Bulls not bringing in 'John Calipari

Do we need Calipari to get James?   Don't know, but if so, look for James to end up elsewhere according to Andy Katz.

A source with direct knowledge of the Chicago Bulls front office's plans says the team believes it has the right players in place -- namely, Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah and Luol Deng -- to surround LeBron James when it makes its case with the free agent to-be on July 1.

the source said there has been no discussion of bringing Kentucky coach
John Calipari in with James as part of a package deal.

Chicago Tribune reported Monday that according to league sources,
basketball power broker William Wesley -- a friend of both James and
Calipari -- has been quietly contacting NBA teams that have coaching
vacancies and salary cap space about the possibility of bringing in
James and Calipari together.

I don't want Calipari, and I don't really think LeBron is tied to Calipari either.  Heck, I'm not certain he even prefers Calipari, and if he does, he shouldn't. 

I will say that if the Bulls pass on Calipari, and he ends up being the difference maker in whether a team gets LeBron or not, then I'll be pretty pissed off.  I suppose that's part of the game though, finding out whether it's a difference maker or whether it's important to LeBron at all.


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  • I never really beieved the caipari rumors. It always seemd skeptical.

    I doubt after lebron has had BRown most of his career that he would demand a specific coach now. And if it was true, wudnt it throw out NY as well?

    However, do you think these rumos are valid doug? There seems to be soo many leaks.

  • Chicago bulls PF #6 KING JAMES!

  • Someone pointed out on the previous thread that they believed World Wide Wes is the only one linking Lebron to Calipari to get Calipari a nice long extension for a lot of money.

    Call me crazy, but I believe that. For the simple reason that I assume anyone who goes by the self proclaimed name World Wide Wes is a huge egomaniac who is out to make a ton of money FOR HIMSELF.

    So yeah, I dont think Lebron and Calipari are a package deal to anyone.

  • As I said in the BullsBeat thread, JR's not going to give away the keys to the car. In this case, I'm not sure he should have either, given Calipari's track record. As some have floated, I'm starting to be convinced this whole World Wide Wes "conspiracy" is more about trying to get Calipari in on the action as much as Lebron and Cal being an actual package.

  • Hey Doug, I'm tired of bickering over M.J. and Lebron. I'm done venting. Like I said on the other piece I just think some of your statements are pretty damning/inflammatory/provoking to M.J fans. I could care less if you have issues/don't like Michael I just wish your points weren't so barabed/dramatic. Wrecked the franchise for ten years?

    Fine. You really feel that way, and don't think you're overstating things/being biased/inflammatory. But if it just didn't seem so over the top I would not mind at all if you have a negative image of M.J. Well, I'd mind a little.

    I guess since I am of the oppisite view, and like M.J. for most of those years maybe I'm biased towards the new guys/LeBron. But you yourself showed the image of him with that towel boy? Asshat I believe you said. Well, maybe M.J. did some lame bush stuff like that too. I hope LeBron is more of a decent guy then what I have observed. I know he could start by quit flipping his mouth piece in and out of his mouth at the rate of a humming bird's tongue.

    Anyway, I'll do my best once again to just ignore the slings and arrows towards one of my idols if not thee idol of my youth. But please just don't tell me that my view is simply based on the media presentation i.e I'm a dupe that is just flat out condescending, and you did say that. Otherwise, peace.

  • The Bulls are doing their homework and if it comes down to hiring Cal to get LBJ, it will happen. Broussard, Katz and McGraw all have said Calipari isn't needed for James to jump ships, it would probably help but as long as the Bulls do their homework, they will find out what guys LBJ likes.

  • I hope this means that LeBron and Calipari aren't a package deal because I would assume we'd do whatever it takes but more important to me personally, I don't think I can do this for another month and a half.

    All the rumors and counter-rumors are killing me and it's only been a few days. I don't know which, if any, of all these reports to believe but I still am drawn to the stories simply because at the end of all this lunacy we might get Bron.

  • Well as a relief from the rumors, I will pose this question to the panel.

    You're Lebron. Removing all loyalties to the Bulls that we obviously all have, where would you go and why?

    Im not gonna lie, South beach is awesome. And Chicago Winters Suck.

    If they do re-sign DWade...thats very tempting.

    Ultimately I think I would still choose Chicago based on YOUNG talent, and the ability to literally run this city if he chooses to...

  • I thought all your responses I saw since my last posts were cool. Hope I was civil. I like debates/venting once in a while but mostly I prefer just calm, cool conversations even if there's disagreemnts. This is a great web site. Later

  • 1. If Calipari is a combo deal with LeBron, then NY and Miami are ruled out although Miami might kick out Spoelstra. I think this is a rumor basically and LeBron is probably ok with a good experienced coach.
    2. BTW, I think LeBron and Bulls are in the same boat. They both went through inexperienced and first time head coaches whom did dislike now. This means they are both looking for something similar.
    3. Also, this winter thing is overrated for a basketball player. Basically, the players are superbusy during the winter traveling and playing. And this is only for 5/6 years. And after that, he can go to Bermuda or Bahamas or Miami...

  • I think that the Bulls would hire Callipari if it meant getting Lebron. The Bulls aren't going to be stupid enough to pass on potentially the greatest player ever over who is coaching the team. They can always fire Callipari a year later if it doesn't work out, although with Lebron James, I think the team would still do well under Cal, even if he isn't all that great of a coach.

    What I don't think the Bulls will do is sign Callipari to try to woo Lebron. I think they can come to some type of agreement where they sign Callipari only after Lebron signs.

  • One argument/con job that they(the media and other franchises) keep using against LeBron coming here is he wouldn't be able to live up to/replace Michael's legacy..?

    What a load of crap? Did Kobe really have to live up to Magic's legacy which came about a decade earlier similar to Lebron's situation now? True, Kobe was initially an unkown, but with the lights of L.A. it didn't take long to see the potential, and then there was that hill to climb.

    True Lebron won't have Shaq or Phil(most likely), but he could have a marquee coach(Jeff Van Gundy) or other quality, stand out guys who have been to the Finals Byron Scott etc. This is an opportune time to be looking for a coach. Then you have D-Rose who many, and I mean many, think with quality around him and a little more seasoning could be a top 10 player. If they could get Bosh in a sign and trade or another very good player/all-star. That's a very interesting/quality dynamic to be entering into at just the right time. To grow and climb that/those mountain(s) together.

    Two or three championships, and Lebron will own this town. And Chicago, say what you will about winter even though half of their season is spent on the road, but having your presence celebrated in Chicago a mammoth climb as opposed to piddling Miami, I don't know, you've got a 28 year old oft injured Wade with a skeleton crew and a total headcase in (Mrs.) Beasley). Or the rebirth of the Bulls with Derrick, Joakim, Taj, Bosh..?

    Ssshhhh, I hear the music playing( Bulls intro theme) Dun, dun, dun; dun, dun dun,.."From St Mary's High School at forward 6'8, LeBron Jaaaammmmeeesssss!!"

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