2010 NBA Draft Review

Well as expected, the Bulls trade away their pick, but it was a good trade to set up ourselves for cap space to make a big splash and set up another dynasty.  The only thing I was disappointed was not to see a move to buy a second round pick and draft a role player such as Willie Warren or a Darington Hobson.

Below are my best drafts and worst drafts.

Best Drafts

1)  Washington cleaned up the draft.  Obviously, Wall is a great prospect, but they also got Kevin Seraphin and Trevor Booker.  Seraphin should spend one more year overseas, but at 6'11, good work ethic, a big body, and solid skill, I expect him to play in this league for a long time.  Booker reminds me of a Paul Millsap clone and is a great athlete.  I can see him pairing well with Wall.  Hamady N'Diaye probably will not make the NBA, but the talent is there to be a good defender and a late second round choice, he is solid.

2)  Milwaukee Bucks - I really like Larry Sanders and even at pick 15.  The Bucks have been ultra-aggressive the last few days, but Sanders can be a steal if he can add on 10-15 more lbs. and be a great pairing next to Andrew Bogut.  Skiles should love his defense, his athletic ability, and the want to stay inside unlike Tyrus Thomas.  Tiny Gallon is a project, but is very skilled and is worth the risk in the 2nd round.  Darington Hobson provides a versatile player at the small forward and should have been a late first-round pick.

3)  San Antonio Spurs - Spurs keep loading up in the draft.  James Anderson should feast in the system as he is a scorer and shooter and can rely off passes from Manu Ginoboli, George Hill, Tony Parker (if still there by season start), and Tim Duncan for open jumpers.  Ryan Richards is a very skilled player at 6'11, and can be a good Power Forward down the road.  In fact, if developed, he is a big-time steal mid second-round.

Worst Drafts -

1)  New York Knicks - I don't know what they are doing.  Obviously, prior to the draft they cleared some cap space to add some good player without Lebron.  However, there were plenty of good options in a deep draft on a team with few legit options.  Danilo Gallinari and Toney Douglas are nice young players but will not make free agents along want to come to New York.  So drafting Andy Rautins and Landry Fields in high second round is mind boggling.  Rautins might make it in the league as a three point specialist that can handle the ball a little, but will play reduced minutes.  Fields is not athletic enough for the 3 and extremely undersized to play the 4.  

Good news is that they got Jerome Jordan in a trade.  Jordan should play a few minutes as he should develop into a quality big man.  However, when there are players such as Gani Lawal, Willie Warren, Solomon Alabi, Manny Harris, Jerome Randle, Jarvis Varnado, Alexey Shved, Thomas Heurtel, Ryan Richards, Da'Sean Butler, and more available in a deep draft, you take them.  

2)  Sacramento Kings - Kings got much more talented in drafting DeMarcus Cousins and Hassan Whiteside.  However, they are the two biggest question marks in the draft in terms of attitude.  Both were steals at where they were taken, but on a rebuilding team it is hard to take two immature rookies and mold them together.  If they can co-exist together, Sacramento has got some serious depth, trading pieces to get good real quick.  I just can't envision this working out well when you are trying to teach youth to rebuild.

Steal of Draft - Willie Warren (L.A. Clippers.) - Sure he struggled this year.  However, it was not just his attitude, but more of his high ankle sprain.  He does not have to be the go-to-guy on the Clippers or any NBA team for that matter.  Warren is a combo guard, but has good speed to use in the NBA and a good open set shot.  Feeding off of Kaman, Blake Griffin, Baron Davis, Eric Bledsoe, and Eric Gordon, he should get open shots.

2nd Steal of the Draft - (Gani Lawal) - Outstanding pick.  While he is not a force on offense, he is not shabby either.  He is tough, can play defense, and can pull rebounds next to Robin Lopez.  He is a good athlete and is solid offensively.  He has a short jumper and can finish real well.  Suns are good at getting steals since drafting Goran Dragic, trading for Jared Dudley, drafting Robin Lopez, and getting Lawal.  They are building a nice little core that should be attractive for years to come.

Worst pick of the Draft - Lazar Hayward (Minnesota Timberwolves) - Hayward is the classic tweener at 6'6.  The guy can shoot; no doubt about that.  Can he do anything else?  He is not big enough to be a 4 in the league and has no quickness to play small forward, take people off the dribble in the NBA, and guard others.  To be a guaranteed contract, the Timberwolves could have drafted several others that would at least presented talented options.

2nd worst pick of the draft - (Landry Fields) - Knicks.  Ryan Reid that went to the Thunder is right up there, but Fields was picked at 39 when there were about 15 other players that could have contributed for the Knicks.  Fields is a quality guy, but he probably would have went undrafted and the Knicks could have added him on the Summer League team.  For a team hoping to add free agents that will clear out their cap, getting young cheap options when available is a must.  Normally, the draft is a reach, but there were plenty of good options available at this pick.

Side note:

I want to personally thank Doug Thonus for the opportunity to provide articles on Draft Prospects.  I have enjoyed doing them this year and appreciate hearing feedback from the fans.  Even though the Bulls did not draft anyone, they are setting themselves up nicely for a really good team for a long time with/without Lebron.   I also would like to thank Fred Pfeiffer for the opportunity to do a Podcast.  

Good news is that Bulls picked up two solid undrafted players in Matt Bouldin and Samardo Samuels.  Samuels should at least make the team as he can at least be better than Chris Richard.


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  • I thought that the Bulls might pick up Mac Koshwal from DePaul since they worked him out last yr and this year also adding that he was a close friend of Deng.

    So is this the end of Kevin States?!

  • In reply to joeacook3:

    Hey Kevin, I hope you continue giving us profiles on the Bulls' summer league players.

    Glenbrook native Scheyer is listed in the Wizards SL roster, but I'm still hoping he'll end up joining the Bulls... as the new Hinrich!

  • In reply to boogernights:

    I'll check in on summer leagues, but more than likely I will be working when Summer League is going on?

  • In reply to joeacook3:


    What do you think of Matt Bouldin. He seems a lot like Hinrich w/a little less fanfare of coming from a Final Four program. But his fundamentals seem sound and he's a pretty good passer it seems.


  • In reply to mdot1986:

    Bouldin is not nearly as athletic as Hinrich is the difference. However, at the small forward, he can at least be a solid shooter that is tough. I think maxed out he could be a Matt Harpring type player (not as much toughness, but a better shooter).

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    But he's a 6'5" guard too small to play the 3. I hope he continues to work hard. He could become a great spot up shooter for us.

  • In reply to mdot1986:

    he is built at 6'5. Honestly, several players at small forward are 6'5-6'7 range and a few at 6'8. Who will be able to post up Bouldin as he is built? His lateral quickness concerns me more than anything.

  • In reply to mdot1986:


    You did a nice job with all your write-ups.

    Like you, I was disappointed that the Bulls' management didn't add a role player. I think there were plenty of SG's, even in the 2nd round, that could have been bought.

    As far as Hinrich goes, I still think the Bulls' management shafted him. It wouldn't shock me to see him end up someplace other than Washington. I'm rooting for Indiana. It would make the rivalry more fun.

    And of course, I wanted Dickey Johnson traded. Hopefully that gets done soon.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    James Johnson will have a solid 2nd year if he stays with the bulls. Watch

  • In reply to mdot1986:

    I agree there's a chance James Johnson ends up a solid player. I do think he needs an attitude adjustment, but so do many other 20-22 yr olds. I know Doug likes him, and off the court he does seem a likeable kid. Only thing that concerns me was on the few times he actually did try to make himself available on the mid or low block virtually all his shots, other then on a couple of spin moves, were blocked. I'd say there's a 50/50 chance he gets traded though in the continued maneuverings for cap space and sign and trades for Bosh etc.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    Actually I agree that he will be better, he is supposed to have dropped a ton of weight during last seasons, so that should help... though I agree with the trade thing, 50/50 chance he is gone

  • In reply to mdot1986:

    Doug, I don't know how to email you or maybe you dont want to be emailed, I see it says you're on Facebook, but I'm not into that right now or tweeting. If by some crazy chance you read this do you think you could do an entry/piece on the guard situation as in say we get Lebron and Bosh maybe a top 5-10 of guys who could be available/we might get to foot the bill? I know Joe's a distinct possibility, but let's just say we get a big and Lebron instead(and even with Joe J. we'd still need some guards). I've already been compiling my own top ten once I started looking at that glaring hole with Derrick the only guard on the Bulls roster. It's funny how so-so guys you might call garbage or filler turn into vauable pieces/respectable when you surround them with studs and not to mention desperately need them. Maurice Eavns good D at the two and hits threes comes to mind as a nice add off the bench.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    Agree with your post. It would be nice to speculate on who the Bulls should have on their roster after signing the two FAs.
    As you said, Kerrs and Paxsons became studs when they had MJ.
    Having Rose, LeBron, Bosh on one team will make a lot of money for some role players 3/4 years from now...Who knows Adam Morrison might be useful for the Bulls...

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    This is getting to be too good to be true. Apparently it is already a done deal for Lebron and Bosh to Chicago. Could this really be?
    "I think it

  • In reply to claytonabigsby:

    It's not official until they sign on the dotted-line.

    Just give me TWO of the BIG 3 (BOSH, DWADE or LBJ).

  • In reply to claytonabigsby:

    I've seen too many done deals fall through the cracks. It looks good for Lebron, but don't believe everything the media says.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    From Ric Bucher:


    for Doug Thonus...Look for Dickey Johnson to be traded.

  • In reply to joeacook3:

    Thanks for all your insighful breakdowns on draft prospects Kevin. Please come back next year.

    It'll be interesting to see how Ekpe Udoh, Luke Babbitt, Dominique Jones, and Elliot Williams(my top four for the Bulls - before two of them skyrocketed) do next year and the following in the NBA. I hope Dominique is going to be as good as I thought. Babbitt or Udoh is/are going to haunt me if they become offensive forces. Later.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    Road Warrior, I appreciate all your opinions and the fans. You provide a lot of good insight. Mavs got a steal in Jones and he should contribute on that team from day one! I can't say what is guaranteed in terms of next year in writing for prospects, but I will be chiming in somewhere! Babbitt should be solid in Portland; just worried about the D. I think people criminally underrate how Udoh should do in the league, but I don't like Warriors system though. Last year I was on the Curry pickup. If they can trade a trio of Randolph and the PF from UNC, and Monta Ellis, they are sitting pretty with good core pieces.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    Also man, I really like Williams, but I hated to see him going to the Blazers. I like the Blazers, but eventually they need to trade those players and get rid of bad contracts or get specific role players that fill needs instead of stockpiling on talent that will never play.

  • The Knicks picks are really puzzling. Yes, they need shooters but there are a lot of better players available than Rautins and Fields. Jerome Randle and Willie Warren could've flourished in D'Antoni's offense and contribute too. Oh well, why am I complaining? They're the Knicks.

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