Bulls Beat #141

Bulls Beat #141 - Coaching search, free agency, and more

A look at our coaching search where I finally pick a
lane on who I want to coach the Bulls, and some more talk on 2010 free

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  • I'm sure it'll be another great one. Thanks Doug.

  • Great Review.. Doug.. Few questions..
    1. If you look at Cleveland's Mike Brown and suppose Cleveland loses against Boston or Orlando or even the West Conf team, what does it imply? Does an established player like LeBron not work(or to say in other words-> will not respect) an unproven coach. See how Shaq got SVG canned in Orlando before. So let a superstar grow with the coach from his rookie year or get an established coach such as JVG, Byron Scott
    2. Question on FA? Does a trade of Hinrich, Gibson and the 1st round pick work in terms of money for a FA such as Bosh in Sign and Trade? I am not asking if the other team will accept it in terms of talent but only in terms of money compared to moving Deng.

  • I dont see Amare leaving Phoenix now, considering, he's not playing that great but his team is going to the finals. Why leave? It will be interesting to see what the bulls do with the coaching search and the players they pursue, but I'm getting the feeling that only a few will be available when its all said and done.

  • Calipari does not want to coach in the NBA at all. He used his "interest" to leverage with his current job for more money.

  • Sign and trade makes Bosh cost more right?

  • What i'm saying is that Toronto wants to sign and trade Bosh...so we would have to pay or give out more to get him right?

  • I still think Amare leaves....right now he out proving a point of why they never should of even thought about trading him in the 1st place. They tried 2 or 3 times now...hes going to Miami or Chicago imo. He is trying to make that money right now though by playing great in the playoffs. They wont pass up the Lakers though imo.

    If the Bulls gave Calipari a contract right now...I bet you anything he would sign it and be the Bulls coach. Bulls will only hire him if he automatically is bringing a top FA in though in my opinoin.

  • Hey Doug,

    Rose is an elite player who just happened to fall out of the sky on top of the clueless Paxson. He is the Bulls # 1 player.

    The Bulls don't have a legitimate #2 or #3 quality player on the team!

    No-Shot Noah is role playing rebounder but he is still a super flyweight under the rim. He completly disappears against strong forwards and centers! Noah is a weakling, if you saw Rose's last drive of the season, James flicked Joakim aside like a paper doll!!!!!!!!!!

    The Bulls "must' get a strong post up forward or center and a real shooting guard. Klank Hinrich the clock eater must be dumped or glued to the bench. No one with a brain would trade for the over paid inconsistent Hin-Brich.

    Deng does not show up at crunch time, he is over paid weakling and a barely average SF. Gibson gives max effort but he is not very talented.

    Van Gundy-No Thanks. Scott is a much better choice. The Bulls can get the Celt's Thibodeau cheaply and he could be a good choice!

    Doug you have made a lot of progess this year! You no longer slant all of your posts to favor the Bulls. I did not think you would stop with the Bull PR.

    Good Luck!

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