Bosh gives Raptors list of teams; Bulls on it

Per espn:

CHICAGO -- Chris Bosh's agent has told the Toronto Raptors that he's
narrowed his list of preferred teams to five, two sources told's Chad Ford at the NBA Draft camp here.

The list of five
teams -- Toronto plus the Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat
and New York Knicks, sources said -- were given to Toronto management
in case the Raptors want to construct a sign-and-trade deal (assuming he
doesn't re-sign with Toronto). Bosh likes that option, sources told
Ford, because he'd get one more year on his contract and could make more

Sources said the Raptors prefer a sign-and-trade if Bosh
is intent on leaving as well. They would likely want a big man to
replace the 6-10, 230-pound Bosh in the lineup.

One source said
Bosh's decision hinges on where LeBron James signs. "If LeBron decides
to go to either New York or Chicago, I think that's where you'll see
Chris land," the source told Ford. "If LeBron stays in Cleveland, I
think the process is more wide open."

The obvious good news is that the Bulls are on the list.   Scratch Toronto off it, we know there's no real chance he's going there.

That leaves LA, Chicago, Miami, and New York.

Of these teams, New York is likely only a factor if LeBron ends up there.  If not, he picked teams that he likely could win with.  

Also, we can now ignore the idea that Bosh needs to be "the man" on the team he lands on since that wouldn't be the case with any of these teams except possibly the Bulls (if LeBron isn't there).

What remains to be seen in this is if Bosh is equally comfortable with any of these teams, or if he's simply narrowing down the list for now.   If he's equally comfortable with any of them and it comes down to the S&T package then it gets interesting.

First, does LA really get into the mix?   Bosh and Gasol are kind of redundant, and it's hard to envision trading Gasol for Bosh if you win two straight titles with Gasol, which I predict the Lakers will do.   Would they trade Bynum for Bosh and play one of Gasol/Bosh at PF?   Would Bynum really be attractive in a S&T package?

Bynum's interesting because he's a young stud big man, but he's never lived up to his hype, he's always hurt, and he makes a mint.  He's young enough and has the body to still be a huge force in the future, but he also could continue to be overpaid by about 5 million a season too. 

Bynum does fit their team needs perfectly though as he'd be an outstanding complement to Bargnani.  I can easily make the case for or against Bynum, and if he stays healthy he's probably the best player they could get back even if he's expensive.

Miami really only has Michael Beasley and Mario Chalmers to offer.   Neither guy really holds much value at the moment, so I don't think they have anything that Toronto is interested in if they have control in the S&T process.

New York can offer up Gallinari or Chandler in a S&T, discussions about them offering David Lee are kind of silly because Lee isn't under contract.   While a double S&T is certainly possible, I don't think one has ever happened in the NBA.  It would mean that Toronto has to want Lee and pay him more than any other team is willing to pay him.   That combination isn't very likely.  

If NY has to give up Gallinari and/or Chandler it leaves the cubbard especially bare even if Bosh and Bron sign in NY.   I think NYK's position is the same as I've thought for a long time, which is they either hit the super jackpot or they strike out entirely. Still, New York fans should be psyched.   They're on his list, which means there's a chance that NY is a draw unto itself even if the team sucks.

The Bulls S&T prospects are more interesting if the Raptors are interested in Deng or Hinrich, otherwise they have to give up on James in order to get Bosh.  I'd still probably do that and take the bird in the hand in Bosh unless I felt extraordinarily confident that James would sign with me.

If they use cap space (give up on James) then a deal of Gibson + whomever they take in the 2010 draft + charlotte 1st rounder is an appealing package.  They're the only team that can offer up a potential lottery pick, because the Charlotte pick isn't going to hinge on how good Bosh's new team is.   Any other team acquiring Bosh is going to expect to not have any worth while draft picks to throw into the equation.

From a value perspective, I think the Bulls offer is the strongest for a rebuilding team with the exception of the Lakers offering up Bynum and the Raptors deciding to take a flier on him.  I'd probably not do that if I ran the team, but I could go either way on it.

The final interesting thing is simply looking at the teams not on the list.  The Thunder, Rockets (and the rest of the Texas teams though the others didn't really have the assets), and Blazers were teams I thought might have enough talent to pull off a S&T and have teams that would be attractive for hi to go to.  Not so apparently.  


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  • The Bulls' brass needs to STEP-UP and make that happen!!!

  • What are the rules about getting a S&T done BEFORE July 1st? Since Bosh's agent gave the Raptors a list now, I'm assuming that's a notice to start shopping around. If they find a deal they like, let's see with the Bulls, and Bosh is interested in coming to Chicago can the Raptors re-sign Bosh and then trade him to the Bulls before free agency even starts? Obviously, Bosh is a Raptor until midnight July 1st but does that mean he can work on a new deal with them now and be eligible to be traded before free agency starts? This would apply to all upcoming restricted and unrestricted free agents, too (including Bron Bron).

  • 1. I know we don't care about who is third or first option. But if Rose develops more and in the second year of his contract, will Bosh be the third option behind LeBron(if he signs) and Rose?
    2. If you compare Beasley and Taj Gibson, who has better upside? We might be biased towards Taj because he was so much better than expected rightaway
    3. You are right about Bynum with all his meniscus, knee issues why would the Raptors get him? But are his issues magnified by looking at the way he is playing now?

  • I know other teams can't talk to him but the Raptors can. So the Bulls would be talking to the Raptors. The Raptors would be talking to Bosh. As long as a the Bulls don't talk to Bosh or his people, it's all good.

    I doubt anyone would do that because there would be a trust factor involved. Also, I don't think this trade could happen before July 1st because no one would have cap space until the old salaries come off the books (which obviously happens on July 1st). Otherwise the salaries would have to match and that would make things more difficult / impossible. I understand that they can start framing the potential deal, however. It's just difficult to get something done before FA starts.

  • I notice you didn't mention the possibility of trading Noah for Bosh. Are you not willing to make that trade anymore?

  • Doug, my question is if the Bulls land Bosh in a S&T prior to July 1st, can the Bulls offer Le Bron and Wade 3yr deals and still have room to fit under the cap? Seems to me that they can do that and then offer "new" max deals to Bron and Wade in year three.

  • Hey Happy lol what did i tell ya a couple days ago lol

    Lakers would offer Bynum for Bosh...and if something like that went down...that would be NO GOOD at all.

    Hopefully the Bulls push full force to get something done like this. It would have to involve either Deng or Kirk though for us to be able to sign LeBron too. Pretty much just sounds like Bosh wants to play with LeBron. I doubt i would do a Deng + Noah deal for Bosh but a Deng + Taj + draft pick might get something done.

  • Another thing to think about is that our future 1st round draft picks will most likely be late ones. So really, i wouldnt mind giving them up. We wont get much for them anyway...might as well trade them.

    Deng + Taj + 2 1st rounders.....Thats a pretty good deal for Toronto...they might take that.

  • Hey Doug, I noticed that you saw Toronto on the list, and kind of flippantly scratched them off. I think Toronto being on the list is actually significant. Here's the post I made on realgm:

    2 things that make me think that Bosh holds all the cards and that he just told the Raptors that it's 5 teams for them to prepare themselves:

    1 - If bosh is really letting the Raptors choose, he would not have included the Raptors as one of those 5 teams. Makes no sense. He's saying that I've narrowed it down to 5, and u guys are still on the list. I haven't fully decided yet.

    2. The Lebron thing. The source seems very sure Bosh will go where Lebron goes. That sounds like no leverage for Toronto.

  • In reply to whonka:

    I think including Toronto is just to save face which is why anybody would write it off. Nobody, including Toronto, thinks Bosh is staying. I mean, the fact that there's even a list should be proof of that. He basically said "Here. Start working with this. You're on the clock." He's just trying not to seem like the bad guy to the fans but that won't work. I mean seriously, what does Toronto have to do to keep him? Not a lot of options there.

    And I don't think he's letting them choose, I think he's putting them on notice. "These are the teams I'm gonna holler at. See what you can work out by time I make my decision."

  • In reply to jamatokwu:

    I agree with your view of Bosh's intentions.

  • I actually thinks this is bad for us.

    I personally feel for some reason Lebron will go to NYC and we will lose Bosh in the process.

    I think if Bron says he is not coming, we forget bosh and go hard for either Amare/Boozer and Mike Miller/Marrow and rebuild from there. We need to use the cap space to become a better team, not become the team that missed out. I would rather that then nothing personally.

  • Deng could go for LBJ. And Indiana could be an option for Hinrich.

    Paxson and/or Forman need to get aggressive and creative.

  • I don't think Beasley is someone Bryan Colangelo wants.

    Gibson has more MATURITY. Plus, he's the better ALL-AROUND player.

  • Biggestbullsfan +2 about going right after Amare if Bosh or Bron dont work out...i like Marrow too.

    But i do think LeBron will end up coming to CHI TOWN!!!!

  • I think the Bosh for Bynum scenario is the better fit for Bosh and both teams. Toronto ships Bosh out of the Eastern conference; LA gets an upgrade; and Bynum does the inside work for Bargnani who is allergic to the paint. Deng plus draft picks cannot match what LA can offer. Sorry Bulls fans.

  • Doug, my question is if the Bulls land Bosh in a S&T prior to July 1st, can the Bulls offer Le Bron and Wade 3yr deals and still have room to fit under the cap? Seems to me that they can do that and then offer "new" max deals to Bron and Wade in year three.

  • Chad Ford said that most of the trades that happen on draft day are already put together at the combine....i found that pretty interesting. He knows some secret future trade stuff im sure...

    If we get Bosh in a S&T we better be getting Jarret Jack! Instant offense off the bench.

  • Let's just get Chris Bosh in a S&T and go from there.

    - Taj Gibson, James Johnson and Charlotte's #1 in 2012 to Toronto (possible)

    - Hinrich to Indiana (possible)

    - Deng to Cleveland (possible)

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I forgot about Omer Asik, who is Hedo Turkoglu's friend.

  • Doug, with the failed/problematic season of discord with Turkoglu what about Deng, Hinrich, JJ and Taj plus this year's pick or the Charlotte lotto for Bosh and Turk. I'm not saying I want Turkoglu(I'm assuming you absolutely do not), but if that's what it takes to make it appealing to Toronto and still have cap space for Lebron then don't we pretty much have to?

    You usually seem to reject most of these proposals either from a rejection of the players involved or financial feasibility. I await the rejection, but there's got to be a way to keep enough cap space for LeBron and get a second max free agent otherwise LeBron in my mind is not coming anyway.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    I failed to include a PG trade(for Kirk) to make the deal desirable with us taking back Jarett Jack.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:


    Henry Thomas, Bosh's agent, denies giving Toronto any list.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Oh man, I really don't know what to believe anymore.

  • In reply to Vedo:

    Raptors GM has confirmed that indeed there is a list of teams as per the Toronto Star. I would trust that..

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    The list is stupid though...its all the teams we already know that he would want to play for.

  • In reply to Vedo:

    I think Bosh/LeBron going to Miami looks more likely than NY. They have lot more CAP space and a can-be HOF coach in waiting plus no taxes, warm weather and less scrutiny than the NY/CHI media. If a team has the LeBron, Bosh and Wade...they can put on an ad on Craigslist to fill the roster...

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Miami cannot get Lebron and Bosh without moving Beasely.

    Not saying that they cannot move the former #2 pick in the draft as a salary dump, but it is a hurdle for them.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    I saw this on Daily Herald. This is a three way trade of Deng, Taj, 1st round pick to Minn, Al Jefferson to Toronto, Bosh to Chicago. So this means:
    1. The 17th pick might be what Minnesota wants or the Bulls make a draft day trade with Minn where they swap their 17th pick(so Minn can select who they want) and the Bulls get a late first round pick(I think Minn has a couple of them) and something for the future.
    2. Or can the Bulls trade for Al Jefferson during the draft and then trade him straight up for Bosh after July 1st?

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    This opens up one of my favorite scenarios, trading Deng to Minny.

    NOt sure why Minny would want the 17th pick, they already have the 16th and 23rd in addition to the 4rth.

    I say watch what they do at 4, if the take Wesley JOhnson, then they would not want/need Deng. If they go big Cousins/Favors, then they have a need at small forward and a glut of Bigs.

    I don't want Jefferson, but if Toronto does, then use it.

    I am looking at getting Love away from Minny for Deng, instead of pursuing Bosh. Especially if getting Bosh requires losing NOah.

    I would definately want Noah and Love over Bosh only, or Bosh and Deng for that matter.

    Love will rebound better than Bosh and score almost as much, provide much better intagibles and 3 point shooting.

    I think that Minny is an underlooked team in the free agent picture, not because anyone wants to go there but because they have cap space, 3 first rounders, and can get involved as a third team facilitator.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:


    My theory all along has been "BOSH leads to WADE, LBJ or MELO."

    So whatever Big Jer, John Paxson and/or Gar Forman have to do to land Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade, LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony they need to do it.

    Chicago has the best pieces to offer up in a trade for Chris Bosh.

    There really is NO EXCUSE not to get something done. If Hinrich needs to go to Indiana in order to bring in another All-Star, then so be it. If Deng has to go to Cleveland to bring in another All-Star, then so be it.

    WHATEVER IT TAKES...NO EXCUSES at this point!!!

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    As usual, you have it backwards, Bosh(maybe) wants to go where Lebron is, Lebron has not said that he is following Bosh.

    For any and all teams, you go after Lebron first, you worry about everybody else after that.

  • In reply to MrHappy:


    LBJ and BOSH in NY.
    DWADE and AMAR'E in MIAMI.
    An over-rated Joe Johnson or Carlos Boozer in CHICAGO.

    John Paxson and Gar Forman better STEP THE HELL UP!!!

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    This can be good news or bad news...

    Chicago, I think, clearly has the best S&T option for Bosh. The only part now is actually making it happen. Can GarPax really pull this off?

    I thinks Bosh and James end up either in Chicago or Miami. It's a toss up if you really think about it. We have more to give in a S&T, but Miami has Wade and its freakin Miami...

    Also, I think the two have already discussed options and look into the NBA Draft for some clues....

  • In reply to Vedo:

    I agree with you, Miami is the team that I fear the most for the reasons that you mention, Wade, South Beach and Riley.

  • Id offer Toronto Deng,Taj, 2 1st rounders for Bosh.

    Thats actually a pretty decent deal compared to what the other teams can offer. Bynum is nice, but he is injury prone...but everyone wants a center. Miami can offer Beasley, but he is nut job, and New York really doesnt have much besides draft picks i would think.

    But serously, if you are Bryan Colangelo right now...what do you do!? Send Bosh to Chicago were they could have a possible dynasty!?!? Heck no...send him to LA to play with Kobe!?!?!? Heck No! Send him to Miami with Wade!??!!? More possible then the other scenarios but still not a good idea....OR to New York were they have nobody!? Im thinking Bosh is going to New York for lots of Draft picks or Miami for Beasley i guess.

    If Colangelo traded Bosh to LA or Chicago....his job might be in jepardy.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    Again, you are missing the key point, Bosh is in charge of where he goes, not Collangelo.

  • This is what the Bulls should

    Tell Colangelo... trade us Bosh and we will hire you to be apart of our front office lol

    I mean...serously...its kind of wrong, but it could work lol

  • In reply to Csharp:


    Should they hire Sam Mitchell, Bosh's former coach too?

    Honestly, I wouldn't mind Colangelo or Mitchell running the Bulls.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    naww i think want a better coach then that....i guess they wanna interview Thibideou now....i wouldnt mind him...that guy is all about defense. Byron Scott will get his interview when July gets closer.

  • I really would not trade Noah. I think he is too valuable. Gibson Hinrich and picks should get it done.

  • Because then we won't get LeBron James. That's why.

    I don't blame you for rejecting most ideas(and I certainly wasn't criticizing you), but if there really is no belief that a sign and trade for a Bosh or another max guy/big can get done then I don't believe we are getting LeBron James. The disgruntled Turkoglu situation, deep draft, teams wanting to possibly unload picks screams opportunity to me. It certainly seems like acquiring him is at least a possibility.

    So do we really think some team wont engineer a sign and trade for a max/big, and then have room left for Lebron? Certainly that's where he'll want to go is the situation with two other legit (super)stars. And a name coach on the rise like Thibedau.

    If you just don't see value in Deng or the Raps wanting to rejuvinate with new blood from a long term comittment with a problematic situation with Turkoglu fine. I hear a lot of fantasy rip-off/one way trades, but Deng, Taj/all rook, Hinrich for Jack, perhaps everyone has not written off the talent of James Johnson or we can acquire other picks suitable to Toronto.

    Again, your scrutiny is often a reality check, and I wasn't criticizing you or your knowledge. But I do believe there's a way to sign and trade for Bosh, and then that luring in/landing LeBron. But that's just me. No sign and trade, no Lebron.

    But hey there's always Evan Turner..(I'm kidding).

  • If we did trade Noah and Deng....would we have any money left over to go after a center at least!?!??!

  • Why would Colangelo even trade us Bosh!? He would be fired for doing such a stupid thing...If im Toronto im shipping him to New York for D Lee.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    Problem is Lee is unprotected and might just have absolutely no interest in Toronto.

  • The Bobcats pick is lottery protected. I guess that makes it a lot less attractive.

  • Once Bosh tells Toronto where he wants to go, Toronto has to decide between letting him go for nothing or accepting what that team is willing to give up.

    If Bosh is waiting for Lebron(as this article suggests), then the only way he is coming to the Bulls is after we sign Lebron(which has been my argument all along).

    At that point we have no use for Deng. Toronto then has to decide if Deng(and his contract) is better than nothing.

    You have been arguing all season that Deng(and his contract)is much better than nothing for the Bulls, why wouldn't he be for the Raptors.

    The Lakers offer of Bynum(or Gasol) would be better for the Raptors and Bosh would probably prefer the Lakers to the Bulls(even with Lebron). However, it comes down to the Lakers willingness to make a move, which as you state isnt likely to happen if they win the title which they likely will.

    Finally, I am not giving up the Charlotte pick, precisely because it does have lottery potential.

  • so you defend Deng all year long, but when it comes time to make a move involving him he becomes a salary dump and we have to pay for the privilege of trading him.

    If he is what you think that he is then he is tradable, especially in the context of a sign and trade. The team on the losing end of the S&T always gets pennies on the dollar.

    Anyone remember what the Bulls got for Scottie Pippen. There wasn't a single player the calibre of Deng, even with as little as I think of him

  • It's not silly if the Bulls' management wants to win a title.

    They need to bring in TWO more All-Stars.

  • In reply to MrHappy:


    I guess you would rather see Miami or New York do that.

    Come on.

    It's time to STOP rooting for or accepting the Bulls' MEDIOCRITY.

  • In reply to MrHappy:


    K.C. Johnson wrote this in his latest article for the Tribune.

    "Oh my Bosh: reported Chris Bosh's agent has given the Raptors a list of five teams


    Bryan Colangelo has acknowledged that he did in fact get a list of teams for a S-T.


    Apparently, the Bulls' management would like to interview Tom Thibodeau of the Celtics.

  • That's an interesting three way deal. I just see a guy like Riley or some other mover and shaker(Pritchard?) getting a third team to help swing Bosh to them. I still think the long term Turkoglu signing, and how poorly/dissapointing things went this year as an opportunity to move Deng who did have a good year. And Turkoglu is a good passer/plays better when he's surrounded by top talent. It's not like I want Turkoglu if it wasn't for them having a hard time with him, and therefore the opportunity to move Deng.

  • I agree. Even if Raptors GM has confirmed, there is no reason why Bosh can't change his mind or Raptors change their mind. Why wouldn't Houston, Dallas, OKC, Portland, Denver not do a S & T? I know OKC is a small market and I don't know about their ownership. But, they have about 15 mil and lot of trade pieces for a S & T.


    According to French newspaper Direct Sport, Chicago Bulls

  • Doug,

    Like I said, the Bulls' management has to be creative.

    I would start with trying to trade Hinrich to Indiana and go from there.

    Well, I guess the Bulls' management has to find out what Bryan Colangelo wants for Chris Bosh first. If he wants Hinrich or Deng, then great, but if not try and get him some expiring contracts (Jeff Foster and Solomon Jones).

    It's their job to figure that out.

    A plan B might be to go after Rudy Fernandez and Chris Bosh.

    Fernandez is CLEARLY unhappy in Portland, maybe the would want the #17 pick and/or James Johnson for him?

    Either way we look at it, the Bulls' management needs to UPGRADE the SG and PF positions this summer.

  • Hinrich to Indiana is only the innitial trade.

    The Bulls' management has to investigate who Bryan Colangelo wants for Chris Bosh. If he wants young talent (Taj Gibson and Omer Asik), draft picks (Charlotte's #1 in 2012) and expiring contracts, then Jeff Foster and Solomon Jones would be good to get from Indiana for Hinrich.

    That's what I'm thinking.

    I have no clue what Colangelo or Bird are thinking.

  • Doug,

    Just look at what Milwaukee and Detroit did. They had to make early moves because their GM's knew that the ELITE free-agents aren't coming to their cities.

    Milwaukee took on John Salmons with the idea of keeping him around for awhile. Detroit brought in Ben Gordon with the ideal of keeping him long-term.

    I would guess that Larry Bird might be interesting in doing the same thing, in terms of Kirk Hinrich. He knows that the ELITE free-agents aren't coming to Indiana, even if they had tons of cap space this summer.

    I think he would have to take a hard look at Hinrich, if he's made available to him.

  • +5 Doug

    Honestly...Bosh and LeBron is unreal and all but we really need to focus on at least getting 1 of them lol Landing LeBron is AMAZING in itself. So ya, i would look into trying to land Bosh but i would also MAKE sure that I can land LeBron at least.

    Bosh would to go a Texas team also imo...thats where he is from and I would think Cuban would make a strong push for him.

    Thibodeau would be a solid coach as well.

  • I think in a couple years when the Lakers start slowing would be all Chicago Bulls. I think we really could have a dynasty if we landed LeBron, who would we really have to worry about!? Miami maybe, Orlando maybe, Boston is only going to get in about 2-3 years, The Bulls could be dominate...A team of :

    Rose, Hinrich
    LeBron,(Paul George,Xavier Henry)
    Deng, James Johnson
    Taj, Warrick?!
    Noah, Miller, Asik

    Couple Free Agents i like are Anthony Marrow,Kyle Korver, Shaun Livingston,Mike Miller, Joel Pryzbilla and Brendan Hayward. Those are some decent rotation players that you could sign for a good price. So even if we dont land Chris Bosh...the Bulls have a great looking future.

  • If the Bulls are really wanting to improve their PF spot and they cant land Bosh or Amare through sign & trade...i still think we should look at Troy Murphy. The Pacers are in a really bad position right now. And they almost traded Murphy to Cleveland this past deadline. If i remember correctly, the Pacers were actually willing to do a trade with him. Pacers are in a spot where they almost need to start rebuilding....if they trade big Murph, they probably will end up with a very nice lotto pick next year. Murph wont clogged the lane, plus he can stretch defenses all the way to the 3 point line...hes a double double machine too.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    David Lee over Troy Murphy.

  • In reply to Csharp:


    A.J. Price hurt his knee during a charity game. He'll need surgery.

    That's just gives one more reason why the Pacers could use Kirk Hinrich.

    Time to pull the trigger on a trade.

    To Bulls: Jeff Foster, Solomon Jones and the #10 pick
    To Pacers: Kirk Hinrich and the #17 pick

    It's a WIN-WIN for both teams.

  • Doug,

    Indiana needs a PG, according to Larry Bird.

    They don't have the $ to sign one in FA. Besides, the only ones available in 2010 are Felton, Ridnour and Law. Outside of Felton, the other two guys won't make the Pacers better.

    I doubt Felton wants to go to Indiana.

    In 2011, their are 4 PG's potentially hitting free-agency. Tony Parker (UFA), Aaron Brooks (RFA), Mike Connelly (RFA) and Mo Williams (ETO).

    Again, it's a LONG-SHOT for Indiana to land any of those guys.

    The NBA draft really only has Eric Bledsoe of Kentucky as a real option at PG. There is NO WAY that the Pacers are taking that kid with the #10 pick in the draft.

    TRANSLATION: Kirk Hinrich makes sense for Larry Bird to pursue.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Hinrich, has proven that he is not a pure point, however, Bird has proven that he likes white guys that he could have grown up playing with in French Lick.

  • If the Bulls are talking to Raptors, they probably have a better idea on who the Raptors need in exchange for Bosh. Then, if the pieces are not there on the current Bulls, they can try to trade Hinrich/Taj/Deng to some team to get the pieces Toronto needs. I believe from what I have read/heard that Paxson is good at these kind of things... So all we can do now do is hope for the best.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Good point.

    Even if the Bulls cannot trade Deng directly for a free agent, they should be able to use him(and to a lesser extent, Hinrich)to acquire other assests of interest to the free agent teams.

    This is why I do not trade Noah for Bosh(or anybody besides Lebron), we should be able to acquire an asset to substitute for Noah using Deng as a basis for a trade.

    There is no way that the Bulls end up with 2 free agents without moving Deng(and or Hinrich).

    IF they are not exploring every avenue to move Deng, then they are not doing their job.

    I hate to say it, but they are not STEPPING UP.


    From Chris Bosh's twitter account...

    TRANSLATION: There might be a list, but Chris Bosh and his agent are back-tracking away from the story.

  • I disagree with you, and agree sort of.

    I would not be inclined to trade Noah for Bosh if that was our only move.

    I might consider it if we already had landed Lebron.

    Although, at that point we are even more in the drivers seat with regard to Toronto, so we probably don't have to give up Noah.

    In any event, I wonder if we are a better team with Bosh but without Noah. Each guy gives you different things, but there seem to be fewer guys who do what Noah does.

  • It really comes down to how much Bosh decides that he wants a particular team vs how much he wants the 6th year.

    If he doesn't care where he goes(among a group of teams)and that the 6th year is most valuable, then Toronto gains some leverage.

    If he says that I am going to Chicago because Lebron is there(or any other team where lebron is)then Toronto has less leverage and is in the take it or leave it position, and Bosh has to be willing to settle for 5 years to make it happen.

    right now the only deal better than a Bulls deal based around Deng is the Bynum deal, which carries its own salary risk in addition to significant injury risk.

  • Did you at least buy a ticket?

  • Doug, given that I post without doing a full spelling and or grammar check, I would not usually point this out.

    However, it is ironic that you would mention command of the English language in the same post in which the phrase "improves impossible" appears, when you obviously meant to say "proves impossible".

    We all know that it was a typo(sort of), but ironic never-the-less.

  • after Rudy's horrible performance this season, particularly in the playoffs, is he worth 2 #1 picks, even if JJ is a bust.

    Couldn't we get someone just as good or better than Rudy at 17, even though I am a proponent(as is Sam Smith) of getting a big at 17(in a big mans draft).

    At this point, I would prefer Anthony Morrow to Rudy, I think. If the Rudy from the Olympics showed up in the NBA, then it would be a different story.

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