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James Anderson (Oklahoma State)
6'6, 220 lbs., SG
Anderson has a unique ability to shoot from anywhere on the floor.  As a Freshman, Anderson came onto the scene as a 3 point sniper, but he's developed his overall scoring skills as his collegiate career has progressed.   Anderson has a chiseled frame and good straight line speed, he uses screens effectively to slip defenders and create open shots.  Overall, he is one of the best pure scorer in the draft.

At 6'6 he is not the most fluid athlete, but plays with a non-stop motor. As the focal point at Oklahoma State, Anderson scored efficiently; especially with twos and by creating fouls.   However, Anderson's specialty is the three point shot and ability to curl off screens for jumpers.   His percentages this season are misleading due to the amount of difficult threes he took every game and his role in the Oklahoma State offense.

This year, Anderson added a little bit of a post-up game mainly with fade-away jumpers, or a ball fake, dribble, and pull up for a jumper.  Anderson, at times, can take out-of-control shots after dribbling too much.  Improving his handles is imperative to play on the next level, as is improving his shot selection as he shifts from primary scorer to role player.

The problem for Anderson will be his ability to guard two-guards or small-forwards at the next level as he's methodical and robotic when playing defense.  To further explain, Anderson is not quick enough to guard slashing players and always comes out on the offensive players upright allowing them to blow past him regularly.  If he is able to adjust his footwork and use his body a little better, he has the chance to be an average defender with decent athleticism.

How does his game translate to the NBA?

Overall, Anderson is a pure shooter from everywhere on the floor and should be a mainstay in the NBA for a while.  Anderson could be more than just a shooter in the NBA if he learns to use his athleticism defensively and can improve his ball handling.  Right now, I would take him over Henry as he shows more athleticism, the ability to score as the main threat, and shows at least limited handles to keep defenders honest.  If he maximizes his potential, his game seems to emulate Michael Redd with the possibility to defend.  If he does not, he at least presents a great 6th man option as a scorer off the bench.

How would his game fit for the Bulls?

Right now it is realistic enough that he could be available at pick 17 for the Bulls.  He would fit well next to Rose as a shooter and would bring a dimension to the Bulls that they sorely need.  He would be my third choice behind Ekpe Udoh and Paul George due to their upside, but he is a much safer pick.    


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  • Good profile. I've been big on this guy from the start of the season. He also seems to play poised under pressure. It would be a good pickup for the bulls. I would get Paul George if he's available tho as he reminds me a lot of Danny Granger.

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    Paul George is getting alot of looks. Milwaukee, Chicago and San Antonio has scheduled workouts with him already.

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    James Anderson is solid...i wouldnt call him a starter in the NBA. I think his game resembles the old Magic player Nick Anderson back in the Shaq days. Capable of hitting big shots and can nail 3's but other then that, i dont see a lot of potential or upside in him. I think he is a NBA role player and thats about it. Paul George and Xavier Henry and Daniel Orton are higher on my list then he is.

    Paul George- Trevor Ariza
    Xavier Henry- Bigger, More athletic Michael Redd
    Daniel Orton- Kendrick Perkins

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    Please invite JORDAN CRAWFORD from Xavier, the guy had a great tournament, has 35 foot range, plays tough defense, has a bigger body, dunked on Lebron in the famous secret video, we can hear "JOOOOOOOOORDAN CCrawford!!!" after every shot he makes, and the guy i predict can become the next Dwayne Wade.
    1. Jordan Crawford SG 6'4" 200 Xavier Shoot 3, off dribble, defense
    Ceiling: Dwyane Wade
    2. Gordon Hayward SG 6'9" 200 Butler Shoot 3, off dribble, tall
    Ceiling: Taller, stronger Toni Kukoc
    3. Solomon Alabi C 7'1" 240 Big Man, shot blocker,will allow Noah to play 4, Ceiling: Kendrick Perkins with hops
    4. lance Stephenson SG 6'5 210 Defense, NBA body, scorer, shooter

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    Saying Jordan Crawford may become Dwyane Wade is ludicrous. It's on the same level of lunacy where Acie Law may become Chauncy Billips.

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    I won't say much on the comparisons to Wade other than they have two totally different games and Wade has the explosiveness that very few have ever had.

  • In reply to mdot1986:

    Solomon Alabi does not play like Kendrick Perkins lol He is more Samuel Dalembert in my opinion. I do NOT want Gordon Hayward...he will be a absolute bust.To slow,no athleticism. Crawford isnt bad and can be had in the 2nd round possibly. Stephenson is solid too.

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    You know who likes James Anderson? The Toronto Raptors.

    Although, they may want to draft a PF...hint-hint.

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    Kevin I hate to keep agreeing with you, but if James was available at No. 17 he'd be tough to pass up. I'd have him rated just above Paul George, but George looks the part of future NBA athletic stud.

    My biggest cocnern believe it or not with James is his presence/personality. To me most NBA successes verbally are expressive/capable, and possess a certain presence. Contrarily Anderson is usually stone faced, and verbally he is non-existent/mute-like on and off the court. Also his right hand is very weak. But I did see a few signs of improvement/ability to switch hands behind the back/taking someone off the dribble etc. Lefty he's gold with floaters, spot up's, and his nearly 8 FTA's are remarkable.

    I will say I think it's easy to dismiss Dominique Jones, but to me he's the most sure thing of the SG's. Barely 6'4 in shoes or under he rebounds about six a game in consecutive years in the Big East. Those are Wade like numbers. While he's no bomb finisher/leaper like Wade, his athleticism to me is vastly underrated. And while he is streaky, he can shoot. Also (right)hand dominant, he's still functional with his off hand minus the college swarming/star zone/D's he faces. Also, Elliot Williams is intriguing with lock down D potential at SG(6'4 but long and rangy). Freak isn't the word athleticism, and shoots/hits threes in volume.

    I'd be excited drafting any of these three: James Anderson, Dominique Jones, or Paul George.

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    Road Warrior, appreciate the feedback and you bring up many good points. I like Williams, but I don't have that natural feel to him next to Rose as he a very streaky shooter and is not a natural shooter. Jones is unique and could be a steal wherever taken. I do like my boy George though!

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    Unless Jones finds a shot, he'd be more of a backup combo guard. Like we figured Hinrich would be this year, behind both Rose and Salmons.

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    Sorry for the Happy-esque posting pattern, but...

    I don't think I'd want to go picking Jones for that role at 17, when we could just as easily buy a 2nd rounder and get Mikhail Torrance.

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    Ya thats how i feel about James Anderson and most of the guys this year....hes solid, but so is Jordan Crawford who you could grab in the 2nd round. Ill pass on Anderson and let someone else take him. The only guys that i really like and i think the Bulls have a shot at getting are Xavier Henry (either drafting or trading up), Paul George,Daniel Orton, Cole Aldrich (doubtful), Ekpe Udoh, Ed Davis (Doubtful), Luke Babbit possibly...maybe Devin Ebanks for his perimeter D. 2nd Rounders that i like are...Brackins,Warren,Renardo Sidney, possibly Lance Stephenson,Jordan Crawford.

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    Jordan Crawford should be taken in the first round with the Bulls first pick. People is sleeping on this kid and the team that drafts him will have a future all star on their team. I will bet during the all star weekend that he is there on the rookie team and own that game. Anderson is just a jump shooter and the Bulls have too many of those now. They need a slasher type guard that can get to the basket and can create his own shot. That sounds like JORDAN CRAWFORD to me.

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    Well im not sure about him being a all star or anything , but i do think he would be a solid player. Watching him in the tournement was awesome lol The guy had RANGE FOR DAYS lol I remember seeing him nail a fadeaway 3 2 or 3 feet from the half court line lol. Plus his brother is Jamal...im sure the skills pass down.

  • He's working out for the Bulls on May 16th, if anyone hasn't heard.

    Lottery Pick? Maybe. I wouldn't mind seeing him on the Bulls though.

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