Bulls fly to LA to meet with Thibodeau


Looks like the Bulls may want Thibodeau afterall.

The Bulls' interview would suggest credence to multiple media outlets,
including the Tribune, reporting the vacancy represents Thibodeau's
first choice. It's unclear where Thibodeau stands on the Hornets' offer
and whether or not he asked for an extension on his decision.

The Bulls had discussed the opening informally with Thibodeau
previously, but by some accounts, Wednesday marked the first formal
interview in the nearly month-old search to replace Vinny Del Negro.

What scares me most about this situation is the Bulls need to recruit Thibodeau if they want to hire him.   He has another job offer now, and the Nets are also likely to make him one.

So why start a recruiting mission by making the guy wait until the 11th hour?   Maybe they simply aren't that into him, but if so, they wouldn't have interviewed him at all.   If they were excited enough to fly out to L.A. last night then they should have gotten this done earlier in the week which I'm sure Thibodeau would have preferred.

I recently was out of work and needed to find a new job.   There were plenty of jobs I applied for that I wasn't really that into on the surface, but going into every interview I treat the interview as if it's the perfect job for me, because you never know if it ends up being the best job you're going to get.

If we like Thibodeau enough to interview him, then he may simply be the best coach we're going to get.  If so, on what's basically a recruiting mission, and if so, you recruit as best you can and don't start off on the wrong foot.  

Now, before I get too carried away, we don't really know how much the Bulls have talked to Thibodeau.   They could have discussed the job in great detail already, and they could have an offer ready in L.A. that they presented last night.   Maybe Thibodeau wasn't sitting around waiting.  

The Bulls don't report every little thing on the coaching search and like most organizations prefer their privacy in terms of making their moves.

I just hope that's the case, and I really hope we go into 2010 free agency with more urgency than we've attacked the coaching situation.


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    As I said, why would Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers allow that to happen on the eve of the Finals?


    Don't be SHOCKED to see KC Johnson once again trying to get his NAME out there in the national media. It seems to me like he has his own NATIONAL AGENDA.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    +2 totally agree...just like the fight that happen with Pax and Vinny....he had to report that on pretty much the very last game we had. To a National audience.


    He's a DWEEB.

    All he is doing is trying to get his name out there on a national level.

    TRUTH be told, I was the person who emailed him when he got the names wrong on the Salmons' trade. I was also the person who emailed him about the LBJ Transcript and the part about the Bulls, which he never acknowledged, unlike Doug. Of course, K.C. Johnson didn't mind writing about those stories for the Tribune.

    Like I said, he's a DWEEB.

    It's just like the VDN/PAXSON fight. I would bet he was the one who leaked that out to YAHOO SPORTS. He got his name out there and then acted like he knew nothing about the incident or the leak.

    K.C. Johnson should STOP stealing my stuff or the stuff he sees on Bullsconnect or FanVoice.

    He should come up with his own facts and/or topics to write about.


  • In reply to MrHappy:

    "K.C. Johnson should STOP stealing my stuff or the stuff he sees on Bullsconnect or FanVoice."

    It's absolutely hilarious that you think anyone, let alone KC Johnson, is stealing your "stuff".

  • Again, the Bulls will no doubt screw this up. Clearly, by many accounts, the most qualified candidate out there. Especially, when the Bulls mantra has been defense first over the past several years. The "anti-Mounties"--they never get their man. Truly, the most dysfunctional front office I have ever seen. Some day even Doug will eventually see the truth.

  • I said all along the "don't want to be put in a box/could wait until after July 1st" statement after the last coaching search dragged on interminably was a misguided posture to the extreme.

    With this many teams seeking coaches it has to be viewed as competitive. Which especially means urgent pursuit over sitting on your hands. I mean was Reinsdorf saying unless you can get me Lebron and another big name free agent, I'm not spending the money on a name coach? Or are Gar/Pax as they've shown in the past just extremely deliberate to a fault? Answer: yes.

    Bottom line: hiring a head coach with no head coaching experience is a risk. An excellent offensive or defensive mind does not necessarily make a team leader who commands respect of players in that demending position. It doesn't necessarily mean you develop/define roles for players the way a good head coach does or have the more verbal comraderie a good head coach fosters as opposed to that not being a necessity with an assistant. So you're taking a risk with Thibodeau. Really, the Bulls either saw these abilities clearly in him, or they should have gone after a Byron Scott or Jeff van Gundy who no matter what his big mouth brother says was interested in the job when it first became available.

    And we don't even know if they've offered him the job, or botched this so that now he's inclined to go with N.O's or elsewhere. It could turn out OK, but to me this was mishandled whether they wanted Thibodeau or not. And hiring him over a proven Finals coach is a risk.

  • Yea the Celtics shot this rumor down. I'm guessing one of three things is going on here.

    1. The Bulls are really this disorganized and behind, and literally have no where to go on the coaching search hoping to nab the guy they perceive to be the best candidate left on the market. Thats only if the rumor is true, but Im pretty sure it isnt knowing how honest Doc Rivers is. Which means we probably arent in LA, and not giving him an interview.

    2. We have good intel that there is a chance we recieve a top notch coach who is currently still coaching. Ala, Jackson or Rivers, or maybe we have taken a liking to Brian Shaw as well. This option means that we know who we want and that may not necessarily be Thibodeau.

    3. They have lied to the press and the fans and will truly let the FA dictate who becomes the next coach. I think this is bad for team morale, bad for drafting players, bad for recruiting(imo) and also makes us look like a weaker and more desperate organization than we already do.

  • Like you pointed out Doug...Who knows how much we have talked to him. Not every single thing is reported to the media. Maybe Gar called Thib on Monday and said hey i got a couple things going on this week but i can make it there on Wednesday or Thursday night. We just dont know. I think its unfair for everybody to jump on their case without even knowing everything. We need to just wait it out and see what happens.

  • Well, duh? If they really don't want him why even fly out to LA for an interview? Pax already passed on Thibs two years ago for the opportunity to grab Vinnie (who, of course, nobody else wanted.) The only reason I can think of for Pax considering Thibs this time is that he knows for sure he can take him in a fight.

  • Lol +2 Ya i agree...and im really hoping the Bulls know what they are doing right now lol For some reason i just think they have a master plan here. We've had years to plan for this. Heres a couple different scerenios that could possibly be happening right now...

    1. I think we have all this planned out and we know what were doing. Media is just jumping all over us because they think we dont know what we are doing.

    2. We just arnt that interested in Thibodeau anymore. Maybe through phone convo's or whatever we found that he isnt the guy for us.

    3. We really do like him and we had this planned the whole time. Gar might of talked to Thib on Monday and scheduled a meeting for Wednesday...thats why Thib didnt take the Hornets job...because he knew Chicago was coming for a interview.

    4. Maybe we are going to talk to Brian Shaw and Phil

    5. Danny Ainge is shooting all of this down because its the finals and he doesnt want any distractions.

  • Like you said, we don't know how much they've talked thus far. For all we know, they could have already arranged an interview after the finals. Heck, they might have flown out there personally to make eye contact and say, "Hey, we heard you got a job offer with a deadline before we scheduled our interview. We just want to make sure you know, we truly are interested in making you our next head coach."

    We just don't know, and anything else is speculation.

  • The only news outlet I listen to is Mr Happy LMFAO :-) That is comedy

  • When did Boston land in LA?! Maybe thats why he had to wait until Wednesday night to meet with him.

  • Get this....theres only 4 coaches in the NBA right now that have rings....Rivers, Phil, Pop and Larry Brown.

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