Does your view of management change if LeBron comes?

One of the things I've yet to see discussed in all the LeBron to Chicago delirium is GarPaxDorf getting any credit for putting the Bulls in this position..  For all the talk of the Bulls not ever landing a free agent, and for their ineffectiveness and in ability to take the team to the next level they've managed to position themselves as perhaps the team most likely to land LeBron James this summer.

It didn't happen by accident. 

Still want to talk about how the John Salmons trade was a huge mistake?   Still think it was unimportant to guarantee cap space this summer? 

I'm not saying I agree with every decision they've made, but they planned this summer years ago.   They didn't arrive in this position by accident.   They worked hard, made sacrifices, bridged the transition year successfully, and put the team in position to make a max offer while holding the most talent of any team far under the cap in the league.

Sure, some luck was involved, but you don't go anywhere in the NBA without some luck on your side too, and it wasn't all luck.   They drafted Joakim Noah against the fans wishes that's for sure.

All the little things that needed to happen to put the Bulls in this position have happened, and management deserves some credit for that.

Does it mean LeBron is coming here?    No, it's not a lock, he could do anything, who knows what's going on in his mind.   However, the Bulls have a chance, I think most people would give it at least a 25% chance at this point, of landing the best player in the NBA.   Whatever sacrifices were made to get here were worth it, because we weren't going to get anyone better through any other means.

Chris Bosh, the dream player of many, is now plan B.    That's how sweet the summer could be for the Chicago Bulls, and management deserves their due for helping to make it happen.


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  • I agree, Bulls management deserve a lot of credit but the famous Lefty Gomez quote certainly applies: "I'd rather be lucky than good." GarPaxdorf did craft a plan, not unlike what many other teams are doing, and have stuck to it. For that, they deserve a great deal of credit. But luck has to deserve the most credit. Many say that luck is when preparedness meets opportunity. Well with all the things that have fallen into place over the last few years, especially this season (and POST-season), the Bulls certainly are lucky.

  • John Paxson can have my baby. If he lands Wade or LeBron.

  • The "dorf" needs to come off the GarPaxDorf.
    Overall John and Gar have done an excellent job despite some glaring blunders (Ben Wallace, anyone?).

    But Jerry's done nothing but meddle and set them up for failure. Go watch the Sox and stay out of it.

    PS-Who's a pirate's favorite general manager?
    G-ARGH Foreman!

  • I agree they deserve credit. But from what I have read, this is Paxson's strength. But what they have done is the more geeky stuff...calculations, drafting. But the hard part is different and they don't have a good image in that. That is how they relate and publicly do things ex:1. VDN/Pax fight 2. Not endorsing/firing Vinny in Dec/Jan 3. Perception of acting cheap/messy while hiring a new coach in 2008
    Plus, the more you read about Cleveland, you learn that LeBron was kind of running things through his posse(I don't think Kobe does "NO" man and what if he/his posse demands crazy things to sign. How will they negotiate/handle when NY, Miami pitch fancy stuff.

  • First off, they need to HIRE a head coach. I still think Mo Cheeks is the right guy.

    Secondly, they need to DRAFT a Shooting Guard. I like most of the candidates already profiled.

    Third, they need to SET THE MARKET with the first move a free-agency, a S&T for Chris Bosh.

    If all that happens, then DWADE or LBJ just might consider coming to the Chicago Bulls.

    I want to get away from making PRE-MATURE judgements about this current Bulls' management. I'm anxious to see how this team will look come July 8th.

    I'll save my VIEW of them until that day.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    NO, actually, first off they had to put themselves in position to have maximm cap space this summer.

    Which is what they have done correctly so far, despite all the bitching and moaning from most people about Ben Gordon, John Salmons, Tyrus Thomas, etc.

    Secondly, the only thing that they have to do, is whatever it takes to convince Lebron to get his ass to Chicago, not whatever Mr Happy, Doug or BigWay thinks that they need to do.

    And Finally, Thirdly really doesn't matter, if you want to win a championship in the first half of the Derrick Rose era.

  • In reply to BigWay:


    They aren't looking BACK. They are looking FORWARD.

    DO THE SAME!!!

    By the way, the world won't end if the Bulls don't get LBJ.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I have not been critical of management because, while there has been a laundry list of complaints, I do think some of the good moves have gone overlooked. That being said I dont think "congratulations" should be in order for them for getting us in this position. Lets face it, how much managerial prowess is needed to shed salary to open up cap space over a 2 year period. I will give them credit for understanding that this was a NECESSITY to remain relevant in the NBA.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    But they shed salary, and still made the playoffs those two years.

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  • How much credit would I get for buying a winning lottery ticket? I made sure to have money in the wallet. I drove myself to the convenience store. I told the cashier what I wanted.

    A lot of things out of their control had to, and still have to, go right to make wasting the first 2 season's of Rose's career worth it. They deserve little credit in my book for taking the same steps that seemingly half the teams in the NBA have for the last 2 seasons. They didn't maximize the cap space or talent level beyond what they lucked into in previous drafts (Rose and Noah).

  • I admire your faith in management. But, honestly, this management/ownership will be the main reason why no big FA will come to the Bulls. It is the achilles heel for any Bulls negogiation. JR obsesion to avoid luxury tax will hunt the team this summer. I believe that the other suitors will have an advantange over us regarding that area...Is this fixable? Not sure.

  • The Bulls will not be hiring a coach until July....why? Because the Bulls want to at least talk with LeBron about a coach before we just hire 1. What if the guy we hire...LeBron doesnt care for. So ya i dont expect anything done on the coaching end til July...Free agency is more important at this point. The Bulls have the chance to make the biggest Free Agent signing in NBA history right now...maybe even Sports history. A 2 time MVP possibly joining our team is just a unreal thought.

    I give the front office credit...They had a plan all along. This whole LeBron James thing came from no where though...i bet Pax and Gar had NO CLUE that they could actually be a front runner in bringing in LeBron James. Chris Bosh use to be the #1 option like ya said. So ya, they deffinetly did their job by opening up some money for us. We cleared A LOT of cap in just 2 years...they deserve credit for that. I see why they didnt hire Doug Collins last time...because he was just going to be fired anyway. The Bulls needed a point A to point B guy and thats exactly what Vinny did. Now the Bulls can hire a brand new Coach (which free agents like) and we can possibly bring in the best player in the game lol This will be a summer we wont forget imo.

  • Management has done their part to get the team in this position. They lucked into Rose, but not Noah. They got him by trading with the Knicks for that pick and making the right choice, against popular opinion. They've managed the cap yet still made the playoffs. Their plan has worked better than hoped. Yes, they have to seal the deal, but so far, so good.

  • See what will bring LeBron to Chicago is if its agreed LeBron will sign with Chicago. Then Luol Deng needs to be signed and traded to Cleveland for LeBron and the Bulls dont have to worry about luxury tax until Joakim Noah is up for extension (which is a year later).

    At this point, JR might treat LeBron like Wallace and give him the large contract LeBron wants. Also JR could piss all over LeBron because LeBron is in position for a major power grab of an entire organization and JR fought with Jordan so much, that LeBron is a similar issue that Jordan was.

    If LeBron puts winning as his top priority, he will sign with Chicago. If he puts control, loyalty, and money over winning, he'll stay in Cleveland. If he wants strictly money and more fame he will go to New York. If he's an idiot, he'll sign with the Clippers.

  • In reply to Scoot26:

    Yea, Reinsdorf is what scares me the most. He somehow managed to totally/finally alienate Jordan even as he was agreeing to pay him $33 million dollars for one season.

    Reinsdorf is what he is, he can't help himself, he is genetically programmed to be a cheap bastard. He is the proverbial scorpian, he cant help himself.

  • We are really throwing bouquet's in the direction of management for something they havent even accomplished yet?

    I'll reserve judgement until the summer is over.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    I agree about the reserving judgment part. I just don't think they are bouquets. It's more like most people think they're complete fools, and the truth is they kind of know what they're doing. Knowing what you're doing and getting the job done are different things, though.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    If thats true...James Johnson is a idiot. I really hope its not though. I hope he can really bring it this summer in the summer league. If he puts in the work he could be a solid player for us.

    PJ Brown i agree...we are pretty much saying, if they do land a player then we ended up doing a good job.

    And i agree with whoever said this but if LeBron wants to WIN...and thats what he said he wants to do...Chicago is the place for him plain and simple. If he wants fame...New York....loyality then Cleveland is the place. Him in Chicago just seems like the perfect fit...he now has the chance to play on the BIG stage in Chicago and bring titles just like Mike did. Chicago would love him and soon as he scored his 1st bucket.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    I don't get the argument that these guys will go to NY for fame. Sure, NY is bigger, but they don't exactly have the basketball culture that Chicago has. And let me tell you, living on the other side of the country, I see a whole hell of a lot more Bulls jerseys than Knicks. I don't think I've ever seen anyone wearing a Ewing jersey.

  • In reply to msalivar:

    I mostly agree with this, msalivar. The biggest market in the NBA isn't New York anymore, it's China. And the only way you really crack that market is to win a title. The Knicks haven't even made the playoffs in the past seven or eight seasons, so for all the talk about dysfunctional management in Chicago, New York is much worse. If he really wants to be a billionaire, he needs to make it big in China.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    What if Mike Woodson or Mike Brown ended up in Chicago?


    Some chatters on other Bulls' forums are saying that James Johnson got into a fight at a high school (or his old high school?) and was ask to leave by the police and school administrators.

    Did anybody hear anything about this? It may not be true, but it being mentioned online.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    wow, if thats true, he has solidified himself as a complete fuck up. Can we send James Johnson to the island of misfit Bulls yet? It used to be new york but it looks like charlotte more and more these days.

    Thank God we lucked out with Taj Gibson.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    if he did, i bet that he got his ass kicked, i haven't seen anything yet that makes me believe this MMA champ crap from him.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    James Johnson---Not a Class Act
    posted at 5/14/2010 5:47 PM CDT on Bulls Connect

    Posts: 1
    First: 5/14/2010
    Last: 5/14/2010 So nice to see James Johnson showing up at a high school today and jumping out of his land rover to try and fight a high school kid and having to be asked to leave by police officers and administrators. Class Act. Why would he want to re-visit his old high school, after all it only took him 'til he was 20 to finally graduate from there---you'd think he'd never want to go back.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    That's what I saw on the Johnson fight rumor.

    Admittedly, it doesn't look too credible.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    The management deserves credit for getting us there. Clearly, we got lucky for that 1.7%, but they made lots of right moves before and after, except for the Ben Wallace signing and Deng's contract. However, we still need to wait and see whether Bulls can end up landing a needed FA or not. Without the result, those effort doesn't mean too much. Right now, none of big FAs expressed their interest to us. Lets see what happens.

    I'm kinda curious about the 2007 draft. Who else fans most wanted? Spencer Hawes? I'm new to here and not familiar with the situation back then. Thanks.

  • Maybe we don't have to wait that long. Lottery is next tuesday, If the Nets get Wall, then they could become a "better" team on the rise. They have your favorite young center, Lopez and have cap space. Also, if they get Wall, Harris becomes a better asset than Loul or Kirk for S&T. Plus Jay-Z is a friend of Lebron. Let's see first how the lottery balls go...

  • Great points Doug!
    I give a lot of credit to John Paxson for making the most important decision the Bulls have made in a long time. That decision was the drafting of Joakim Noah in defiance of all the anger of the so-called knowledgeable Bulls fans. THEY WOULD HAVE SETTLED FOR SPENCER HAWES! Incredible. Noah was the steal of the draft. The guy could have gone number One the year earlier!
    The guy not only can play, he's a leader. We now know that without Noah, Florida could not have won back-to-back national championships. General managers around the leagues are kicking themselves over their draft day mistake.
    And I want to point out that Paxson had his eyes on Noah from the beginning and if the Bulls had a pick as high as #3 he would've taken Noah.
    Jerry Reinsdorf knows the value of Paxson's judgement, and all those who are wishing for his firing have a long wait. It will never happen as long as Reinsdorf owns the Bulls.

  • In reply to Normie:

    Thanks for pointing out what only a handfull of us were saying before the draft. Noah was a no-brainer at #9 that year, and we might have taken him at #2 the previous year instead of Thomas.

    don't forget that we have Noah because we dumped Curry at the perfect time, credit has to go to management for that move also.

    I may not be in love with Paxson, but I really don't think that he is the problem with the Bulls, just like many teams the owner is usually a bigger problem than the GM.

  • Doug, I'll predict this and wait and see what happens in a little over a month's time.
    The Bulls coach will be either Doc Rivers or Phil Jackson. Both have sent out signals that this is possible. I'll put my dollars in the Bulls hiring Rivers who's a players coach and he's from Chicago. He loves Noah and sees him as developing into one of the game's great defenders in its history. He already compares him to Dennis Rodman. Rivers was a guard in his playing days and will work well with Rose.
    Jackson thinks the world of Noah and that could be a key in making his decision to leave the Lakers. His girlfriend, Jerry Buss' daughter, already has been teasing him that when she heard the way Noah tore off on Cleveland she almost thought Noah was his son.
    Doug, watch those two, Phil Jackson and Doc Rivers.

  • In reply to Normie:

    I wish that you were correct on the coaching thing, but both of those guys are very likely to be back with their respective teams next season.

    I woud love to see either as the coach of the Bulls next season.

    I do however, like the Noah/Rodman comparison. I have been thinking that for a while. Noah could very well become a bigger version of Rodman without the insane antics and off the court incidents, and if he does the Bulls will be very well served by having him.

  • This Nets talk is really crazy. They were almost the worst team ever. That says something about the organization and the talent there. I don't know about LeBron, Bosh or Wade's mentality but I doubt they can assume they can win a championship there.

  • Exactly, the Bulls didn't waste Rose's first 2 season's if for no other reason than that Rose was/is not yet ready to win anything.

    Even if he was he wasn't/isn't doing it with the current cast of characters, or any of those from the past 2 seasons.

  • This may be true, but Lebron has been known to go to college games to watch these guys play, so maybe he is different in this regard.

    I have to admit that I am rooting against NJ in the lottery just for this reason.

    The experts seem to think that Wall is a better version Rose, which if true would actually put NJ in a better position than the Bulls, basketball wise.

    Rose, Noah vs Wall, Lopez. Deng vs Harris.

    And that doesn't even consider the Jay-Z factor, which I think is bullshit, but I am not a 25 year old black kid who idolizes rappers almost as much as he does Michael Jordan.

    Thank God they are moving to Newark for 2 years and not Brooklyn.

    The advantage that the Bulls and Rose have is that if Lebron wants to win right away, then Rose and the Bulls are at least 2 years ahead of Wall and NJ, and Newark.

    I fear Miami first and Jersey second if they land Wall.

  • What team is that?


    Don't OVER-HYPE or OVER-MAKE the LeBron James (topics) like you did the "Dickey" Johnson ones!!!

    It could lead to DISAPPOINTMENT.

  • Nice one.

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    Looking high and low he finds the buxom lass walking a bit wobbly down the stairs.

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  • I didn't quite catch your meaning...does "the Michael Jordan of GM's" mean "awful" (Jordan the GM) or "incredible" (Jordan the player)? I could see either meaning, since you're saying Paxson is NOT that.

  • Have you guys seen the rumors about Delonte West doing the aforementioned nasty pirate stuff with LBJ's mom? (possibly causing the Game 5/6 apathy?)

    Delonte West is an unbalanced heavily medicated porn st-ARGH stud!

  • Not surprise about those two names. In a forum I used to hang out, Spencer Hawes was also a hot names back to then. Some of the extremists believed (and may still believe) that Paxson only picks players from Final Four schools in the draft year's NCAA tournament. It was pretty crazy.

  • There was not much pressure on Paxson to take Hawes. I think he is just like Krause. Unlikely to get hired if he was no longer with the Bulls.

  • Good point Doug!.. I also think the Celtics deservetheir due for making this happen too!! LOL

  • You almost have to give them credit. No matter what has for the entirety of his tenure as the Bulls GM, if Gar/Pax can get Lebron to team with Rose and Noah that would be a major major coup.


    A new report out says that Tony Parker would welcome a trade to the Knicks.

    Here's my best guess at what that trade would be.

    To Knicks: Tony Parker
    To Spurs: Al Harrington (S&T), Wilson Chandler and Tony Douglas or Chris Duhon (S&T)

    * If not Al Harrington, maybe Eddy Curry gets in the deal.

    That would certainly open the door for LeBron James to go to the Knicks.

    PG - Tony Parker?
    SG - Joe Johnson?
    SF - LeBron James?
    PF - Danilo Galinari?
    C - David Lee?

    I don't know if the Knicks can make that happen, but getting Tony Parker would certainly make the Knicks more attractive for LeBron James, who is their top free-agent target without question.

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