Jordan Crawford Draft Profile


Jordan Crawford (Xavier)
6'4, 205 lbs, SG

Jordan Crawford is best known for dunking on Lebron James in a scrimmage.  However, Crawford has plenty of game to go along with his dunk.  Crawford struggles with his scoring consistentcy, but he terrorizes opposing defenses when he's on.

Offensively, Crawford shoots with unlimited range.  His solid ball handling complements a quick first step, and he plays with a flat-out scorers mentality.  Crawford scores in many ways, but he primarily uses his quick first step and to set himself up for floaters and mid-range jumpers.  When his outside shot is on, he shoots from all over the floor.  Crawford has a solid body to shield off defenders when setting up his shot and has great handles for a shooting guard.

Crawford's offensive creativity should allow him to excel in the NBA. He might play well in the pick-and-roll due to his ability to shoot, drive, or pull up. He needs to improve his decision making, knowing when to pass, and using better passing angles, but the talent is there.

However, Crawford plays wildly inconsistent at times and just wild in general.  In his bad spots, he starts jacking up poor shots and disrupts the team offense.  While he can create, he lacks an explosive first step.  Even though he has great handles and solid passing ability, he fails to put it together for long stretches causing turnovers and poor shots.  At the next level, Crawford likely needs to transition from ball dominant go-to-guy to role player.

Crawford defends well when putting in the effort, but he struggles to maintain focus and intensity on the defensive end for full games causing him to get burned on plays for lack of effort.  He also occasionally gets burned going around picks as he comes around them to upright.  While not a great athlete, he possesses a long wingspan, solid lateral quickness, quick hands, and a solid body which should allow him to compete defensively in the NBA if he can up his intensity and focus. 

How does his game translate to the NBA?

Crawford possesses the tools to become a good all-around player if he can improve on his consistency and play within the flow of the game as well as change his mentality to become more of a role player.  If he can't improve in those areas then he'll become a seldom used bench player who goes on occasional scoring spurts.  One big asset is that Crawford is not afraid to take the big shot and made a great deal of them in college.

Right now, Crawford projects from the late first-round pick to early second.   At this range, his upside could make him a steal if he puts everything together.  Even though they are not related, Jordan seems to emulate a Jamal Crawford type game.

How does his game fit next to the Bulls?

Crawford is a good shooter that could fit next to Rose.  However, it might take time to help him adjust next to Rose as he will not be the go-to-guy.  I think pick 17 is a tad high to draft Crawford and also, I would prefer drafting a few players over him.  However, I would prefer to take a chance on him over a player such as Xavier Henry as Crawford has a chance to create havoc at the next level as a complete scorer. 


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  • At best he's Jamal Crawford...6th-man with range.

    Of course, it took Jamal Crawford quite awhile to find his role in the NBA.

    I'd pass on this kid.

  • He seems to be a second round talent but if we trade down I would take a shot on him.

    If we miss out on the big three, look for us to go big though.

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    I wouldn't say a second round talent, but he does not have that amazing potential that other players have. He does have good creativity to be a good scorer in this game.

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    On my short list of guys to buy a second rounder for. If we could fill out our roster with Crawford, Torrance, and Lawal, I'd love it.

  • biigestbullsfan +5 Ya i agree..

    I like Jordan Crawford especailly if the Bulls decide to trade down. Who is really better!? James Anderson or Jordan Crawford!? I would say that their about the same, Anderson might be a little better but for where you can draft Crawford...i would take him instead.

    New York has 2 2nd round picks back to back in the upper part of the 2nd round. If the Big 3 are gone and Udoh and Orton are gone...i would look to possibly trade down. You can grab Crawford and say Craig Brackins in that case. I like those options better then just taking a 1 okay player in the 1st.

  • Jordan is the man. Do more research before you write an article this. Nobody ever considerd him the "ball dominent go-to guy", not even himself. If he did then why the hell would he decide to play at Indiana his freshman year where he would be completly out shadowed by Eric Gordon and big ten player of the year in D.J. White. Calvin Sampson definatly screwed over Crawford, slowing down his progress. After he trasnferred he became that Go-To guy only becuase he was older and more expierienced. He did what all good "Role Players" do when nobody else is scoring, take the ball into his own hand and ball through the NCAA tournament. I don't disagree that he needs a little more time to develope. Kinda wish he played another year of college. Definatly consider his set back when drafting, should definatly move him up on the board.

  • In reply to ewmason12:

    Thanks for the feedback. I think he can be a good player, but I stand by that he needs to learn better shot selection. I think he will be a steal, but he does have gaps in his game.

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    Unfortunately his floor is probably Jannero Pargo. But he could be Eddie House with a better handle, and at least the physical ability to guard the two.

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    Crawford solid....he is going to make a NBA team somewhere.

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