John Calipari and the dribble drive motion offense

Two ideas struck me yesterday to combine to one new thought on John Calipari and the dribble drive motion offense which I said I really didn't like a few days ago.

So to back up the truck, I was reading about World Wide Wes, who's apparently one of the big movers and shakers in the NBA's somewhat shadowy nature.   I don't know WWW, in fact, I wouldn't recognize him if I saw a photo of him.

However, in thinking about him, and my post yesterday about letting a free agent pick out the head coach, I considered the idea of LeBron wanting to play for John Calipari a WWW client under the same agency that LeBron is represented by.

I then started thinking about the dribble drive motion offense and how I previously had disparaged it in my last blog post.

What I then considered is the DDMO is the perfect offense to run with a team that features Derrick Rose + LeBron or Wade.  

The down side to the DDMO in my opinion has been that the Bulls don't have enough creative penetrators to kick start this offense into high gear.  Derrick Rose has no problem taking his man off the dribble, but after that who else could really initiate it or keep it going?

Throw LeBron or Wade into the mix and the offense starts to make a lot of sense.   You now have two players whose primary skill is the ability to get into the paint using their dribble.   You also have an offense that's able to capitalize on two guys who have that as their primary skill while playing with only one ball.

In fact, the more I thought about it, the more I thought, there might not be a better offense if we were to sign one of those two guys to play with Derrick Rose.   On top of that, Luol Deng as the third cutting option in the DDMO after the defense has shifted would probably be at his absolute most deadly.   The only thing the Bulls are really lacking is three point shooting, but let's face it, that needs to be addressed no matter what, because no offense is going to work at it's peak without three point shooting.

Now if we go after a big man, that's no longer the case.   With a big man, we're much better off continuing to run a pick and roll oriented offense like we've done for the past two years.   It will just be significantly more effective with an elite big man setting and coming off the pick.

The theory behind the offense is to generate a lot of shots in the paint and open three point looks.  Those are the two best plays in basketball, and while I wonder how our present personnel would look in this offense, at least it's goals aren't centered around the mid range jump shot.

What this means is that if the Bulls pursue John Calipari, and who knows if they would, then it has a crazy upside/downside type of outcome.   If Calipari is able to woo LeBron or Wade off their team and into Chicago, then he might be a perfect fit to run the team afterwards. 

If he's signed and can't deliver one of those two guys, then all of a sudden his offense doesn't have the right pieces to run and wouldn't come close to maximizing our talent if we signed an elite big man.

The interesting thing to note about all of this is that all of these guys are so intricately connected that it's not hard to envision a situation where assurances and promises are made.   If the Bulls waited until the conclusion of the playoffs to sign a coach that could be a signal that they're waiting to feel out LeBron and what he might be willing to do.


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  • I would move on from John Calipari. He's just trying to get an extention at UK.


    Philadelphia has NO INTEREST in Byron Scott.

    That leave the Bulls and Clippers as his only options, unless Atlanta's job opens.


    New Jersey
    Los Angeles
    New Orleans

  • FYI:

    Philadelphia has interviewed Doug Collins and Avery Johnson. Sam Mitchell is next.

  • FYI:

    The Los Angeles Clippers and New Orleans Hornets have interest in Tom Thibodeau.

  • I'm not going to comment on the quality of coach that Calipari is because, honestly, I don't know enough about him. Still, it's not like he's exclusively used the DDMO his entire career. IIRC, he didn't start using it till he got to Memphis and was likely recruiting players who fit the offense. I'm sure if he came to the Bulls and the roster didn't fit he'd adjust his style to it.

  • Doug, Calipari ditched Memphis after leaving them with an erased Final Four season, similar to leaving UMass with an erased Final Four season. Sure the NCAA is a corrupt hypocrisy, but how many coaches leave program after program in the wake of those kind of dishonest/rulebreaking scandals. If this can be rationalized away, then he still threw Derrick, and the team, under the bus saying they should have known to foul with a three point lead, rather then admitting he gaggged and should have called a time out to set up the out of bounds play/foul how soon they should fall/time on the clock etc.

    The guy is a carpetbagging opportunist who just made a committment to his new employer, and is now ready to ditch them as well. Honestly, I say fu*k Calipari. D-Wade is not going to sign with the Bulls because Caipari is with his agency. LeBron is not going to sign with the Bulls because a somewhat friend of his who also happens to be a failed NBA coach with a known record of jumping ship whenever there's a glimmer of personal gain says he might come there.

    This kind of ho bag pandering would only make a Nixonian guarded/misinfornation oozing Gar Forman and a punching bag Jimmy Cagneyesque Pax look like even more of a Freakshow.

    And then what if we "hire" Calipari in this obvious pandering, ho bag sellout move, and then at the last minute things fall apart with LeBron, Wade etc. Well it was worth discrediting the organization, and leaving us with a laughingstock franchise, and Derrick Rose left to work for such a joke of an NBA team?

    No, and hell no to this scheme. And that's what this is, a scheme. Honestly, just hire a name coach(Van Gundy - who cares if he was pissed and made some obvious basically true criticisms of the Bulls/we're big boys it doesn't matter in the long run or Byron Scott) in a timely manner, and then we've done our part to set the tone of a serious franchise with young talent who has done their part to set the stage for a free agent to think this is a desirable place to come to preferably through sign and trade.

    Again, Calipari is not D-Rose's friend. He's a backstab D-bag.


    What potential candidate for the Chicago Bulls' would be EMBRACED by the fans and players?


    #1.) Maurice Cheeks...I think he would be well-liked and respected by both.
    #2.) Sam Mitchell...I think everyone would enjoy his emotion and passion.
    #3.) Byron Scott...I think he could be well-liked and respected for awhile.
    #4.) Avery Johnson...I don't think he fits in Chicago, so no.
    #5.) Doug Collins...He is well-liked by the fans and players alike.
    #6.) Jeff Van Gundy...Two Words: John Starks...I see a similar embrace.
    #7.) Lawrence Frank...Three More Words: Scott Skiles-lite...I don't think so.
    #8.) Eric Musselman...I don't see any embrace happening there.
    #9.) John Calipari...He wants an extention at UK, so no embrace is needed.
    #10.) Mike Krzyzewski...He would be LOVED in this city, but he's a Duke guy.

    * I think team CHEMISTRY and the ability to be EMBRACED by the city are important.

  • Then why is it in the media that UK is working on an extention for him?

    He's just using the Bulls for more leverage. It's a waste of time.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    It's rare that Happy's right, but this is one of those occasions. Calipari is really just interested in his bottom line, and this is evidence to that.

  • In reply to WearShades:

    I'm have been right more than alot of people on here.

    Go back and look.

    - James Johnson...check
    - DeJuan Blair...check
    - Sam Young...check
    - Terrence Williams...check
    - Nick Young...not sure yet
    - Derrick Byars...check
    - Derrick Rose as ROBIN...undetermined
    - Luol Deng as SOFT...check
    - Joakim Noah needed to MAN-UP and PLAY...check

    The Bulls' management should listen to me. I'm usually right.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Most of these are still undetermined. None of them have played big minutes for a championship contender yet and most of them are young. I would say whatever you have said are initial impressions but doesn't make it right in the long term. It is basic as this: some athletes need more time to adjust. James Johnson using your analogy was a "batman" at Wake Forest but he has to be a role player in the NBA. It has not been easy for him to do that.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Well Calipari didn't run too much ddmo this year with Cousins and Patterson on the blocks, they ran a much more traditional offense

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    If we do go after Calipari its more because of his connections then his coaching. Because if you have Rose,LeBron,Deng and Noah on your team, you can pretty much sit back and your team should dominate. Mike Brown isnt a very good coach, but he has LeBron James. So if we do go after Calipari, i think its because the Bulls front office knows that he can bring somebody in here. Whether it be Bosh,Bron,Amare,Joe Johnson etc..

  • In reply to MrHappy:


    Bulls taking their time on coach search
    May 7, 2010 1:47 PM | 1 Comment By K.C. Johnson

    Apparently, Gar Forman wasn't kidding about having no set timetable on hiring the next Bulls coach.

    The Bulls general manager continues to do background work on candidates, but no known interviews are scheduled. It's known Forman has performed research on at least Lawrence Frank, Mo Cheeks and Kevin McHale. But that list isn't meant to be comprehensive.

    A new candidate who has been mentioned as a possibility is former Raptors coach Sam Mitchell.

    Mitchell posted one winning and one .500 mark in four full seasons before getting fired during his fifth and also won Coach of the Year in 2006-07. He's known as a fiery, offensive-minded coach who might fit Forman's publicly stated qualifications of "leadership and accountability." Players who have played for him call him demanding but seem to respect him.

    Mo Cheeks, Sam Mitchell, Kevin McHale and Lawrence Frank so far.

    *** Cheeks and Mitchell are my #1 and #2.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Mitchell might be on the list because of Bosh. Bosh might of liked him. But anyways...ya i dont expect the Bulls to make a quick hire...they want to see how this Boston Cleveland series is going to end up.

    If Cleveland loses....LeBron could really be up for grabs. So a guy like Calipari could be a nice asset to have.

    If Boston loses....Bulls will go after Doc Rivers and hopefully he would be interested.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    You could not have been more wrong or clueless with regard to Noah, especially since we're pretty sure that Mr. Happy and Alex are the same person even if your name is actually be Chris.

    You don't get to hate on a guy when he is struggling and then jump on the bandwagon when he starts perfoming well.

    There are only a small handfull of us who believed in Noah from day one, even when he couldn't get the PT to prove himself, and you are not among us.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    "Mr Happy" is writing to Sam Smith as Chris Wolff. For some reason this is funny to me.

    Anyhoo... what has Chris Wolff been right about? Derrick Byars? Really? Was he first tea All NBA this season? Did I miss something?

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Let's get one thing straight, LEBRON IS NOT LEAVING CLEVELAND to come to Chicago no matter who's coaching the Bulls, stop pipe dreaming. He would not of petetioned the NBA to change his number from 23 to 6 if he where planning to leave Cleveland because it would not have been necessary. He only needs to do this if he stays on the same team.

  • In reply to cleansupwell:

    I agree with you everyone should stop dreaming about LBJ and Calipari cause neither one is going to happen so why keep harping on these lame stories. Just ridiculous.

  • In reply to cleansupwell:


    - Hire Mo Cheeks, Sam Mitchell or Byron Scott.

    - Go after Chris Bosh or David Lee in FA.

    - If the Bulls get Chris Bosh, then it could bring Dwyane Wade home.

    - If Dwyane Wade snubs the Bulls, then go hard after Carmelo Anthony in 2011.

    * I think WADE or MELO need to be the new BATMAN of the Bulls and let ROSE be a ROBIN.

  • In reply to cleansupwell:

    A trio of Rose, Noah and Melo could match-up very well with Cleveland and LBJ.

  • In reply to cleansupwell:

    My Plan:

    Hire Either Doc Rivers,Byron Scott,Mo Cheeks,Calipari (Only if he will land a FA)

    Land Either Bosh,Amare,LeBron in FA

    Buy a couple 2nd Rounders to fill out the Roster

    Try To Sign Anthony Marrow from Golden State

    Re-Sign Brad Miller

  • In reply to cleansupwell:

    If Noah is guarded on the perimeter by a C, he's as good as center at taking his man off the dribble from the perimeter. He's a Top-10 passing center, too.

    LBJ will take his 3's. Push Deng and Rose back a couple of feet, draft James Anderson for the future (who can shoot 3's AND create his own shot off the dribble), use Noah's and Gibson's penchant for grabbing offensive boards (along with Deng and James being above-average rebounders for SF's, so adequate at PF), and you've got a pretty damn good team for the DDMO.

    I'd be down for the John Cal experiment if it helps get LeBron James. At worst, you fire him in two years and instead of having a Cleveland team with LeBron possibly leaving and an old squad left behind, you have a Finals contender with James locked in and a starting lineup with an average age of about 25 years old.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I still think it comes down to Cheeks, Mitchell and Scott for the Bulls.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    FYI #3:

    Jerry's Hockey Big a NO-GO.

    Maybe now he'll focus on spending his money on the Bulls organization.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Great read Doug! Totally agree that a Rose and LeBron team with Calipari's DDMO would be just what the doctor ordered. Then get them some sharp shooters and you have something very scary. I have always felt the Bulls rely too much on the outside shot. Drafting Rose has changed that dynamic but it still shows up now and then. Drose and LBJ would just destroy together.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Coach Cal speaks.

    He LOVES being the Head Coach of the University of Kentucky.

  • Doug
    Is Calipari flexible enough to change...I mean if Bulls get Bosh/Boozer/Amare...then run Pick and Roll as the primary offense or DDMO if it is LeBron/Wade.
    Also, I am not sure how Joakim Noah fits into this. I don't mean how he is now but a year or two from now.

    I feel it is better to get Calipari more than others. His contacts/recruiting skills might not only get LeBron/Wade types but also other filler players or FA players in a couple of years. He also might be able to take the pressure of players during tough times like a Rex Ryan


    From Mike McGraw.

  • Just FYI, his name is spelled "Calipari" not "Calapari"

  • In terms of the HIRING PROCESS, having someone that the players and fans both like and could EMBRACE, I think can go a long way in the success that person has in the long-term.

  • UK wants to extend him, so he is there until he retires.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Which, of course, is ludicrous. He's been there for a year, and they're ALREADY restructuring his 10 year deal. If he stays (which I agree, is the most likely outcome), they will likely have to offer him another raise/extension again two years from now. Any talk of him signing a deal that would keep him there 'til retirement is fantasy. I don't often agree with Jim Rome (he being a blowhard who hates soccer), but someone in my twitter feed linked to this post of his which I think sums up the situation nicely.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    The only way Calipari becomes coach of the Bulls is if it guarantees that Lebron or Wade or Bosh would come to the Bulls.

    And if such a guarantee materializes then it is a no brainer for the Bulls to hire him.

    This is why I believe that the Bulls are in no hurry to hire a coach, and might well wait until after the free agency party has begun.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    FYI (to the Bulls' management):

    They may want to consider taking down the VINNY DEL NEGRO video on their website.

    It's just a thought.

    While they are at it, they can remove the JANNERO PARGO one too.

    (another brick goes up...doink!!!)

  • It gets the best of all of us sometimes! :)

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