Chicago Bulls: Head coaching candidates


It's time for the Bulls to search for a new head coach, and I'm sure some names of potential interviewees will be released soon.    Here's a look at how some of the names who are out there have done in the past.   The Bulls may or may not consider all of these guys, but it's a brief overview on everyone.

Byron Scott
Scott has had two head coaching stints in the past.   The first was with the New Jersey Nets where he took over a team that stunk and had them continue to stink for one season until the Nets traded for Jason Kidd.   After which, the Nets became one of the best team's in the East and made it to the finals twice.

This is sort of a mixed accomplishment.  If you support Scott, it's easy to say he made it to the finals twice, but the competition in the East was really pathetic at that point in time.  At the same time, the Nets weren't clearly better than anyone else in the East, so he really did maximize his playoff success.  

Surprisingly, even the Jason Kidd era nets didn't have very good offensive efficiency numbers.    They won primarily on defense while playing at a moderate pace.  He eventually wore out his welcome with Jason Kidd much like every other coach who's worked with Jason Kidd.

His next gig was with the New Orleans Hornets, and again, he walked into a crappy situation which got better when the team drafted superstar PG Chris Paul.   I've read some people question his relationship with Paul, but Paul defended him when he was let go and didn't seem all that pleased by the move in the one interview I read about it.

The Hornets also, so far, look better under Scott than they do under which ever new nobody coach they have now though the injuries to Paul muddy the issue.   Tyson Chandler also credited Scott for the revival of his game.   Chandler's gone on to play much worse in Charlotte after being traded away.  

How much credit you give Scott for maximizing what the Hornets had is up to you.   The team at it's peak played with high defensive and offensive efficiency, but surprisingly was near the back of the NBA in pace.   Scott must have mastered the "run but don't rush" theory that Vinny was aiming for.

It's recently been made a big point in the local media that Byron Scott is not a hard worker.  I don't know whether that's true or not, in fact, I don't recall ever hearing that until recently, but since I've had little reason to pay attention to Byron Scott until recently that might not mean much.

Scott has worked with elite PGs in the past, he's had a high level of success with them, and he's shown he can run his offense at a variety of paces.   His teams have been good defensively and have achieved the peak of reasonable success and perhaps beyond.  He won the NBA coach of the year in 2007/8.  

Doc Rivers

Rivers is presently coaching the Boston Celtics, but he's not under contract next season.   The Celtics are his second coaching stop as he started his career with the Orlando Magic.  In Orlando he won coach of the year in his first campaign for his Skilesesque performance of turning a bunch of no ones into a 41-41 team.

They added Tracy McGrady and Grant Hill in the off-season only to have Grant Hill basically be "out" for his entire contract.   The Magic struggled to ever take the next step and McGrady's "can't get out of the first round" stigma appeared.    Rivers, pre-McGrady, had defensive oriented teams, but the McGrady Magic played mediocre defense while having a great offense.   All of the teams were among the leaders in pace.

He then became the coach of the Boston Celtics giving them an initial boost prior to presiding over their rebuilding.   Rivers looked like he might be on the way out, but it looks like he and Ainge had a deal that if he helped the club tank they'd let him keep his job.    That's the only way to explain some of their decisions (which their own players called out).  

So you know he's willing to go to some pretty extreme lengths for management.   The tanking didn't work as the Celtics fell to fifth in the Durant/Oden draft, but they managed to trade for both KG and Allen and won the NBA title the next season.   Boston has been known for their defense under Rivers though much of the credit has gone to defensive coach Tom Thibodeau.

He might be available, and he won a ring and a coach of the year award.  He seems pretty management friendly as he was willing to tank games to improve draft position as well.  For the talent he had, I think Rivers has generally done pretty well.   The McGrady Magic seemed like a disappointment, but after seeing McGrady in Houston it's hard to blame Rivers for that.

On the downsides, he's friends with Vinny Del Negro, so he may not even consider the job.

Avery Johnson
Johnson has only had one coaching gig with the Dallas Mavericks.   He takes credit for developing Devin Harris ignoring the fact that Harris sucked balls while in Dallas and became a borderline star when he got the hell away from Johnson in New Jersey.

On the other hand, he took the Mavericks all the way to the finals by conquering their long time rivals the San Antonio Spurs. There, they were a potential conspiracy away from becoming the NBA champions.   Outside of Bibby getting whistled for a foul for receiving a bloody nose from a Kobe elbow, I've not seen anything so ridiculous in my life.

Unfortunately for Avery, he followed it up by allowing the Mavericks to be the victims of the only 8 seed / 1 seed upset since the NBA went to a seven game series.   The Mavs also went out in the first round the following year.    It looked like the team was just on the way down, but it went further in the playoffs the following year under Rick Carlisle.

Avery inherited an elite offense from Don Nelson and was primarily credited for convincing the Mavericks to finally play some defense.   His teams played at a slow pace.    It's also worth noting that Avery played under Greg Popovich and learned to coach under Don Nelson, so he has learned a lot from some of the great coaching minds in basketball.

Jeff Van Gundy
Van Gundy's had two coaching stints in the NBA and had a pretty high talent level in both stops.   He was a defensive oriented, slow paced coach both times, but the rosters he worked with influenced him in that direction.  His teams typically only had mediocre offensive efficiency.  

Van Gundy's worked with a high end low post oriented player in both his stops building around Yao Ming and Patrick Ewing,  He has one finals appearance and coached one of only three 8 seed over 1 seed upsets in the history of the NBA while with New York, but his Houston teams never made it out of the first round.

Jeff Van Gundy's name always comes up in coaching searches, but he seems pretty happy doing TV.  It would take quite a bit of money to get him out of that gig, and he's not really an ideal fit for the Bulls given his slow style of play in the past and general inexperience in creating a point guard centric offense.

Dwane Casey
Casey coached the Minnesota Timberwolves for a year and a half.  The first year, the team failed to make the playoffs while in the second year he had them sitting at .500 before getting axed.  The team did far worse after that.  Casey's teams were a bit better defensively than offensively and ran at an average pace.

I don't really know a whole lot about Casey, he's been an assistant for a long time, and his work in Minnesota looked pretty good once you saw what came afterwards.  He's certainly not a name coach, hasn't worked with a star PG in the past, and didn't have amazing success or anything, but his body of work was decent enough that he's probably worth someone giving a shot to.  I'm not sure I want to be that team though.

Sam Mitchell
The numbers back Mitchell as an offensive oriented coach.  His teams always had solid offensive efficiency while often having fairly lousy defensive efficiency.  They played at paces that went all over the board.

I've seen speculation that hiring Mitchell might help land Chris Bosh, but I don't remember Bosh being overly fond of Mitchell at the time.  The Raptors fired Mitchell largely because they didn't think they could win with him and wanted to keep Chris Bosh.

He did win coach of the year in 06/07 but that had to be one of the stupidest coach of the year awards ever handed out.  If Sam Mitchell's your best choice then give it to Jerry Sloan who deserves one for lifetime achievement.

Mitchell's teams weren't really all that successful, but they weren't exactly loaded with talent either, nor have the Raptors done much better after letting him go.  Still, he has one winning record and one .500 record in 4 full seasons and was fired midway through his fifth.  That's nothing to get excited about.

Doug Collins
Doug's a familiar face, and he obviously has organizational ties with Jerry Reinsdorf.  Would the Bulls or Collins go back down this route after what happened last time?   If the friendship got in the way before, it's likely to do so again.

Collins is an extreme micromanager wanting to walk the ball up and call every play.  He probably wouldn't make a particularly good fit for the roster given that.  His teams were good on both ends of the floor, but it's worth noting he had absolutely elite talent to work with as he had Jordan with the Bulls and Grant Hill (back when he was a bad ass) with the Pistons.

Collins is known as a very emotional coach, the type of guy who cares too much, and wears his emotions on his sleeve.  He'll go to bat for his players and protect them like a father looking out for his kids, so it seems likely a whole heck of a lot more techs would be drawn if Rose wasn't getting foul calls.

If the Bulls hire Collins then it's hard to envision the relationship lasting for more than a couple years.   They obviously have enough interest that his name came up this winter as well as two summers ago.

Lawrence Frank
Frank's only had one coaching job with the New Jersey which started off fairly well.  In fact, until this season, I'd say he genearlly overachieved with New Jersey which never had much talent IMO.   The only decent front court player he's ever worked with is Brook Lopez, and he had to deal with mentally checked-out Vince Carter for much of his career.

His teams have played good defense while being somewhat mediocre on offense.   The one interesting aspect of Frank is that Devin Harris really blossomed under him.   While Avery Johnson takes credit for developing Harris, it wasn't until he played under Frank that he ever did anything noteworthy.

Was it the offense?   Was it simply Harris's time?   Who knows, but Harris exploded and became a leader in free throw attempts in New Jersey.  We'd love to see that kind of development with Rose in Chicago.   

Like most available coaches, he's not an elite guy, he has some interesting poitns on his resume but plenty of downsides as well.

John Calapari
I'll just quote what I wrote on the Calapari rumor:

First, let me say this, I have no faith that Calapari would be a good coach in the NBA. 

Now let me add this, there have been rumors floating around that if Calapari were to coach an NBA team that this team would have a very good chance of landing LeBron James. 

I didn't think much of the dribble drive motion offense in college when scouting Derrick Rose, nor do I think it used Rose's strengths particularly well.   However, if Calapari's agency connections are able to lure a stud free agent to Chicago, then I'm more than willing to live with him for the next few years.

Most of coaching in the NBA is having great talent, and if we Calapari gets us that talent then I'll be happy to sign him up.   If he's not coming as a package deal with one of the big three then I'll pass.

I'd imagine Bulls management feels the same way.  Too bad they won't know if he'll influence the free agents or not until after they've hired him.


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  • I think with DRose being a main corner piece of this franchise and that not changing perhaps ever, we need to bring in a coach that can run a fast uptempo defense / offence. Not crazy D'Antoni (although it wouldn't be so bad), but fast to maximize DRose's abilities. Plus Noah also benefits from that style I think too...

    I'd love to see Bryon in this place, just because I think he can do that and because his worked with the best PG's in the leagues... It just seems like a good match.

  • I was very surprised to see you put Doc Rivers on that list. Even if he's not presently under contract past this playoffs, I have a hard time imagining they wouldn't retain him given the success of the past three years in Boston. That aside, thanks for the detailed run down of all the candidates. I really don't want to see Avery Johnson coaching this team, as not only do I question his ability as a coach, but I don't think players want to play for him. I remember reading how happy the Mavs were to be rid of him. If that's true, you'd have to believe it would affect the recruitment of a big FA negatively. As of now I'm still on the Byron Scott bandwagon, maybe a little more so after reading what you had to say about him.

  • Great job! You mention there "plenty of downsides" to Frank. What are they exactly, other than the Nets stunk to start this year and haven't been that fantastic lately? What are his personal deficiencies? I'm pretty high on him overall.

    You also don't mention Maurice Cheeks or Kevin McHale, both of whom seem to get mentioned a bit these days. Any thoughts there?

  • You forgot some.

    #1.) Maurice Cheeks
    #2.) Eric Musselman
    #3.) Coach K (long-shot)

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    The Bulls have about the same chance at coach K as they do Red Auerbach

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    We'd love to see that kind of development with Rose in Chicago.

  • Doug your Harris comments just kill me. The only difference between Harris last year in Dallas and first year with New Jersey were minutes. His numbers improved every year under Avery and had more efficient years with Avery his last two years than he did under Frank. Avery developed him and Frank was just lucky to get Harris at the time he did.

  • He showed a lot of signs in his final year there. Played 30 minutes, getting to the line 5 times, so he showed he can get to the line. His TS was 59% which was his highest ever and the year before was 57% which was his 2nd highest ever. People may not like Avery but give him his props on Harris. I just don't see how anyone looks at Harris numbers and play in Dallas and doesn't give Avery credit

  • Gar Forman cracked me up at that press conference. "I have no list and have given no thought to who the next head coach might be." More lies. You'd have to be stupid or lying not to have used any of this time you knew Vinny was gone not to look into this most crucical and pressing need.

    Anyway, I've been reading Byron Scott and Jeff Van Gundy my top two choices are out. Likwise Avery Johnson. I hope to god it's not Lawrence Frank. Likewise Uncle Slick Kevin McHale. I don't think you win with Mo Cheeks in the long run. He just doesn't have that kind of stand out leadership or intensity(but a nice man by all accounts).

    I'm fearing we're looking at Eric Musselman or Mo Cheeks. Musselman was a winner in the CBA like Phil. But his hiring would be a gamble. I'm just not going to be happy unless it's Scott or Van Gundy, and I'm hearing there's no chance. Unless you get one of those two I think it reaffirms the reputation of middling Chicago, and top free agents if they do move will go elsewhere. Which is what is most likely going to happen.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    I sure hope he's lying! (Please be lying, Gar.)

    I'm still waiting for someone to actually give me a convincing reason for the hell no on Frank attitude.

    For some reason, I think you might be right on Cheeks, regarding the feeling he might have a chance.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    Jeff Bower, the Hornets GM was the "nobody" replacement for Scott. He's the one who actually let Darren Collison and Marcus Thornton get on the court and contribute. He guided the team to a 34-39 record despite, as you pointed out, not having a healthy CP3. Further, Chandler's downturn started last year with injury issues.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    This is the first legitimate list I've seen out there. Bless you, Doug. Also, I've been calling for Doc Rivers for the last few weeks and I'm glad to see him finally be mentioned. Most people seem to have difficulty thinking of coaches that aren't NBA dinosaurs, such as: Phil Jackson, Larry Brown, Doug Collins, or Mike Fratello. However, I thought that Doc was extended through '10-'11 rather than this season. It could take a maneuver or two to get him here.

  • Laimbeer with Cheeks as an assistant to work with Rose would be nice.

    I like Scott, Laimbeer, and McHale or Frank in order. Beyond that, I'd hope they look at assistants and college coaches. Nobody else with pro HC experience gets me excited. Of course, I'm counting Laimbeer as having pro HC experience, even if it wasn't in the NBA.

  • One other note on Calipari-

    His agent also represents D Wade and Bosh...I believe.

  • Left this gem off the Byron Scott resume:

    When you arguably have the best player on the court (depending on how you value CP3 vs. Carmelo), this shouldn't happen. At home, no less.

    The other coaches have their warts, too, but this one is pretty hard to dismiss.

  • But his PER went up ever year though, so every year he was improving. People make it seem like Harris wasn't improving every season and just bam one summer with Frank and he was a stud.

    Prime example Derrick Rose was a 16PER in year one and 18.6 this year. Most likely will rise this year and probably at that 21 mark Harris had, should we say the new coach was the reason? Even though Derrick Rose is a year older in the league, because that's exactly what Harris was, a year older and saw a increase in play every year.....

  • In reply to Ralphb07:

    I don't see why you're both not right. Yes, Harris had more opportunity and more experience, and yes, Frank got a bit more out of him than Avery. The ideas aren't mutually exclusive.

  • In reply to muhammond:

    Frank gave him more minutes and more of a focal point but the team also won 34 games and had no one else. My main point is Avery Johnson developed Harris not Frank but yes Frank gave him more of a opportunity minutes wise.

  • In reply to muhammond:

    A good list! But one thing missing...who do you want, Doug?

  • In reply to muhammond:

    Pretty certain that Rivers is signed through next season. So Bulls would have to throw some compensation the C's way unless they were feeling generous.

  • In reply to bullsblogger:

    You might be right.

    "Rivers' contract, which had one year left, was extended through the 2010-2011 season at an annual salary of about $5.5 million, according to a person familiar with the deal who spoke on condition of anonymity because the team does not release contract details."

  • In reply to bullsblogger:

    What do think about Tom Thibodeau? He has a great rep as far as assistant coaches are concerned, and has had his name bandied about during pretty much every NBA coaching search in the last few years (including the saga that resulted in VDN's hiring).

    Would going for an assistant - even a relatively high profile one - likely hurt our chances in luring a marquee free agent? I know it's probably a million to one shot, but I'm completely on board with the Calipari hiring, for all the reasons you stated in your other post. Just strikes me as the ultimate swing-for-the-fences move.

  • In reply to bullsblogger:

    I used to be high on Byron Scott but when I watched the real NBA with the hornets, Scott rubbed me the wrong way and I cant explain it, he didnt seem like a man that was playing the best players or following management's directions, he came across as an @ss. The rest of the list isnt too impressive for me either, I think I'd rather hace Stacy King coach than any of the others mentioned.

  • In reply to bullsblogger:

    This is easy...either Doc Rivers or Byron Scott and a outside chance with John Calapari. Both coaches can relate to our team plus they are respected coaches. You get someone like Eric Musselman in here, he wont do anything more then Vinny Del Negro would.

    If Doc loses this series to the Cavs...the Bulls better pursue him hard. He is from here, and he probably has some family here. And im sure his son would have a little input in the decision. His kid would probably tell him go coach Derrick Rose. And really if the Celts lose this year, there team is just going to get another year older next year.

    Byron Scott is a guy that took his team to 2 finals appearances and has had Kidd and Paul on his team. He knows how to run a team with a top notch PG on it. I know in the past he has been fired because his players stop liking him or whatever...but you never know, maybe he has grown from those experiences.

    Calapari is interesting too because he has connections. He has the same representation as D Wade and Bosh. And is also good friends with LeBron. He even had LeBron call up John Wall and Demarcus Cousins to tell them to go to Kentucky. Calapari has some pull...and because of that, he deserves a good look. Plus he can relate to this young team we have.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    I really don't like Calipari. It seems like he's always skipping out of town right before all the mess he creates catches up with him, which leaves him looking relatively clean.

    If I was down and really needed a boost to my franchise I would do it. But the Bulls are on the way up. I don't know that Calipari is the guy to take them to the next level, regardless of how good a recruiter he is/would be.

  • In reply to muhammond:

    I hope it's not Frank. I don't see the Frank love, he is a average coach and doesn't give the buzz needed for a average coach. They're so many other coaches out there to settle for Lawrence Frank

  • I'll bet dollars to donuts Lawrence Frank will be the Bulls new head coach. He has a decent understanding of the game, good NBA level experience, and of course won't cost alot of money.

  • Bower did an amazing job. Really developed Thorton and Collins as the season progressed. He fired Scott because he wouldnt play them.

  • Mo Cheeks is my guy. I want him because he was a defensive pg who could really teach Rose a thing or two in the dept he really needs help in.

  • This is a NO-BRAINER.

    Head Coach - Maurice Cheeks
    Assistant Coach - Scottie Pippen
    Assistant Coach - Ron Harper
    Assistant Coach - Lindsey Hunter
    Assistant Coach - A disciplinarian of some sort.

    They need to put a CHAMPIONSHIP FACE back on this organization.

  • Why isnt Hubie Brwon in this list.. IF hes available ? He should be at the top of the list.. He can teach, coach, and bring high free agents ??? Get Hubie Why not.. I think he would be the best out there if he would accept coaching again.. TRY Gar anyway!!

  • HIRE HUBIE fan Clubb.. He be the best of all

  • Doug,

    I don't know, you aren't thinking about the benefit of not having Stacy do the broadcasts any more.

  • Lets just hire PATRICK EWING!!......ok, jk but seriously i think byron scott should get this job. He said he wants the job so give it to him! Also i wouldn't mind looking at Portlands assistant Monty Williams either....

    And what's up with these reports about Mark Jackson wanting to coach?!? Has he even coached before?!?

  • As I said before, look at the players he was coaching. Being dealt those hands, I'd said he's done quite well.

    Besides, he's the PERFECT MENTOR for Derrick Rose.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I don't see how that's any different from VDN. He did a pretty damned good job here, considering what he was dealt. Why get rid of a good developmental coach who's serviceable in games for another good developmental coach who's serviceable in games?

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I expect the bulls to sign someone noteworthy. Think about it... Its the smart move. Create a positive buzz, show people were really going all out to win. I expect big things this off season for us! I honestly believe that aside from Miami we are the most desirable destination for FA's

  • Honestly... the Bulls should consider hiring Byron Scott if not Doc Rivers if he is available. Both coaches would be able to attract free agents, they are both players coaches that has had some success in the playoffs and both were point guards who could further help in the development of D-Rose. These two I think should be the top two candidates.

  • I was listening to a conversation about Doc Rivers the other day, it was between Bob Ryan and Tony Kornheiser. Apparently Rivers is considering retirement for at least a year. His son is going to be a senior in high school and is one of the top guard recruits for colleges, he's said he's going to Florida, but maybe to Duke. His name is Austin Rivers and is apparently the real deal. Anyhow, Ryan was saying Rivers wants to be around Orlando to see his son play next year. Apparently he still lives in Orlando, his wife and family never moved to Boston.

  • 1. Doc Rivers
    2. Mike D'Antoni
    3. JVG
    4. Mo Cheeks
    5. Lawrence Frank

    I think that'd be my top 5. I don't feel like writing justifications right now

  • I know he has a son that played for Georgetown but then transferred to i believe it was Indiana...thats the older son though,so you never know. But like i said, If Doc Rivers came here...he could attract another superstar to play next to Rose and Noah. Maybe this so called retirement thing is a scapegoat to get out of Boston. Hopefully it is. I know he and Rondo dont have the best relationship either.

  • Shoot i would hire Patrick Ewing too....why the heck not? I bet he is 10 times better then the big man coach we have now. Who else would be better to coach young big guys other then Hakeem and Ewing. Those 2 are among the best bigs to ever live. Go get PATRICK EWING TOO!

  • Cal, Byron Scott and JVG are probably the best of the group. They all have NBA head coaching experience and two of them have taken their team to the finals. They know how to win and probably can use their experience from before. The key here is Forman/Paxson being able to decide who has the capacity to make changes to their previous problems and help the Bulls. We can talk all we want but it comes down to Forman/Paxson on asking the right questions during the interview..

  • Do the bulls really think they have a shot at getting Phil Jackson? It seems like I keep reading rumors of him returning, and even if he did unless we get a top free agent, The triangle offense will not work with the bulls player skills.

  • Derrick Rose is the franchise player.

    What are two of Derrick Rose's weaknesses? Assists and defense.

    What coach can improve those things? Maurice Cheeks.

    Mo Cheeks is 10th all-time in assists and 5th all-time in steals.

    It's a NO-BRAINER!!!

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Just because someone was good at certain aspects of the game when they played does not mean they will be good at coaching those same things. If that were true, Michael Jordan would be the greatest coach ever too.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Maurice Cheeks might be good for an interview but again we have to trust Forman/Paxson duo to do smart interviews and figure out if these coaches can help the team. Do we want a coach who will take us to the second round? This is a very critical time for the Bulls. I don't want them to become like the current Atlanta team --- good players but nothing great...

  • Thanks.. But has anyone asked..? Even for 2 years ?? Cant hurt putting him on a list, unless he comes out and says NO.

  • We know that Laimbeer takes to winning like a pit bull. Anything else is just unacceptable to him, yet he seems rather smart about attaining that goal.

    Plus I really like what he'd likely do for Noah, and I doubt he'd change situations for another assistant job.

    Note: I say that as a pit bull owner who fully understands they can be extremely sweet dogs. But damn if they aren't stubborn.

  • No, I'm saying I would have serious reservations about a guy whose team obviously quit on him; with the exclamation point being the worst playoff loss in NBA history. A loss at home (thanks for your support, fans), to boot.

    There isn't another coach out there with such a stink bomb on his resume. Well, asides Calipari and the two Final Fours that were wiped out; and that would cause me concern, too, for the record (he's either a wretched cheat unlike anyone else in NCAA history or a mega-moron for getting caught twice when everyone else skates on by free-and-clear).

    At least with Calipari, there is the pipedream of LeBron. I don't see what Scott brings you that anyone else on the list doesn't.

  • In reply to saigman:

    More on Scott...

    An interesting quote from the second one:
    "With three games in four nights, his franchise in freefall, the coach was planning tee times in SoCal."

    A common thread between the two is that players openly questioned Scott's play calling.

    So, you have a guy that was fired by a first-place team (has that ever happened to another good-to-great coach?), went golfing when his team was in a funk as opposed to addressing the issue, doesn't seem to have the confidence of the players, and also has the worst NBA playoff loss ever on his resume.

    Two words come to mind: No Thanks!

  • The Bulls front office is not as stupid as we make them out to be. We hired Vinny to fire him at this point...he was a point a to point b guy. Now that the summer of the greatest Free agency ever is here....the Bulls are looking to make big changes with some big names. Doc,Byron or Cal will get the job imo. All 3 would make big impacts by their popularity alone. And thats what the Bulls want to do.....If coach Cal came here and he landed either LeBron or Bosh or whomever...he wouldnt need to be that great of a coach to coach that team.

  • Doug, i love your technical terms "Harris sucked balls while in Dallas" but none the less very informative. what about Lindsey Hunter as head coah

  • He made a good jump and that usually just comes with age and games under the belt. Every year he got better, if he sucked ass for Dallas and bam one year came out like John Salmons then I would agree it was Frank, but that's not what happen, he steadily got better in each season and in season 5 at 25 years old had a very good year but his previous years showed you he was improving. Just look at his year Dallas trading him. 17pts 48% shooting and a TS of 59% 6.3ast and 5FTA per game in 30 minutes. If you asked me those numbers on a 51 win team or his NJ numbers on a 34 win team, I'm picking his Dallas year every time

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