Paxson to become a consultant; Players non-commital on VDN

According to Mike McGraw, Paxson's role is being further diminished as part of a long standing plan.   That's not really surprising to me given that Paxson looked to be on his way out over a year ago.   McGraw also mentions most players were non-committal in exit interviews about Vinny Del Negro. 

It's unclear whether Rose/Noah were in favor in the public while non-committal in exit interviews.

The Bulls are also heading into the next phase of their management
transition. Forman will be making more of the key decisions while vice
president of basketball operations John Paxson moves into a consulting
role. This was the plan long before Paxson got into a physical
confrontation with Del Negro following a March 30 home game.

Several Bulls players gave public votes of support for Del Negro after
last week's playoff loss to Cleveland - Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah,
in particular. During exit interviews with Forman and Paxson, most
players were non-committal about the coaching decision.

Is anything changing with the Bulls front office here really?   Is John Paxson just following the plan they had all along while likely leaving the Bulls in another year or staying on in a greatly diminished role?  

The other way to read it is that this is purely a PR move to satisfy the media onslaught to get rid of Paxson by pushing him into a different job title while nothing really changes on the inside. 

I tend to believe the first, simply because Paxson has been rumored to want to leave anyway, but the latter is certainly plausible as well.

As for the players, it doesn't surprise me that they were non-committal on Vinny, I'd love to know if that extended to Rose/Noah and if they were simply putting up a united front for the media or not.   I happen to know some of the vets weren't real fond of Vinny, so it could be two distinct groups here with young guys (taj, noah, rose) supporting him and vets (everyone else) not.

Just a guess.


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  • This makes sense. I am guessing after talking to VDN, Reinsdorf has come to the realization that even though Paxson is passionate, smart..he is too short-tempered to be a top executive in this day and age. This way, he can give his input but kind of stay outside. The only issue with Gar Forman is I am not sure how much of a relationship he has with agents, the free agent players for the free agency splash. If it comes for Bosh/Wade/Joe Johnson to decide on Chicago or New York after all things have been sorted out...Where will they go..? NY has Mike D'Antoni/Donnie Walsh and Chicago has Gar Forman/??? ...That's a loss for the Bulls in that category and if the Bulls had John Paxson(without this incident)/Byron Scott ...then it would have been a better sell...

  • Byron Scott alienated Chris Paul and Jason Kidd in previous stops. I'm not sure if he's the guy you want recruiting free agents this offseason. The way both the Nets and Hornets quit on him was brutal.

    I didn't see the players' support of VDN as anything other than players saying the right thing. They'll play hard for a new coach I'm sure, and I don't think anyone will be heartbroken over VDN's firing. They've probably been bracing for it since December.

  • In reply to punkedgepc:

    Totally agree, I want no part of Byron Scott.

    Doug Collins, Van Gundy, Tom Thibideau, Avery Johnson in that order.

  • In reply to punkedgepc:

    At this point, I think VDN is gone, even if Rose and Noah STEP-UP.

    If so, I'm still saying MO CHEEKS is the best replacement. He has the player and coaching experience, not too mention playoff experience at both levels. He also runs an uptempo offense, while stressing team defense.

    Now, if Derrick Rose is the future of this Bulls' franchise, then I see MO CHEEKS as the perfect mentor for him and the perfect head coach for the Chicago Bulls.


    - former NBA PG
    - former NBA All-Star
    - former NBA Champion
    - former NBA 1st Team Defense Selection
    - former NBA playoff head coach (two teams)
    - former Chicago native
    - current mentor to Russell Westbrook in OKC

    It makes perfect sense.

  • In reply to punkedgepc:

    Please no Tom Thibodeau(no head coaching experience...Who knows if he is another flame-out or like John Kuester)..
    Avery Johnson has already criticized the Bulls for VDN/Paxson incident...I don't think he is coming here.
    Van Gundy is a smart guy...but can he be a manager and a cool guy with the players at the same time...I don't think so..
    I like Mo Cheeks but I heard that he doesn't want to get back in right now.

  • In reply to punkedgepc:

    I agree with Mr. Happy. Rose is the court leader & Noah is the emotional leader. Both of these guys need to be Captains. Strip Deng of his Captain title. He's not a leader & never deserved the title in the first place. If Kirk is still here, he should remain a Captain.

    Pax should've have went with his gut & just left before this past season like he was going to. Though his passion was great as a player, it has severly clouded his rational thinking in the past few years, culminating in a nasty confrontation with his head coach, though there's equal blame on both sides for that (Vinny is not really the nice, genuine guy he tries to portray to the media). Both of these guys need to be removed from this team just for the sake of FA recruiting. Go & get the guy who should've been coaching this team for the last 2 seasons anyway in Doug Collins, if Philly doesn't snag him up first.

  • In reply to punkedgepc:

    No Doug Collins...we went down this path last year....and why do we want him so bad? What has Doug Collins done to make us jump and down for him so much???

    Personally, i think he is too old for this team. Get a young guy in here.

  • In reply to punkedgepc:

    I personally say just leave Vinny in, there's no better coaches out there, and if we do get on it will be a unexperienced coach again

  • In reply to punkedgepc:

    Chris Paul was hot when they dismissed Scott. Every report I've read has him praising Scott. As for Kidd, he didn't get along with Skiles either and Skiles is a hell of a coach. And last time I checked, Kidd only went to the Finals with Byron Scott. That's such a horrible coach.

  • In reply to punkedgepc:

    the other thing is that vinny isn't a fan of his bench.

    warrick and and.... well really just warrick probably hated the guy.

  • First off, Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah need to be TEAM CAPTAINS moving forward.

    Secondly, those two guys are the only two guys that could possibly save VDN's job.

    Third, I'm scared if Gar Forman has more control of the organization.

    (case in point...James "Dickey" Johnson)

    * Forman likes to BS fans with words like UPSIDE, POTENTIAL and BEST AVAILABLE PLAYER.

    The Bulls need REAL LEADERS, not fonies or cheapskates running this organization.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I don't know how we can really have any idea of what Gar on his own can or can't do. So you're upset about Johnson. Well, he scored a homer with Gibson. Neither are exactly a referendum on their own.

    I'm starting to think Paxson was only just staying around through free agency anyway.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Comcast just reported he's about to get fired at a news conference tomorrow... I don't want to get rid of VDN largely because I don't think anyone out there is significantly better. We can do worse than Vinny.

  • In reply to MrHappy:


    From the Chicago Tribune. VDN OUT. Press Conference tomorrow.

  • OK but Paxson and VDN are still there, so where does that leave the team as far as is there going to be a new coach or not? They had better have this situation resolved this week like tomorrow. There are rumors about Pat Riley maybe coming back to coach the Heat and that Houston's going to make a big push for Bosh as soon as free agency starts. Why he would go to any western conference team is not smart cause Houston is nowhere close to a contending team and as long as Phil and Kobe are in L.A. no team in the west has a good chance to even make it to the finals. But again, its all about where he wants to sign. The Bulls need to resolve this situation now cause these other teams wont waste any time going after these free agents.

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