Joakim Noah wants to play with LeBron

While this is normally a "no duh" type of thing, with Noah and James having some dust ups over this season there was some speculation that the two wouldn't get along.  Not so:

"I'm excited to have a chance to play with the best player in
the world," Noah said, flashing his trademark smile. "That's why you
play the game, to play at the highest level with the best players in a
great place like Chicago. It would be a great opportunity to one day
win a championship."

I always figured Noah's issues with LeBron were purely competitive because that's how Noah is and that given the chance to play with LeBron the two would be great friends.   I still think this is true, and apparently, so does Noah.


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  • Yep...your completely right...Noah has nothing against LeBron imo...he just wants to win...I actually think LeBron and Noah would probably end up being good friends lol

  • In reply to Csharp:

    I have no doubt that this will be the case.

    Does this count as the power of positive thinking.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    Noah came into the NBA as a poor man's Varajo but he is much better then Andy now. Lebron and Andy seem to get along really well because Andy puts is all out there when in the game and isn't afraid to get hurt. Noah does the same and is a real fan favorite as a result. I could see Lebron and Noah getting along good.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    +2 Doug...ya i agree with ya about Tmac...if he did decide to come here...i would want him pretty much as the 6th man...he might get a couple starts if their injuries or something...but i would like to see him in a Ron Harper type role. Spread the floor...create if you have a veteren out there, get some foul calls. Plus him being 6'8 is a pretty nice thing to have. He said that this summer he was going to work really hard to get back in you never know lol He might not be that bad. With that being said though...i would want him to really embrace that 6th man role...maybe he could become one of the better 6th man's in the league.

  • Hey should do a article about TMac. Earlier this year, he said he doesnt care about money, he just wants to win, and he also said that he would LOVE to play with LeBron. Im not saying I want him to come here and try to be a star or anything...but i would love to have him as a nice 6th man or possibly in some sitautions start at the 2. Theres always been talk about TMac to Chicago also.

    Could you imagine a lineup like this:

    Rose 6-3
    TMac 6-8
    Deng 6-9
    LeBron 6-8
    Noah 7-0

    Bulls probably would use this lineup at the ends of games too. With Rose and LeBron creating for us...TMac could have a TON of wide open looks. If he is willing to take a smaller 2-3 year deal, i would deff. look into the possibility of bring him in a 6th man.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    tmac, really? you trying to bring another Larry Hughes into the locker room?

  • In reply to ZombieKevie:

    What is Ray Allen going to command salary wise next season?

  • In reply to senrad:

    What does Kyle Korver do without the ball? lol OR Mike Miller!? Not much....Like i said...i like Tmac as a role player, most likely 6th man off the bench...he wouldnt come here to be a star. He could sit at the 3 point line and just drill 3 pointers all day long. Kind of like Ron Harper back in the day when his career was winding down. He really didnt do that bad with the Knicks this year, he actually had some pretty good games...assists too. He is no way as bad as Larry Hughes...but i would make sure that he would have his head right before he comes back. But supposedly he is working really hard this summer to get back into better shape. He wouldnt shy away from big shots, plus if he really wants to help recreate himself, becoming one of the better 6th man in the league he might help him out. Plus he gets respect from the refs...he draws a lot of fouls.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    Its just a idea...something different that we havent heard yet.

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    Hard to shy away from big shots if you never get out of the first round.

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    Antoine Walker was clutch in that Miami Championship. He was old and just sat behind the 3 line, worked for them.

  • In reply to ZombieKevie:

    I never thought they would have a problem. Its just that LeBron's antics go too far and Noah's not the type to shut up and take it. If he ends up in Chicago, I hope he plans on being a different superstar than the one we've seen over the years. The guy with the elaborate handshakes, throwing the talcum powder and the dancing machine has to go. For all his attention grabbing, he's still ringless and leaves more questions about his competitiveness, drive to win a championship and focus than is necessary.

    All this hype about LeBron, however, worries me. Certainly it gives us hope, but if it turns to be a big let down a lot of folks are gonna be pissed. If he stays in Cleveland that's one thing but if he leaves Cleveland and winds up somewhere else, we're all gonna feel like fools getting so excited over something that doesn't happen. I know a lot of us know that there's a decent CHANCE that he comes to the Bulls, but we might be setting up for a huge letdown.

  • In reply to jamatokwu:

    Ya i hear ya...hopefully it doesnt end up that way though lol

    But i agree...the hand shakes, the dances...i think that all needs to go. I dont mind the talcum powder because that is kind of like his signature thing. Thats what he does...Jordan did it, KG does it...Plus i think it would be kind of cool to have some of the fans do it with him like Cleveland use to do.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    He can do the talcum powder thing but he needs to leave the way he did it in Cleveland cause Chicago is not Cleveland. He needs to be a little bit more original.

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    We really need a DWADE topic. Just a suggestion.

    What's the LBJ TOPIC count up to?


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    You guys ever see noah dance? He gets crazy; I mean CRAZY african dances and stuff, but after huge wins. After the gators won the SEC tourny or a national title Noah got down.

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    I think playing with a warrior like Noah is exactly what LeBron needs. Killer instinct and championship pedigree (from UF). No way Noah lets his team go out in the playoffs like the Cavs did.

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    TMac is a piece of shit, he used to be a piece of shit with some talent, now he is just a washed up piece of shit.

    I don't want him anywhere near my team.

  • Exactly, he does it after they win. And Coach D is right next to him and doesn't say a word. doesn't have a problem with it because they have already accomplished their goal.

  • Dancing with the Stars (Future Contestants)

    - Joakim Noah
    - LeBron James

    Mark it down.

  • As for Noah, I'm happy he decided not to play any competitive basketball this summer.

    It's better that he rests his feet.

    I like that maturity from Joakim. He's developing into a LEADER. Hopefully, he is one of the TEAM CAPTAINS next year, along with Derrick Rose.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    that would be extremely nice. it should have happened this year.

  • Agreed, not saying he guarantees a win but it is very hard for me to picture a Noah led team rolling over like the cavs did.

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