General coaching update [yeah I'm slow]

Per KC Johnson:

"I have no, at all, desire to go back to Chicago and coach the
Bulls," Jackson told reporters before Game 5 of the Western Conference
finals in Phoenix.

The report went on to say the
had made similar back-channel efforts to gauge Jackson's

"Those channels have not reached me," Jackson said. "I have no awareness
of that at all."

Meanwhile, sources close to Thibodeau, the hot Celtics assistant, said
the Hornets have formally offered him their head coaching job.

What sources have indicated is Thibodeau is interested in listening to a
pitch from the Bulls, who have requested permission to interview him.
Of course, complicating matters is that the
remain in the Eastern Conference finals with Game 5
Wednesday night in Orlando.

Bulls officials are intrigued by Thibodeau, the defensive specialist
who also is being mentioned for the Nets' job.

The Bulls have talked informally with Rockets assistant Elston Turner
and appear to be cooling on former Nets coach Lawrence Frank. Thunder
assistant and former 76ers
and Trail Blazers coach Maurice Cheeks remains a candidate, and there
are likely others.

KC goes on to read into Jackson's quotes that he'll likely retire or rejoin the Lakers next year.  I agree that's the most probable outcome as well, however, even Phil didn't explicitly rule out coaching another team saying it was hard to imagine, but it wasn't beyond your wildest dreams and stranger things have happened.

Given Phil Jackson's point in the playoffs right now, it's hard for me to imagine him distracting his team by discussing his desire to take another job.  In case you forgot, Larry Brown was massacred (and rightly so) for doing just that with the Pistons.   Jackson's eyes are on the prize, right where they should be.

When it's all said and done, will he consider the Bulls?   If they offer enough money, I believe the answer is yes.  He'll at least think about it, and if Jackson can lure LeBron, he's worth whatever you offer.

All that being said, I put the odds of Jackson coaching here at less 2-5%, but there was a point a couple months ago where I put the odds of LeBron coming here at 2-5%.  Percentages can shift quickly.   We shouldn't focus on Jackson, but I wouldn't dismiss him just yet either.

As for the rest of the update, we interviewed Elson Turner which was a move so unimportant to me I didn't bother to blog about it when it happened.  Look, there's no way in hell Elson Turner is getting this job.  

We're "cooling" on Lawrence Franks.  I wonder why we're cooling on him or how warm we ever were.  Let's face it, we haven't interviewed anyone but Turner, so how does anyone really know whether we're hot or cold on guys like Cheeks/Franks/whomever.  Maybe the research department churned up something ugly.

Tom Thibodeau is getting all the press lately, and he has an offer from New Orleans already, but he's willing to wait for the Bulls to interview him.   It's kind of a shame that Chicago dragged it's feet on this one and somehow New Orleans got an interview in before we did.   If the Celtics can knock off the Magic tonight, then he'll probably have time for an interview prior to the finals since the Celtics will be off for at least four or five days minimum for the WCF to finish up.

Would the Celtics let him interview this late in the playoffs though?   Who knows.  If they did it once before then I imagine they'd consider it again.

From reading the articles the primary candidates seem to be Thibodeau and Cheeks, but remember two years ago that Vinny Del Negro came completely out of left field to land the job, so don't read too much into what's being bandied about in the press unless those guys have been in for interviews.


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  • Did I not predict that was going to happen?

    I'll say it again, people on here better be careful of the fall when they come down from CLOUD 9, after seeing Phil Jackson and LeBron James turn down the Bulls.

    As for the COACHING DOMINOES, if Tom Thibodeau accepts the job in New Orleans, look for Maurice Cheeks to be hired as your next head coach of the Chicago Bulls.


    Chicago - Maurice Cheeks
    Cleveland - Byron Scott
    New Jersey - Avery Johnson
    Atlanta - Duane Casey
    New Orleans - Tom Thibodeau
    LA Clippers - Monty Williams or maybe Tyrone Corbin

  • I think the main candidates are going to be either Thibideou or Byron Scott. I expect Scott to get his interview some time next month. I think they also like Thibideou though...thats why they want to see what he has to say in his interview. I think Thib would make us into a excellent defensive team..and defense wins championships. LeBron James knows that too...and i think he wouldnt mind playing for Thib. after what they did to him in round 2. If we pass on Thibideou....i think Byron Scott is our man.

    Another plan i think the Bulls have is to hire a coach right before free agency starts...that way the media jumps all over it. It gets the Bulls name out there, keeps us fresh.

  • Kevin McHale will be the next Bulls coach!!

  • In reply to joeacook3:

    McHale is in my top 3, but it does not sound like the Bulls have any interest. I think that McHale would provide the perfect balance between being a coach that the players would like and a knowledgible disciplinarian, holding them accountable for their play.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Ill pass on McHale...he has coach for like a year hasnt he!? Might as well kept Vinny.

  • I am quite sure that the Bulls are waiting for some contact with Lebron so they can discuss the coaching vacancy and who they have already decided to hire and to see if he really intends on signing with the Bulls.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    +5 yep

    Plus if we wait a little longer...and say we hire a guy in mid June right before Free agency...the media will jump all over it...and our Bulls name would stay fresh. I like Thibideou a lot...Mo Cheeks isnt bad but i dont think he is the answer...and Byron Scott. Really dont understand why they havent contacted him...maybe they are just waiting for next month to interview him. No way Lawrence Frank can get a interview and not Byron Scott.

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