Bulls Beat #144

Beat #144 - Tommy T and free agency

I quite belatedly discuss the hiring of Tom Thibodeau
as head coach and the latest and greatest (however limited that is) on
the 2010 free agency clas. Also, KC Johnson will be appearing on the
next Bulls beat, so if you have questions for KC let me know.


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  • There are no booths in basketball.

  • Good podcast, although I do agree with trying to get Lebron and Bosh to sign with the Bulls, I just feel like Lebron will make some stupid decision and sign else where and Bosh I agree with you, that he will sign with Miami although Miami does not have anything to trade besides Beasley and this years draft pick and why Toronto would want a head case like Beasley is unthinkable to me. I still say if the Bulls can't sign Lebron or Bosh, Joe Johnson would not be a bad signing if the Bulls can get him without the max deal and Lee or Boozer would not be that bad of a signing either with Thibs as coach. These guys would have to play defense and the Bulls would have a very big starting 5. This is how Boston and L.A. are getting it done today with their defense and their size and who has a good look at both teams in the finals... Tom Thibs. I really do hope the hiring of Tom T will be a good selling point to the main targets of the Bulls and the selling point of a good young team that would challenge for a championship for some years to come. I don't know if it's us as Bulls fans that see what could be if the right players decide to sign with the Bulls or do these players see something else besides the all of the money that they could make. I know if I were trying to win multiple championships and still young and in my prime and the team that I were on wasn't getting it done, then I would definitely try to get with a team that has a chance to win over the next 5 to 7 but that's just me and who knows what these guys are thinking. We all have about two in a half more weeks of this madness.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    And if Miami does land Bosh, look for a 3 team trade so Toronto can get something out of the deal. Riley is a smooth talker and will get these other teams to jump at his trade proposals. although If I were a free agent I still would not trust him to remain with the team for a long period of time. He has been known to throw his teams under the bus when they don't win and he runs to the front office.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Great Podcast again Doug. I just have one problem. Nobody seems to acknowledge the fact that we can gain salary cap flexibility by simply dumping Kirk's contract. You mentioned a scenario of Bosh going to Miami and the Bulls not being able to sign and trade for Amare or Boozer because their teams are in cost saving mode. I find it hard to believe that a team would not jump at the offer of Kirk, Taj, and picks for cap relief. You could then sign Amare or Boozer straight up. Of course I only do this if we have Lebron in hand.

    Take Memphis as an example. Let's say they lose Rudy Gay because a team like the Clippers or Wizards offers near max money. Deng may be an option for that team. They've been looking for another guard to go with Mayo for the past two seasons, so Kirk may not be a bad option either. The Drug Lord of Indiana, Zach Randolph, is looking shaky for them. Taj Gibson would be great insurance. Add in a couple of picks, The Charlotte pick especially, and I guarantee that they'd be all over that deal.

    You could even push Toronto to do a deal if they catch wind of us clearing more cap space and threating to sign Bosh outright. We have far more cap flexibility than people realize. Kirk and Luol's contracts will not keep us from getting Bosh. Chris Bosh will keep us from getting Chris Bosh. Let me repeat this for the Mr Happy hearing impaired. CHRIS BOSH IS THE ONLY THING KEEPING US FROM GETTING CHRIS BOSH.

    There are several franchises that are under the cap besides the ones with max flexibility. I really believe the only reason Kirk wasn't traded along with Salmons at the deadline was because management knew we had to make the playoffs to separate ourselves from the Knicks, Nets, and Clippers. Kirk only has two years left on a contract that declines in value each year. Bad cotract.... yes. Un-tradeable ....no. Does anybody else have trade ideas besides us asking the Raptors and hanging our heads if or when they demand Noah back in return?

    In closing, Chris Ford touched on the idea slightly. I've been screaming this idea for months now. I'm glad to finally hear somebody consider the option:

    "One alternative could simplify Chicago's efforts to acquire two stars: The team could decide to create more flexibility by essentially giving Deng and/or Hinrich away to a team with cap space, if a taker or two could be found."

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Never even thought of this idea, Deng, hinrich, Gibson and bobcats pick for bosh and turkalou (sp?).

  • In reply to Reese1:

    A trade involving Hinrich is likely. With a good defensive coach in Thibs Hinrich's sole defensive talent I think has become expendable. I mean in Thibs we have a guy who has helped the Celtics shore up their D even with the deficiencies of Allen and Pierce on the defensive side.

    I think the Bulls have taken Hinrich of the "won't trade" list and I'm sure the Bulls have somewhat of a master plan to get this done. I expect either Deng or Hinrich to be traded come July...I'm leaning toward Hinrich b/c I think they want to keep Deng as Lebron insurance should he get injured (don't you love how I speak as if getting Lebron is a foregone conclusion!). Reinsdorf is gonna make this happen...

  • Great podcast, Doug. Analysis of the dominos + Toronto sign/trade situation was on point. Loved the hire of Coach Thibs as well; definitely helps our case for LeBron. I think it's gonna come down to Cleveland and Chicago; I'd actually give the slight edge 2 CLE... I think him having to deal w/ being hated in CLE if he leaves is somethin' not as much talked about. Can LeBron live w/ that? Anyway, lookin' forward 2 next week w/ KC, Doug!

  • I just don't understand why he would resign with Cleveland after all this. I still say the spot for James is Chicago. It just makes so much sense. Now Broussard had changed his tune and thinks Cleveland over Chicago.

  • That's what I'm saying. What free agents are knocking down the door to go to places like Memphis, Minnesota, or Sacramento? Kirk's contract is not that bad when you consider the length of his contract and the option of getting two assets in Taj and a Bobcats pick. Not every team is in position to get Lebron James. The Grizzlies couldn't even hold on to Juan Carlos Navarro. He jumped right back to Europe to escape. The sad reality is, certain teams have to over pay for talent. Rudy Gay will require a max contract to stay in Memphis. Players like Kirk and Luol may have value to some teams because they are locked into contracts. Zach Randolph's contract was viewed as horrific before last year. Our "bad contracts" have years of playoff experience and are viewed as high character guys that can play on both sides of the ball. Both are on the good side of 30, too. I'm not saying teams will come to us begging for these guys. I'm just saying they could be traded with the right incentive.

  • The thing we have to remember about this whole thing is that LeBron 3 years ago signed this deal to get to this point....if he wasnt winning championships, he had a way out. And thats what he is doing. If he wanted to stay in Cleveland...he would of signed the 5 year deal a long time ago...the Bulls are still in great position...we just have these couple weeks left to past..until it really gets interesting. LeBron wants to WIN. And he wants to win ALOT....what better place to do it then in Chicago.

    According to a realg.com article, they said LeBron is not affraid of playing in MJ's shadow either. He says he would actually embrace it if he does come here.

  • If I recall, he did put together a championship team a few years ago and seeing to the fact that their are a lot of clueless teams in the NBA, they will jump at the chance at trading for a former #2 pick who is pretty much unproven to this point by playing in Miami next to Wade where he can't play his game. This is the very reason why the league only has a hand full of teams every year that have a legitimate chance at winning the championship, cause the NBA is terrible as far as most of the players and now the refs are making it worst and the league is very predictable. So like I said, most of these teams don't have a clue when it comes to putting together a winning team that can win in the playoffs. Cleveland and its ownership is a perfect example. They are thinking about hiring a college coach at this stage of Lebron's career... PLEASE!!!... like I said THEY DON'T HAVE A CLUE.

  • Doug...
    I am curious why Deng's contract is such an albatross when he is owed about 50 mil/4 years? He is only 25 years old with an NBA experience better more than 75% of the players(playoff experience, pretty skilled, good jumper, developing 3 pointer, getting out of his injury issues etc..)

    I think he will be a good deal for some team like the Rockets, Wolves, Clippers etc...

  • In about 2 years, Dengs contract is going to be a very nice expiring contract for somebody.

  • What i mean by that is...teams might be wiling to trade for him then.

  • Doug,

    You seem to be forgetting that Bosh agreed to a S&T.

    Miami doesn't have the parts to make a S&T with Toronto happen. Bryan Colangelo does not want Mike Beasley. With L.A. getting older, look for Chris Bosh to land in Chicago.

    They have more parts to offer up.

    - Taj Gibson
    - James Johnson
    - Omer Asik (you keep over-looking him)
    - Charlotte's #1 pick in 2012 or beyond
    - Chicago's own combination of picks
    - Kirk Hinrich (of course I would ship him to Indiana for expiring contracts)
    - Luol Deng (not likely)

    * John Paxson and/or Gar Forman should be sleeping outside of Chris Bosh's doorway on June 30th. In fact, they need to be serving him breakfast in bed come July 1st....haha.

    * Bosh will lead to DWADE or LBJ. Bosh has to be the 1st move.

    There is NO EXCUSE for this current Bulls' management not to have Chris Bosh and either Dwyane Wade or LeBron James on their roster come the 2010-2011 season.

    If they do not accomplish that, then John Paxson and Gar Forman need to be FIRED...PERIOD!!!

  • This is why if I were an all star free agent I would not trust this guy at all but like I said, the league is full of greedy clueless owners and players that know nothing when it comes to trying to put together a team to win a championship. The Bulls should be the obvious choice for both Lebron and Bosh but its not all about winning for some people. All I know is I am sure Riley will smooth talk somebody into making a dumb trade in favor of the Heat and I really do hope that the Bulls will come out on top after all is said and done.

  • Wow, Happy...fired? What if they get Lebron and no1 else? What if they get Lee/JJ, Amare/JJ, Boozer/JJ?? Now if they get nothing than yes they should be canned immediately.

    As long as we get LBJ it doesn't matter who else we get imo.

    LBJ in Bulls uni next year=2010 FA success!!

  • I agree that the Jazz most likely would have no interest signing and trading Boozer. But I wouldn't be so sure about the Suns with Amare. Those guys have Nash signed for the next two years, and I think they would want to field a competitive team if not for that reason alone. The Suns have all the information on Amare's knee, and I don't think they believe he's worth the risk of a max deal. I don't think the Suns would have a problem spending for the next two seasons, but Amare signing a max deal with the Suns seems highly unlikely.

    I wouldn

  • In reply to JimmyBulls:

    As far as Bosh, he would easily be the third or fourth option in L.A. so going there I would not recommend but he might not mind it either cause of the chance to win a championship. It also means he takes a step back in his career. And the Cavs even with Amare still wont win a championship cause trust me, they will have to give up a lot and I'm quite sure Amare doesn't want to go there.

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