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With Free Agency looming, and the draft being one of the deepest drafts that I know of it should be interesting to see what the Bulls do.  I know they need to clear space to get two big-free agents, but the Bulls also need  young, cheap good players.  In this draft they should at least be able to accomplish getting one good player out of the draft.  Here are my best-case scenarios if they can pull it off.  Again, I know nothing about free agency, but I am going for best player available.  

1)  If possible, package the 17th pick and whomever to move up.
Get a player such as Ekpe Udoh or Paul George.  I have covered that before draft coverage really started, these were my favorite two realistic options and I think if you can make a trade from range 10-12, these are like getting top 5 picks.  

Udoh is being heralded as a great defensive player that can clean up on blocks, rebounds, and get out in transition.  However, I really like his mid-range jumper on offense, his passing versatility, and his turn-around jumper in the low post.  At the power forward position, he can take players off the dribble also and create this way.  Ideally, he would be a perfect fit next to Noah.

George is my number four player in all of the draft as much as that might surprise anyone.  George is best suited for small-forward, but he can play the shooting guard next to Rose also.  He causes great problems on defense with his long wingspan and good lateral quickness.  On offense, he should create great mismatches as he will be able to post up smaller defenders and shoot a turn-around jumper, or use his great 3 point shooting stroke off of a playmaker such as Rose.  He is so smooth and could be a huge steal in my opinion.
2)  If we cannot trade up, trade down and get a later first round pick and early 2nd round pick. 

To me after the first 7-8 players, the draft is loaded in terms of good role players up until early 2nd round.  I would love to trade down and get a player combination such as Kevin Seraphin and then add to a combo such as James Anderson, Willie Warren, Jordan Crawford, or Dominique Jones.  I feel that we can add size and great depth at both power forward and shooting guard.  

I am really high on players such as Kevin Seraphin and think he has higher upside than other big guys such as Patrick Patterson, Cole Aldrich, Solomon Alabi, and such because of his size, athletic ability, youth, and hard-work ethic.  

To me Warren, Anderson, Crawford, and Jones all have their question marks, but they all have strengths that would contribute to the Bulls.  Crawford is average athletically, presents solid size at the shooting guard, and is a clutch shooter.  Anderson is a scorer/shooter that plays well on team offense.  Warren is the most talented of the four offensively and is a good combo guard off the bench, but has questionable attitude.  Jones is the best all-around player with great intangibles, but lacks the great outside shot overall.

3)  Draft the best player available at pick 17.  

I think overall the draft is solid from picks 10-35 and provides great balance.  I am hoping at this pick one of Larry Sanders, Ekpe Udoh, and Paul George slide as they provide more talent than others in this tier.  However, it looks unlikely that they will slide, but other players such as Luke Babbitt and Patrick Patterson could slide.  At this pick, I am taking best available as the Bulls will need depth in case they trade some of their other picks.

Right now it looks like the Bulls are focusing on shooting guard, which is a need.  Even though I would not take any of the guards at pick 17, they should all contribute in the league and somewhat of a limited role this year.  Guards such as Jones, Warren, Anderson, and Crawford.

4)  Somehow, get a 2nd round pick!

Right now, early 2nd round picks could result in a cheap scoring option off the bench or size and players to develop overseas.  Players such as Jordan Crawford, Darington Hobson, Mikhail Torrance, Jarvis Varnado, Terrico White, Craig Brackins, and Willie Warren are late first round/early second round picks that will provide a great role in some capacity.  Hard-nose hustle guys such as Gani Lawal and Trevor Booker are early to mid second round picks and are detrimental glue guys at the next level.  International players such as Ryan Richards, Alexey Shved, and Thomas Heurtel show great promise and skill that could be drafted and developed to play in a couple of years.

Draft Expectations -

Right now, all I am asking is that the Bulls do not just throw away the pick for cap space.  I would rather take a chance and get a cheap, young player to develop and make even more dangerous as this is a deep draft and good players can be drafted if homework is done right.  I just hope they can draft a player for good trade bait, or to add to depth.


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  • Yea, personally I agree definitly with point 1 and point 2. My only problem is I dont think there is a deal out there we can legit use to move up unless we are raping ourselves. But if we have a shot at a second rounder, I think it will be best to try and get it. I am totally in favor of moving down, but only after we know the players we want are already gone.

  • Nice summary. To me, the bigger question is how do we get Chris Bosh in a sign and trade. I don't know if the Bulls(Gar/Pax) say to Colangelo, "Look, we need to know now what it's going to take for us to get Chris. Are you interested in the pieces we have/do we have the pieces to get a deal done? If so, what are those pieces?

    Of course you want that question answered, but you don't phrase it maybe in such a compliant way, otherwise they'll just flat out give you their rosiest scenario such as Noah, the Charlotte. No. 1, and whatever else.

    Bottom line: if they make it clear they want/will deal Bosh for Noah, I would normally say Noah is to important defensively, for energy, and leadership. However, following along in Kevin's thoughts there is a player out there who would be a legitimate replacement for Joakim. Ekpe Udoh is a 6'10 wide shouldered big with a 7'4(!!!) wingspan and a 32 max vert which is excellent for a guy of that size. His speed 3.29 again is excellent. And he has the wide shoulders to suggest he can put on some needed muscle/weight. Shot blocker? Yes. Offensively skilled with mid range jumper and post skills? Yes. You're talking about a mature kid with a great attitude.

    Are you taking a chance an an unknonw at the NBA level? Yes. And a chance that he can put on enough muscle wieght to play center? Yes. But he's as close to a sure thing, and the perfect guy to come along and allow you to replace/trade Joakim.

    That's why this trade with the Clippers sounded so enticing/perfect. If they have any interest in this trade/swap I would throw in James Johnson along with Deng, and the Charlotte first rounder if Toronto would make a deal for Joakim and our own next year's first or lower firsts we somehow acquire in this year's deep draft.

    If Toronto tells us Noah, and x, y gets us Bosh, and we check around with other teams, and Udoh's going to be there at No. 8 then we have to find a way to get that deal done. By securing a legit, not saying equal, but legit replacemenmt for Noah, and if we can get a comittment or dare say a draft day sign and trade for Bosh then you get that deal done. Really probably to do that deal I want a draft day sign and trade so were sure we get Bosh. Noah is worth that much to them or forget it.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    we lose our core then..

    i rather keep noah and trade deng & 1st for al jefferson today
    & then send jefferson,bobcats pick,james johnson and asik for bosh.. we keep taj..
    and have a bosh,noah,taj & miller rotation..
    thats the best deal the raptors could get..
    and al jefferson will be moved today or this season..
    we dont have the big to send to replace bosh unless we get jefferson..

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    If we can do as you suggest I'm all for it. Raptors will want Noah or Taj though not James Johnson I'm thinking. And I'm not sure LeBron doesn't value Noah just as high or higher then Bosh. Really, losing Noah, and getting Bosh is a risk because you don't know Lebron's thinking. But if I can get Ekpe Udoh, he's really going to be an excellent big especially defensively yet offensively skilled, then I go after Bosh whether we get LeBron because of it or not. But if we can achieve it as you suggest, and keep Noah obviously I'm for it. I'm just afraid Toronto's bottom line is going to be that they want Noah period. And if we can get Udoh who is a special player, I'm doing it. If Udoh's not available, I don't trade Noah. And for those who say a 6'10 wide shouldered 7'4 guy can not play center(Taj's almost exact measurements by the way), I'll take that chance. Udoh and Taj together would be still be an excellent defensive core for Thibodeau's D. We need a premier big who can score. It's just that simple.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    udoh wont get past the pistons assuming cousins goes before their pick..

    so we basically need to trade with the warriors for udoh..deng,17th,& future pick for 6?(cap relief) the bulls wouldnt want to give up taj, noah & deng.. thats really besides hinrich our defensive core and our team ..we would be starting all over again.. if you land bosh without giving up noah.. then lebron is coming to chicago.. but if you give up deng,noah & taj before lebron can decide.. he most likely still goina resign with cleveland for the 3 year deal which is goina happend anyways.. plus the bulls already said they like their core.. so noah isnt ever goina leave..deng,asik and 17th for jeff and 23.. and still get james anderson or crawford..while still getting bosh & keeping taj & joakim..

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    Again, if we can get Bosh without trading Noah obviously that's the way to go, and almost insures us/greatly increases are odds of getting LeBron. My only point is that let's just say for sake of argument that people agreed on Udoh being a damn good pick-up/big, that he's the only player out there who I'd consider a replacement for Joakim which if we get him then makes trading Noah for Bosh possible.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    & again.. its goina be hard to get the sixth pick without blowing up our core..

    he reminds me of a offensive noah..passing,energy,runs the floor,length,size.. everything.. the only problem is getting him.. if we get al jefferson tonight..we get lebron & bosh next weekend guarnteed..toronto cant find a better deal.. its better than l.a's..

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    plus we gotta trade deng to minny before or hope new jersey takes wesley johnson.. we need derrick favors or demarcus cousins to minny.. so any big trade is most likely during new jerseys pick or before phillys..

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    Another thing with Toronto is they are still trying to dump Turkoglu. So what if taking Turkoglu gets us Bosh? That's $26 Mil in. Then Deng, Taj, the No. 17(and the Charlotte 2011/12 No. 1) and $15 Mil out. Then Hinrich to L.A. for Vujacic's $5 Mil, and we buy him out. Then we still have room for Lebron, and Hedo with talent around him is definitely not a bad player. Just another angle as Toronto most definitely wants rid of Turk after the huge blow-up with Triano.

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    So many options....great piece Kevin. I agree with pretty much everything.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    If the Bulls are going to give away the pick for cap space...I am fine with that. None of these players except Wall are sure impact players...it's a gamble unlike Bosh/LeBron. They might be great rotation players and a few of them might be all-stars. But that's not a guarantee. The ideal thing for me is to trade Deng/Hinrich/draft pick for a future 1st and if possible a couple of 2nds this year. You need to free up more cap space and it need not be completely for 2 FAs but almost close. That way, you can do a S & T(you need some pieces, picks)but need not be 100% exchange(use cap space to absorb some salary).
    If things fail miserably, you still have some 1st round picks in the future to build upon with the core.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    Another thing. There are going to be a lot of rumors and proposals, but I don't think we can underestimate all rookie team Taj Gibson's value. I think Taj could have had a much more productive year then he actually did, but became a amiable target for refs who when he did complain received no back up from sterile coach Vinny. Then he lost his offensive confidence when his energy/D got squelched. I would hate to trade Taj, but I just wonder if Boozer and the Jazz would be interested in a package involving Taj, our No. 17 as the centerpiece for Boozer(as word has been they are thinking of moving him and keeping Milsap). To me, Boozer is a definite downgrade from Bosh, but still a legit scoring big. If Utah wants Babbitt at No.9, but is not nuts about the talent level there as opposed to lower, as many teams feel the guys after the first five or six are deep but interchangeable down to the 20's(which I think is true) then maybe we buy/secure a lower pick, let them dump salary with Boozer for Taj, No.17, Johnson if they want him, a pick in the 20's, and we get Udoh or Babbitt at No. 9. Of course, we'd have to find a way to get rid of Hinrich's or Deng's contract to still have room for LeBron. And for those who say, "I don't want Boozer, or I don't want Stoudemire.." yes you do. We are getting killed in offensive balance by not having a scoring big.

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