Bulls closing in on Thibodeau


Per KC Johnson:

Two sources familiar with the Bulls' thinking continued to paint the
situation as Thibodeau's job to lose and that an offer is expected to
come this weekend.

Former Nets coach Lawrence Frank has been advised he's no longer a candidate.

Looks like the Bulls will get their man this time. 

As I've said before, Thibodeau is my top candidate for the job.  To reiterate the basic positives here:

1: He has a spectacular record when it comes to designing defenses in the NBA.

2: He has a long history of NBA success and worked his way up and has true high level responsibilities as an assistant in his stops

3: He has an excellent reputation.  Of all the coaches in the NBA, he's probably the hire that brings the highest cache with him which should help lure FAs.

4: He works with the same agency as Bosh/Wade/LeBron which gives us some back channel paths in there to help recruit FAs.

We'll see how it all works out, but it will be a feather the Bulls' cap when/if this gets done.


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  • With all his positives, he definitely needs some coaches who can teach especially Noah and Rose. I hope he can design defenses to make Rose a good defensive player. I believe Rose was not good on defense because he had to take the offensive load so much unlike Rondo.
    We will probably know what kind of offense he will run from his press conference.
    The doubt is his head coaching exp...but Phil who is the golden standard didn't coach either. Also, another thing is his little like Skiles...getting burnt out?

  • In a Boston paper they said he already has the job? And they said Mo Cheeks (aka Mr Happy's man lover) and some Ron guy will be the assistants.....

  • In reply to joeacook3:

    Mo Cheeks an assistant? Wow. Got a link?

  • In reply to supernugg98:

    I just read the same thing on Bulls.com too...

  • In reply to supernugg98:

    Who's to say this guy isn't or is just as good as MIKE BROWN?

    Is LBJ thinking that?

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Who cares what LBJ thinks, only DWade matters.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Thibs was my first choice as well.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Ya ive heard he is actually really good with players...so im not sure what Sam Smith is talking about. I see Thibodeau as being a players coach similair to what Doc Rivers is. I think he will stand up for our players as well. I think he will be alright.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Hey Doug, on your fourth point, I am curious on what you think about how this affects Lebron. Is he likely to go to a team with a coach already in place or one where he will have input as to which coach should be hired? Case in point, the Hornets. After failing to get Thibodeau, they are on their way to hiring Monty Williams, the man Chris Paul wanted all along. Might we have just killed any chance of getting Lebron?

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Just wondering whether we would have been better off waiting until July before hiring.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Clayton Bigsby...I dont think it hurts our chances...i think it actually helps our chances. LeBron and Thibs have the same agency now that Thibs just signed with them this past week...so im pretty sure thats theres some kind of understanding there. Plus in LeBron's interview with Larry King, he says "he doesnt feel like he needs to pick the coach, and that there are many good coaches out there that he will play for." Plus LeBron knows this is the guy who stopped him cold in the playoffs this year. He has a great defensive mind. I dont see LeBron having a problem with it.

  • In reply to supernugg98:

    I have to say we could not have asked for a better start to the offseason. Well done mgmt.

  • In reply to supernugg98:

    Lets not forget it took Phil a while to even make it back to NBA after he played. He started out coaching in the CBA and in Puerto Rico's National league and then was an assistant for two years...then the rest is history. I think Thibs has the potential to be a great coach and the young bulls team needs more discipline defensively so he should work fine.

    The only question is can he make the in-game adjustments needed to win the close games. That will only be answered at season's start. Plus if he can get us Lebron...Bosh...its a PLUS for him and the Bulls!

  • In reply to supernugg98:

    Happy, VDN was better than Mike Brown! LOL

  • In reply to supernugg98:

    +2 yep i also read that Mo Cheeks could be a assistant to Thibodeau...that would be great! HOPEFULLY the Bulls hire Pippen too to become a assistant. He could only help.

    Great job by management...we landed our #1 guy. Thibodeau should help during free agency as well. Plus its good to have a coach by the time draft comes around....now we can find players that fit our style of play. The Bulls will be top 3-5 defense next year imo...thats if LeBron signs here.

  • In reply to supernugg98:

    IMO, i always thought Mike Brown was a bad coach...he just seem to watch LeBron rather then coach his team. His offensive play sets were...give LeBron the ball and watch him.

    If Thibodeau has a offense anything close to what Boston does ill be happy. Im pretty positive he will keep us a uptempo team as well. Boston runs a lot of screens and double screens to get Ray Allen free...we dont really have a player like Ray Allen so we will see what happens. Maybe Thibodeau brings Ray Allen to CHicago with him!!!! ;)

  • In reply to supernugg98:

    Tom Thibodeau is.., Tom Thibodeau is..

    I have no idea if Thibodeau ia going to be a good head coach or not. I've seen about two seconds of his coaching presence on the sidelines.

    Obviously he's a gifted defensive analyst. Does that mean he's a good hands on coach who relates well one on one with players? Sam Smith makes the comment that there's been a "stain" that follows him about not relating well to players. But then you hear that players do respect him. Paul Pierce and Veal(Brian) Scalabrinie seem to have a complimentary view of him.

    I like to analyze NBA draft prospects, and then if we ever get a contending team assembeled the idea is to simply decide if a player's heart is in it to be unselfish but yet agressive/compete hard on a nightly basis. With Derrick and Noah and perhaps Taj that's a yes. As for the coach time will tell.

    You have to prove yourself. How many great assistants/supervisors etc. rise a step too far to their own level of incompetence? A lot. That's why there are so few top tier coaches out there. We'll see. I just hope he does get a good offensive creative mind/assistant because one guy can't do it all. And if he's not overly taxed perhaps he'll have the clarity to adjust to handling the players, and leading the team mindset in the proper direction/evolution. It won't happen overnight. But if he is able to somehwat feel comfortable, and not overly taxed as miserable, overly controlling Jeff Van Gundy(his boss) always appeared to be then maybe he'll succeed, and it will be a tough road but also an enjoyable one for him, the players, and the fans.

    And I hope he's not as sterile as Vinny was IMO/shows some comraderie with the players, and sticks up for them once in a while to the refs. Especially Derrick and Taj(if he's still around after the off season/trades).

    I will say nice job Gar/Pax/Jerry if he is indeed signed soon.

  • My only reservations are over the fact that it took such a long time for him to get a head coaching look (why?), and what I've heard about his personality (obsessive). He's well liked by players,by all accounts, so I'm not worried that he's a grinder like Skiles. But does he have the temperament to handle the big chair on a day to day basis? Can he delegate? Can he balance gut instinct and statistics in his decision making? I guess these are unknowns with any assistant coach but this guy seems like he could be detail-oriented to the point where it's a detriment.

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