Chicago Bulls hosting a primarily guard driven work out


James Anderson Guard 6-6 / 210 Junior / Oklahoma State
Paul George Guard / Forward 6-8 / 210 Sophomore / Fresno State
Xavier Henry Guard 6-6 / 220 Freshman / Kansas
Dominique Jones Guard 6-4 / 215 Junior / South Florida
Gani Lawal Forward 6-9 / 234 Junior / Georgia Tech
Samardo Samuels Forward 6-9 / 260 Sophomore / Louisville

If you're scoring at home, you know the Bulls could use a three point shooter, and they're bringing in the top three possibilities in this work out Paul George, James Anderson, and Xavier Henry.

It's questionable whether any of the three can actually defend the SG position, they all have size, but none of them are really athletic enough that they scream two guard defender.   It's also dicey whether any of them will be able to create offensively from the two guard slot or whether they'll just be three point shooters.

Look for this workout to go a long way in determining which of the three is highest on the Bulls draft board though they may be stuck with whomever is left of the three when they draft.


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  • It's a good call by the Bulls' management to look at SG's right away.

    You know who seems to be getting alot of looks if Ryan Thompson. He's Jason Thompson's brother for those who didn't know. I saw on another site that at least 5 teams have brought him in early for workouts.

    I would think the Bulls might do the same. I do like that above list though.

  • Paul George is get a lot of early looks.

    San Antonio, Milwaukee and Chicago all have workouts scheduled for him this weekend.

  • Please invite JORDAN CRAWFORD from Xavier, the guy had a great tournament, has 35 foot range, plays tough defense, has a bigger body, dunked on Lebron in the famous secret video, we can hear "JOOOOOOOOORDAN CCrawford!!!" after every shot he makes, and the guy i predict can become the next Dwayne Wade.

  • I wonder how Henry, George, and Anderson will do guarding Jones.

  • Ya each guy will work out for many teams during this process. Its pretty normal. But i love that were bringing in the big guns...George and Henry would make REALLY REALLY nice Bulls. George would add length and athleticism on the wing...and a good running mate for Rose and he could provide decent defense on the perimeter which would be good if we land LeBron. It will help take pressure off LeBron.

    Henry will be a player in my eyes. Its only a matter of time...he put up some huge games for the Jayhawks this year but since they had so many other options on that team, he didnt have the year we all thought he would. So he deffinetly is a sleeper for us. I would trade up to grab Henry.

    Dominque Jones,Gani Lawal, and Samardo Samuels are all decent players as well. Jones can flat out score the basketball...kind of like how Rodney Stuckey use to play...Gani Lawal is a big with a mean streak...but still a little raw and Samuels...i like his body, hes big an strong and plays solid defense. I see him more as a 2nd rounder...but i would take him in the 2nd. He probably could make a roster somewhere.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    I'm sure they want a peak at Jones as well; but I'm thinking his presence in this particular workout is to examine the perimeter defense of George, Henry, and Anderson, all of whom have been knocked for lacking lateral quickness.

  • In reply to msalivar:

    I totally agree. I think George is really high on the bulls draft board. I think he could be the guy if he can defend the 2 guard spot.

    Also, his size will allow us to drop it to him in the post on most teams. It would be a matchup disaster, especially if his shooting will translate.

    Anyways, I was big on Anderson for the Bulls early. Now I want my cake and to eat it too. I think George is that fit right about now.

  • In reply to msalivar:

    Lawal is 17 i wouldnt pick him though. He is undersized and still kind of raw. Probably wont be more then a energy guy in the NBA.

    The only problem i have with Dominique Jones is that he is small and we already tried having a small doesnt work well lol A guy like George on the other hand could really help our backcourt with his length and athleticism. I would love to put George next to LeBron (If we land him) A backcourt of Rose,George and LeBron would cause havic. All those guys are long,quick and explosive. George in his 1st year could really focus on being a good defender and then let the rest of his game come.

    Ive always liked Samardo Samuels. He has a NBA body and big shoulders. I havent seen him in a while but i do think he could land on a squad somewhere playing some backup minutes. I also like his take him in the 2nd round.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    Jones is more Kirk Hinrich than he is Ben Gordon when it comes to undersized defenders. He's strong and has good length, and puts a ton of effort in with good fundamentals.

    He would be a good replacement for Hinrich, were we to trade him and have a proper starting SG in place.

  • In reply to Csharp:


    I do think George can guard the 2's along w/ Jones. Definitely do not think Henry/Anderson can though!

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    just out of curiosity, what makes you say that?

  • Hmmm... Gani Lawal and Samardo Samuels?

  • In reply to boogernights:

    Probably a combination of things. Giving them a chance to climb (Lawal in particular may rise into the first round), considering them in the event they buy a 2nd rounder, and looking for someone to invite back to workout against higher rated talents.

    I like Lawal a lot, he's the kind of guy you like to have as a 4th or 5th option in the front court. Especially come playoff time. I can't see him climbing to 17, but I'd love to buy a 2nd rounder for him, if he lasts through the late 1st.

  • I see him more as a guy without a very high ceiling, but since he came back a lot more refined this year,someone who could contribute right away.

  • I watched James Anderson in at least four games maybe five. Their are conflicting reports on his defense/lateral quicks. I'm just wondering if he's such a sub par defender(DraftExpress) then why did whoever he was covering never get the ball? Either the other team's scorer would not be put in a position to go against him, or Oklahoma State's coach(Ford) put him on the other team's weakest link. In at least one game the guy Anderson was covering had a decent scoring average(16 ppg or so). Never got the ball/faced him one on one. His steal numbers don't quite approach the activity threshold most NBA quality guards reach which is 1.5 to 1.8 as exceptional. Boards are very good though at nearly six a game. Only one time out of the four or so games did I see him defend(in the post), and in that instance he was relentless/all over the guy - did not score.

    Offensively his nearly 8 FTA's(free throw attempts) are remarkable. His hang time and athletic ability to score around the basket including floaters and in the post is underrated. But he is beyond left hand dominant. His right hand might as well not even exist. And that is the big stopper that makes or breaks so many SG prospects(DeMar DeRozan). I will say I saw a few signs when he went one on one of going behind the back/switching to his right hand etc.

    Bottom line: right now there is an interview with James on Hoopsworld. While most guys who become successes in the NBA for my money are fairly vocal/verbally skilled/expressive James seems almost a mute on and off the court. And his expression often mimmicks a stone. But I thought he looked OK in this interview.

    It's a risk in my mind to draft James Anderson, but he is a competitor with stellar numbers, hitting three's in volume( thoguh very streaky), and a guy that can score around the basket. I like sure things, but at No. 17 he's probably a risk you have to take if he's available. Unless Ekpe Udoh is still there..?

    I also like Dominique Jones however and Paul George. To me, even though he's lucky to be 6'4 w/shoes, Dominique Jones is the most sure thing of the SG's. And Paul George most looks the part of being an NBA stud someday. I'd be excited about drafting either of these three guys. Honorable mention would be Elliot Williams who is an athletic freak like George, and can also shoot threes. Jordan Crawford's stats are superb, but I barely got a chance to watch him play, and I won't draft guys(especially character wise) that I haven't gotten a good chance to look at. See James Johnson.

  • Hey Doug if you catch this one more time could you as the CBA expert among us answer this: Are we able to being under the cap trade Hinrich/Deng without matching salaries or is there still some percentage we'd have to take back? Could such a salary dump trade/giveaway for say a late first or second round pick occurr/is allowed on draft night?

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