a fighter/competitor) and maybe a shrewd MLE who fits in well/perimeter ace then it won't be a total failure. If they don't manage to dump either Deng's(I know, impossible) or Hinrich's salary that's going to hurt us big time. Of course the masterstroke other then getting Lebron would be getting Bosh or another aforementioned stud, and dumping both Hinrich and Deng.(I know - not happening.) But Kirk at least after this coming season becomes a fairly large/attractive expiring at $8 Mil.

  • Spoelstra doesn't have any NBA playing experience fwiw.
    You really think NJ is back in with Avery Johnson, LOL I can't imagine a big free agent wanting to play for Avery.

  • Ya actually Avery Johnson is supposely like another Scott Skiles. I think it makes New Jersey much more attractive though. LeBron might not go there but i could see D Lee or Joe Johnson or even Boozer might land there now. They dont have bad pieces.

    Draft either Cousins or Favors
    Plus Max FA...not bad not bad at all

  • Why do we think NJ has such a good core? They were almost the worst team ever. Devin Harris=Mo Williams at his best...
    Avery Johnson is a fraud and lost to Golden State in a series. He was telling one sec that LeBron cannot play with a ball handler like Rose, but in the next sentence he mentions that LeBron will fit well in NJ with a good ball handler like Devin Harris...go figure:-)

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Harris isn't bad, but to me it's about Lopez. Plus, they have a high draft pick. I don't think they're landing much of anybody, but they have a better core than the Knicks.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    im glad we never got him as our head coach! Lets go THIBS!

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    As much as I would love to see LeBron come to Chicago, I hate to disappoint anyone but he's staying in Cleveland for three more years. Remember that he petitioned the league to change his jersey number from 23 to 6? He need only do that if stays on the same team. Ther's so much bogus information floating around the media it's ridiculous. If he want's to win it's a no brainer, he'd come to Chicago. He a hard bird to figure out.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    I think he announced the number change for shock value. Its all a marketing thing...he just wanted to have everyone in expectation of next year much like he's now doing with his interviews and leaks about his inklings to come to Chicago. Its all to build a buzz and anticipation about him. Remember that he said last year that July 1st 2010 would be the 'biggest day in NBA history?' All of this is perpetuated by the Lebron machine along with the rabid media.

    That said I don't think his # change means for a certainty he will stay in Cleveland especially after the loss in the playoffs. A lot has changed since then and he may be seeing things in a new light. If he wants to win rings, and many (4-6), then he will become a Bull next year!

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    I wonder if Harris has asked for a trade yet.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Ya the number change doesnt mean anything imo...He is just trying to do what Kobe did and sell some more jerseys. Make more money. IMO this whole Bulls scenerio came out of nowhere for him...and he is actually kind of liking the idea now.

  • I would be damn happy to have em get David Lee, a SG, rid of Hinrich and a nice set of tall thugs to play some interior D....filling out the rest of the roster will be very important....Bosh underwhelms me, Amare is a weak defender...hey is Big Baby a FA this summer? he'd be like a Mike Sweetney who cares enough.

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