Phil Jackson still in play for the Bulls?

David Schuster of the score apparently facebooked that Phil Jackson is still in play for the Bulls.   Schuster and I aren't friends [not that we're enemies, I just mean we're not connected via facebook], so I haven't seen it first hand though apparently B&B also discussed it on the radio.

The rumor comes down to the Bulls reaching out to Phil combined with Jerry Buss getting sick of winning championships and deciding to pinch pennies (really, how'd Rudy T work for you Jerry, you really think Phil doesn't make a difference?).  

Let's be realistic here, the Bulls are only bringing in Jackson if they're bringing in LeBron which alone is enough to hope that Jackson comes here.   If anything pulls him away from both the Lakers and retirement it will be the opportunity to coach one of the greatest players in the NBA and try to win an NBA title with his fourth distinct cast.

Given that Phil discussed only coaching home games last season, it's hard to imagine him fitting in for the long haul in any other situation.

I do think that Phil attracts LeBron and vice versa, but I think the Bulls need to land LeBron prior to landing Phil, and if they land LeBron, I'd happily accept Phil, but I'll happily accept anyone at that point.


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  • Bulls fans are going to be all over the place this summer, and if someone isnt signed on July 1st, see how many people panick.

  • In reply to Snypershawn:

    Can't sign anyone until July 8th, I believe.

  • Phil is using the Bulls to get the $12 million plus that he wants from Dr Buss

    As Sam Smith reports: Phil isnt leaving his beachfront mansion and Buss' Playboy posing daughter. Also, Phils' kids & grandkids are nearby.

    Jeanne will talk Daddy into giving her man the money - but Phil will play the Bulls story in thye meantime.

  • It is kind of strange...why Jerry Buss will kind of not pay his own daughter in a way. After all, eventually it will go to her anyhow. Maybe that's why I am not a NBA owner:-)
    The only chance Jerry Reinsdorf has in getting Phil is if he agrees to his plan..that is work only home/near games and still pay 8 million. Also need to hire a coach in waiting like a Brian Shaw, Byron Scott

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Exactly, a coach in waiting. Maybe someone like Vinny Del N... shit.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Some rumors that a Lebron - Doc Rivers combo could be coming to Chicago on ESPN Insider, it was pretty much purely speculation but that'd certainly be interesting.

  • If the Lakers win, which I think is a near certainty, Phil will be back.

    Buss doesn't want to pay Phil $12million anymore, but if he wins he almost has too.

    Phil doesn't want a paycut, but howmuch money is staying in LA worth to him, I think it matters a lot to him.

    If he hits the free agent market, someone else will pay him $12 million or more, like the Russian guy in NJ. So if it is only about money, the Bulls don't figure into the equation.

    Just like Reinsdork, Buss figured out a way to run Jackson off once before, so maybe he does it again.

    Obviously, there is no shot that Phil will go anywhere that he can't win day one, so it pretty much comes down to LA or Lebron or retirement.

    My money is on LA.

  • I find it really hard to believe that Phil Jackson would want to leave LA.

  • Phil aint going anywhere.... i agree he will use us as leverage if anything to get more money from Buss.

    And yes, i have been saying this for a couple months now...Doc Rivers may be the guy and thats why the Bulls are waiting. Doc is from Chicago and everything....he would be perfect for us. SO im kind of hoping the Magic win this series. But if they dont i hope Boston wins it all.

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