Quincy Pondexter draft profile


Quincy Pondexter (Washington)
6'7, SF, 220 lbs.

At 6'7, great athlete, and great defense, Pondexter's defense alone can keep him in the NBA. Pondexter came to Washington as a great athlete with limited offensively outside of 10 feet.  With improved offense game and a good motor, he has solid role player / glue guy potential for an NBA team.

Offensively, Pondexter shoots fade aways from the post up position or takes the ball to the rack with his athleticism.u  sing acrobatic finishes.  His jumper improved somewhat this season as he started showing some range outside 14 feet, but he still looks uncomfortable shooting outside of the mid range and isn't a real threat from there.

He has solid handles and athleticism to drive, but he doesn't possess the passing skills or pull up jumper to counter a defense that takes away the lane.  He needs to develop those skills at the next level as well as a spot up jumper to play on the perimeter. Once a shot is up though, he uses his athleticism to gather in offensive boards and put backs.

Defensively, Pondexter makes up for a lack of lateral quickness with great length.  He has long arms to get into the passing lanes and can guard all of the wing positions.  He plays solid help defense swatting shots and gathering rebounds to start transition offense.

How does his game translate to the NBA?

Pondexter jumps into the league as a defensive role player, energy guy, and athletic game changer.  He still has a lot of work to do offensively in refining his skills and as opponents can give him the Duhon treatment on the perimeter right now. An improved jumper makes him similar to Josh Howard, but right now he projects more similarly to Thabo Sefolosha.

How does his game translate to the Bulls?

With limited outside shooting skills, and the Bulls not having a strong need at SF, he doesn't fit the Bulls needs..  His limited outside shooting would pack the lane even more for Derrick Rose, and he can't immediately make teams pay for doing that.  While he has a chance to be a good role player, his fit isn't good for the Bulls.


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  • He could be 6'6" and I have seen him projected out as a SG/SF.





    He has great work ethic and great character. I really like this kid.

    I think he could help the Bulls.

  • The outside shot debate is a misconception.

    True, the Bulls need shooters, but they also need SMART BASKETBALL PLAYERS (Quincy Pondexter), not IMMATURE ATHLETES (James Johnson).

    Dwyane Wade, Derrick Rose and Kelenna Azubuike didn't exactly shoot the ball well from the perimeter heading into the NBA, but that didn't stop either of them from working on it and becoming better at it.

    I'm not saying this kid is Dwyane Wade or Derrick Rose, but I do see him having a similar game to Kelenna Azubuike. I think you can't disregard WORK ETHIC and CHARACTER. It goes a long way into a player's development.


    Dwyane Wade - 14/44 during his last year at Marquette, but still shot 50% from the field.

    Derrick Rose - 35/104 during his last year at Memphis, but still shot 48% from the field.

    Kelenna Azubuike - 47/132 during his last year at Kentucky, but still shot 49% from the field.

    Quincy Pondexter - 18/51 during his last year at Washington, but still shot 53% from the field.


    All I'm saying is just don't look at the perimeter game. This kid is a COMPLETE player.


    19ppg, 7rpg and 226 FT attempts.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    At pick 17 I don't want a Rose/Wade shooter next to Rose. Azubuike come out as a sophomore and shot way more attempts than Pondexter at 36% from 3. He was also more of a scorer coming out of high school. Pondexter came out as a athlete in high school and while improved got by in college as an athlete with high motor. He should be a good role player to me, but nothing more unless he gains confidence in his shooting.

  • It is almost impossible to compare him to other NBA players except maybe during workouts. During the college games, most days these guys are playing against inferior competition. Plus if he is struggling to shoot outside shots in college, please don't get him unless he is a power player inside.

  • Seriously, Is he even a first round talent? He has good defense but isnt high on any mock drafts Ive seen.

    He is a SF that cant shoot, and doesnt have the handles to play defense. He isnt a good enough talent in other areas to make up for that.

    He may be a good defensive player but what he is not is a good fit for the Bulls.

    Plus, we already have Henry, Anderson and George above him. I doubt the Bulls really consider him.

  • I wouldn't even give Pondexter a second thought at 17. But if the Bulls end up drafting a one deminsional player like James Anderson, a guy like QP could make sense as a balancer. I don't think he's a natural shooting guard, but he shouldn't have any trouble guarding the position. He could be a good player off the bench in the mold of Mickeal Pietrus.

    If the Bulls could trade their Bobcats pick to get a late first, then QP could make alot of sense. If the Bulls sign a max guy, there would be a need for cheap roster fillers. A shooting guard position of Anderson/Pondexter could be a good cheap alternative to drafting a shooting guard and signing a veteran shooting guard with the remaining 2010 dollars.

  • In reply to JimmyBulls:

    I'm not sure I'd trade that Bobcats pick for a late first right now. Barring a major debacle (which is certainly possible) the Bulls won't have many high draft picks in the near future. That pick is their best chance to get some high level young talent and add it to the roster at a low cost. Utah for example is in great shape right now after waiting out that pick from the Knicks. I'd give it some time, I like the Bobcats a little but they are a pretty poorly run franchise I'd imagine they'll have a bunch of bad seasons down the road and the pick has a chance of being a high one.

  • In reply to derza222:

    I agree, the only way to trade that pick is getting a superstar player for free agency this year!

  • If he can't shoot, then how did he average 19ppg?

    Granted he is not the best shooter, but there is more to the game of basketball than just shooting.

    The last thing I want to see the Bulls draft is a ONE-DIMENTIONAL player.

    QP...is not ONE-DIMENTIONAL.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    It's dimensional, and he averaged 19 ppg getting to the free throw line and making shots inside the college three point line. He made a few college threes but didn't even take that many because he obviously isn't that confident in his shot. There's no mistaking Pondexter for a good shooter with range, and you have to knowt hat.

  • If you haven't seen him play, then how do you know the fit it bad?

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Whoever the Bulls add this summer, odds are strongly in favor of the fact that they won't be an outside shooter. No current Bull is a good enough outside shooter to be considered a consistent threat. The Bulls will need to be able to space the floor in order to prevent other teams from clogging the lane and forcing them to take long twos like they did this year. They're not going to add someone via FA or trade barring a surprise, so the draft is their best bet. Pondexter is not going to space the floor with his shooting ability. Thus, under the assumption that the Bulls really should add a floor spacer this draft because they probably won't get one elsewhere barring a surprising turn of events, the fit isn't a good one.

  • In reply to derza222:

    I agree completely, except three of the free agents would space the floor very well. JJ obviously, but Bosh or Amare drawing a big out with their 18 footer may be even more important.

  • In reply to derza222:

    Ill pass....hes a 2nd rounder. I want to know what happened at this workout with Xavier Henry and Paul George! Report about that lol

  • In reply to Csharp:

    I don't have those connections bro! I wish I could, but I have shown my feelings on George and Henry

  • QP would be a nice upgrade from JJ.

  • I was reading the write-up on QP from DRAFTEXPRESS.

    They say some encouraging things about his development. They think he needs to become more of a spot-up-shooter, but think he can based on the progress they have seen from him in other areas of his game.

    One thing that stood out is that they said he's the type of player that teams could fall in love with. Therefore, look for him to possibly climb the draft board.

    Just remember. There is more to the game of basketball, than shooting. And perimeter shooting is one of those skills a player can improve on. Like I said, Derrick Rose did, Dwyane Wade did, Kelenna Azubuike did and even Carmelo Anthony did, if you go look up his stats at Syracuse.

    Don't rule out the possibility that the Bulls select this kid.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Hey man, you are comparing this guy to the greats of all time; unlike him, they all lead there teams much further in the tourney. Anthony has much more of a pure shot from the start!

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