Kevin Seraphin 2010 draft profile


Kevin Seraphin (France)
6'9, 260 lbs., PF (Age:20)

Seraphin is a 6'9 European post player with great size, athletic ability, and toughness.  He came out of nowhere a couple of years ago to establish himself as a great low post threat as an 18 year old.  While still raw, and in a draft with many great big-men prospects, Seraphin is one of the few that has a true low post game.

Seraphin is a force down low, especially given his age.  He has a chiseled 6'9, 260lb body and uses it effectively.  Seraphin pins his defender down low uses an array of moves to score including spins to the basket, jump hooks with either hand, and short fadeaway jumpers.  However, Seraphin will need to add more counter moves and further extend his jumper out to 15 feet.    He does have great footwork down low and at least shows the desire to add a jumper.  

Outside of his post game, Seraphin is quite raw.  He is still in development in terms of understanding the overall game.  Outside of adding a spot-up jumper, he also needs to work on passing, ball handling, and overall court awareness.  However, Seraphin appears to have the work ethic to continue to develop in these areas.   He also sets strong screens and presents a good target on lob plays.

Defensively, Seraphin improved considerably.  He has a good motor and is a mainstay in the middle.  Height-wise, he is a little undersized at the center position, but he has a great wingspan.   Seraphin is still improving in terms of timing on blocking shots but is solid in that regards.  He clogs up the middle with his size and controls the ball glass.  Although he needs to improve his pick-and-roll defense, he has great recovery speed.

How does his game translate to the NBA?

Right now, Seraphin is still raw and should at least make an impact as a player with good size to clog up the middle, get rebounds, and finish dunks and lay-ups off of set-up plays or penetration.  While showing great promise, it may take several years to see his true game on offense, and anytime a player needs a few years a high level of risk is involved.  However, for a player of his size and motor, he is a unique talent.  

Right now, his strengths, skill set, motor, and size, could put him in the top 10, but his status as a project could land him anywhere from late lottery to late first round.  His game reminds me of Al Horford with a better low post game, but not quite as advanced in terms of basketball I.Q. or defense.  

How does his game fit in with the Bulls?

His game is what the Bulls sorely lack in terms of size down low along with being a good athlete.  He would be a great option in setting picks for either Rose or an eventual shooter.  Eventually he could be a great low-post threat offensively while being a great pairing next to Noah.  Even if we get another power forward in the draft, I am all about adding this guy if available and Paul George and Ekpe Udoh are off the board.  

To me, I like him more than a player such as Kyle Orton because he provides size, does not have question marks as a teammate or motor, and has more talent and speed.  It is said that he has a good work-ethic, which to me is also a selling point in that he will work on his game.  Right now, I think he will be there at 17, and I am not passing him up unless Paul George is there, as this guy will be a steal.


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  • Here are two other video's of him specifically:

    He sounds really good but he is relativly unknown. Especially unknown euro players. I dont think I have seen him on any draft boards going first round at all. Thats only because most dont have him even coming out this year. He could be a nice pick up if we go the big route. Thing is would that be the smart thing to do. Especially given he is relatively unknown and didn't even attend the draft combine. He could be a real pick up but I am weary on drafting unknowns on guaranteed first round contracts given our FA situation and our limited funds. I would definitly say take him if I wasnt trying to impress Lebron with all of our moves. But since that is the case, I am gona hope and pray a shooter falls to us. If not, I am worried what we do knowing this organizations tendency to draft people who we never saw coming. This could be a good or bad thing, but it could possibly mean we draft your boy Seraphin. It could also mean we draft Crawford. I just hope we make the moves that are best for the team.

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    +2 the Bulls need to get as good as they can get...thats why best available isnt that bad of a way to go...SG as well. But going with Seraphin deff. has its question marks. But like you said, if we werent trying to impress LeBron...i deff would take a shot at him.

  • Kevin what's his contract situation, and when would he be available to join an NBA team?

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    My understanding is that he is ready to go; especially if a first round pick. He has the same agent that produced Nicolas Batum and Rodrigue Beabouis.

  • I am very wary on drafting European centers who don't have a good shooting touch. He might be not handle the physicality of the NBA paint. I would draft him with a second round pick or late first round.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    +2 thats where he is pretty much projected.

  • Seraphin is really intriguing to me. He rebounds a ton per minute, and being more athletic, I think he and Noah would team up well. He's more than likely going to be solid in the low post on both ends, which is what we've been wanting for ages. But, his free throw shooting really sucks, assuming his Eurocup numbers this year were a small sample aberration. I question how useful he would be to us next to Noah if he can't stretch his range, and I don't know that putting him behind Noah would give him enough time to develop considering his ceiling.

    Giovani's latest mock has us taking Damion James, which would be interesting to say the least. I hadn't paid much attention to him, so at first all I was seeing was another SF without a ton of range, but it looks like he's another hard worker with a non-stop motor.

    I wonder if he could manage PF for decent minutes. He could be a nice pick if we foresee losing two of Taj, JJ, and Deng.

  • In reply to msalivar:

    Damion James!? They must not be doing team needs yet. But ya Seraphin reminds me a little of Serge Ibaka. Unknown guy but has a high motor and can rebound and block shots.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    I think this guy is a lot better offensively than Ibaka and not near as raw there!

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    Sign me up to get a better version of Ibaka.

  • In reply to msalivar:

    I will put one up on James soon. I really would love taking a chance on this guy as he has great skill and size. I think Giovani's draft right now is order in prospects not who is drafting who.

  • Nice write up. Not to be the grammar police again, but you said Kyle Orton instead of Daniel. Not football season yet!

  • In reply to mucha819:

    hahaha yea i saw that too lol

  • In reply to mucha819:

    Oops! Brain fart; Orton and Chicago (I knew that was happening).

  • Well, we're probably in just about the most perfect position to draft him. Realistically, everywhere has him in about the early 20's, so if things hold to form we could have first dibs if we wanted. I've got to admit i'm intrigued.

  • In reply to mucha819:

    Ya...i really want to see us bring him in for a workout. We need to know 1st hand if this guy can play or not. Im intrigued too. If the Bulls take betting that he is pretty decent.

  • In reply to mucha819:

    Reminds me a lot of Serge Ibaka. I think he will probably end up late 1st round...but if he goes in the 2nd...this is a perfect example of why the Bulls should grab a 2nd round pick.

  • In reply to mucha819:

    Personally, I am all for going big at 17. MY choice is Soloman Alabi, a legit 7 footer. We need more size and length, we are a small team accross the board. We can address our need for a shooter at 2 guard more easily in free agency(Anthony Morrow).

    Don't know a thing about Seraphin, other than a lot of people are talkling about him as a sleeper or unknown quantity.

    However, if he is listed as 6'9", then it is likely that he is really 6'7" or 8" which makes him either too small to play power forward or a tweaner and clearly not a center.

    I do prefer going after a guy with more upside, and Seraphin seems like an upside guy without the usual attitude issues.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Seraphin has legit size (though not as big as Alabi). He measured 6'9" without shoes, 7'3" wingspan, and 258 pounds last year at the Nike Hoop Summit:

    so he is a legit NBA 6'10", which would make him a smaller center/large PF. Dude just hurt his knee playing though (out 3-4 weeks, might opt out of the draft?)

  • In reply to BenjaminBalskus:

    Well, then he is a legit NBA 4, but if he is lacking a complete offensive game then he is probably not a good fit with Noah.

    I am a fan of size and toughness(we need a new Charles Oakley), and the Bulls don't have any. This guy looks good(physically), and if he plays as well in the post as States states then he should definately be on our list at 17.

    I don't see a fit with George since he is likely a small forward and not able to switch to 2 guard. Which means that he is either stuck behind Dung or Lebron if we get lucky this summer. Udoh is off the board before we pick.

  • In reply to BenjaminBalskus:

    +2 ya i agree...he is probably better offensively then Ibaka is.

    But anyways...i think Seraphin will actually be a decent player in the league. I wouldnt mind taking him....BUT HE HAS TO BE GOOD lol Im still scared LeBron wouldnt really like the pick because he is kind of a unknown player.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Alabi coming soon! I like this guy better as he provides something unique we don't have; real size and a long wingspan!

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    which guy Alabi or Seraphin

  • My take on Seraphin on the Bulls is that it comes down to one evaluation: do you believe he has the wherewhithal to develop into a big pick and roll 4? If the evaluation is yes, then he becomes a pretty intriguing option for the Bulls. Due to Noah's presence as a "big brother" figure (able to speak French, and direct Kevin out on the court) I can't think of a better landing spot.

    Defensively, Kevin could be that primary man-post defender with his natural size and strength, freeing up Noah more on the weakside to help. But offensively, if would really help if he had more floor game, or at least developed into a Taj Gibson level jumpshooter, so he could play next to Noah without crimping the offense.

    If Seraphin's never going to develop beyond the 5 though, I don't know how well he fits on the current Bulls, with Noah and Asik coming over. A frontcourt without a major addition beyond Asik and Seraphin would be way too limited going forward (Noah, Asik, Gibson, and Seraphin all being defense first, limited O bigs).

    But if the plan is to add a offensive big this offseason, at the potential cost of one or both of Asik and Gibson, Kevin becomes a better fit. All in all, I hope the Bulls have done their homework on the guy, since it doesn't look like he will be making the rounds in the US, the way Beaubois did last year, and having a handle on what kind of prospect he is will let you make an informed drafting decision.

  • In reply to BenjaminBalskus:

    I think next to Noah, he is interchangeable as a 4 or a 5. That is why I really like him as a pick! I think he shows a little bit of promise with a jumper. What I like about him is that he can be that low post player we need; even if it is off the bench!

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    I am not a huge fan of Bosh's, thus I would not mind a big man rotation of Noah, Kevin Love(trade for Deng) and Seraphin.

    Assuming of course that we land Lebron.

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    What is encouraging for Seraphin is he already has the footwork and low post moves for someone so young. As shown by Dwight Howard, Tyrus Thomas, among others, if you don't have it, chances are you won't get it. It's easier to teach outside shooting than post moves. And he seems more energetic and passionate than DaMarcus Cousins and Eddy Curry, two guys with high-level post moves but are lazy.

  • In reply to boogernights:

    I agree!

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