Dominique Jones draft profile


Dominique Jones (South Florida)
6'4, 210 lbs., SG

Built like a tank, Jones is about as pure of a scoring, shooting guard in the draft.  Though flying under the radar, Jones scores the ball using his aggressiveness and high motor.  Factors which NBA teams look for in role players in the draft.

Offensively, Jones gets into the late to create scoring opportunities using everything from floaters to a physical play to draw fouls.  He's a solid ball-handler who can get to the rack frequently, but he needs to improve his left hand as he is too dominant in going right.  Jones carried the load due to a lack of scorers on his team, but he still flashed some passing ability.  Without top end leaping ability at his height, he will have to learn more trick shots when in the paint.  

As each year progressed, Jones improved his outside shot, which is at least respectable though he needs to improve considerably to shoot at the next level.  In addition to his accuracy, his slow release speed needs improvement or he'll struggle to get his shot of in the NBA.   He'll also need to transition from a primary scorer to a role player who scores off the action of others at the next level. 

Defensively, Jones disrupts other teams with a high motor and aggressive play.  Though only 6'4, many shooting guards will struggle with his strong frame, quick feet, and long arms.  His aggressiveness will cause problems for opposing shooting or point guards, and he gets into passing lanes and rebounds hard.

How does his game translate to the NBA?

Overall, Jones has enough strengths to be a steal if taken in the late first round or early second round.  His aggressiveness, confidence, and non-stop motor are traits all teams look for.  He needs to transition from go-to-guy creator to off the ball player which isn't always an easy, but his intangibles should give him some burn even if he can't work himself into a spot up shooter.  The one thing that makes me think he will succeed is his will not to lose.

How does he fit in with the Bulls?

With Rose at the helm, he's not an immediate fit due to a lack of quality outside shooting.  Even though he is a better all-around player than Xavier Henry and James Anderson, he won't capitalize on his best traits without the ball in his hands.   I feel that he is going to be a solid player in the NBA and would not complain if the Bulls take him but prefer to draft someone with more upside at this pick and a dominant trait such as either shooting or shot-blocking.


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  • Dominique Jones = Marcus Thornton.

    He's very streaky with the ability to score in bunches. His lack of size and length gives me hesitation. I think the Bulls should try for one of the BIGGER SG/SF's in the draft.

    Good write-up though Kevin.

  • I think he is prolly fourth on the bulls board after the big three. Anderson, Henry, George. But his size is an issue to. We need better perimeter defending. We will see though as the weeks go on. I hope he fights into the first round.

  • Kevin I thought that was a terrific assessment. The more I've followed/come to assess college players/potential draft picks, the more I focus on charisma/a persona that stands out, and leadership.

    Playing for a small school(South Florida) even in the Big East, a lot of the games that are televised are on ESPNU or some major network offshoot Foxsports or CBScollege. The picture quality is not as good as ESPN, ESPN2, or CBS(the HD channels). And I obviously don't have Synergy or anything like that. But it makes it a bit harder to guage someone then when big time schools like Syracuse or Georgetown meet other big schools, and the time spent on closeups, serious(if hyped) in game player analysis, and just quality of picture make it easier to study a prospect/player.

    But from what limited looks I gathered Dominique at minimum has a solid presence/somewhat standout persona, positive attitude, a strong competitor, and some leadership skills.

    I don't know, I just keep going back his rebounding numbers. If you really get into analyzing stats(which I do) you come to realize that rebounding and steals are very good indicators of athleticism in regards to NBA quality. Jones at 5.8 and 6.0 in a conference like the Big East those are just really, really high for a SG. And his steals at least are close to exceptional at 1.7.
    You look at his in the lane scoring moves/shots, and they just stand out as NBA quality. As evidenced by his 8, yes 8 FTA's(free throw attempts) per game. Granted his lack of an outside shot will allow defenders to sag. But while he does not have the explosiveness of a D-Wade(who shoots around 30% on threes for his career), I just think his athleticism remains superior. And I personally like his release from the perimeter.

    So anyway if I'm wanting not to gamble, and I'm not, I look at Dominique Jones as the most sure fire offensive contributor at the NBA level of guys who will be out there. If I'm thinking for sure I can get him at 26, then perhaps you trade down or buy an extra pick(which I know may not be feasible from a cap perspective).

    By the way I also like Luke Babbitt. He's a risk, but he's not Adam Morrison. I just think his post fade away and other parts of his game may very well make him a potent offensive contributor and his rebounding numbers are exceptional which is very important. I know defensively on the perimeter he sucks lat quicks wise, but if he measures at a legit 6'8 or higher w/shoes he might be able to put on enough weight to play some four. If so, look out.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    Road Warrior, I love your feedback. I don't doubt he can get the rebounds, and I would love him if he was a later pick. I think he will be a solid player, but not great and the Bulls could use that. However, I love other players if available first. Some are Paul George (guess he had a good work out), Ekpe Udoh (doubt he will be here) and Larry Sanders (love the nastiness on him). Jones could be a surprise. As a rebounder, maybe he can pick it up where he left off. However, offensively I feel he won't be able to do as much in the lane unless he sets up trick shots. His set shot is okay if he can show an overall game. I would take him over a player such as Xavier Henry or Avery Bradley.

  • Sorry, but I forgot to mention that today and tomorrow(If my info is correct) that the combine/pre-draft measurements will be taken. Some think the importance of these numbers is overblown(and in some cases they are) but full court speed(D-Wade 3.08 and D-Rose 3.07) and max vert can be very telling. Also clarifying height w/shoes is big. So I look forward to their posting on DraftExpress. I'm hoping Dominique Jones full court speed and height w/shoes are good. It'll be interesting to see James Anderson, Elliot Williams, and Luke Babbitts results(trepidation) as well. Later.

  • The way I look at Dominique Jones, in the context of the Bulls, is not so much as a fill-in guy at the 2G spot, but a longterm replacement for Hinrich. And that makes a lot of sense

  • In reply to BenjaminBalskus:

    I like this analysis for the most part. I dont' know if he could contribute right away as a starter though. As for Jordan Crawford, he is a tricky player!

  • That's a good point about trading picks. I just wonder if as this draft is perceived as nto star layden, but very deep in quality could the Bulls acquire a pick or two(OKC already draft/player loaded at 26, Atlanta - budget issues at 24, and Minny 23).

    Then either leave room through trades for one or two picks to add that quality to the Bulls)essentially adding one extra pick/player), or using those quality picks James Anderson, Ekpe Udoh, Paul George etc. as nuggets/enticements in that big sign and trade for Bosh etc.?

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    There could be picks to be bought, but I don't know if the Bulls will go for it!

  • Kevin,

    Thanks for the draft profiles, I have been reading them but, haven't commented much. However, I have 2 questions for you:

    Of all the sg/sf prospects which one is:

    1) The best shooter under pressure

    2) Which one is known as a hard worker who has improved his game?

    I feel this especially important for a mid to late 1st rounder because at this position in the draft every player will have some deficiencies that he will need to work on. Look at how Rondo has improved mainly because he is a hard worker.

  • In reply to postdiction:

    James Anderson can make the big shots and not afraid of taking them either! Jordan Crawford is another one that likes the heat of the moment (probably the most clutch!

    As for hard worker, I feel most shooting guards are right now that have been discussed. People worry about Paul George, but he is the one that people have been reporting to be working extremely hard on his game and diversifying it. Willie Warren has been wondered about in terms of attitude!


    Does anybody know what the schedule and agenda of the pre-draft camp is?

    Also, will it be on ESPNU?

  • Id have to agree with Happy thinking Marucs Thornton type of player. Marcus Thornton actually finished the year off really good so he has suprised some people. Another guy i think of...just based off of build is Rodney Stuckey. They are both little tanks. I think Jones could be a solid player in the NBA but ill probably pass on him. We need someone bigger.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    Built at 6'4 is pretty good for an NBA shooting guard now-a-days. there are very few sg's that post up anymore and he has long arms which make up for it!

  • In reply to Csharp:

    Go to have it live...but the guys announcing it dont seem to know what they are talking about. Solomon ALabi a lottery pick lol get real.


    Does anybody know if ESPNU is broadcasting the pre-draft camp this weekend?

    I believe they did it last year.

  • Naww im really not sure...that would be cool to watch though.

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