Terrico White Draft Profile


Terrico White (Ole  Miss)
6'5, SG, 215 lbs.

Coming into this year, Terrico White was one of my favorite picks to bust out and establish himself as a lottery pick.  White has many tools including athleticism, size, great front line speed, a good shot, and explosive finishing at the rim.   Though after an impressive freshman season, White had an inconsistent and disappointing sophomore season.

Offensively, White plays like a natural scorer with a scorer's mentality.  He effectively uses his mid-range jumper off the dribble or curling off of picks.  White shoots well from the three point line, but he tends to settle for the three given his athleticism.  He needs to improve on his shot selection and decision making on when to pass the ball.

White played the point as a freshman and excelled in scoring, but he doesn't possess the ball handling of a typically point guard.  Though built strong and athletic, he settles for floaters rather than finishing with authority and drawing contact, something he'll need to improve at the next level.  If he is able to learn to finish stronger and tighten his handles, the sky is the limit offensively for White.  

Defensively, White has all the tools to be a great defender.  He has a decent wingspan, a strong body, and solid lateral quickness.  While the tools are there, he struggles when it comes to maintaining intensity and going after it throughout the game.  He has potential to be a stopper, but he'll need to put forth more effort at the next level.

How does his game translate to the NBA?

White has all the tools that scouts drool over in terms of shooting, athleticism, and size at the shooting guard position.  However, White struggles when not playing as the go to guy, and he's certainly going to start out as a role player in the NBA.   He also struggles to consistently put in effort on both ends of the floor which won't endear him to his coaches if it doesn't change.  He's a high ceiling/low floor type of prospect in that he has a number of red flags that scream bust while a number of attributes that scream lottery pick.

Overall, White could go anywhere from late lottery to early second round.  Some team could fall in love with him determining he has that potential to be that guy.  He has the ability to be a top 10 talent in the draft, but must improve desire, motor, and IQ.  I feel he resembles the game of a Rodney Stuckey with a better three point shot.  How well he learns to mesh with others will determine how good of a player he becomes.

How does his game translate to the Bulls?

Offensively, White's upside is an almost a perfect fit next to Rose.  He can shoot, create if a player is closing out on him, and defend the shooting guard position.   Unfortunately, his downside is guy who's out of the league in a couple years if the desire and work ethic aren't there.  I will not be disappointed if they took a chance on him if Paul George, Ekpe Udoh, and Larry Sanders are off the board but will temper expectations. 


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  • I think he is one of those guards who are good but the value of talent is waaay off from the top three guards we are considering.

    I highly doubt we even take a chance unless we trade down or something. I think if we miss out on the three guards, it means that someone else has dropped down. Ala, Whiteside, Udoh, Davis, or even Motiejunas who I wouldnt pass on even if we still had the guards on the board.

    I doubt we would just draft the next best guard rather than just take the best guy at the guard. Though I dont doubt his ability, I doubt we will just take a guard to take a guard.

  • Kevin I have no interest in Terrico White. Low field goal percentages, low activity numbers steals. He didn't make my list of prospects to watch this year.

    You may not be interested in Luke Babbitt, but he is climbing up draft boards to 19 and 20 on DraftExpress and NBADraft.net. If you don't like him/doesn't sound like he's in your top five, then I guess an analysis isn't necessary. But he's in my top five.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    He is a talent that was surrounded by a horrible point guard this year. I am not saying this guy is in my top five, and he definitely is a risk. I am just writing an article every day until draft day. I will write one on Luke Babbitt, but I do like his shot-making ability and high IQ. I appreciate your feedback, but don't be surprised if this guy is busted out of the league or busts out to be a good player.

  • He's a nice player, but not good enough for the #17 pick.


    PAUL GEORGE got hurt (back injury) today at the DRAFT COMBINE.

  • I saw Paxson and Gar looking at Xavier Henry really hard at the combine yesterday. They must love Kansas guys or something...

  • In reply to joeacook3:

    I hope they do not draft Henry!

  • Who could the Bulls' management trade the #17 pick to and grab a veteran SG in return?


    #1.) Rudy Fernandez (Portland Trailblazers)

    * Could give the Blazers James Johson as well.

    #2.) Nick Young (Washington Wizards)

    * He's Taj Gibson's friend from USC and the WIZ are rebuilding.

    #3.) Courtney Lee (New Jersey Nets)

    * I'm not sure NJ is all that happy with Lee's production last year.

    #4.) Brandon Rush (Indiana Pacers)

    * Rush struggled last year and Indy could take the hometown kid, Gordon Hayward.

    #5.) Anthony Morrow or Kelenna Azubuike

    * It's getting pretty crowded in the G.S. backcourt. Maybe they want JJ too.


  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I like Nick Young, but not the others for pick 17.

  • Ill pass on White...i doubt he even makes a roster in the NBA.

    MANONNEPTUNE- I like hearing that...i would love to have either Paul George or Xavier Henry in a Bulls uni next year. Hopefully Gar/Pax will go and get the player they want this draft. We got the pieces to make something happen.

    Out of those SG's mentioned above...i like Brandon Rush, Fernandez and Marrow the best. Marrow is pretty young and is putting up very good numbers from behind the arc. I like him a lot.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    We definitely should be getting a good player this year in the draft!

  • In reply to Csharp:

    ya i agree...Kevin you should do a profile on Daniel Orton. He is kind of a mystery player...many of us didnt see him play that much. But if it wasnt for his stacked team, he could of been putting up great numbers this year. He is a good bang for your buck type player possibly. He measured out bad at the combine so his stock might take a little drop. Bulls also need beef and he could help provide that.

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