Derrick Favors draft profile


Derrick Favors (Georgia Tech)
6'10, 245 lbs., PF

The second most talented player in the draft and the second ranked player coming into college, Favors didn't reach expectations this season, but did have a solid freshman campaign.  As the season progressed, it became evident that Favors was blending in well, and became a force defensively.  Offensively, he showed glimpses of being a solid low post threat while doing the dirty work.

While raw, Favors has beastly athleticism.  He performs at his best when beating opposing PF's down the court using his speed.  He also plays well running screen and roll plays for ally-oops as he sets good screens and uses his athleticism and length to finish.  Otherwise, his offense consists largely of offensive rebounds and put backs.  

Outside of junk situations, Favors is fairly limited offensively.  While he shows the ability to play and stay inside, he does not have much of a post game nor a jump shot.  Favors, does have a fairly limited jump hook, but needs improvement on footwork and utilizing post moves.  Occasionally he would show a mid-range jumper but did not look comfortable doing so.  To be at least a threat, Favors must add a 12 foot jumper along with footwork to his post game and an alternate post move.  The good news is that Favors has a good work ethic and good athletic ability to at least add to his robotic post moves.

Defensively, Favors should shine at the next level.  Favors has the lateral quickness to guard the stretch 4's along with the toughness to play inside.  He has the length and athleticism to play excellent help defense, blocks shots, and rebounds well.  With good coaching, Favors can become a top tier defensive player.

How does his game translate to the NBA?

Athletically, Favors comes into the league as a top 10 athlete.  Defensively, Favors should be a beast at the next level and has the mentality to do so.  Offensively, Favors is very raw, but unlike other gifted and athletic power forwards like Tyrus Thomas, Stromile Swift, and Josh Smith, Favors likes to play inside.  If he added a mid-range jumper, Favors compares to a poor man's Amare Stoudemire or Shawn Kemp.

Right now, Favors is projected to be the third pick in the draft.  While DeMarcus Cousins might be a safer choice and better offensive player, Favors would be a perfect fit next to Brook Lopez in providing toughness and staying down low.  He's somewhat of a boom or bust pick as he still needs to improve his skill level considerably at the next level while having the athletic potential to become an elite player if he does.


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  • He is athletic but doesnt give me alot to go with. I think he needs a really good PG to truly be something in this league. But I dont think he himself will be a great player.

  • wasnt cousins was the second most talented player in this draft, too?

  • In reply to Gavolt:

    Sorry Ol Roy; busted. I obviously misused the wrong words. To me Favors is the 2nd most talented in the draft, but Cousins has the ability to make the 2nd most impact. I hope that is not confusing. If I were to sit there and say who can make a bigger impact, it would be Cousins. However, I think Favors is a safer pick due to his attitude and ability to play D!

  • From what we have seen, it is very difficult for big players to develop a good/great offensive game...see Noah(still have hope). It is probably easier to develop a defensive game if they have the mindset...see Gasol.
    But he might click with the Nets as a combo player with Lopez. But these kind of one way players are a good piece as a role player but not a franchise changer.
    I thought he was more polished offensively...that makes it good for the Bulls/other teams if the Nets are picking him because he is not a franchise changer.

  • As i was reading this, i just realized that the draft is next week! Next Thursday to be exact! Time goes by so fast...

  • In reply to joeacook3:

    Finally, now only two more years before we have a full picture of which of us were right.

    On a side note, Giovani's latest mock has Paul George falling to us.

  • Heck ya i cant wait! I have to go to a stupid work party with my gf! lol Im pissed...but anyways, i like Favors...especailly defensively. His offense will take some time though.

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