Bulls Beat #142

Bulls Beat #142 - The LeBron James beat

Everything related to LeBron James and all the ways the summer of 2010 might play out.


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  • Im more wondering why no one thinks the Clippers are real contenders. They have a team but for some reason I dont fel they have a real shot either. What do you think.

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    I think most people write them off because of their ownership. Donald Sterling has a pretty bad reputation in seemingly every aspect of team management. From not being committed to winning, to not investing in the team properly, or creating a healthy working environment. I imagine the majority of the people writing it off as a possibility assume that Lebron's "team" would advise him not to go there.

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    LBJ and DWADE in Miami...won't work.

    TWO Batmans on the same team never does.

    Plus, two players can't win a title. It's takes a team of guys. And Pat Riley couldn't surround Wade and LBJ with any good talent. The money wouldn't be there for them to do that.

    Pat Riley screwed himself by having so many free-agents and expiring contracts. The same can be said about the New York Knicks. They are both going to have a hard time putting together COMPLETE rosters. Unlike the Bulls, who have 6 quality guys (except Dickey Johnson) under contract.

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    Don't discard my BATMAN and ROBIN analogy. It makes sense.


    Why did Shaq and Kobe break-up in LA? Because Kobe wanted to be Batman and Shaq didn't want to give up that title after being Batman their for all those years. At the end of the day, the Laker's management chose Kobe as their Batman and traded Shaq to Miami.

    The funny thing is Shaq became Robin to Wade's Batman in Miami.

    Go figure.

    LBJ and WADE:

    There is NO-WAY that Wade would accept being Robin to LBJ's Batman. And if LBJ wants to be a GLOBAL ICON there is NO-WAY he would accept being Robin to Wade's Batman.

    LBJ will either end up in Chicago, New York, New Jersey or stay in Cleveland.

    He's BATMAN in all of those places.

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    Probably because its Kobe's city.

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    Ive been seeing a lot of these photos with LeBron in a Bulls uni, and i gotta tell ya, he looks freakin awesome in a Bulls uni. It just seems so meant to be...Bron in Chicago. Rose,Bron,Noah,Deng,Taj,Kirk, maybe Brad Miller for cheap plus possibly a solid SG this draft. George or Henry. Bulls would be set!

  • I think the choose between waiting for LeBron or Bosh now scneario is a purely hypothetical one. LeBron seems to be a pretty clued in kind of guy, it's why we have this free agency to begin with, his smart decision to get only a 3 year contract. So I think he'll know that where ever he goes will be best served by it happening quickly so they can work on follow up signings or trades as soon as possible.

    I expect LeBron will announce where he's going very early on in free agency.

  • Also, who is your source and how concrete are they? A reporter, a Lebron insider, and NBA insider. Who?

  • Also, If Bosh says he wants to sign and we are wating on Lebron, I agree we take Bosh but If Lebron wants to come then we do something. Trade Deng to Minni and J to the Cavs or sumtin. We cant let him get away.

  • Dougie T,

    Did you record the podcast before or after learning about LBJ calling up Rose after the Cavs were eliminated?

  • And who played BATMAN and who played ROBIN?

    Shaq - BATMAN
    Kobe - ROBIN

    They split up because both wanted to be BATMAN in LA.

    It didn't work then in LA and it won't work in Miami with LBJ and WADE.

  • Doug,

    You are thinking straight here.

    Kobe was young and not ready to be BATMAN yet, while winning titles with Shaq. LBJ and WADE are already at that stage in their careers.

    There is NO-WAY they want to play second fiddle to each other in MIA.

    Wade is the MAN there and LBJ can't be a global icon being the #2.

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    You aren't thinking straight here.

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    1. It would be cool if somebody does a good financial analysis of how LeBron will benefit from going to NY/Chi or staying in Cleveland.
    2. Can Miami promise some kind of minority ownership to LeBron/his family in the future? They have every actor/singer in Miami being a owner of the Heat:-). I feel Miami has a good chance. Do you also think they can trade for Tony Parker, get LeBron and keep Wade?
    3. I hope Noah is watching Howard and how ineffective his game is? Work on his offense..
    Also, I hope Rose/Noah work on their Free throw shooting.

  • I tend to think free agency is on hold until Lebron makes his move. Too many of the biggest players want him. Admittedly, it only takes one team to go rouge and put pressure on everybody else, but I think the league waits for Lebron. Hopefully, he'll have his mind made up by then.

  • I'm not getting my hopes up, I still have flashes of the 2000 free agency class in my head. A friend told me about Rose and Lebron talking right after the cavs got knocked out and he also said Brian Urlacher took Lebron out for dinner several times trying to persuade him to come to chicago. Is all that true?

  • Well Rose and LeBron talked yesterday from what i heard...and Urlacher and Jeremy Piven both took LeBron AND his mother to lunch. So it was important enough to bring LeBrons mom with to listen to what they had to say. I keep seeing all these stupid comments made from the Van Gundys and Avery Johnson....all these guys are hating on us because we wont interview them lol

  • I personally dont want Avery, he isnt the coach the bulls need. and yeah the van gundys seem to hate on us big time, but let them, they have to vent about something when their team is getting manhandled by a less talented and olderer team.

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