Raptors want to trade Bosh to LA for Bynum

Per Chad Ford:

No, because they knew about this in February. The Raptors and
Lakers had the parameters of a deal in place for a Bosh for Bynum deal.
LA eventually pulled out because they were unsure how the addition of
Bosh would affect chemistry mid-season and they were concerned that
Bosh could bolt via free agency in the summer. Both concerns should go
away this summer and the two teams agreed to revisit talks after the
playoffs ended. They are in a very good position to land Bosh if that's
where he wants to play. It's the Raptors first choice among the
sign-and-trade options available to them.

He also says he hears Chicago lands LeBron from his sources while discussing the Knicks pitch:

I've been skeptical for months that he'd go to the Knicks. I
think the Bulls have more talent to work with and I thought Miami could
also be a great destination. But I have to say, I was pretty intrigued
when I heard the full pitch. All of my sources that I have say they
believe he's heading to Chicago ... but the truth is no one really

At first glance, Bosh to LA sounds pretty bad right?

However, it's an interesting domino to fall, because it forces Wade or LeBron to come Chicago or continue to play without the second star.

Now the FAs left are Boozer, Johnson, Amare, Wade, and LeBron.   Assume Wade/LeBron don't want to play together which seems to match the rumors as we haven't seen the two pair up in any rumors yet really.  

Now, one of them can play with Amare perhaps which matches the rumor of Amare landing in Miami with Wade.  

That leaves New York's best offering with LeBron talentwise as Carlos Boozer which isn't going to get it done because while Boozer, LeBron, and a bunch of scrubs is still decent, it's a long way from a title team.

Cleveland still is well short. 

That brings in Chicago as the team with the most pieces left, and the possibility of adding Boozer with LeBron in a S&T somehow.   If Amare pairs up with LeBron in NY, then that leaves Wade having to decide if Boozer coming to Miami is enough to make him happy, again, it's probably so far short of what he needs that it's not.

That would lead to Wade coming back home to Chicago.

While Bosh to LA isn't good news, it's not necessarily bad news, at least not as bad as you'd think.  The odds are very high that it pushes either Wade or LeBron to Chicago if they want to win.  The only scenario that makes sense to me where the Bulls don't get one of the two is if LeBron/Bosh pair up in NY and Wade/Amare in Miami.   Either Amare resigning or Bosh going to LA means someone's left without an elite partner in those cities and going to look for a new destination.


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  • Is there any chance of the Knicks doing a S&T for Lee with us?

  • Chad Ford is reaching.

    Bynum is hurt too often and Gasol is Kobe's boy. If Bosh is going anywhere it will be Chicago.

    Mark it down!!!


    LeBron James - New York
    Joe Johnson - New York
    David Lee - New Jersey
    Amar'e Stoudemire - Phoenix
    Carlos Boozer - Utah
    Rudy Gay - Memphis
    * Chris Bosh - Chicago
    * Dwyane Wade - Chicago

  • If the Bulls can't land Bosh, this is the best case scenario. I would almost rather push for this too be official so we can stop worrying about Bosh and can focus on Lebron. If Bosh is out of the mix, I believe the Knicks are out too in the Lebron sweepstakes. Speaking of the Knicks, can someone please explain to me how NYC is that much bigger of a market over Chicago? People talk like Chicago doesn't hold a candle to NY's marketing abilities. Last time I checked, the Bulls, Cubs, Bears, Blackhawks have had little problems marketing their stars. How many movies are filmed in Chicago? A lot of Celebs live in Chicago. I just don't get it.

  • In reply to Dileg:

    They are both great cities. I grew up in Chicago and have lived in NY/NJ for the last nine years and I love both (except when it comes to sports: strictly Chi).

    NYC has a larger market simply by the number of people who live in the NYC Metro area vs. LA Metro vs. Chicago Metro.

  • In reply to jamatokwu:

    I was on a New York forum yesterday. Knick fans have no clue. Rob Parker wrote an article that was so awful, I had to comment. Knick fans were furious at what I wrote:

    This article by Parker is pitiful. I am a Bulls fan that hates what he sees for the current Knicks. New York deserves better. This franchise has a great city, but a horrible roster. Out of all the free agent destinations, New York has done the worst job preparing. This is magnified when you consider the fact that the other teams went for 2010 plan AFTER New York started it. The Knicks got a head start on everybody, yet they have no high draft picks, young talent, or solid veterans on this team. If you had Rose, Noah, Wade, Devin Harris, or Brook Lopez they'd be your best players in New York. The best talent on that team is David Lee and he's an unrestricted free agent. Pitiful. Even the Clippers have a better roster. THE CLIPPERS!!!

    The management hides behind Madison Square Garden and feels like it will be enough. It better be. If not, New York City will want blood..... and it will be about time. New York deserves better. For those of you that feel that Lebron won't go to Chicago because of Jordan's legacy or Miami because of Wade's ring, look at your local Yankees. Have you ever heard Jeter complain about living up to Babe Ruth or any of the great Yankees? Did A-Rod stay away from New York because Jeter had a ring already? The Knicks are more Mets than Yankees. New York deserves better.

    And finally, for those of you that believe that New York will be great for LeBron because the city is the greatest on earth... wake up! I saw a photo once of a young African child standing alone in the middle of the wilderness. He was wearing a Bulls Jordan jersey. He was wearing this jersey despite the fact he likely didn't even own a T.V. He wasn't wearing it because he had been to Chicago. He was wearing it because everybody loves a winner. The Knicks haven't won anything for a very long time. Who in the hell has ever seen a Ewing jersey outside of New York? To this day you will see more Jordan jerseys spotted in the NYC than any Knicks player. New York deserves better.

  • In reply to kbar17:

    You sound like a Knicks fan trying to sell the Chicago fans your sob story. This is all the Knicks managements fault cause they are still trying to put behind all of the bad deals that they made in the past. The fans here in Chicago does not feel sorry for NY. We want Lebron here in Chicago as much as NY or NJ and we have a lot more to offer on the court and just as much off the court to offer Lebron with a lot more Privacy for Lebron cause in NY or NJ he would not have ant privacy and in NY he would be a side show attraction on the court cause again... they have nothing more to offer him. Again if you are a Knick fan we don't want to hear what NY deserves cause they have everything else. They own baseball by buying all of the good players so maybe that is their curse. Go BULLS!!! Sign Lebron and Bosh... Lets make it happen.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    I just hate Knicks fans because they base everything off of a false sense of entitlement. I actually have heard them say that Lebron will pick the Knicks because NYC has more people than Chicago. That has to be the dumbest thing I've ever heard. First of all, Lebron will never meet even 1% of the people in New York. Second, would he really want to meet the other 99%?

  • In reply to kbar17:

    And if Lebron or Bosh or any other free agent pick NY they are obviously going there just for the money and not to win. If they go to NY then I say...more power to them and good luck in wasting the rest of their basketball career or at least the majority of it.

  • In reply to jamatokwu:

    Wow Toronto deserve to be stuck in the mid lottery if they do something as dumb as trade for Bynum's 50 games a year. I have no idea why they'd be so short sighted.

    The obvious move to me is send Bosh to the Knicks, you can package Hedo with him taking back Eddy Curry + picks that way. Then you have a really great pick from tanking in the 2011 draft, you have a massive trade exception, you have greater than max cap space, and you have future picks.

    Maybe they think getting Bynum will retain fans? I don't know, he doesn't impress me as much as going the full rebuild, and I'm pretty sure anyone who likes him will sour on him once they realise he's always injured and they're 10 games under .500.

    Still if they want to effectively make NY a player for nothing more than the Boozer/Johnson booby prize, please go ahead. :)

  • If Bosh goes to LA, LeBron won't have many options. If he still wants to win now, he will need to consider pairing up with Wade in Miami. That would be the minimum to match the talent level of a team led by Kobe, Bosh, and Gasol.
    He can also come to Chicago and have us bring Amare or Boozer

  • If we get Lebron, Bosh has higher chances for rings here past the first one or two.

  • I think the Bulls need to suck up their pride and offer Noah/Deng for Bosh IF it means getting LeBron. If LBJ says he wants to play in Chicago but only if Bosh comes then we better fork over Noah and Deng. Otherwise Bosh is going to LA for Bynum and LBJ will resign with Cleveland.

  • Chicago is the best city in America.

  • Bosh would be third option at best with Kobe and Gasol. I understand LA wants to continue to win but they do not need an all star type player like Bosh. And I am not saying this cause I want Bosh with the Bulls. They need a bangger like Haywood from Dallas who is not looking to score a lot. Bosh is looking to still get his points and signing with LA will not be a good career move for him IMO. And we all see what Toronto is doing and that is getting Bosh out of the east. Bulls need to talk to Bosh and get him to understand this if he already doesn't. It all depends on where Bosh wants to go and play. Bosh will end up being like Trevor Ariza or Lamar Odum. Both guys can score but they can't because of Kobe and Gasol. Me personally... I would not want to be third or fourth option on this team. While with the Bulls he would easily be first or second option but it all depends on if Lebron signs then he would be second. This is a no brainer for Bosh but who knows what he is thinking. Toronto is just showing how stupid they are for wanting a injury prone player in Bynum and injuries tend to be worst in the cold weather which we all know that is Toronto's M.O. Hopefully Bosh is smart.

  • IF he goes to LA for Bynum, then Gasol would be the primary center in LA. IF the trade was for Gasol, then Bynum is the center.

    Either way Bosh primarily plays power forward, his preferred position.

    If I had to guess I say Bosh picks LA first, Miami second, the Bulls and Knicks third and fourth depending on who lands Lebron.

    So in reality the ball is in LA's court. Do they want to make a move, does it depend on if they win a championship. I say that they do it either way since Bynum is hurt and not contributing win or lose.

  • He's reaching.

    Everyone of the ESPN guys has been pitching for Bosh to go to the Lakers.

    That's there town. They like the COASTS.

    The Bulls can put together the best trade package and at the end of the day, that's what it will come down to.

  • Wade and Bosh.

    Don't be shocked, if it happens that way.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    This is why.

    I really believe the Bulls are going to land Bosh in a S&T. I'm guessing Wade would not want to see LBJ win titles in his hometown. Therefore, he will end up signing with the Bulls first.

    LBJ will do a 3-year deal in NYC.

  • I think that the big difference is all about the self generated, self centered, self indulgent media hype.

    New York is simply full of itself. Having lived in both, Chicago is unequivically the better place to live, weather aside. I meet people from all over the country on a daily basis, and nearly everyone absolutely loves visiting Chicago, if not O'Hare.

    I think that most NBA players rank Miami, LA and even Phoenix ahead of NY as a place to live. They probably pick Chicago over NY just like everybody else also.

    Not that it matters, but Chicago is more like half the size of NY population wise if you look at Metro Areas, 18 million, vs 10 million.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Agree with media hype. I prefer visiting Chicago to NY but I could be biased.

  • Interesting thoughts on this subject. It almost makes me want to see Bosh go to LA. To me anything that increases the chances of landing Lebron is a positive event.

    It could however, "force" Lebron to Miami to compete with the Lakers.

    Maybe, just Maybe Bosh to LA makes the Bulls look at trading Deng to Minny for Kevin Love(after they sign Lebron of course), which would leave us with much more cap flexibility to sign both Asik and a free agent shooting guard, Anthony Morrow perhaps.

  • The difference is that was then, and this is now. Bynum was healthy back then, now he can barely stay on the court. You think the Raptors want to risk being stuck with that contract like Philly is with Brand?

    I also don't think Toronto even wants Deng. He would probably hinder the development of Weems/Derozan?

    Deng and Hinrich have bad contracts, and the Raptors already have Calderon for 3 years/29 million, Turkoglu for 4 years/44 million, Bargnani for 5 years/50 million, even Jack for 3 years/15.7 million. You think they'd really want to take Deng's 4 year/51.3 million dollars? They need to unload those contracts and get some cheap bigs.

  • I think the major question about Bosh to LA is whether or not the Lakers want to do it, and it really depends if they win a championship this year or not. If LA does win it all, then you're looking at messing up a proven championship team to add another player in, not sure they would want to take that gamble...

  • I was reading a Cleveland forum that was about bringing Vinny in as head coach. That's pretty funny but I'm glad he's getting some respect.

  • In reply to Dileg:

    Wouldn't that be some shit, if they did that and Lebron stayed.

  • What if Minnesota wanted to match total salaries? Deng for Love and other contracts? Do like the trade only if its Deng and Love straight up?

  • How can we land Lebron when he leaves 30 mil on table if he walks from Cleveland? It would have to be logically a S&T. If that happened we no longer have leverage for another marquee guy...we may get Lee. Our hopes are set too high IMO.

  • In reply to mdot1986:

    Nope, we actually need to sign and trade someone (or otherwise dump contract) to have room under the cap for two max contracts. And Lebron has to consider either the ability to win or the increase in outside income in leaving Cleveland, because the Cavs are extremely unlikely to give him a sign and trade.

  • In reply to mdot1986:

    In any trade, the team which gets the best player(s) wins the trade. So, Lakers obviously get the better of the trade. But, for Toronto Bynum is by far the best player in a S & T. I am sure they will go for it. All these complaints about Bynum injured is right but he is young and might get over it. If Toronto gets Bynum and Odom for Bosh, then it is a decent deal for them.

    I hope the Bulls are doing their homework with Toronto on what they need for Bosh and not wasting all their time on Phil Jackson.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    It will ultimately come down to Bosh and where he wants to play. In LA he will be looking at maybe winning a championship if Phil is there and being a third or fourth option player and in Chicago he will also have a chance to win a championship if Lebron signs and be second option. I think I think he should take the Bulls offer and play a bigger role in winning a championship. Nothing is guaranteed on either side right now though. Lets hope Phil walks away from LA and retire cause I don't see him coming back to Chicago. LA is really insulting him with this pay cut garbage and I hope he leaves.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    If we want Bosh, the only way it goes down is:
    Deng and 1st round pick to Minnesota, Jefferson to Toronto, Bosh to Chicago. Both Toronto and Minnesota save money and fill their biggest positional needs, and Minnesota becomes competitive after picking up Cousins in the draft and has an extra 1st rounder next year.

    In order to make this work for chicago, salary wise, we have to move Hinrich's contract, possibly tossing in another draft pick to sweeten the deal. Would probably be worth it if we think Lebron+Bosh would bring us a ring. Our options after this are to get Jefferson ourselves and, least attractively, sign boozer to a more expensive contract (if utah wants anything from us) then he is worth. Any of these moves would be very positive, however.

  • Yeah I definitely agree that the Raptors have to be cautious as well. But unless they can pry Noah or decide they want David Lee and the Knicks are okay with that, neither of which seem likely right now, Bynum seems like he's far and away the best option despite the massive risks there. Still, I think the move makes less sense for the Lakers than the Raptors for the reasons you put out there, really regardless of whether or not they win the title. That said I think if they don't, chances of them making that move shoot up dramatically.

    All of that said, this seams like a relatively obvious report to me. Unless you can get Noah (maybe you can argue David Lee also), Bynum's the best guy they'll get back for Bosh in a S&T and fits way better with Bargnani than anybody besides Noah too. Of course they'd want him in return. But the Lakers would have to be interested and Bosh would want to have to go there too...lot more to Bosh to the Lakers than Toronto having interest in Bynum.

  • In reply to derza222:

    Bosh IMO would be stupid to go to LA not cause of location or a chance to win a championship, but his career would take a back seat playing along side KOBE and GASOL. He would definitely be third or fourth option on the Lakers and him and Gasol basically are the same player. He would end up being like Lamar Odum or Trevor Ariza who played with the Lakers last year. These two guys can score but playing behind Kobe and Gasol they cannot score as much. To me he would be turning his self into a journeyman player being traded to the Lakers and he is nowhere near that. He is an all star and he should be treated like one. Here in Chicago he would be the Bulls first or second option with D-Rose running the show. If Lebron signs with Bosh he would be second option with D-Rose still...RUNNING THE SHOW. GO BULLS!!! LETS BRING CHAMPIONSHIP BASKETBALL BACK TO CHICAGO.

  • In reply to derza222:

    I don't know, that Charlotte pick has to be pretty tempting next to an oft injured big.

  • They would maybe win in a couple of years with Lebron and Bosh but not a championship. To me NY is at the bottom of the barrel, I mean they wouldn't even have a descent bench. I mean I know a lot of money is involved and maybe it's just the competitive drive I have from playing basketball back in the day but if it were me I would sign with the Bulls cause I would be all about winning. I am a product of the 90's basketball era so I guess that explains it.

  • I don't know about 5 picks but I think they would go for three. Toronto seems to like European players and they can select Europeans at the end of the round and leave them in Europe for development for a few years.

    I agree if you have that core, you can get Mr.Happy's favorite player "Derrick Byars" as your shooting guard and win.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    If Bosh says... OK I want to go to the Bulls then Toronto has to accept whatever the Bulls send them I do believe. I say Hinrich, maybe two draft picks and the european guy that the Bulls own the rights to since they like those type of players so much who just so happens to be a big man. I also say the Bulls should try to keep this years pick.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    If we're getting James, too, we need to dump salary in getting Bosh.

    And Doug, if we have James, and we're giving Toronto 5 picks, they damned well better take Deng instead of Hinrich.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Well if Bosh goes to the Lakers then Toronto has decided Bynum, who really has only played one full NBA season due to injuries, is their very high near Max salaried replacement.

    Then what happens with Lamar Odom's minutes? He's going to play a lot of SF with Ron Artest just chillin'? Odom at $8-9 Mil a year for years really only fits on a contending team.

    I just don't think Bynum going to the Raps/Bosh to the Lakers is a sure thing by any means.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Bosh for Bynum and probably Vujacic is a MAJOR reach.

    The Bulls can offer a way better deal to the Raptors.

    - Taj Gibson
    - James Johnson
    - Omer Asik
    - Kirk Hinrich
    - Luol Deng
    - Charlotte's #1 Pick
    - Bulls' #1 Pick(s)

    It's not even close. The Bulls have the better OVERALL parts to offer the Raptors.

    The only way Bosh doesn't end up in Chicago is if he re-signs with Toronto.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Yeah, he is not even considering hanging out with Wade in Miami. I live in Vegas, and Bosh is a frequent visitor, he likes the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Miami is that kind of city for NBA players.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    come here,
    Fantastic place,do not miss it.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Toronto would want to make the rich richer. Just goes to show everybody that they don't want Bosh in the east yet along with the Bulls.

  • Uh.................. what?
    I was trying, hoping, to make an intelligent post.
    a)how do we pay for those contracts?????
    b)raptor fans would riot.

  • Those bench players just do not strike me as being a championship caliber bench. IMO. I could be wrong though. I would be willing to bet that I wasn't. A team has to build chemistry and trust first. Everybody cannot do what Boston did a couple of years ago and Boston did it cause they had three all stars that were desperate to win a championship.

  • I'd be willing to take distant picks from NY, betting on NY being bad seems to be a winning strategy. Maybe something like right to swap in 2013 and the 2014 pick.

  • You know if the Bulls get/add Bosh(and maybe LeBron) either way those aren't likely going to be very high picks for the Raptors. I would think they might be more interested in this year's deep draft/bird in the hand if the Bulls can acquire a pick or two, and possibly give them players like Ekpe Udoh, James Anderson, Paul George, Dominique Jones, Luke Babbitt, or Elliot Williams along with Taj and whoever.

    And if they take back Kirk's $9 Mil and Taj's $1 Mil $10 MIl for what would have been Bosh's $17 Mil that's a savings of $7 Million dollars(minus the $4-5 Mil in value for three young guns/desirable draft picks).

  • Wow...you give NY one hell of a plug. Are you sure you want whats best for the Bulls or NY? You know every good championship team has a pretty descent point guard, so seeing that you know how to build the knicks into a contender, who would their point guard be? And do you really think D antone system would win them a championship even if they did have Lebron and Bosh? I have always known that a championship team in the past have always won championships by playing some very good defense. So don't forget to change the coach for the Knicks as well.

  • I'd do this trade for us in a heartbeat. We would need some ring chasers that can shoot 3's and a big or two with some size / bulk.

  • Giving Toronto 5 picks and two players is a little bit too much dude. Hopefully Bosh will be smart and make the best deal for the team that he is going to without stripping them of everything.

  • Interesting question, who has had a better career, who had a better year, who has a worse contract.

    Deng or Bynum. Yet you are correct, they would take Bynum over Deng evertime even though Bynum actually makes more money and performs less(at least so far).

  • To me NY is a bigger focal point only to those who already live in NY, the rest of the country could care less about NY and most actually despise everything about it.

    Would Jordan have been any bigger in NY, I don't think so, in reality he was as big as you could get. Same for Tiger Woods, who obviously has nothing to do with NY.

    Name the last biggest star athlete that actually played in NY. In my lifetime, I am not sure there ever has been one.

    If Lebron just wants to get stroked by New Yorkers then more power to him, otherwise he needs to go somewhere and become a megawinner first, then a megastar.

  • Your last statement begs the question, who would you take Bosh or Rose.

    Interesting debate. I am not in love with Bosh, so I probably have to go with Rose, he clearly has more upside left in him.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I would have to take Rose on every occasion but He would still need a low post game to help out the Bulls low post problems now and adding Bosh would be a pretty good start.

  • Totally agree, No doubt that Lebron would want Bosh, but I be he would not want Noah moved to get Bosh. Kind of like the Kobe/Deng thing a few years ago.

    I imagine that superstar players actually value Noah more than the average fan, because they know that someone has to do the dirty work on a champion.

  • I keep reading that there are issues in Minny, and that Love may not be happy there.

    As I have said before Minny is one of those places that players don't want to be so maybe they have to be happy with guys who will just play there, collect fat paychecks and keep their mouths shut.

    I think Deng falls into that category of player. He is a starter if he goes to Minny, they have a need at small forward, unless you are in love with Corey Brewer, who seems to be a tweener(2-3).

    We probably have to sweeten the deal by taking at least one bad contract back, but there is room to do this due to the disparity in Dengs and Loves contracts, maybe we have to throw in a draft pick(Hopefully Not Charlottes).

    Minny almost has to move either Love or Jefferson, and Jefferson may not be moveable right now due to his knee, so maybe they are forced to move Love.

    Watch what they do at 4 in the draft. If they end up with either Cousins or Favors, Love has to be in play.

    I am not sure that I wouldn't prefer Love to Bosh since I find something soft about Bosh and Love has more of Noah in him, along with some offensive skills that we could use.

    My basic point is that I think Deng has to go, obvious if we get Lebron and I like Love a lot, and he is an easier get financially than a second max guy.

  • Don't the Knicks have to wait until after they sign the free agents before they take back a bad long term contract for Curry. Seems more likely to happen at the 2011 trade deadline.

  • where exactly do you see Deng playing on a team with Lebron. Deng is only suited to play small forward(unless Don Nelson is the coach then anything is possible), despite all the hype over the years, he cannot play 2 or 4.

    Lebron is a 3, who could play 4, but with Bosh on the team he is a 3. Deng has to go, his contract really, really, really sucks if he is not even a starter.

    My guess is you are putting Lebron at 2. In this scenario, how or when does Deng ever touch the ball.

    If Deng is still on the Bulls in 2011, then I believe that will mean that we failed in the summer of 2010.

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