The lottery goes reasonably well for the Bulls

Not that the Bulls had too much at stake, it would have been nice to see the top two picks go out West while both are staying in the Eastern conference.   Washington won the #1 slot.   Combine that with their cap room, and they could be on a fast track to rebuilding, but I don't think John Wall and no core is enough to entice a major FA away from the Bulls.

The 76ers finished second, and they aren't going to screw up anything we're doing this off-season either.   They'll likely select Evan Turner assuming Washington doesn't screw up the Wall pick.

The Nets, who had at least some potential to be a FA threat if they won the #1 pick, finished third.   DeMarcus Cousins or Derrick Favors might help them out, but not enough to entice the big boys into thinking they're a great team in the making, especially given their record.

On top of that, an argument was also solved on whether the Bulls were better off making the playoffs or not.   Toronto finished with the 13th pick which would have still been sent to Milwaukee if we had missed the playoffs.   Those thinking the good move was to tank for the 2% chance at the lotto victory didn't win this year.


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  • Irene Pollin looked like somebody yelled out BINGO! Good for the Wizards. They could use some good news.

  • Other than New Jersey getting the top pick (though I never gave NJ more than a 1% chance of actually landing LeBron), getting Wall and Turner out of the East were my top concerns. However, LA didn't find it's way into a top pick, so that helps. Had they found a way to land Wall or Turner it might have influenced LeBron.

  • Pretty good results....only thing that sucks is that the top 3 picks are in the east....if we get LeBron we probably wont have to worry about them so hopefully we get him lol

    Bulls need SIZE and LENGTH. Guys on the top of my list that could be there :

    Xavier Henry
    Paul George
    Daniel Orton

  • In reply to Csharp:

    We really need SG that can actually shoot and a PF that can contribute more on the offensive side of the ball.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't you mean the 13th pick would have been the Bucks?

  • In reply to Csharp:

    I just read that Houston and Portland want to move up to at least 3 and 4.

    I wonder who Houston would be willing to give up for the 3rd pick.

    Don't they want Chris Bosh? Or do they know something?


  • In reply to Csharp:

    Looking at the lottery order, the most obivous thing has to be Wall going to the Wizards. But then the draft could get interesting. Do the Sixers want another perimeter player that can't shoot the three in Evan Turner? I think they have to give a physical big like DeMarcus Cousins a long look at the number two slot. The Nets then would have to answer the same question. Do they draft Turner and look to trade Lee or Williams? They could opt to draft Favors and try to go after Gay or Johnson with their free agent dollars. A lot of teams will have some tough choices looking at their rosters and trying to draft the best player going forward.

  • In reply to JimmyBulls:


    The Sixers will take Turner, unless Wall drops to them.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    Keep an eye on MINNESOTA.

    I wouldn't be surpised to see them move down. I think they want Cole Aldrich.

    He's a Minnesota native.

  • In reply to MrHappy:


    1.) Washington - John Wall
    2.) Philadelphia - Evan Turner
    3.) New Jersey - Derrick Favors
    4.) Minnesota - Cole Aldrich
    5.) Sacramento - DeMarcus Cousins
    6.) Golden State - Wesley Johnson
    7.) Detroit - Greg Monroe
    8.) LA. Clipppers - Al-Farouq Aminu
    9.) Utah - Ed Davis
    10.) Indiana - Gordon Hayward
    11.) New Orleans - Hassan Whiteside
    12.) Memphis - Luke Babbit
    13.) Toronto - Xavier Henry
    14.) Houston - Epke Udoh
    15.) Milwaukee - James Anderson
    16.) Minnesota - Paul George
    17.) Chicago - Quincy Pondexter

    How about it?

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  • In reply to WearShades:

    (Inadvertently hit post before I typed anything, my bad)

    I highly doubt Indiana takes Gordon Hayward. The local kid angle just doesn't seem likely given he's not a lottery pick and this is a top 10 pick.

  • In reply to WearShades:


    I think they could.

    They need a PG, but there isn't too many of those available in this draft.

    I still think Hinrich could fit well in Indiana.

    Back to Hayward. Picking him makes some sense.

    PG - Ford/Price
    SG - Dunleavey/Rush
    SF - Granger/Hayward
    PF - Murphy/Hansbrough
    C - Hibbert/Jones

    Granger is Indiana's only real threat at SF. You might think Dunleavy, but Larry Bird said in his season ending presser that he and Rush will be holding down the SG position.

    Don't be surprised, if a few hometown picks are made.

    Aldrich - Minnesota
    Udoh - Houston
    Hayward - Indiana

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I did forget about ERIC BLEDSOE.

    I suppose Indiana could REACH for him.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Could we trade Deng+Kirk to a team under the cap who isn't going to garner much FA interest (NJ/Was etc) for an exemption equal to a max deal? Is there a limit to the $ value of an exemption?

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I don't really know where is appropriate to put this, but I think that the potential for lebron to go somewhere on the MLE is really overlooked. It certainly would not completely shock me

  • In reply to Jdog1021:

    WHAT? Was that a joke? Why would he go somewhere for pennies on the dollar? Nobody would walk away from say a hundred million dollars. Not trying to be harsh and I know it's fun to picture him added to the lakers or whatever fantasy you've cooked up but it would be the most shocking signing in sports history if he took a MLE.

  • In reply to Jdog1021:

    Did everybody see this TWEET already?

    That guy works for WGN Radio.

  • In reply to Jdog1021:

    Quincy Pondexter!?!?!? Come on MrHappy...he is like the 5th or 6th best SG lol I bet we would take Daniel Orton before that. He could be a very solid very Center in the mold of Kendrick Perkins. If he wasnt on such a stacked team last year he could of put up some very good numbers.

    Draft went great for the Bulls...How about this for a idea...

    Im not a big fan of Al Jefferson either...he seemed to have gone downward last year...but anyways how bout Deng for Jefferson...then turn around and re-sign John Salmons.

    Starting 5

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    any chance we trade up and try moving kirk to make room for a second free agent?

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Doug, would the argument have been 'solved' the other way if the Raptors slot went to #1?

    I agree with you on the Salmons trade, but you're engaging in some seriously odd logic on what 'solves' an argument. It's all risk and reward when it comes to the 2010 plan. So none of the debates about the plan will be 'solved', even if the Bulls get LeBron. That said, you can simply just call people with different opinions on the strategy stupid. ;-)

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I bet Devin Harris wet himself when he saw the Nets got the #3 pick, Now he doesn't have to worry about John Wall taking his spot, lol!

  • In reply to joeacook3:

    Here's what you should see from New Jersey.

    PG - Harris
    SG - Lee
    SF - Williams
    C - Lopez

    They are staying young.

  • In reply to joeacook3:


    With Washington getting the #1 pick, it wouldn't shock me to see GILBERT ARENAS moved out of D.C. Given the fact that Philly got the #2 pick, we could see ANDRE IGUODALA traded. And I still believe that Minnesota wants the hometown boy Cole Aldrich, so that could very well send AL JEFFERSION to a new city.

    I'd keep an eye on those three guys this off-season.

  • I want to hear Avery Johnson selling Nets FA to LeBron tonight/tomorrow. Is Wall going to be better than Rose? He is longer/bigger wingspan but not strong? I guess he is a better version of Jennings. But he couldn't get his team to win.

    Another thing about all this experts on TV is how they rank/grade players. For example, Rondo is a superstar compared to Rose. C'mon, he has 2 more years of experience in the NBA and is playing with 3 HOF'ers.

  • Ditto on Doug's comment.

  • True. True.

  • Actually, if the Bulls had truly tanked, they would not have had the Toronto slot, they would have been much worse than Toronto record wise.

    In fact given how well Indy played down the stretch we might have had a shot at the 10 slot, which still did not win the lottery, but would have avoided the swap with the Bucks.

    In any event, I guess that playing the Cavs in the first round was good for us from the standpoint that Lebron got to see Rose and Noah compete at a playoff level. don't think that he was too impressed with the rest of the crew though.

  • I have to agree that the lottery went well for the Bulls, just didn't want Jersey to have that one additional chip in the arsenal.

    I think that you can officially elimanate Jersey from the lebronathon.

    Although, a slight argument can be made that Washington and Philly don't need a point guard. With Arenas and Holiday they both have points, although I guess that either of them could play in the same backcourt with Wall.

    I also don't think that Turner is a lock for #2. There is always a premium on top flight bigmen. There are definately those who will argue that Favors and or Cousins might end up being the best players in this draft.

    Both Washington and Philly arguably have a bigger need a power forward than a point guard, even if Philly is stuck with Brands contract.

    Doubt that it happens, but Wall could fall to #3, and Turner could easily do so also.

  • With the Wolves getting the 4th pick which probably means a big (Cousins, Favors,

  • In reply to OnePointSeven:

    I'd rather send them Deng for caproom and picks, I like Jefferson in Boston a lot and I could see why Minny wanted him in the KG-Trade, but IMO he regressed this year and I don't like the way he changed his game. Black holes are not teamplayers and at the level he is playing I don't want him on the Bulls. I much rather pay Lee than take on AlJeff

  • In reply to OnePointSeven:

    I'd be SHOCKED if Minnesota doesn't draft COLE ALDRICH.

    He's a hometown kid.

  • That's just not true Doug.

    Like I said, the Bulls could sway #17 for #10 and Kirk Hinrich. Indiana really wants to upgrade at PG. Hinrich looks to be available.

    I'm thinking if the Bulls were to get Jeff Foster in return, they could probably deal away much like QRICH got dealt away (multiple times) after being traded for last summer.

    If the Bulls need SHOOTERS (Anderson, Henry, George) there is a chance none of them will be available, unless the Bulls trade up.

  • That's a ridiculous statment on your part Doug.

    The Bulls have already HIT THE LOTTERY when they got Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah. This is the summer of FREE AGENCY, not the lottery for this Chicago Bulls team.

    Plus, getting Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah more playoff exposure only made Chicago a more attractive place for a top free-agent to come.

  • This has "Knicks trade for Arenas" all over it... :)

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