Bulls Bear #148

Beat #148 - Three cheers for management

The Bulls have shifted the balance of power by
clearing out room for nearly two maximum free agents.

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  • FYI:

    The Bulls have signed MATT BOULDIN of Gonzaga, who was undrafted, to a contract.


  • FYI - Don't know if its intentional, but I like it being called Bulls Bear.

  • You did that on the last podcast, too. When I saw it on this one, I thought you were officially changing the name.

    Now I'm sad.

  • We cannot compare this situation to 2000. The worst FAs the Bulls might get(Johnson and Boozer/Lee) are much better than Ron Mercer and Brad Miller plus the existing core(Rose, Noah, Deng, Taj) is much better.

    Bosh kind of said everything is in play...money, city, coach, talent...etc.. Do we think Thibs has an advantage for LeBron/Bosh over D'Antoni and Riley?

    Also, is there a list of the best players not drafted to get invited for summer/training camp?

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:


    There are just sporadic reports of guys signing on for Summer League.

    There are some nice prospects out there though.

    - Scottie Reynolds
    - Sherron Collins (Rose's buddy)
    - Jon Scheyer
    - Ryan Wittman
    - Mikhail Torrance
    - Jerome Randle (Rose's buddy)
    - Aubrey Coleman


  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Shed a tear for Klank Hin-Brick.... pour some 40....

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    You keep ignoring the distinct possibility that both stars are cognizant of each other and desiring to bring in the other/two offensive stars and not just themselves. If so, and winning is very important to them, and say they did feel Chicago was better with Taj Gibson on board and Luol Deng, then why not take a million less each or 1/16th and take $15 Million dollars with a definitely better cast with Taj and Deng included then Miami's thin cast.

    Don't assume we are going to trade Taj Gibson and Luol Deng. For only $1 million less each/$15 Million they can come to a squad with two additonal quality players. They can come into a budding superstar in D-Rose, and they know how good he's going to be with actual offensive all-star talent around him, Joakim stronger and a top 2-3 center in the Eastern Conference and the heart of a champion, Luol Deng, superb quality sixth man, and defensive bright spot with offensive skills in Taj with Thibs defensive Finals guru.

    Please for the love of god acknowledge that each player could consciously want to play with another/the other as opposed to alone, and therefore might very well each take the mil less at $15 Million to play in this undoubtedly awesome setting with then much more depth/better cast then Miami. Not to mention Wade's age and injuries.

    Without a scoring big that's a whole different ball game. Enough of the Joe Johnson crap. We can have and need a big. Bosh, Amare, or Boozer if we have to we need a big. Wake up. And please quit ignoring that these two guys may very well play for $15 Million each. If we have this cast assembled and the ability to pay two guys $15 Milm, and we don't sign two guys, and so readily give away Taj as you are supposing is just insane. That's what you're doing you're just assuming we're giving Taj Gibson away. Why would guys who want to win want 1/16 more to lose a very valuable defensive piece like Taj? Jesus.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Doug don't get me wrong. Great site. You're a great guy. Yes adding those other guys would make us a much better team.

    I'd be in the humble/gracious camp if not for one Derrick Rose. But how often do you luck into a D-Rose you can win championships with? If we didn't have D I'd say yeah fine whatever bring on Lee Johnson etc. But Derrick for myself merits this kind of talent around him. At least if you would agree that getting a big is paramount. Really whatever situation gets Lebron is paramount. Don't you think he's much more likely to come to the Bulls if we get a scoring big like a Bosh, or an Amare or even a Booozer then a Joe Johnson? Just say yes to this question, and nobody gets hurt(I'm kidding).

    Alright I just hope we don't give away Taj and even Luol when they may be of great, great value here, and we do not have to necessarily by any means give them up. Especially Taj. I just think he can be a defensive force. I really do. Getting a quality guy like Landry for Luol that's another story. Anyway if people don't think Lebron would be much more attracted to a team with a quality big, or that the Bulls Need a quality big period then so be it. We are very lucky to be in this position. Only because of Derrick and how he's led this team and done very, very well representing us Bulls fans, and he deserves to play with the best. At least in my book.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    I agree with you roadwarrior, hopefully the Bulls can hold on to Deng and Taj with the help of Lebron and Bosh. If they would accept less money then the Bulls will be in good shape if Both stars decide to sign with the Bulls. Look at Artest, he said himself that he signed for less money to play with Kobe and the team that was already intact. Lebron and any other free agent should take notice to The most unlikely person to win a championship. Artest was smart I will give him that. If it is true, Joe Johnson is not commanding a max deal cause if he was he would be signing with the desperate teams like NY or NJ. Lets hope these guys are working the back channels to work together to win a championship with a team that already has a good core in place like the Bulls do. Miami, NY, and NJ are all rebuilding and they all have a lot of question marks right now as far as who will be there and who want. The Bulls do not have that problem and that should attract the players that are serious about winning championships. I keep thinking about Miami and yeah they have a lot of cap space, Wade, 2 worthless players and nobody else. As far as making a promise to win a championship what else could they sell to a free agent and I know they have the whole Miami life style and no taxes but what about winning. I'm just saying if I were in any of these free agents situations and serious about winning then Miami would not entice me into signing with them.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Despite all the positive signs I'm still pretty reserved about the summer. Two things I'm afraid of:

    1. We only sign Joe Johnson - The team signs him and then proceeds to bring in no one else of significance. There is a chance no one else signs due to no fault of the organization.

    2. We sign no big free agents - The reports could be wrong about Johnson. LeBron and Bosh then go elsewhere. Leaving us with nothing but alot of cap room and a sure overpayment of a second tier free agent or filling out the roster with mediocre free agents.

  • In reply to MADman24:

    I realize you are only being cautious, but this is so very unlikely. Sure, let's say we are getting way ahead of ourselves with LeBron, why wouldn't Joe Johnson want to come here? Boozer? Amare? David Lee? Let's assume LeBron stays put. Bosh goes to Miami. Who left has more to offer for a free agent? We're getting two of those B guys minimum. That's our worse case scenario, and even that is a stupendous improvement.

  • In reply to muhammond:

    Bosh could go to Miami, Bron stays in Cleveland, and NY would still have cap room for two max deals and reportedly we aren't offering JJ his full max something which I wouldn't want anyway. So Joe Johnson and Amar'e could go there leaving NJ with room for Boozer or David Lee. And if we only add one of Boozer or David Lee, I'm not hopeful about our prospects.

    Still I think my reservations simply come down to having no idea what Bron is thinking. Bron says he wants to win multiple titles (but who doesn't) and it would appear the Bulls give him the best chance to do that but maybe LeBron isn't great at evaluating rosters. Maybe he thinks Miami has more talent with him Wade and scraps.

    Maybe he only is going to sign for four years something which would greatly increase Miami's chances. If we are going to take him at his word he also says he's already financially set for life so by taking slightly less money he could even theoretically end up with Bosh and Wade in Miami and hence making any moves we do essentially meaningless.

    We certainly improved our chances yesterday but I'm just not willingly to even say it's a good chance we get Bron simply because too much of this comes down to what Bron wants and we just have no real idea what that is.

  • In reply to muhammond:

    here comes Johnson n Lee at damn near full price?....how will they pay to fill out the rest of the roster? How many of these guys NEVER gets hurt? Reddick n Boozer?
    OR the great Ron Mercer come back..how old is he?

  • In reply to drob:

    You must not be a Bulls fan cause you are way too negative. Bulls will do much better than that and will be a much better team this season. Chill out dude cause you are really killing the hype.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Chicago has
    1) a more respected coach than Miami and NY
    2) a better core for the long run (I think Wade's injury issues and age may catch up to him)
    3) a better fan base than Miami, = to New York
    4) a better city than Miami, 2nd to NY
    5) a better NBA history than Miami and NY
    6) better marketing opportunity than Miami, 2nd to NY
    7) a better team to come to for Bosh and Lebron to build a legacy. Joining Wade will give Wade more rings and it's already his team and his city.

    I'm sure the list can go on and on. Miami has the edge with the income tax and weather. NY has the edge because it's New York.

    It has to be Lebron and Bosh. They need to be Chicago Bulls

  • In reply to Dileg:

    I think the marketing aspect for Chicago is actually better than NY if LeBron wins multiple championships. It is not just for another 4/5 years but even after that. Chicago Bulls is a bigger brand than NY Knicks or Heat or CAVS. You have to consider the whole world.. LeBron can be selling washing machines/cars in China with the Bulls brand name. NY might provide more opportunities for linking up with the entertainment industry folks. Jordan is still selling HANES almost a decade after his retirement.

  • In reply to Dileg:

    Clippers still have cap space. They may still consider Deng when they realize they won't get LeBron. They've narrowed down their coaching choices to Casey and DEL NEGRO. If they are dumb enough to hire Del Negro, then they're dumb enough to take Deng. I'm sure Vinny would love to be reunited with Luol .

  • In reply to Dileg:

    Hey Doug, where do you think David Alridge is getting his numbers? He seems to think we can comfortably sign two max contracts, I thought we were slightly off.

  • In reply to Dileg:

    Give the rest of the spots on our team to Undrafted free agents or D LEaguers and we should be fine...i think so anyway.

    Anyways...ill miss Hinrich, hard to believe he isnt on our team anymore lol But we did what we had to do and i love it! He was a bench player for us and now we can land another top 10 player in the NBA on our team. So if your whining about losing Hinrich...your a idiot....Sam Smith.

    Bigs help win you championships. Rebounds, easy points, drawing fouls helps win you championships. Not Joe Johnson on the outside shooting 3's. Bulls need a big and i dont care if there's any sort of a agreement with Joe Johnson. We cant talk to anybody until July 1st...so those rumors we could just throw out the door and say we never had those discussions.

    Plain and Simple....Gar/Pax keep it up and go get Lebron and Bosh and you might have created the best team in NBA history.

  • Wes Matthews, a guy I said the Bulls should have in Summer League last year, stuck with Utah, so you never know.

    One of my guys, RYAN THOMPSON, just signed on with Boston and Sac-Town.

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