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Greg Monroe (Georgetown)
6'11, 250 lbs., C

Monroe entered college with a high skill level as the top recruit two years ago.  While showing a high basketball IQ and playmaking ability, he still disappointed some, lacking the expected dominance.  While not a great athlete, Monroe should play well at the next level if he adds a consistent jump shot.

Offensively, Monroe is highly skilled and fundamentally sound.   Monroe reads the defender and uses a variety of post moves to set up his lefty hook shots or an up an under.  He plays using good footwork and ball fakes to get create openings or get his defender in the air.   

However, he generally thrives by passing out of the high or low post finding players everywhere on the court.  In fact, he should be one of the better passing big men in the NBA next season.  He can also attack defenses with his ball-handling and using angles to get to the point of attack.  

Unfortunately, Monroe is limited athletically and it will be interesting to see how he will adjust to the NBA's level of athleticism and pace.   Right now, he lacks counter moves as he has no right handed post move, turn around jumper, or consistent mid-range jumper.  Adding a jumper to his game could mean the difference between Monroe playing a lot or becoming a seldom used NBA player.  

In fact, if Monroe can add a mid-range jumper from around 15-18 feet, he would be one of the hardest matchups for other teams.  Right now the NBA is trending in pick-and-rolls and pick-and-pops.  With Monroe's ability to put the ball on the floor along with his ability to pass, a jumper would make him downright scary.  

Defensively, Monroe will struggle in the NBA.  At his build currently, Monroe is best suited to guard 4's, but he lacks the lateral quickness to guard most of them.   He also lacks the strength to defend centers in the low post, nor does he have the leaping ability or shot blocking ability to become a defensive backbone as a help defender. 

Monroe did improve his ability to hold low post position this past year using his high basketball IQ to cut in and out at the right time, but he needs to develop more muscle to play in that position in the NBA.

How does his game translate to the NBA?

Currently, as a Center, Monroe could become a big mismatch at the next level with his passing and craftiness at the next level.  Defensively, he should be adequate at the next level if he can add a few more pounds to his frame.  

His game is reminiscent of a poor man's Chris Webber.  He does very many things well, but an improved jumper will determine if he can stay in the league or has high bust potential. Scouts have often questioned his desire to work hard during the offseason and how much he wants it as well.  

He is projected to go anywhere from pick five to late lottery, but he could slide if GMs and owners determine they would rather risk the pick on someone with more athletic upside and desire.  Though if he works hard to add a jumper to his offensive game and add strength to his body he has stud potential on the next level.


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  • I've been intrigued by Monroe for some time now. I don't think his bust potential is as high as some believe, as he was noticeably better his sophomore year than his freshman year. I have no idea exactly how hard he works, but his marked improvement from year 1-2 implies that it's adequate. He could have jumped after his freshman year and possibly gone late lottery, but he chose not to and is looking pretty smart for doing so as he's a near lock for the top 14. If by some chance he was to land at our pick, I would have absolutely no problem with his selection. He really is a top end talent.

  • I a;ways thought he was good , but I felt his lack of being great in any one area would have him fall in the draft. I hope so.

  • I'm mixed on him.

    He has loads of potential, but will he ever reach it? I'm not sure.

    Either way, I don't see him in the Bulls range or plans.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    He doesn't have to be everything he was advertised to be coming out of high school to be a really good pick for the Bulls. I can't think of many players who have a chance at being there at 17 that I'd rather have.

  • In reply to WearShades:

    I certainly wouldn't trade up for him, but if he falls, I'd take him. Not over George, Udoh, or maybe Henry.

  • In reply to msalivar:

    I'd take him over all three, but in full disclosure the only one of those players you listed that I really like is George. Between George, Henry, Monroe and Udoh, I feel Monroe is BPA.

  • In reply to WearShades:

    I like Udoh a lot. I see him as a jack of all trades like Monroe, but more athletic, and with shot blocking instincts. He's not as refined as Monroe at this point, but I think his ceiling is higher, and his floor about the same.

    I've been back and forth on Henry. I had been down on him recently, but I'm starting to come back around. He definitely has the quick release we need, and he tested a lot quicker than I thought he was from watching him. That makes me think he'll be able to play under control in the NBA, which I've always weighted heavily for a SG next to Rose. He'll probably need to drill his reaction times a lot, though, which should be a lot easier to improve than lateral quickness.

  • In reply to WearShades:

    I like Monroe and think he can be a solid player in the NBA with all his skill level. I would take him over many players but I don't expect him to slide. I would not take him over Udoh and George due to their upside and certain skills that should at least translate. However, Monroe is a safer pick than both and could be a really good player with a jumper.

  • In reply to WearShades:

    Monroe is solid...i think he will put up some decent numbers in the pros...I dont think he will ever reach his full potential. I dont see the drive. But a very solid pro.

  • I haven't watched Monroe a lot because his statline didn't meet my minimums for an exceptional performance watch list. His size and passing ability while showing some offensive skills is intriguing.

    I just watched his interview posted right now on DraftExpress. Honestly I'm not overly impressed. It's widely reported he came back very out of shape to start the season. If he either A) wasn't so limited athletically or B) displayed an exceptional work ethic and competitiveness I'd be interested. But I'll have to pass/don't like taking chances when even more sure thing picks are still somewhat of a gamble.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    Didn't have the statline? 16/10/4 is pretty damn good, and especially good considering he's playing in the Princeton.

  • In reply to mucha819:

    Pretty damn good. OK. Last season he was 12 ppg and 6 boards a game. His numbers last season were too low, but promising. And this year he started off with lower numbers, and out of shape. By the time his scoring rose I checked him out a couple of times. But his borderline activity numbers steals and blocks are part of what I look at. His final numbers defnitely are exceptional in scoring, rebounding, and very good in field goal percentage. But I still think his offensive game is limited as is his athleticism.

    Personality wise what I've seen of him on and off the court I'd have to pass. If we can get Ekpe Udoh or Babbitt as a big then that works for me. But not the lmited offensive game and athleticism of Monroe. He could make it in the NBA, but just not my choice.

  • In reply to mucha819:

    chris bosh's best highlight reel..
    and people call him a jump shooter?
    and those are the same people who dont watch him..

    #11 would be sexy given his teammate would have #1..

    rose & bosh 2010.. best big/guard combo..

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