76ers set to hire Doug Collins and I am sad

Thank god the Bulls didn't sign this guy, but I am a bit remorseful, from a selfish perspective, of losing Doug Collins in the booth.   Definitely one of the best, I loved to listen to the games that he calls.

You have to wonder if the prospects of coaching Evan Turner sealed the deal on Collins going to Philadelphia, though it looked like they were going to get it done either way.

As for the effect on the Bulls?   I don't get why people are into Doug Collins at this point.  The guy burnt out really fast and was a micro-manager.   That would have made him better than Vinny Del Negro as the set up man.  He'd have done a great job teaching Derrick how to improve on his mistakes for two to three seasons before not being able to take it anymore.

He had a nice win loss record with the Bulls while coaching Michael Jordan, but it's not like the team had better than expected success over that era.   His Detroit teams had mega stud Grant Hill and weren't viewed as overachieving.   They also failed to ever advance in the playoffs and missed them his final season there.

He then went to Washington to pretend to be coach while Michael Jordan was controlling everything, at least if you believe the books on the topic.   We'll just give him a mulligan on that whole thing, because that whole situation was obviously abnormal.   

Throw out the Washington years (or count them as a negative), and you're going back 14 years to when he coached in Detroit and was just okay, and over 20 years to go back to the Bulls where he had playoff success (which I think in retrospect, even that measure is only so-so and not unexpectedly good).  

I think Collins is a great guy.   In all seriousness, if I could pick my top 10 NBA people to hang out with for an afternoon, Doug Collins is probably on the list [speaking of which, what a great article idea].   As a coach?   I think he's an NBA caliber coach for sure, but I don't think he's the right fit for where we are right now given his lifespan, past successes, and length of time from his last successful coaching stint.

On top of that, he'd either need to change his whole coaching mantra (slow it down and micromanaging) or his style would have gone completely against the Bulls strengths as a team.   If he changes then you have to wonder how good he'd be doing something different, and if not, it'd be a terrible fit.

Are the 76ers getting a good coach that fits their needs in Doug Collins?   Perhaps they are.   I think Doug Collins is a great first coach for a young superstar, and Evan Turner might be a young superstar.   Are the Bulls missing out?   Nope.   Collins wasn't the right guy for us now.  He might have been two years ago, but not anymore.


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  • I think this is good news for the bulls because while Collins wasn't considered for the job here, him signing with the Sixers, that's one less coach vacancy to fill.

    Let's say Lawrence Franck had signed there, though I wouldn't really be upset, it'd still be one less option for us.

    Talking about coaching search, I wouldn't be surprise if GarPax went hard after Thibodeau. He's an intriguing prospect and is getting a lot of hype around the league for his overall coaching skills (not only defense) thanks to the Celtics run.

  • I think the Bulls really just wanted to go with a well known name that is related to success at this point. I doubt they would try to pull another Vinny with the prospects of Lebron possibly coming.

    I think they will try to take someone who has head coached recently or a highly touted assistant coach who is widely known around the league for exceptional work. Like the guy from Boston or the new guy from Houston.

  • Vinny's temperament was great. I hope during the interviews they figure out Elston Turner and Tom Thibodeau's personality. Vinny for all his claims and issues, seemed more suited for a veteran team on how he diffused issues. The question is basically is the next coach's philosophy more of a Phil Jackson, Pat Riley or a micro-manager like Doug Collins, Scott Skiles. All of them are great coaches but you don't win long term with the second group

  • I'm happy for Coach Collins. Philly could be a good spot for him.

    However, why Doug Collins (Philly) and Steve Lavin (St. John's) would want to go back to the STRESSES of coaching again when they were RESPECTED and APPRECIATED in broadcasting is beyond me.


    How about this one?

    To Bulls: Rudy Fernandez, a throw-in and the #22 pick in the draft

    To Blazers: James Johnson and the #17 pick in the draft.


    * Portland already has M. Webster playing well again and QP could be an option at #22.

    It seems like Rudy Fernandez wouldn't mind getting out of Portland.


    PG - Rose
    SG - Fernandez
    SF - Deng
    PF - Gibson
    C - Noah

    That's not a bad lineup heading into free-agency.

  • Agreed, I'll miss him in the booth...but we still have Marv to ease the pain.

  • I feel much the same way. I truly like and respect Doug Collins, but he's not the right guy for the Bulls job at this time.

  • just please please not elston turner...not another mediocre guard ala Vinny Pete Myers Pax etc.....Get former Champ Maurice Cheeks

  • In reply to drob:


    I'm there with you. MO CHEEKS!!!

  • In reply to drob:

    This is probably the best case for both the Bulls and Doug Collins. Doug would have been under immense pressure coming back to Chicago (over/under on how many times 'The Shot' got replayed during local newscasts the first day after the announcement....105.5??).

    This would have lead to unfair comparisons about this Bulls team and the late 80's Jordan teams.

    Not that Philly is a cake walk, but the level of expectation is far different.

    Hope he does well; except against the Bulls!

  • In reply to drob:

    The Chicago Bulls began their coaching interview process on Thursday by talking to Houston Rockets assistant Elston Turner

  • In reply to drob:

    Hey Doug....heres your source for LeBron looking at houses in Chicago...got it from SendLeBrontoChicago.com

    Update from Justin Weiner:

    I have heard through a reliable source that LeBron was seen looking for houses Tuesday in Highland Park, IL. He was seen entering one of two Range Rovers parked outside a house with a

  • In reply to drob:



    If Elton Brand leads to Evan Turner, maybe they should do that...mmm.

    PG - Rose
    SG - Turner
    SF - Deng
    PF - Gibson
    C - Noah

    6th-Man - Brand?

  • In reply to drob:

    I dont mind that Rudy Fernandez trade...Rudy is pretty solid.

    Who would we trade to get Brand and the #2 lol That would have to be a good package from us...i doubt that happens. I also heard Rose and Turner arnt the best of friends...Turner use to hate on him during their high school years. I think i remember Turner saying that Rose wasnt as good as he was or something like that lol

    But ya the Bulls coaching search will come down to these guys imo.... and i doubt we hire anybody until July...the Bulls want to make noise, what better way to do it then to hire a coach right when they are about to sign a free agent. Byron Scott, Thibideou (Defensive Minded coach),Mo Cheeks (Could relate to our players well), Calipari (Doubtful) and Doc Rivers (Doubtful).

  • In reply to drob:

    Oh and congrats to Doug Collins...he wasnt the right coach for the Bulls at this time, but im deff. glad he got a job with the Sixers. He should do well. Ill miss him in the booth though.

  • Collins is obviously very smart and worst case, an average to above average coach. Maybe he has learned a bit more about himself and players in the last 14 years. Could be a very smart hire.

  • I think they're waiting for a lot of things to unfold and not just for Thibodeau to be out of the playoffs. I'd bet that the Bulls coaching search is still wide open


    Rudy Fernandez (SG) is on the trade market. The Bulls should make a move there.

    PAUL GEORGE got hurt (back injury) today at the Draft Combine.

  • I'm still liking Mo Cheeks for the job.

  • So long as he can get us running off of strong defense, I'd be behind that hiring. If he just wants to slow things down and grind out a game with defense and half court sets, no thanks.

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