2010 Daniel Orton draft profile


Daniel Orton (Kentucky)
6'10, C, 260 lbs, Age: 19

One word describes Orton: POTENTIAL.  At Kentucky, Orton was backing up Lottery pick DeMarcus Cousins which left him with little playing time.  In his limited minutes, he showed he defensive enforcer like potential using his excellent size as well as flashing a few post moves on offense.  However, it was questionable as to why he came out this year when he would have clearly improved his stock for next year.

Offensively, a work-in-progress describes Orton.  He gets most of his points on offensive rebounds and set-ups for dunks.  He has the physical tools to become a force down low and decent footwork.  He showed some promise with the occasional spin move, jump hook, or turn around jumper.  Orton has no range away from the basket, so opposing defenses will sag on him if he's ever away from the basket, and while he played rarely, he showed no ability to pass the ball even in his limited minutes.

He's simply a project on the offensive end.

Defensively he shines.  Even though slightly undersized height wise, he clearly needs to play center at the next level.  He has the strength, body time, and wingspan to do it.  He defends the post well and provides good help defense.  While Orton was not grabbing every rebound at Kentucky in limited minutes, he did show the ability to be a good rebounder at the next level.

One major weakness on defense will be his inability to guard the pick-and-roll.  He does not have the lateral quickness to switch onto a guard at all, and teams will be able to hurt him by bringing him away from the basket.  He's also likely to struggle against face up oriented PF/Cs that can play away from the rim and can put the ball on the floor at all.

How does his game translate to the NBA?

Orton's game should translate fairly well as an enforcer in the paint defensively.  I do question his attitude as it was stated he did not put much work in school and came out while only playing 13 minutes a game for Kentucky.  Offensively, while raw, shows some post moves to at least be a threat.

At this point, based on potential, Orton could go anywhere from mid-lottery (picks 7-14) or go all the way until late first round.  It will be a couple of years until Orton should be getting regular playing time, but the potential is there.

How does he fit on the Bulls?

Although the Bulls need more size, I don't see how he will fit along with Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah on the team as a fast-paced team.  He is solid at running, but does not provide much offense right and is limited on setting pick-and-rolls for Rose.  The Bulls are treating 2010 as a way to set up their team for championship runs for years to come.  Orton is raw right now and Asik is somebody that can present many of the same things Orton does in terms of defense.  Although great potential, the Bulls need players that present a skill that they are lacking and on a cheap contract.  I do not see Orton filling that need.


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  • Daniel Orton...upside, but NO thank you.


    You are just the person I'm looking for.

    I was trying to get you and Doug's attention about an issue I think needs to be part of a discussion. It has to do with the examining of TWITTER and FACEBOOK accounts in the evaluation process.

    "Should it be done or not by NBA executives?"

    Take PAUL GEORGE's Twitter page for example.


    He has dropped the N-WORD about 10 times in the last week on there.

    Is that cause for concern? A possible RED FLAG for NBA executives?


  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I say it's something that we couldn't possibly judge without sitting down with the kid. More than likely it's just youthful ignorance, like Rose flashing the gang signs for a photograph when he was at Memphis. On the other hand, if during an interview an organization picks up other red flags like violent attitudes, they should maybe use it as a multiplier for how they weigh it.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    On Orton, this guy just screams out Tyrus Thomas like bust. He doesn't seem very bright, coming out at this point, and his skills offer us absolutely nothing for a couple years. If he's not a bust, he's just going to take up precious cap space for a couple years until he can contribute much at all. We really aren't in a situation to be picking high risk, high ceiling type players.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I'm not a NBA G.M. so I cannot tell you what they are thinking. I will say that it can be a little bit of a concern. However, I have to look at it both ways; there are several people his age using that language and especially as an athlete.. I think you have to do an overall search and determine what his personality might be like before making that call. However, I will re-emphasize this seems to be common among several athletes (sometimes it is just not posted publicly).

  • In reply to kevinstates:



    Gordon Hayward is coming in for a workout with the Bulls.


  • In reply to MrHappy:


    Also, I did mention the PAUL GEORGE twitter page to DRAFTEXPRESS and NBADRAFT.net with the hope it they will write about, thus dropping the kid to #17.

    Is that wrong or what? I'm using a Warren Sapp tactic, if you wil.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Laughing, it would be great if he slipped, but I don't think they will make a difference as to what G.M. drafts George.

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    I am not trying to come off mean man, but I don't think it would work; although it could. However, if it were, why would the Bulls pick him if they are trying to get a good team around good characters?

  • In reply to kevinstates:


    I said that in jest about trying to get this kid to slip.

    However, if PAUL GEORGE keeps making comments like this one on TWITTER, then he might dictate his own draft day fall.


  • In reply to MrHappy:

    In all seriousness, this level of discourse on his twitter is very unlikely to have an effect on the draft. I wouldn't continue to worry about it.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Idk if he is the guy we look at if all the guards are gone. However, I think the size he offers isnt something we can get way from. If I had a choice between asik, and somehow trading asik for Orton, I would take the ladder.

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    Honestly, that could be the case. I personally just didn't like his attitude.

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    I think you could say the same thing about whiteside tho.

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    Not strictly attitude, but I don't like any of the bigs except Udoh, Alabi, Lawal, and maybe Seraphin for us. They're all major projects, and like you say, a number of them just downright have attitude problems.

    The three/four I mention are projects in some areas, but at least they'll be able to come in and contribute in areas that traditionally translate to the NBA well.

  • In reply to msalivar:

    I can agree with that. I dont want any big personally. I am not impressed with any for our team except maybe partick patterson and the euro guy. Even them I expect alot from early. I hope we get one of the guards. Its not looking like it tho.

    I wonder if we can play hayward at the two in sprints?lol

  • In reply to msalivar:

    The guy reminds me of Brendan Haywood.

  • In reply to boogernights:

    I think he could be better, but I don't like Orton's attitude. Therefore, I don't think he will be as good.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Not interested in another undersized, unproven and attitude challenged center.

    Salomon Alabi, the only true 7 foot, traditional low post center available. The perfect backup for Noah.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I'm glad someone else is on the Alabi bandwagon.

  • I think he can score occasionally, but I don't see the Bulls taking a chance on somebody with some concerns unless he is overwhelmingly good.

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    He might be able to, but who really knows? He hardly played at all last year, so we just don't know. And we don't know if that lack of playing time was because he wasn't ready, because they just couldn't find the minutes, because of attitude, because they wanted to keep him out of the draft, or whatever. Obviously it's some combination, and lack of available minutes weighs in, but he's a really scary pick to me.

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